Author's Notes: Wow, check it out, I'm branching out again. I had this really funky idea, so I'm going with it. Anyway, on with my ranting - here goes nothing... First of all, what is it with everybody and Legolas? I mean, I love Legolas to, but hey, what about Boromir!?!?! Boromir is the most mysterious and complex character of all! I think it sucks that he died! So here I am, going on my way and writing a BOROMIR ROMANCE!!! (regular disclaimers applied, Aria Shadowfox belongs to me!)

All Soul's Night

"Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly
and without law, and must be plucked where it is found,
and enjoyed for the brief hour of its duration."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

ONE:- In which her heart is stolen

Aria Shadowfox watched from her window as the gates of Rivendell opened wide and through them rode a trio of Elves, a trio of Dwarves and a trio of Humans. Her eyes flashed over the first group of a few moments, as well as the second, but her silver violet eyes lingered on the last. On one of them in particular. He had long dirty blonde hair and wore a round shield strapped to his back. A long sword stood starkly at his side, and his presence seemed to demand something - what, she couldn't be certain.
"His name is Boromir of Gondor child," Elrond's voice came from behind her.
"Boromir of Gondor," she whispered.
"You would have him steal your affection daughter," the elven lord question.
Suddenly Boromir looked up, and his eyes locked with hers for a moment. "I would have him steal my heart," was her quite reply.

~ * ~

"My Lord?"
Elrond turned to the servant and spoke, "Send my youngest in, I wish her in this meeting."
The servant bowed and left. Elrond's attention turned to the half oval of council members and he sighed only slightly. To his right sat Aragorn son of Arathorn, then the first Lord from Gondor, followed by Boromir, the one who had so easily caught his youngest daughter's eye, when none had caught it before. He scanned the rest of the council, three humans, three dwarves, three elves, one wizard, one hobbit and one ranger. Oh, they made quite the group. Another chair was brought in and sat next to Elrond's own. He paid this no heed as he pondered the council and what was to be decided here.
Aria smiled to herself as her eyes landed on Merry and Pippin watching the council from behind the pillars at the entrance, "Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took, what have you gotten yourselves into?"
"Lady Aria," Merry exclaimed, nearly falling over.
She smiled at the pair, "I won't tell Merry, just promise to stay quiet?"
"Of course," Pippin said, jumping in.
She moved past them, pale violet skits billowing and entered the area in which the council was to be held. She walked forward and noticed that all had gone silent when she entered. Aragorn stood and bowed slightly as she passed and she gave him a slight smile. She stopped in front of Elrond and spoke, her voice echoing like wind chimes, "You sent for me Father?"
Elrond smiled at his daughter's entrance, and grinned to himself as he saw Boromir's jaw drop, "Yes child, I wish you to join us within this meeting, your cool head I believe will come in handy."
She smiled and blushed before seating herself next to him. He patted her hand and began the meeting.
Aria had spaced out during the beginning of the meeting, but she snapped out of it as Boromir stood and began to speak, saying that they should use the ring against Sauron. Her eyes widened at his proposal and she stood, "You cannot wield it!" Everyone looked at her and she continued, "This ring was made for Sauron alone, none can wield it but him! It's evil would engulf you and tear you apart, and Middle-Earth would fall into darkness."
"I want naught but to hold the power to protect my people," Boromir replied in shock.
Aragorn stood, "What Aria says is true! Not one of us could wield it's power without turning to Sauron and betraying those we love."
"And who are you to say such a thing," Boromir inquired, "You are but a Ranger!"
"This is no mere Ranger," Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood said, standing, "He is Aragorn son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur."
Boromir stared as a ripple of whispers broke out around the circle. Elrond stood, "We have no choice but to destroy it! One of you must take the ring into the very heart of Mordor and cast it into the fire's from whence it came.. Into the fire's of Mount Doom."
Soon an argument broke out over who would do this and Aria watched silently as Frodo stood and shouted, "I will take it!" All movement stopped and the Hobbit continued, "Though, I do not know the way."
"Then I will guide you," Gandalf the Gray said, standing behind him.
Aragorn stood, "On my life I can protect you - he knelt in front of Frodo - You have my sword."
To the shock of everyone Aria stood, "You have my bow Frodo Baggins, I will protect you."
"And you have my bow also," Legolas said moving over to them.
"And my ax," Gimli son of Gloin said.
Aria looked over at Boromir and walked over to him, holding out her hand, "Will you ride with us Boromir of Gondor?"
He looked at her hand and then took it, "I will go as well, for if one of each people goes, then one of Gondor should as well."
A sudden rustle came from behind the group and a startled look appeared on Elrond's face as Samwise Gamgee leap forward, "I'm going to, Mr. Frodo!"
"Of course," Elrond said, "For we cannot not separate you two, even when Frodo is summoned to a secret council meeting."
Aria spottoed Merry and Pippin look at each other and run out, Pippin shouting, "Wait! We're coming too!"
"Ten companions," Elrond spoke, "Alright, you will be know and the Fellowship of the Ring."