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What you need to know.

Bella dated James in high school. She married him at 18 because she was pregnant.

Edward, Emmett, and Jasper move in next to her.

All human.

"Ow," I cried out in pain. "P-please James stop."

"Oh baby you know I wouldn't do this if you didn't deserve it." He said softly. And for a second I believed him. He went to hit me again when the door bell rang.

"Damn it. Bella go upstairs and clean yourself up." He snapped. I nodded and ran up the stairs. I wiped away the blood then slipped into my room and changed clothes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and paused. There was a once a time I considered myself pretty, not now, not anymore. I had a black eye and a busted lip. I sighed and walked into my daughters room to see that she had woken from her nap. I picked her up and she looked at my eye. She was four now and old enough to understand things to a certain degree.

"Mommy you have a boo boo," she said leaning up to kiss the corner of my eye.

"Yes baby. But its all better now thanks to you." I said doing my best to give her a smile. He never hit her and for that I was grateful. l held her to me and walked downstairs. I froze at the bottom three men stood in my house. James turned and I could see the pissed glint in his eyes.

"Ah Bella sweetheart. This is Emmett, Jasper and Edward Cullen. They just moved in next door." James said what appeared to be lovingly but I could here the underlying tone.

"Nice to meet you," I mumbled and looked away. I looked up and my eyes saw a green pair. I wanted to stare at them forever so I quickly looked away.

Edwards POV

I looked up as a girl...young woman came down the stairs with a baby on her hip. I noticed how she froze as her eyes fell on Jasper, Emmett, and myself. She had a black eye and that concerned me. She looked at James , her husband with a fear. She walked over to her husbands side and I noted she wasn't steady on her feet.

"Ah Bella sweetheart. This is Emmett, Jasper and Edward Cullen. They just moved in next door." James said what I think was suppose to be lovingly but I caught the underlying tone as I am sure Bella did because her eyes widened slightly in fear.

"Nice to meet you," She mumbled and looked away. I looked back and forth between James and Bella. Bella look up and her eyes met mine. She quickly looked away. Anger coursed through me. I hadn't noticed Jasper say that we must be going for a second or two. I followed them to the door. I glanced back and my eyes met James eyes and I shot him a warning look.

Once inside our house. I looked at Jasper and Emmett.

"Edward man are you okay?" Emmett asked me.

"No Emmett I'm not. I am pissed. IF you don't get why its fucking obvious he hits her." I said angrily and ran my hands through my hair almost violently.

"Oh," Emmett said quietly.

"She practically had waves of pain and fear rolling off her man." Jasper spoke up. I just shook my head. I walked up stairs to my room and looked out the window at Bellas house. I looked through the open window to see her laying her daughter in her bed. She reached up and did what seemed like wiping a tear away. I vowed to myself that I was going to get her out of that house.