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Summary: We've got all the time {that we need}. Things transpire, relationships shift when the gang is stuck inside the apartment building for the span of a three day storm. Seddie.


Prologue - The Night Before.

Thursday, September 13th.

In Seattle, the air was stale and thick with warmth; that damp scent only found lingering around before a storm. It kept wafting back and forth along with each gust of wind, it's intentions unknown. The sky was a fusion of numerous grays, the only break in the scheme was certain clouds merging together to cause black spots. It was barely now heading into the evening portion of the day but not a trace of light had managed to break through to become evident while Freddie sat on the hood of his car in the apartment complex's parking lot. An apple was held inattentively in his left hand which rested in his lap, notebook forgotten at his side in similar fashion while he kept his eyes watching the gloomy canvas overhead. It looked like he was searching for something but searching wasn't the right word - he was just trying to take everything in.

Couldn't remember the last time the city seemed so sinister.

School had gotten out for the day probably an hour and some change ago. The girls had made plans to go to the mall that morning and while later on they invited him to tag along, it was more a formality; an empty gesture and Freddie took it as such with out an ounce of hard feelings. Just because he had girls for best friends didn't mean he wanted to go shopping and things of that nature, they knew that. So the last bell rang and they went their separate ways. The girls to the local mall and him to, well here for lack of having anywhere better to be. He could have gone inside awhile ago but his mom was on this whole 'early admission to college essays' obsession and today he just felt like he didn't have the patience for a two hour lecture about what makes for a good introduction.

So he stayed out here, used the time to fill out a journal entry for his English Composition class and then made a list of stuff he'd pick up at the drug store tomorrow. The thought to just go now did enter his head but with the way the weather looked and how comfortable he had grown lounging against the windshield, right now wasn't an option worth exploring. His free hand lifted into the air and came to rest behind his head as means to prop his view forwards. Watching a girl and her mother who lived on the third floor if he remembered correctly pull open the building's main door, he finally brought the unblemished fruit he had been holding for a good fifteen minutes now to his lips and took a considerable bite out of it. As he was wiping at the excess juice dipping from one corner of his mouth, that's when Spencer had pulled into the parking space next to him.

Freddie watched the older brunette male, who had been the best male role model (and subsequently his only one) a kid could ask for, get out of his car. Spencer struggled for a moment, holding two large bags filled with God only knows what while his keys were held securely between his teeth. He used his foot to kick the driver's side door closed behind him before taking a few steps over to where Freddie currently rested and greeting him.

"Fay Phredo." A sudden look of discontentment raged on Spencer's face for a second before he spit the keys he had been holding in his mouth into one of his bags and then looked back up and over to Freddie, assured this time his greeting would be intelligible. "Hey Freddo."

"Hey Spence." Freddie greeted back before taking another bite from his apple.

"What are you doing out here? You taken the time to actually look up? Sky is going to open up and unleash a flood." He paused, eyes widening noticeably. "We could be washed away in a torrential downpour at any second."

Freddie didn't seem that phased by the revelation, swallowing what he had been chewing before answering back. "I'll take my chances braving a possible deluge of water than going home right now."

"Mom still on that early admissions kick?"

"She's boughten me a sweatshirt from every college she wants me to apply for. I have like thirty sweatshirts I'm never ever going to wear stuffed in my closet right now. I wish she'd just back off, it's only the beginning of my senior year." He ended with a huff, letting the hand holding the apple fall back to his lap again, not so hungry anymore after his little rant.

Spencer's look was sympathetic but his words were plain unhelpful. "Yeah, well if she hasn't balanced out by now, I'm not sure she's ever going to, little buddy."

"Gee, thanks. That's the reassurance I was looking for." Freddie words were laced in blatant sarcasm.

"Oh right, sorry. Guess that was a pretty unconstructive thing to say."

Freddie waved off the apology. "It's cool, Spence."

Spencer nodded, visibly relieved while shifting some of his weight back and forth to contend with the heavy bags he continued to hold. When neither said anything for a short long moment, Spencer broke the quiet with something he just thought of. "Hey, where's Sam and my kid sister?"

"The mall. Carly wanted to get a new outfit for some reason, I don't know, didn't ask that much into it. I know she bribed Sam into going if they went to the food court before and after. " Freddie shrugged casually, pushing off against the glass, swinging his legs over the side into a sitting position. "I passed on the whole deal."

"New outfit shopping, you say? Yeah, I would have bailed too. I remember the last time I went clothes shopping with Carls, she was running around the store like crazy. She just refused to put back on her pants."

Freddie said nothing, just arched a brow in question. One Spencer didn't know the answer too until he went over his statement a few times and it finally hit him.

"Oh! She was four then. People look at you funny when you are chasing down a semi-naked kid so after that, I treated clothes shopping with Carly like I treated drugs. I just said no."

"Right." A warm chuckle emitted from Freddie's throat.


It seemed like the weight of the bags was finally getting to the older male, and Freddie got to his feet reaching for the one in Spencer's left hand. "Here, let me grab that one from you."

Spencer was grateful, relinquishing said burden to Freddie. "Thanks, Freddo. As an reward for your good citizenship, you can hide out at the apartment and wait for the girls to get back."

"Well, that might be a good idea." Freddie looked up at the sky. "If my mom found out I was outside with the weather looking how it is, I'd be getting nine different flu shots before I even knew what was happening."

Spencer laughed a bit despite how deadly serious Freddie was being. He knew how rough the kid had it with having a mom like the one he did. It's why he didn't mind him hanging around the apartment all that much (which wasn't even half of the total time Sam spent sprawled out on the couch, eating all the food). The two began away from their vehicles and over to the front of the building. When they went inside, they were met with a cold rush of air that filled the lobby. They instantly lifted up the bags they were holding to shield their faces from Lewbert, who started wailing like a banshee that the floors had just been mopped and that he was sick and tired of people disrespecting his area. Apparently, the mother and daughter from before left a trail to the elevator that already had the harmless lunatic all riled up.

Standing in front of the elevator after Spencer had pushed the button, it was probably the longest thirty seconds both males had ever experienced in their lifetimes. They kept their eyes bolted like steel to the doors, waiting for them to part at anytime and provide safe haven from the screeching echoing through the room. Finally the doors did open and the two friends quickly rushed inside, spam pressing their floor number and the 'close door' button at the same time. Two sighs of relief were expelled when the two sides came together and closed them off in the small confines, the elevator moving up the cable.

"Why hasn't he been fired yet? He's pretty much the worst… whatever he is, doorman? Doesn't matter, he's the worst whatever he is." Freddie set the bag down in front of him, looking over to Spencer.

"I dunno. Fear of retribution? I know I'd rather have him being all loony tunes down in the lobby than showing up specifically in my apartment."

Freddie shook his head. "Even still, how did he get hired? He has terrible people skills, you would have thought that might be a factor when they interviewed him."

"Hm, I don't think he was hired. I think one day he just showed up and took control over the lobby and no one has the guts to tell him to leave." Spencer paused, lowering the bag slightly to look at Freddie. "You know what? We're two brave guys, we have the guts. It's up to us to go back down there and tell Lewbert to hit the road."

The younger brunette seemed to contemplate it for a second. "Yeah, no."

"Oh good, I was just bluffing." Spencer quickly answered back in a thankful and rushed breath.

While they waited, a lull of some kind of 80s or 90s soft rock filled the air around them. It was the usual mundane and forgettable music you become accustomed to hearing inside an elevator. Though out the corner of Freddie's eye, he could have sworn Spencer was swaying a bit, maybe secretly trying to mouth the lyrics. Maybe it was a hidden gem from the older male's youth that he just didn't get. Freddie didn't have much time to think on it because they finally reached their floor and he bent over to pick up the bag at his feet. The bag filled with what looked like a few cans of paint and then some kind of seafood.

The two moved out into the hallway, down a bit and then around the corner to where two apartment doors Freddie knew all to well existed.

"So you went out to pick up art supplies and dinner?"

"Nope, only art supplies." Spencer answered without a beat, setting the bag down to look inside to retrieve his keys.

Standing there waiting, that's when it happened. A boisterous yell emitting from behind his apartment door, a deafening question thrown into the universe, Freddie's mom calling out his name. The panic that set in afterward was instant and horrific, causing the teenager to look back and forth from each door; eyes wide and voice strained. "Spence, hurry. She's coming!"

Spencer too was in a panic, searching for his keys as best he could. Mrs. Benson yelled out again, and for some reason the older male could have sworn the music from the Wizard of Oz, when the wicked witch was coming with her evil, evil monkeys had began to play around them. Getting louder and louder. Finally, thankfully, Spencer did find his keys and quickly jammed them into the lock, twisting and turning. When the door was pushed open, Freddie bolted inside as quickly as possible. Spencer soon followed in fashion, slamming the door to pleas of the brunette teen behind him.

"Lock the door! For the love of God, lock the door!"

When Mrs. Benson stopped banging on the door, Spencer went to get started on his latest creation and Freddie soon fell asleep on the comfy confines of the couch now all by himself. He was having a pretty good dream. One where he was getting paid all this money to test out new system software for the space program. And there were all these beautiful girls all around, cheering him on. Who knew how into software models were, right? He lived in that rich fantasy for probably about forty five minutes until in one swift motion, it was all taken away from him and he was forced back into reality. That one swift motion was Sam sitting down on top of him and turning on the tv.

Freddie was overly disorientated when he opened his eyes, calling out voice rasp with sleep. "Wha- hey… hey! Get off of me."

"Carly, when did your couch start talking?"

"It didn't, you're sitting on Freddie." Carly informed her best friend while standing in the kitchen, getting out a water from the fridge. Sam looked down to see Freddie staring at her with a scowl, which caused a corrupted sense of glee to creep into her generally surprised expression.

"Hey, what do you know. I am sitting on a dork." The blonde beauty shifted around for a moment, pushing Freddie deeper into the couch as she made no move to comply with his demands. "When did you get here, Fredward. Should tell your mom to stop dressing you in couch camo."

Freddie looked down at his shirt with a troubled look before lifting the gaze back to the blonde on top of him. "You said you liked it when I got it at the mall."

"Yeah, well I probably should have been more specific. I like it because it makes you look dumb."

"Get off of me. Now."

Sam just ignored him, pointing the tv remote at the screen and turning up the volume just incase he didn't know she was planning on ignoring him. This in turn caused Freddie's face to turn red slightly from the irritation and anger building up. He tried to get up, lifting his body but she just went with the motion and then slammed herself back down, taking him with her. After that he tried bucking her off sideways but that didn't work. Not only did that not work but now he was interrupting her program viewing so without taking her eyes off the screen, she grabbed onto one of the couch pillows and shoved it down over Freddie's face.

When Carly came back into the living room, she was met with the scene of Freddie's face covered and his arms flailing around, trying to get free. Sam looked as if nothing was going on, too interested in a boxing match on the television screen.. Carly stared at her best friend with a fixed look bordering on a glare, hands (one of them holding a water) coming to rest on her hips

"Sam, stop suffocating him."

"Stop suffocating who?" Sam played innocent, still not breaking her gaze from the tv.



"Sam." There was an edge to the brunette girl's voice that Sam instantly picked up on and with a groan of protest she finally lifted the pillow up to revel Freddie's now overly red face and drained expression; hair a bit excessively mused. He would have looked relieved if he could muster any strength for it. He was barely able to move himself out from under the blonde into a sitting position against the arm of the couch when she lifted her body and let him up. Carly moved to take a seat in the chair off to the side but her eyes had yet to leave her best friend and Sam could feel the gaze burning into the side of her face until the point she could no longer pay attention to the match and looked over at Carly.

"What?" When Carly didn't say anything, Sam continued. "I'm not apologizing or some crap. Benson knows I'm just playing around. Hell, he likes it when I do stuff like that, very into it. He's got weird kinks.."

"What? I do not like it or have kinks!"

"Relax, we know you're vanilla."

"Shut up." Now able to catch his breath, he managed to send the unruly blonde another scowl from over the top of the couch pillow he clutched to his chest.

"Carly, you hear him trying to start with me again? Better tell `em to quit being mouthy before I have to make him." Her voice was nonchalant but there was never any doubt if she meant what she said or not.

"You're not as badass as you think, Puckett."

That got Sam's attention drawn away from Carly pretty quick, locking her bright blue eyes on him with seeming intent to pierce right through, to his soul. " Oh yeah? That right?"

The brunette girl off to the side sent him a pleading look and that, plus the want not to have bodily harm done to him was enough to make Freddie hold his tongue. Biting back on the words that wanted to spill out.

"No, you are as badass as you think, Sam." When she didn't make a move to return to normal, he added with a lifeless tone. "And I'm just a nub who doesn't know what I'm talking about."

Sam seemed to contemplate if it was enough and in the end it was. The blonde give Freddie a patronizing pinch on his cheek before focusing on the boxing match again. Carly looked thankful when he nodded, rubbing his cheek and let his eyes shift towards the television. She unscrewed the cap off her water bottle, taking another drink before starting up conversation, not at all interested what Sam was forcing them to watch.

"So, Freddie. Whatcha doing in my apartment?"

Freddie was about to answer but Spencer did so for him, coming around the corner with a freshly painted purple lobster. "Because I'm allowed to have friends over too, Carls. Gawd."

"I'm sorry, Spencer. Of course you can."

Carly's voice was lighthearted as she got up and followed her big brother into the kitchen where she found him looking through some pots and pans, still gripping his oddly colored crustacean in the air over his head. After a good twenty seconds or so, he finally found the one he wanted (noted with an exclamation of 'ah ha!') and straightened himself out, setting it down on the counter.

"It's okay, I forgive you."

Carly leaned against the counter, eyes moving back and forth between her brother and the object in his hand. "See you got a purple lobster there."

"Sure do."

"Any reason why?" Her brows arched up slightly.

"Sure is."

Faint frustration leaked into her confused expression. "You going to tell me?"

"Sure aren't."

Meanwhile, Sam and Freddie were still sitting on the couch. Her attention was solely focused on the two men trying to knock each other out while his drifted back and forth from the screen to her face. It was a game he often played called 'try to figure out why Sam reacts so positively to violence'. So far the one and only reason he had come up with was that she is simply a nut job. Freddie shrugged the thought off, leaning back against the couch.

"How was the mall?"

"Gross, Carly tried on like every article of clothing in three stores." Sam answered back, though by how transfixed she looked watching the screen, you wouldn't believe she was capable of carrying on a conversation.

"That sounds like tons of fun."

"Yeah." She paused, and then quickly looked over at him, excited by something she just remembered. "Oh! I did get us kicked out of the last store."

Freddie couldn't help but to laugh at her enthusiasm. "Yeah, how'd you manage to do that?"

"Kinda broke this bimbo's, who was giving Carly a hard time about using the dressing room too long, nose. She was all whining like a cat in heat outside the door so I just kicked the door open to get in her face but apparently 'her face' was all up and close in the door's personal business when I kicked it and it slammed into her nose." Sam was nodding back and forth, real proud of the incident. "Should have seen the blood, Benson."

"You're lucky you didn't get charged with anything, Sam."

She just shook her head, looking back to the tv. "Naw, it was that chick's own fault for being annoying and trying to make out with the dressing room door."

Sam got back into the match and Freddie let her while he turned his body at an angle, resting his back in the corner where the end of the couch and the couch arm met. He let his right arm rest along the top of the piece of furniture before he finally tried to get interested in the two guys boxing. He only had to endure the programming for about three more minutes though because all of a sudden, it cut to two people at a news desk.

"Hey! What the hell, man! Come on!" Sam cried out resentfully, bouncing from one side of the couch to the other, into Freddie who pushed her off lightly. Both Shays entered the living room to see why Sam was freaking out and they were met with a reporter saying:

'Good evening everyone. A rather large storm front as found it's way over Seattle and it's been predicted that it's going to be staying for awhile to give the city all of it's worse. Residents of Seattle have been advised to say inside until a time deemed safe enough to venture out. Please stay tuned every hour on the hour for update.'

Before anyone could even say something in response to what they had just found out, very noisy banging started to occur on the apartment's door. Freddie was already groaning before the shrill voice of his mother hit the air. "Fredward Benson! Did you just see the news? You unlock this door right now and get your butt in the apartment. We need to start layering protective clothing and boarding up the windows!"

The four of them looked at one and other, then all to Freddie. Resigned, the brunette teen got to his feet and slowly scuffled over to the door. He turned back to his friends.

"Better go, see you guys later." He looked to the door and then back to his friends again while he gulped.



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