Bella's POV

"Edward really recruited you as part of his wedding party?" Rosalie jumped around excitedly.

"Yep. Head bridesmaid while one of his brothers walks his doting bride down the aisle" I smiled slightly, I wasn't really the wedding type, but a promise was a promise.

"How can you be so cool about it? I'd die to get my hands on one of those gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. Who knows? Maybe even a wedding dress some day" Rosalie winked.

I knew that Rosalie wanted a future, but the way my appealing friend switched between lovers was unhealthy, though I never said anything directly to her, I had to admit though the bisexual thing had caught me off guard. Though it explained a lot. I just pulled the blanket over me and continued to watch the DVD, with the moving to Alaska soon I knew we wouldn't get to hang out as much. Especially since Rosalie had promised to get a job so they could secure an apartment.

Rosalie's POV

While Bella had evaporated completely into the DVD, I pulled the blanket from Bella's touch, shrugging it over myself, a seemingly selfish gesture but I knew there was no other way to admire her exposed skin. My glare penetrated through her skin, and after giving me a glare for stealing the blanket she unknowingly held herself from the cold.

I heard a rattling sound from the bedroom window, I got up and pulled the curtains apart to see Edward standing on a tall ladder, his leg cocked up on the ledge to maintain balance. Edward always had an exhilarating side, and if he weren't getting married I knew I'd be all over him. I let him in through the window, the scent of his cologne was breathtaking, but I noticed Bella flinch as he came in through the window.

I watched them entwine, happy to see each other. Neither I or she were tired, but I wouldn't have minded spending the night with Edward and nor would Bella, I saw the way she looked at him. It was killing her that he was getting married, even though we both knew It was only because his fiancé was pregnant. I pressed my warm body against Edward, he really needed his friends right now and the night before his wedding we knew he would be a wreck.

Bella's POV

I watched as Rosalie had sex with her eyes, sometimes I hated how she had that look of a naïve young stripper when she was nothing of the sort, I loved her as my best friend but as available as she made herself, sometimes I had to look away. Edward spent a lot of time looking at the floor too, obviously ashamed that he was here at all.

"It's ok to have doubts" I tried to console him, but I had never even been in a relationship that lasted a sufficient amount of time, and I was still a virgin. Even in his frantic state he lowered himself on the bed, acting like his clothes were weighing him down, and Rosalie staring at him as if she wanted to pull them off. I rubbed my arms nervously and sat down beside him, "do you love her?" I asked him, he nodded miserably.

"Well then your doing nothing wrong," I pointed out, my blank face grew tense, he belonged to someone else, I had accepted it a long time ago. Besides, he had always been there for me, even when my parents divorced, and when Renee divorced Phil for getting another woman pregnant. I kept coughing as a replacement for every strained breath I would normally take when talking about his future wife, I had tried so many times to cry the pain away, and now I felt his hands on my back, hugging me. I had completely forgot Rosalie was there, I just sat there for awhile, holding him, trying to conjure reasons that he should marry this woman, it was then I heard someone behind me and I spun around, finding it was only Rosalie jumping onto the bed so she could pause the DVD.

I didn't know why I was so jumpy, but I flinched when Edward spoke again.

"Thank you, this means a lot" his soft tortured voice plucked at her heartstrings. If I was still living with my mother she would've tossed Edward out by now like a Frisbee, and that was the reason Rose and I were getting a place of our own in a cheap little place called Forks. It would be hard moving away from the one man I couldn't possibly live without, but Rose was determined to help me move on. I would indulge her after a few weeks by going on a date or two then sit back and let her find herself a man, or woman.

"I'll miss you, and I'm sorry we can't wish you luck after the wedding, but we have a long journey ahead of us." I seemed to ponder that statement for a moment, staring at Rosalie for confirmation. Edward snapped his eyes shut, as if holding back tears and shoved me into his embrace. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt that I had looked him in the eyes and said that, he needed me, and it would break my heart to leave.

"Are you sure I can't see you before you leave?" he begged.

"Oh." I smiled reluctantly, a bright face being the only thing I had right now. "I don't know. But you'll be married, you'll be too busy with your new bride to even notice" I tried to say without a hint of irony. "And it'll really kill me" I admitted sadly.

Rosalie's voice finally sounded and I was amazed to find she was laughing, "I'm sorry Edward but you expect sympathy when you'll never have another lonely night? You'll have a wife to love and feel under you", Edward tried to summon a smile and I hid my head in shame over his shoulder. I trusted Edward with everything and anything, it would be hard to find that same bond with anyone in Forks. I didn't want existence when I wasn't with him, he had been my best friend for so many years now.

I knew I would worry about him constantly while she was away, "call me every single day" she summoned a smile. I gave Rosalie a bewildered look as she flirtatiously lifted her eyebrows, reminding me of exactly what he'd be doing without me. I tried not to groan as the image filled my head.


I wondered if the ceremony would ever go underway, it seemed to drag as I watched Edward wait at the bottom of the aisle for his bride. Rosalie was sat next to me suspiciously, shuffling uncomfortably, "care to explain why we're still here? We should be on our way by now!" gritting her teeth impatiently. Rosalie would never understand what I was going through, but I appreciated that we had to go. "Well, I guess we could go a little early…" before I had finished my sentence I was hauled out the doors and into the car. I gave my silent goodbyes as Rosalie pulled out of the parking lot, I only hoped Edward would understand.

Edward POV

The wedding march sounded and I took a harsh breath as I watched my bride walk toward me. This was it, I would be a husband, he was on the verge of a panic attack as she strolled down the aisle in her beautiful white dress. I looked over to the one person that would make things alright, only to find a large empty seat. I shook my head and looked to the ground, I should've known she wouldn't come. She was ready to start her new life, without him.

Well, he wouldn't be waiting for her.