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"Kaoru! Kaoru wake up!" Kaoru Hitachiin woke with a start when he heard someone talking to him. Blinking he saw his twin, Hikaru, leaning over him.

"Hikaru? Why did you wake me up?" Kaoru asked, yawning.

"Because Milord is on the phone. He wants to know if we'll go with him to a commoner market." Hikaru looked like he had just woken up and looked pretty annoyed.

"Yeah, sure I guess we can go." Kaoru replied sleepily.

"Ok." Hikaru replied before telling Tamaki they would go. "Ok, see you then." Hikaru said before hanging up. "Milord is going to pick us up at ten." Hikaru told his brother.

"Huh? Oh, ok." Kaoru had jumped when Hikaru had talked to him.

"Hey what's up?" Hikaru asked, concerned.

"Um, nothing. I'm going to go take a shower ok?" Kaoru replied, walking towards the bathroom that was connected to their bedroom.

"Uh, ok." Hikaru replied, staring after his twin, confused.

Soon Kaoru had finished his shower and both twins were dressed and were waiting for Tamaki in front of their house.

"Hey Kaoru, are you sure your ok?" Hikaru asked. He was still concerned about his younger brother.

"Uh, yeah I'm fine." Kaoru replied before Tamaki's limo pulled up.

"Come on you two, everyone else is here so let's go!" Tamaki cried. The twins sighed and climbed into the car.

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