Yao slowly opened the door to Kiku's bedroom. The other Asian was away at Heracles's house. Yao managed to get the other out as well. He took a small step forward. "Where is it?" Yao was determined to find it, Kiku's dairy. That dairy wasn't just a dairy it held every piece of black mail the Japanese had. In addition, right now it held a very shameful pitcher of Yao drunk with very little clothing on.

Once the small Chinese man left as if it was safe, he entered to room and started to look. Kiku had a few fakes hidden also. Yao stumbled across a few of them, each time his hope would sore. "I must find it before he gets back. Ivan must never it." He hissed and pulled a dresser door open. A bight purple dairy greeted him. Yao pulled it out and un-locked it. It was what he was looking. But it was pretty damn close. It was actually was real dairy.

Yao smiled and did a small kol kol (thanks to dating Ivan). This little book was going to come in handy if it had anything good in it. Yao ran to his own room and opened the dairy up. The first few pages were useless crap. Until it spoke of Heracles.

Dear Dairy,

I'll be going over to see Heracles-san. Maybe this time I will finally be able to tell him how I feel. He just so handsome and strong. I just want to run my fingers throw those sexy brown locks of hair. Just thinking about him drives me crazy. This must be how Russia feels for Yao after all he did pay me to take pictures of him in the hot spring. Man I could really use a few pictures like that of Heracles-san , he looks so good when he's dripping wet and shirtless.

Yao blushed as he read. He was going to have to kill Ivan later. The Chinese always knew Kiku had a thing for that guy, but this was creepy. Yao eyed the page wondering if he should read more or not. Finally he brought the book back up to his face.

Heracles-san and I would look grate together. I bet he is a knock out in bed also. I bet I should burn this later. Nevertheless, I wonder how he feels about me. He seems to be interested but I don't know if he's interested in that kind of way. Oh, what is a guy to do? There is no way I can go to Yao for help. He knows none thing about this kind of thing. He had no idea that Russia even liked him. Poor Russia had to take him and get him drunk before he could even take a hint. I wonder what they did that night. But back to my sexy god of love. How should I tell him that I love him?

"This is grate." Yao whispered and snipped a few pages. He wanted to get even more dirt.

Dear Diary,

Man I was so close to telling him but my mouth just stopped working. He must think I'm a baka now. I don't want to talk about. Nevertheless, I did get to sleep in the same bed as him. It was so smart I just did what Italy did to Germany and pretended to have a bad dream. It worked so well I'll have to thank Italy for the idea. Oh by the way He Sleeps in only his boxers. Wow I'm still drooling over that body of it. But listen to this I also said that I was cold and he hugged me! I could have died right then. He's so warm and he smell really good. I'll have to try that next time I go over. Oh if only I wasn't so shy. In other news I found out that Yao slept with Russia. Go Russia it's about time if you ask me, and from what I hear its not just Russia's land that's big.

"How did he find out!" Yao blushed at the last comment about his boyfriend. He didn't know if his mind could handle to read any more. However, it was just to good to pass up. Yao went back to reading he wanted to know more. This wasn't for dirt anymore.

Dear Diary,

I feel like I'll never be able to confess my growing passion for Heracles-san. So I went to Hong Kong for help. I thought he would help after all he did have a mega huge crush on England. I don't know who he likes know but you mark my words I'm going to find out. But he told me the best thing to do was flirt with him until he took the hint. Sadly, I already tried that but Heracles-san his just too thick. I was more of a flirt then Yao when he gets drunk at the bar. Yao needs to build up a tolerance to that stuff. Maybe I should get Heracles-san drunk. Russia said that sometimes works. Please let it work. I'm going to go find out I'll let you know how it goes.

It didn't work. He just got into a fight with Turkey and got us both kicked out of the bar. Then once we got back to his place he passed out on the floor. I thought about being seme but to tell the truth I really want be the uke. I want him to do me not the other way around. I bet that its never going to happen. Oh Heracles-san I would tell you in Japanese but you know to much. Why must I be so shy around him and his hotness? Well I have to go I'll write later.

Yao skipped to the last entry.

Dear Diary,

To day will be the day for real this time. He must know how I feel for him. I'm going to tell him no matter what. Even if he never looks at me again he will know that I love him like crazy. I think I love him more the Russia loves Yao. And Russia smells Yao's clothes when he's not around. Yeah I am so going to black mail him for that. But Heracles-san will be told tonight. Who know what it might lead to. Right now I don't care. I must tell him, I need to. Hopefully he'll kiss me right the spot and then our kissing will lead to some fun in his bedroom. Wow I really hope that's how it goes down. But if I don't tell him I will beat my head into a wall. But if I do I must burn you sorry. He must never see this. I will leave you now my true love waits for me.

Yao closed the book and slid it under his arm with a smile. Kiku would be home any moment now. The Chinese man stood waiting at the front door. He couldn't keep him self from laughing. This little purple boor was the best thing to ever happen to him. This was just what he needed to get back every thing Kiku was using as black mail.

Kiku opened the door. It was clear he had only one thing in his mind (must go beat head into wall). Yao greeted him. "So did you tell him about your burning passion for him." Yao smiled as Kiku face fell.

"How did you….."

"I found this in your room. I must say it would be a top seller. Maybe Greece would like to read it." Kiku made a grab for it. He missed.

"Yao give me the book."

"Give me the pictures all of them. Or your sexy god of love will be doing some reading."

"Fine just don't show him that." They made the trade. Yao burned the pictures and went to bed. As for Kiku, well he was writing a new page in his diary about how Russia was going to have to get those photos another time. And how he was going to try to tell Heracles another time.