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Chapter 6- A Makeover and a Plot

"Wanda, what do you think about lettin' her wear them tight black pants with Pepper's green top and my black belt?" Ramona asked.

"That might work," she said, circling Allison.

"Hatchet, you and Pepper fix her hair and her make-up. Allison, what do you think of us?" Ramona asked.

"I think you're all really hep," the girl in question replied, "a lot better than the people I am usually forced to be around."

"But you're a square," Hatchet said.

"Yes, but you seem to be cooler than any square I know, especially squares like Baldwin."

"Most of us are. Hey, Hatchet, Pepper, do you think we could get Lenora to date Baldwin?" Wanda asked.

Pepper smiled deviously, "That might work if we could figure out how."

Ramona just smiled and handed Allison the clothes she had picked for her, "Now, honey, you go on and change. When you come out, we'll fix you up for my grandson."

Allison nodded and went to the bathroom to change out of her white gown.

"Maybe we could convince her that dating Baldwin would make Cry-Baby jealous?" Pepper asked.

"That won't work for long unless Baldwin gets her pregnant," Wanda said. "She might not be smart, but she'll realize that Cry-Baby doesn't care pretty quick."

"We don't have a choice. We've got to keep Lenora away from my brother before she starts rumors again."

Allison chose that moment to come out wearing her borrowed clothes, holding her ballgown.

"Lookin' good. Now, we've got to do the fun part," Wanda stated.

Allison nodded, "What was that you were saying about Lenora starting rumors?"

"Sit down here, honey," Ramona told her. "Lenora Frigid likes to think that my grandson belongs to her and would say anythin to make that true."

"She claimed last year that Cry-Baby had knocked her up. I think that she's gonna try again with the same rumor once she sees you two together," Wanda told her while looking for shoes that would fit the other girl.

Hatchet had been doing Allison's make-up during this, adding eyeliner and brighter lipstick to the base that Allison already had. Pepper had been curling her hair and was almost done by the time Wanda found the shoes.

"So you're gonna try to force her to date Baldwin?" Allison asked. She had heard the rumors about Lenora's pregnancy but had never believed them because of Cry-Baby's obvious dislike of the girl.

"Yeah, we just gotta figure out exactly how to get them together," Pepper told her, putting the last touches to her hair. "There, all done."

Allison looked in the mirror and gasp; she'd never worn eyeliner before and had never curled her hair the way that it was. She stood and looked at her clothes and was amazed at the fact that she looked completely different than normal… and she liked the new look.

Meanwhile, the boys and Belvedere were sitting on the front steps with Cry-Baby's guitar and the words to their song sitting in front of them. The girls knew to come and get them when they were done with Allison.

"How about this?" Milton asked, writing something down on the paper.

"That's really good, Milton, but maybe somethin' like this instead," Belvedere replied, erasing part of what Milton wrote and replacing the words.

Cry-Baby read over what they wrote and played it on his guitar, "That'll work. Now, we just need to get the girls to memorize it."

"They won't have any trouble doin' that," Belvedere told him. "It's not that different, and your girl only has a few lines."

The front door opened loudly, "C'mon boys, we need ya'll's help on our plan and we're done with the makeover."

The three of them got up and followed Ramona in the house. Cry-Baby's eyes got huge when he saw his girl; she was beautiful all gussey'd up like that.

"What do you think?" She asked him.

"You're so beautiful," Cry-Baby told her.

The girls smiled before getting back to their plot.

"We need a way to get Lenora and Baldwin together in such a way that they stay together for a long time so that the two of them will leave ya'll alone," Pepper told the guys.

"So, you want us to figure out a way for Baldwin to marry Lenora?" Milton said.

"Right," Hatchet said.

Cry-Baby chimed in, showing them the new lyrics, "First, ya'll need to learn the new words to this song. The marriage plan can wait a few minutes. Pepper, Wanda, and Hatchet, you sing this part like you always do, just add a few words here and there. Allison, you get to sing these lines on your own, then you sing at the same time as me on these. Got it?"

The first three girls nodded, they had been doing this song for months. Allison took the paper to look over the lines before handing it back, "It seems simple enough. Can you all sing this through once so I know how it all sounds? I don't want to mess you up on stage."

The group nodded and started singing, Allison coming in when they told her to and getting the beat easily. Ramona was almost crying at the end… her grandson had just made his feelings about this girl really clear.

After the song was memorized and the guitar put away, the family got back to planning Lenora and Baldwin's marriage.

"We need to make it look like their idea," Milton said. "If they think we're settin' them up, they'll never do it."

The others nodded and got to work. Twenty minutes later, they had a plan. It was a simple plan, but it had the best chance of working. They had decided to use a few seemingly random comments when they were around the two, and let Lenora and Baldwin come to their own conclusions. When around Lenora, they would mention something about Cry-Baby wanting to have children and how he wanted a girl that he knew could give them to him or how Allison wanted to know the same thing about her future husband, depending on who was speaking. Around Baldwin, (again depending on who was speaking) they would mention about how Lenora was the perfect woman who should be idolized or how she was easy and wanted a way to get Cry-Baby all to herself. The group hoped that this would be enough. If not, there was always Wanda's plan of locking them in a room together (they might do that anyway if they try to interfere in tonight's song… even though Baldwin wasn't invited to the jamboree, he might show up anyway just to torment the drapes).

The band decided to start setting up since they were supposed to go on stage in ten minutes (one hour to re-do Allison's look and twenty minutes for "The Plan," if they go on stage in ten, then Mrs. V-W has 30 minutes to get to Turkey Point). Pepper went on stage to make sure her drums were in place while Milton and Cry-Baby fiddled with their strings and Hatchet made sure her saxophone was still in good condition. Wanda had a triangle, so it doesn't get messed up. Allison watched this in awe. She was never allowed to learn any instruments because her grandmother said that they were not ladylike.

"Alright, children, you need to get in place! It's almost time," Ramona said, walking towards the stage.

The entire gang gathered behind the huge Confederate flag that was used as a curtain, and Ramona walked through with the microphone to introduce them.

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