Tis the End of an Era people. CAN I just thank tose of you that stuck with me all the way, it's been a brilliant experience and I promise you haven't seen the last of me yet. Xx

The Burrow was filled with the light hearted sounds of laughter. Today, the whole Weasley family had come together in complete tranquility, all of them at peace with themselves, each other and the world. Tonight was New Years Eve, and despite it not being in the Wizarding holiday, the family decided to celebrate it anyway. It was an excuse to celebrate.

Whilst Molly had a moment to pause, in between rushing about with different plates of food and drink, she studied her now even bigger rambunctious family. All of her babies were happy: Bill had Fleur and the kids, Charlie was a content Bachelor, Percy had the twins after his divorce, George had Angie and the kids, Hermione and Ron were as strong as ever, and finally her only daughter had let herself be with the man she'd loved for over a decade. All Molly's children fought in the war and she was possibly the proudest mum in the world, but of all her children, of Ginny she proudest. Molly Weasley knew that some things were scarier and more painful that war. Ginny was content with all her brothers, laughing and joking like one of the boys... but she never let go of Harry's hand and rarely took her eyes off him. Molly couldn't be grateful enough to Harry for saving her daughter but in the end he didn't do it for Molly. The way they looked at each other, Harry acted as if she were the most magical thing in the entire world and although after their recent turmoil and pain they both looked thin and drained, Molly had never seen two people so beaming, so joyful and so full of love.

It had been years since the final battle, but the Weasley battle had finally won the war. The influence of Molly's lost child hung in the air of the Burrow. Molly still cried sometimes, willing him to have lived the life she'd wanted for him but her children were an asset to his memory. They remembered their brother and spoke about him as if he were with them just yesterday. Even George was happy to talk about Fred these days. Molly knew it was wrong, but now that Fred was gone all she could do was notice how different he and George were and how easy it should've always been for her to tell them apart. George's eyes were small than Fred's, but Fred's smile was wonkier. Either way they were beautiful.

Molly loved nothing more than the sight of all her children and grandchildren laughing and chatting round their huge dining table.

As she felt a pair of arms wrap round her waist Molly jumped, only to smell Arthur's aftershave as he kissed her on the head.

"You all right, my dear?" he mumbled, holding both her hands.

"Better than all right, Arthur," she replied, kissing one of his hands and holding it to her chest. "They're all happy."

Arthur chuckled lightly. "Your mission is complete, Mrs Weasley. What on earth are you going to do with all your time now?"

"Well..." Molly sighed. "I suppose now I'll just concentrate on being a normal grandma, a normal mum and... a normal wife. It can't be that hard can it?"

"No. It'll be impossible, but we'll work it out now that they're all happy... it was a close call there, wasn't it?"

Molly was surprised. She and Arthur had made a silent commitment never to mention how close they were to losing their daughter, but she supposed Arthur was happy to talk now. Now that it was all in the past.

Molly sighed again. "Too close," she told him. "Far too close."

"Do you reckon we should've-"

"Arthur, don't." Molly scolded, pausing to be interrupted by a huge roar of laughter from around the table. "He was meant to save her, not us. You can't mess with that sort of destiny."

"See this is why I love you, you're always right."

Molly laughed. "I love you too Arthur, more than you know."

Hermione frowned disapprovingly as Ron folded and shoved an entire cornish pasty in his mouth before carrying on talking to the rest of the group, proceeding to spray them with pastry. They all moaned at him in unison before throwing things in his direction, most of which proceeded to land on Hermione who was sitting on his lap.

"For goodness sake, Ron!" she grumbled. "Can't you eat like a civilised person?"

"Don't start Hermione..." he whined,swallowing his huge mouthful.

"You eat like a pig, now we're BOTH covered in crumbs, not to mention the rest of the Weasley regiment! Lord, how did i end up with you?"

Ron looked shocked at her comment but realised she was joking when she smiled and giggled at him. He frowned at her teasingly. By this time the rest of the table had carried on their conversation without them.

"Jeesh woman you're like my mother!" Ron goaded, ignoring Mrs Weasley's indignant grumble from across the kitchen.

"Only, she doesn't have to share a flat with you." Hermione laughed. "I really am not sure why I love you Ronald Weasley."

"So, it's not my good looks and charm?"

"Good looks and charm? God no! Seriously, where have you been hiding those little blighters?"

"Good one, MUM," Ron smiled, kissing her on the nose.

"I'm more like your wife."

"This is true. Shall we get married then?"

The whole room exploded with silence and stared at Ron. The most surprised face was probably Hermione, who looked genuinely shocked at Ron's random proposal. They'd been together years now, and she had sort of given up on marriage. She genuinely couldn't believe it, the silence rang in her ears as she tried to comprehend what had just happened.

Harry broke the silence, "Smooth, Ron." he chuckled. "Real smooth."

The entire Weasley family laughed lightly at their brother while they all stared at Hermione desperate for her answer. Molly clung onto Arthur as if to stop herself from falling.

"OF COURSE I'LL MARRY YOU!" Hermione cried, engulfing Ron in such a passionate, steamy kiss that the rest of the family looked away as they all cheered and magicked champagne glasses out of thin air.

"Finally, Ron!" Bill jested, handing a glass to Fleur. "I thought she'd leave you before you did the right thing and married her."

"I would've," Ginny teased.

"I could never leave Ron!" protested Hermione. "I am relieved though..."

Ron frowned, "Relieved?" he inquired. "Did you honestly think that I would NEVER ask?"

"No, no, it's just that being the traditional girl that I am I wasn't looking forward to having a bastard child."

Ron nodded absentmindedly, before realising what Hermione had just said. His jaw dropped. The rest of the room cough and spluttered on their champagne.

"You're serious?" George and Charlie asked at the same time.

Hermione nodded.

"Oh my god, Hermione!" Ginny leaned over from Harry's lap and hugged her friend/ future sister-in-law.

Ron still stayed in a state of silent disbelief.

"See, I always thought Ron would be the one out of all of us to shoot blanks." George informed the rest of the group.

Everyone scolded him for his inappropriate comment, trying not to laugh. Ron didn't even appear to hear what he'd said.

Percy chuckled heartily along with George, far by knowing that before Ron everyone expected it to be him.

"Oh well," George proclaimed. "I guess it'll be Harry then."

Harry's mouth fell open before laughing along with the rest of the brothers. He couldn't help but feel especially accepted into the family by George's insulting comment.

"There's nothing wrong with my...! You know... can we change the subject, please?" Harry pleaded, fully aware of Ginny collapsing with silent laughter in his lap. He poked her in the waist and she tried to contain herself.

"Hermione?" Fleur asked. "Is he okay?"

Hermione looked back at Ron who still appeared to be catching flies with his face. She frowned at him worriedly.

"Poke him or something," Bill suggested.

Hermione poked Ron in the nose and he blinked back into consciousness and stared straight at her.

"A baby?" he cried, his voice breaking as it did when he was thrown off guard.

"Cooking as we speak," Hermione assured him, hugging him as she did so. Ron still looked as if he would never be abled to blink again.

"Mum!" Ron called nervously, Mrs Weasley chuckled and slipped over to her son, placing a supportive hand on his shoulder. "I've got a baby cooking..." he spoke more to himself than his mother.

"I heard, dear, congratulations." Mrs Weasley kissed them both on the head.

"Don't worry, Ron." Percy told him comfortingly. "Kids aren't the end of your life, in fact... this is just the beginning."

"So, what do we do now?" Harry asked, collapsing on the sofa.

Harry and Ginny had moved into Harry's flat, and after nearly a year of travelling around the world had arrived back home. The had lived through so many adventures, from learning Mermish in Bulgaria to flying to the moon in the shell of the world famous flying tortoise. Harry and Ginny had had their union consummated within the amazonian rain forest and gone round every village they could in Africa and conjured wells and charmed water clean. They had healed people and fallen asleep on the top of a modrock hut, watching shooting stars. Harry had taken Ginny on her first ever aeroplane flight, and been forced to promise never to do so again. Harry had taken Ginny to the North Pole and they'd made love under the Northern lights. They'd visited France, Germany, Northern America, India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar... everywhere they wanted to visit until they wanted nothing more than home.

They had very few things, and despite his best efforts to convince Ginny to book a flight, they'd apparated back to England from Moscow that morning and had finally reached home after a series of visits to the family ending with Ron, Hermione and six week old Rose (who had been born in Australia, at Hermione's parent's holiday home. Harry and Ginny had been there to support and were proudly crowned godparents).

Home was such a comforting place now Ginny lived with him. Harry had let her do what she wanted with the place and she'd made it home. They'd not spent much time home since Ron ad Hermione's Wedding (held in the bottom of France) only popping back during their troubles to find forgotten Robes and hairbrushes and things. It still felt right, Harry couldn't - and didn't want to - remember how he'd lived here without Ginny. She was his world.

"What do you mean?" Ginny questioned, flopping on top of him.

"Well what comes next?" Harry explained. "There's always something next."

"Harry," Ginny cooed, "There doesn't have to always be something next. It's time to just... live."

Harry pondered this idea. He'd spent most of his life hiding from Voldermort, and then planning to defeat him. After that, without GInny he'd fell into a pit of self hatred. Then there was his mission to get her back, their goddaughter, their travels... their was always something next.

"Humour me..." Harry told her. "What do YOU want to do next?"

"Me?" Ginny, thought deeply for a second. "I want to get married."

Harry barked with laughter. "Is that a request?"

"No, not really. More of a suggestion."

Harry realised Ginny was actually nervous about saying this and he hugged her tightly.

"Any particular reason?" Harry asked, she frowned at him. "No, what I mean... why now? I would've married you a year ago if you'd asked."

"I wasn't pregnant a year ago."

Harry was silent. Ginny laughed. "Well," she said. "And because of our travels and stuff, THAT needed to be done. And obviously I want to marry you because I love you and stuff, but I'm traditional like Hermione too and I don't want to be all fat in my wedding dress."

"Right," Harry replied frowning. He was going to be a father, a daddy. "How long does that leave us?"

"I think we should do it within the month."

Ginny saw Harry turn slightly pale, as he contemplated this idea.

"You do want to, don't you?" Ginny asked anxiously.

"Of course! it's just overwhelming." he looked into GInny's eyes and felt himself warming. "Right. SO that's what's next: Wedding. Then baby. Let's do it. As long as I've got you, we'll do it all."