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Chapter 1

The black monster hovered above him. Delivering blow after blow he fought back, sweat dripping down his forehead and into his deep blue eyes. The shadow gave a shriek and recoiled, only to advance again. Stumbling backwards, he began to fall. Down. Down. Down. Finally, Sora opened his eyes, only to find that an equally blue pair of eyes was staring down at him.

"Whoa!" he yelled jumping clear off the ground.

The red-headed girl leaning over him giggled at his expense watching as he scrambled into a sitting position.

"Gimmie a break, Kairi."

"Sora, you lazy bum. I knew that I'd find you snoozing down here." Kairi joked watching him with her hands clasped behind her back.

"No! This huge, black THING swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't--"

He was interrupted by Kairi slapping him upside the head.


"Are you still dreaming?" She asked resting her hands on her knees, studying him as though to make sure he wasn't going crazy.

"It wasn't a dream!" Sora protested feebly

"Or was it? I don't know." He said, more to himself than his friend.

"What was that place? So bizarre…" He wondered out loud

"Yeah, sure." Kairi said rolling her eyes, going to look out at the ocean before them.

"Say, Kairi. What was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up?" Sora asked for the umpteenth time.

"I've told you before," Kairi answered with a laugh

"I don't remember."

"Nothing, at all?" He pressed.


"You ever want to go back?"

"Hm. Well, I'm…happy here."

"Really…" He said trying not to sound disbelieving

"But you know… I wouldn't mind going to see it."

"I'd like to see it too. Along with any other worlds out there! I wanna see 'em all!"

"So, what are we waiting for?" Kairi exclaimed, excitedly.

"Hey!" A voice called out.

"Aren't you guys forgetting about me?"

The pair's other friend; Riku was standing a few feet behind them, holding a rather large log.

"So, I guess I'm the only one working on the raft."

He tossed the log to the ground, narrowly missing Sora, who cried out. Kairi giggled as he approached her, resting his hands on his hips.

"And you're just as lazy as he is!" He scolded playfully.

"So you noticed." She said back, biting her lip slightly before continuing.

"Okay, we'll finish it together! I'll race you!"

"Huh?" Sora asked, not really liking the idea of getting off the ground.

"What? Are you kidding?" Riku whined, already slumped lazily next to Sora.

"Ready? GO!"

The two boys exchanged disbelieving glances before jumping up and racing across the beach, their minds set on finishing the raft today."

"Katyana! Get you're lazy ass up right now!"

A girl of about 15 gave a yelp as she was woken from her slumber. Not processing where she was, she began to wrestle with the covers around her until they finally released her, sending her tumbling to the ground.

"Um…OW!" She mumbled to herself rubbing the back of her head.


"I'M AWAKE!" She yelled to her nagging mother, whom was on her way to her daughter's bedroom.

"It's about time! It's 12:00 in the afternoon! I made you eggs for breakfast, but they're probably getting freezer burn now, they've been out so long!"

Her mother's tirade was interrupted by the phone. As she left to answer it she called back;

"And fix that bed!"

Falling backwards onto the evil, body snatching sheets, Katyana, or Katy as most normal people called her, sighed dramatically and did the only thing that made sense in a situation like this. She called Ryan.

"Hullo?" a groggy voice answered.

"Open your window; I'll be there in five minutes." Katy whispered, trying to find clothes that matched.

"Mmkay." Came the sleepy reply and Katy rolled her eyes as she snapped her phone shut.

Opening her window, she managed to climb down the trellis beneath it in one piece, which was saying something considering she was half asleep. She walked the block and a half to Ryan's, scaled the brick wall to get to his window, and pulled herself into his room with a loud thump that made the still sleeping boy groan.

"Quit being a baby." She mumbled as she shoved him over, dodging his slapping hands.

She lied down next to him happily, ready to get another two or three hours of sleep.

Sora sighed and rolled his eyes periodically as he listened to Riku go on and on about all of the other worlds and how it was all thanks to Kairi that he was thinking about them.

"Kairi, Thanks." Riku said sincerely

Kairi gave a giggle and nodded

"You're welcome."

The trio watched the sunset for a bit longer before deciding to call it a night. The walked in silence until Riku called out.


Sora turned around just in time to catch the star shaped fruit that Riku had flung at him.

"You wanted one, didn't you?"

"A paopu fruit…"

"If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives…no matter what."

Sora just continued to stare down confusedly at the piece of fruit.

"C'mon, I know you want to try it." Riku taunted, walking away.

"What are you talking--?" Sora started to say before he got what Riku was saying.

Why did everyone think he had a crush on Kairi?

His friend just laughed and continued toward his house, Sora running after him.


Donald Duck, one of King Mickey's royal mages, was making his normal trip to the castle to greet the King.

"Good morning, you're Majesty." He called out as he walked down the ridiculously long stretch of floor that led to the King's throne.

"It's nice to see you this morn--"

It was when he was halfway down the ridiculously long stretch of floor that he saw that the King was not present.


King Mickey's dog, Pluto, came out from behind the throne, a letter bearing the King's seal in his mouth. Donald snatched up the letter and read it over. His enraged yell echoed throughout the entire castle, maybe even the entire kingdom.

He ran out into the courtyard where he knew his friend Goofy was supposed to be. He found him sleeping soundly, blissfully unaware of the crisis at hand. After several attempts of waking the knight up civilly, Donald hit him with a bolt of lightning from his staff.

"Hey, there Donald. G'morning!"

" We've got a problem, Goofy." Donald said, cutting his friend off.

"But don't tell anyone…"

Goofy blinked sleepily.

"Queen Minnie?"

"Not even the Queen!"



"G'morning ladies!"

Donald stiffened and turned around where the queen and Daisy were watching their exchange and not looking too happy.

You treat me just like another stranger.
Well it's nice to meet you sir.
I guess I'll go.
I best be on my way out.

You treat me just like another stranger.
Well it's nice to meet you sir.
I guess I'll go.
I best be on my way out.

Ignorance is your new best friend.
Ignorance is your new best friend.

Trying to ignore the catchy pop tune, Katy turned over trying to get back to sleep, only to have Ryan hit her over the head repeatedly with a pillow.

"Whatsgoingon?" She slurred, trying to understand why someone was waking her up so early.

"Make it stoooooooooop!" He whined, trading the pillow for a notebook that was resting on his nightstand.

"Ow! Cut it out!"

"Your phone! Answer your God damn phone!"

Don't wanna hear your sad songs,
I don't wanna feel your pain,
When you swear it's all my fault,
'Cause you know we're not the same.
We're not the same,
Oh we're not the same,

The friends who stuck together,
We wrote our names in blood,
But I guess you can't accept that the change is good,
It's good
It's good
It's good

Following the music, Katy answered the phone.



Wincing at the high decibel level, she handed the phone to Ryan.

"It's for you."

"Okay?" he said tentatively, taking the phone and then throwing it to the edge of his bed when he heard who was on the other line.

"Break my phone and I'll break your face." Katy called from down the hall.

"Real mature!" he fired back

"I'm stealing your shower!" was the only reply he got.

Katy turned the water as hot as she could stand and stepped into the shower. She had such a weird dream last night. She had this cool looking shield with this weird symbol on it, and she ran up these crazy stained glass stairs before battling epically with he shadow, who turned out to be a total sore loser and tried to drown her in this freaky dark stuff. It was right about then that her mother had woken her up.

There hade been something else too, something about a key sword? And a name, a boys name. It started with an 'S'.

"Samuel, Scott, Saul." She muttered to herself trying to remember.

Katy finally gave up and climbed out of the shower. She tugged on a hot pink t-shirt with a yellow skull and black lightning bolts, a pair of ripped black leggings and a holey jean skirt. Sliding on her black converse, she walked back into Ryan's room and brushed out her long hair which she dyed a lavender color just to drive her mom up a wall.

"You're mom tried to wake you up again?" Ryan asked from the doorway.

"Doesn't she always? You'd think she's give up by now."

"Well, she does succeed…you have to be awake to walk here."

"Did I mention I love you for that?"


"I love you for that."

"Sure, sure. You wanna hang out here for a while? I have Call of Duty 4."

"As much as I would like to kick your ass at video games, I should probably get cracking on my photography assignment for school."

Ryan snickered.

"Okay, have fun."

Katy flicked his head as she left his room, clamoring down the steps and shutting the front door with a snap as she exited.

Half walking, half skipping down the street to her house, slid into the garage silently and retrieved her camera from its secret hiding place. She decided to go to the café in town to get some breakfast and on the way back she could take some pictures at the skate park. The assignment was 'life in motion' so boys risking their lives on skateboards should meet the requirement. As she made her way to town square, she noticed that thick, black storm clouds were rolling in and—was that lightning? Groaning to herself, she knew she should probably head home, or at least back to Ryan's, but she really, really needed to get this project done. Shoving her headphones in her ears to block out the sounds of thunder, she continued to the café. I only she knew what would happen next.


Sorry to rush off without sayin' goodbye, but there's big trouble brewin'. Not sure why, but the stars have been blinkin' out, one by one. And that means disaster can't be far behind. I hate to leave you all, but I've gotta go check on it. There are two people out there. One with a 'key'-- the key to our survival and the other is the 'key's' protector, someone that will keep him safe. So I need you and Goofy to find them, and stick with them. Got it? We need both of them or we're doomed! So go to Traverse Town and find Leon. He'll point you in the right direction.

P.S. Would ya apologize to Minnie for me? Thanks, pal.

King Mickey