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It was a nice place.

There were no Heartless, that was a plus right there. There was soft green grass lining a long, winding dirt road. Green trees also dotted the landscape around them, along with the occasional flower.

Yeah, it was a nice place, but it wasn't home.

Sora knew that the reason why he hadn't returned home was because he had to find Riku, the King, and find a way to get to Earth to see if Katy was okay. Donald and Goofy were still with him and they all were walking silently down the dirt road.

"Well, now what do we do." Donald said, scowling.

"We've got to find Riku, King Mickey, and Katy." Sora answered

No one dared mention the fact that Katy could very well be dead. They just continued walking

"But, uh, where do we start lookin' for that there door to the light?" Goofy asked, puzzled

The trio sighed.

Sora looked up and gasped

There, with them in the middle of nowhere was the King's freaking dog.

What. The. Hell.

"Pluto?" Donald questioned, wondering if he was seeing an illusion.

"Hey, Pluto! Where ya been?" Goofy asked, cheerily.

Pluto had a letter clutched in his mouth and the three gasped.

"Gawrsh, that's the King's seal!" Goofy exclaimed.

"Hey, have you seen King Mickey?" Sora asked the dog, as though he expected him to answer.

Instead, Pluto took off down the road, letter clutched in his mouth.

"Guys, C'mon!" Sora yelled, racing after the King's canine.

The trio ran down the road, hope on the horizon, believing with all their hearts that everything would work out in the end.

Remember, Sora. You are the one who will open the door to the light.


Katy blinked once, twice, three times before she realized that she was seeing only white because that was all there was. She stood up and looked around her. It looked so familiar, but she couldn't remember why.

Come to think of it, she couldn't remember much of anything.

Her name was Katyana Tannith, but everyone called her Katy.

She was fifteen years old.

She had blonde hair, which she dyed purple and eyes the color of sea foam.

There was something she was meant to be doing…something very important.

Other than that, there was nothing but blinding white light surrounding her on all sides.

Sighing to herself, she began to walk.

Maybe if she walked for a little bit she could remember where she was supposed to be right now…

Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all

-Simple and Clean, Utada Hikaru