Continuing Rosalie POV:

I stood there dumb. What the hell was that?

Edward hadn't gone poof in any sense of the word. He wasn't there though, sat down like he had been moments before. Like existence had flicked him away.

"Magic trick or something?" I said quietly and to myself.

My thoughts were interrupted by a harsh opening of the door. Carmen hardly gave me the air to speak before she belted out "I'm leaving".

"What the hell is your problem?"

"My problem? You."

I shook my head. What else could I do?

"Where are you going?"

"Volterra, I have uh, family there. In Italy."

Bull. I knew she was lying. She'd never once told me of family in Italy. Hell, she preferred fried rice drowned in soy sauce to anything Italian. I'd found countless bibliographies of recipes under her bed and falling off her shelves but not once had I see something that focused primarily on Italian food.

"Hold on, Hold on, please!" I watched her storm off and tried to stop her by swinging my arm over to try to catch her wrist. Instead I slightly nudged her watch as she dismissed me entirely.

I could still hear her stamping feet from where I was leaning, despite her vacating to the bedroom. Not that I was staring at my watch the entire time but I 'think' it was two minutes later when she had every single thing out of her room and inside a suitcase.

My eyes grew wide as I was thrown completely off guard by the amount of things she had. At least until she opened the door and I could see out into the corridor. She was really leaving? Now? Why?

She finally said something as she kept one foot against the door.

"Alright alright alright. You can text me.. As soon as I get back from Germany"

"You said Italy"

"Yeah don't quote me on that"

"You want me to write a list for you of other places you can give me false addresses to? What about the apartment on this street you were considering?"

"Funny story… you're m- not nice." With that she shut the door.

Falling back onto the couch my mind wandered. My fingers ran down my smooth neck, distressed as always. I remember because they were incidentally tickling me when Edward came back into sight.

"Some use you are" I blubbered, my head dipping backward until I could taste the sharp salty taste of my tears.

"Yeah, after a crisis."

He literally just appeared on the couch beside me. I couldn't describe it in any other way except convenient. Like he'd been there all along.

"Am I supposed to care you have a magic-talisman-thing?"

"Well… I kinda thought you'd notice"

"What does it do, anyway?"

"It changes your essence. It… brings you to a stage of existence where you don't live in body. You sort of.. Hang in the air. Watching everything."

My eyes were starting to sting with each aching tear that stained my cheeks. I remembered what my grandfather had told me about situations that made you cry, screw them. Thanks, Grandpa. He'd clearly never had his heart broken.

"I didn't even know you two were an item" he threw in with vacancy.

"Nor did I." I shot angrily, though I wasn't angry at Edward. I was just frustrated with Carmen and wanted to know what game she was playing. I didn't really care what games Edward and his mystics came up with.

"If it makes you feel any better, well, it probably won't. I'm not expecting."

"What? Didn't you have information? Evidence? I could've swore she looked pregnant."

"Yeah well, her story was that it must've been. Doctors confirmed it. Just. Now. It's gone."

"Oh…" Jeez. There was a lack of support in the room at that moment.

"Yeah I used this very talisman. Caught her drinking alcohol, confronted her and… it just sort of went from there".

"Oh Edward…" I put my hand on his shoulder then awkwardly pulled it back. There was just nothing I could say. I felt suddenly afraid and I knew that soon I would have to do something about it.

"You have to leave" because I'm a coward.

"I wish I knew what was going through your mind Ros-"

"- And I wish you'd hop back on an aeroplane and go"

"Hey there's no reason to be hostile"


That was the last time I saw Edward until he called me weeks later telling me that all the supporting evidence pointed to a miscarriage caused by substance abuse. That was why I never wanted to marry. Drinking was unavoidable and nothing living inside your body should tell you how to be. Carmen never called. Why should she? I received only one text from Bella, key words "Jasper" and "dating" zoned me way out of that situation.

Just like Carmen had been over Eleazar, I often found myself sobbing uncontrollably and I knew I needed to rest. I couldn't though, not a wink of sleep. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Carmen. In a month's time my parents, grandparents and uncle are all coming over to Alaska to spend Christmas with me. It'll be nice, to turn my head from things. It may not be a serious holiday but boy it makes me tense..