After Yao's last little trick Kiku moved back out of his older brother's house. No one as seen or heard from him in about three weeks. Feliciano was starting to worry about his friend. So he and his husband Ludwig thought it would be a good idea to go see Kiku. When they got there, Kiku was huddled up on the floor with an empty bottle of sake. It was clear that the small Asian nation was drunk. Ludwig lifted Kiku to his feet. "Come on Japan lets get you into bed." Ludwig said over Kiku's sobs and Feliciano's panicked rambling.

"H-H-Hercules- san." Kiku sobbed as the large German dragged him to bed. The Italian was at their heals.

"Ludwig what's wrong with Japan? He's a mess." The German shrugged his shoulders as he laid Kiku down. The Japanese grabbed his pillow and held it to his face. It wasn't long until poor Kiku was back to sleep. His friend stayed and waited for him to wake. And when he did he when straight for the sake. Kiku saw the Italian out of the corner of his eye. Feliciano then ran to Kiku and hugged him; Kiku for once did not shove him off.

In a heartbeat, Kiku spilled very thing that had happen and when I say everything, I mean everything. After he was done talking, he began to cry like there was no end. Ludwig was never good at the whole comforting thing, he gave the door a welcoming look. "He won't return any of my calls. I don't know what I'm going to do, I love him." Kiku looked up at the Italian waiting for him to say something. Feliciano for once in his life was perfectly quiet. The Italian blinked his eyes a few times the gears in his head were starting to smoke.

"I don't know Japan. What do you think you should do?" A light bulb went off above Kiku's head, he knew perfectly well what he had to do.


Ivan couldn't take it any longer. He would top again no matter what. After the world meeting he would ware the pants once again. Yao would not know what hit him until it was to late. The Russian hoped that Yao would make up with his brother. If he didn't Ivan was doomed to a life of being the Chinese man's dog. Ivan was no one's dog. At least that is what he thought. Yao snuck up behind his tall Russian lover. He slowly slipped the scarf off Ivan's neck and made it make a wiping sound. The Russian slowly turned to see his lover smiling wickedly at him. "Bedroom now!"


Kiku smiled at Italy. "Thanks Italy-chan." Kiku was pulled into another tight hug.

"I'm glad that you're not sad anymore. Please no more tears. And don't worry me and Ludwig will come back and see you after the next world meeting." Feliciano poked Kiku in the forehead as if to test him. They hung out for a little while longer until Ludwig felt like it was to late. Kiku was glad for the visit but he was also glad to see them go. He would be happy after the next world meeting. Oh so very happy. Feliciano grabbed onto his husband's hand and waved good-bye as the two left the house.

The next world meeting was only a few days away. Kiku smiled he was looking forward to it. Another part of him felt a deep sorrow. The Greek would be there and he knew that he still wouldn't talk to him. It pained Kiku to even think about it. He wondered what he was doing right now.


Heracles was holding onto Sadiq by the collar of his shirt. The strong Greek lifted a fist into the air before bringing it down on the masked nation's face. Sadiq was paid pretty well not to let the Greek know how Kiku really ended up in his bed. Blood ran down Turkey's face. He began to fight back. He wasn't just going to let this brat beat the shit out of him. Sadiq punched Heracles in the jaw and in the gut. Some how the Greek pinned Turkey to the ground and just started pounding the dude's face in. Egypt saw the two and pulled Greece off. The whole time Heracles was shouting cuss word and screaming about how he was going to kill Turkey in his sleep for touching Kiku.


Kiku sighed. "He's most likely sleeping or cuddling with his cats. I bet he isn't even thinking about me." The Japanese crawled into bed. He didn't even care that it was only around noon, he just wanted to sleep. A nightmare hunted his restless dream. It was impossible to find peace in his own mind.


At the world meeting Ivan and Yao were there first. It was strange and quiet. Yao had a feeling that he was being watched. It was slowly driving him crazy and Ivan wasn't much help he was just sitting there smiling. The large wooden doors flew open causing Yao to jump and give a small scream. Kiku was standing in the doorframe a sword in his left hand. An angry, more like a pissed off look was on his face. Ivan back off into a corner. Kiku pulled the sword from its sheet. He pointed it at his brother. The corner of Yao's lips pulled up into a grin. "I see." Yao pulled out a one of those soup spoons things out of nowhere.

Kiku flew at him and took a swing, his brother blocked it. "Just give up Kiku. I've won, Greece wants none thing to do with you." Yao hissed. Kiku made another swing once again his stupid older brother blocked it. The Japanese was pissed off and he was just waiting for his brother to make another smart ass comment. Yao was quiet he was to busy blocking Kiku's attacks to say much of anything. Ivan was getting many angry glares from his boyfriend. It was clear that he wanted/needed the Russian's help. Ivan came up behind Kiku. The small Asian nation kicks backwards like a donkey and hit the Russian's vital regions (I have always wanted to say that). Ivan went to the ground and stayed there. He didn't want to get hit again.

Other nations soon arrived they stood and watched. Soon Alfred was chanting FIGHT repeatedly. Shortly after he started, other nations actually joined in on the ranting. Yao and Kiku didn't even hear them. The Chinese managed to send the sword flying from Kiku's grasp. The sword flew past Arthur's face and cut a few eyebrow hairs clean off. The English man then fainted. Kiku on the other hand didn't let the lost of a weapon stop him. He tackled Yao down just like in American' football only Kiku grabbed a hold of his brother's throat. "You son of a bitch! I can believe you made me lose Heracles-san. You knew that I loved him. Damn it none thing I did was bad enough for you to go that far, bastard." Kiku yelled still gripping Yao's neck. He could feel someone trying to pull him off his brother. Kiku struggled against them, he wasn't done yet. Kiku lifted one fist into the air and was about to bring it down on his brother's face when who-ever was trying to pull him off stopped him. The Japanese was pulled off Yao and Ivan dragged Yao into a hug.

"Let go of me! I'm not done with him yet!"

"I think you are." Kiku froze he knew the voice it was the voice he loved so much. Heracles turned Kiku around and cupped the sides of his face.

"You're really sexy when you're fucking pissed off." Was the only thing the Greek said before planting a deep passionate kiss on Kiku's mouth. Kiku gasped in surprise then wrapped his arms around Greek's neck. The two soon hit the ground with a thump.

"Get a room!" Alfred yelled.

"We are in a room." The Greek yelled back.


Kiku and Heracles sat in the hot spring in Kiku's back yard. They were in a lip lock after all they both had a lot of built up sexual frustration. In other words they were looking to get some aka get laid. Heracles had a good hold of Kiku's hips. "Heracles-san I think we should head for the bedroom now." Kiku said his eyes sparkling with lust. He really, really, really needed this. With a singled word the Greek lifted his small lover up into his muscular arms and carried him inside.


"I wonder if Kiku remembers that we were going to see him today." Feliciano said to Ludwig were just shrugged his shoulders. The light in the home were dark.

"It looks like he's not here let's go home." The German said he had a pretty good idea on what was actually happening behind those walls. Nevertheless, Italy had different plans seeing that he was clueless in all.

"Don't be silly Ludwig. You have to ring the door bell first." The Italian was just about to do so when a loud man filled their ears.

"H-h-harder nnnh oh go harder!" Kiku moaned. Blushed filled the German's face and he reached for the Italian's hand. However, the Italian would not be moved.

"Ahhh Hera-Heracles-san please ohh more, more!" Greece's grunts and moans could now also be heard. It took everything Ludwig had to drag the pasta loving Italian away from the spot.

"Ludwig…Ludwig what was Japan doing?"

"From the sound of it, he was doing Greece."


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