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As they all looked at the organ-like chunk of whatever-it-was on the knife, they all heard a bang and looked out through the tree's to see a flare gun being fired into the sky.

"Oh, now what?" Sarge groaned a little.

"Must be desperate to fire the flare gun if they know no one is around to see it." Kory said to know one in particular.

And so off they went, following the smoke line to where it came from. Down through more trees, a few steep hills and another empty field until they got to a wide, V-shaped canyon that got wider as you looked up.

The path going through it was thin and littered with leaves and twigs and broken bits of rock from the sides. They walked down it, their blank-firing guns at the ready, as if they would protect them.

At the end it opened up into a large circled area surrounded by, you guessed it, more trees.

What startled them though, was that a camp lay abandoned. Boxes, and unused nets were scattered everywhere. The buzzing of flies was loud and constant, something that looked similar to blood was spattered all over the stone walls. Guns lay upon on rocks and on the floor, the seemed to of been never fired.

Cooper lifted one of the guns closest to him and loaded it, making a sharp click as the cartridge entered the gun and it became ready to fire. Ammunition lay all around them, unused and handy.

"Christ on a bike." Bruce said, as they all surveyed the carnage. None of them moved, they were all still looking at the state of the camp site.

"What the fuckin' hell happened here, Sarge?" Terry asked, looking like he was trying not to be sick.

"This is getting' more bone by the minute." Joe complained.

Hearing a soft squelching sound, Kory looked over to Bruce and then down to his feet to see that he was standing in something. When he lifted his boot up, it dripped off the sole as a red gooey substance.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, Sarge…" He finally said, looking at what ever it was that covered him shoe.

"That is vile." Kory commented, looking away from Bruce.

"Alright lads. Get a grip." Sarge suggested strongly as he walked further into the camp.

Then Sarge said that they had casualties to locate, and to ditch the useless pieces of weaponry they had been given for the exercise that has now became a game of life or death.

"Salvage whatever weapons you can find and stand to!" Sarge ordered.

"Oh I plan to." Kory replied, chucking her useless blank-shooting gun down onto the ground and going towards the nearest crate. Unlocking the top and flipping the lid open, revealing a new-looking gun fully loaded with four extra rounds packed into the dark grey foam beside it. Lifting the gun out, she stuffed the extra rounds into her pockets. Lifting the top layer off and throwing it onto the ground beside her, she found more rounds underneath. Taking three of the seven rounds, she chucked two to Terry, one to Bruce and the last one over to Cooper.

"We are now up against live, hostile targets," Sarge warned them, as they all locked and loaded their chosen weapons. "So, if Little Red Riding Hood shows up with a bazooka and a bad attitude, I expect you to chin the bitch."

"looks like they got hit hard and fast, every magazine is full," Cooper informed them as Bruce threw a gun to Sarge. "Nobody got off a single round."

"If they're lost," Bruce started, a very serious sober look on his face. "Then where are the bodies?"

Everyone looked at him, seeing that he had asked a very good question that no one could manage to answer.

"Maybe our enemies are Cannibals," Kory suggested, opening another crate and finding a small selection of shining black handled switch-blade knives, she picked two up and glanced at them before stuffing them into her coat pockets - her trouser pockets were full of extra rounds. "That would explain the mess and lack of bodies."

They all raised their eyebrows at that, although it was only a theory. It did however make sense, but poor Terry looked on the verge of pissing himself hearing that they might be up against a clan of Cannibals.

"All right, Corporal. Get on the net, call in," Sarge ordered. "I want an emergency airlift immediately."

"I'm on it." he replied, rushing towards the radio. He sat down and began to get the kit out.

"No!" a deep voice screamed in panic, as someone sat up from behind a row of boxes and pointed a gun at Bruce. He was a man Kory knew all to well, and had hoped to never see again.

"Shit!" Bruce shouted back out of shock as he jumped away.

"Contact!" They all shouted as they pointed their guns at the man, who pointed his small hand gun at all of them. He was breathing heavily and shaking madly.

"Help me." was all he said, the gun slipping out of his hand as he collapsed backwards.

"Captain?" Cooper called as he shoved the boxes out of his way so he could get to the man, he was pale and looked in bad shape. Three long gash marks were across his chest and bleeding. "Ryan? What happened here?"

"Do not tell me you fuckin know him." Sarge said.

"Captain Ryan. Special Ops." He replied.

"Bastard more like it." Kory replied, putting her hand on her hip and resting the gun on her shoulder.

"Not the fuckin' dog-lover." Sarge said, remembering what Cooper and Kory had told him about the cold-heart dog murdering Captain Ryan.

Bruce finally got the radio out and put the headphones on, searching for a channel.

"Spearhead Patrol. This is Spearhead Patrol. Are you receiving?" Bruce asked, his hands were shaking badly that he had to hold on to the headset tightly.

"You look like you took on Jack the Ripper and came last." Sergeant Wells Commented to Captain Ryan, who was pale from blood-loss.

"I can patch him up. But he needs a Medic right now." Cooper told them as Kory handed him the necessary patch-up equipment.

"This is an Emergency, Code 64!" Bruce continued to try, but all he could here was static buzzing.

"You've got to get me out of here. Do you understand?" Ryan asked them, shaking as he tried to sit up, but Kory pushed him back down. "There was only supposed to be One!"

"We're working on it, Captain." Sarge said to the higher-ranking soldier.

"Sarge?" Spoon called, Kory grabbed her gun and got up as said person took her place, helping to patch-up the injured man. Kory looked at Spoon, then followed where he was looking and understood what the problem was.

"Not now, Spoon." Sarge replied.

Bruce was trying his hardest to try and find a signal, flicking switches back and forth, shouting - almost pleading - down the microphone. But still his only reply was the useless buzzing of the static.

Captain Ryan groaned and moaned in agony as Cooper and the Sarge lifted him up into a sitting position, he was a shade of pale blue and breathing heavily.

"Shit!" Bruce growled loudly out of frustration.

"What's wrong, Bruce?" Cooper asked him as he began to dress Ryan's wound, Sarge and himself setting Ryan into a sitting position.

"I can't find the signal!"

"Didn't you check it?" Terry asked, stuttering slightly from fear.

"Course I checked it and I double-checked it, and it worked fine!"

"All right Bruce, stay on it, see what you can do," Sarge ordered. "Terry? This team must've had their own comms kit. Have a look round, see if you can find it. Go!"

Kory looked at Terry with concern, his nerves were almost completely shot as he scrambled around looking for the piece of Communication technology. She would have went over to help him had her older brother not have stopped her with a look in her direction, silently telling her to let him get on with it by himself. She rolled her eyes, but agreed with a slight nod of her head. Kory looked up into the sky and watched as the sun set lower and lower from her view, meaning it would be dark soon and they would be out there with whoever or whatever injured Captain Ryan and killed his team.

Once again Spoon tried to get the Sergeant's attention, only to be given the brush off and told to go give the camp another look around.

"This is Spearhead Patroller, are you receiving!" Bruce hissed through the microphone, becoming impatient now that he couldn't find a clear signal.

Sarge pushed Ryan up into a sitting position as Cooper tied the bandage into a knot over his chest.

"Th-there was only suppose to be one!" Ryan muttered again, twitching and acting as if he was taking some sort of seizure.

"What the hell is he going on about?" Kory asked herself as she rubbed her eyes, she was getting tired and didn't fancy staying in Captain Ryan's camp that smelled of blood, decay and wood-rot.

"What the hell's he doing here?" Sarge asked Cooper as he kept Ryan sitting, he was on the verge of panicking, that much was obviously by the look he had on his face.

"All I know is, he's Special forces. Whether this is part of our exercise, he hadn't advertised it," Cooper replied as he finished with the skin-coloured bandage wrapped tightly around the wounded Captain's chest. "No badges, no nothing. Just tags."

"I don't know what the hell they were doing, but they were packing all sorts of weird shit," Kory spoke up, glancing in open boxes and looking along long chipped benches. "Tranquilizer darts, Nets, you name it. It's like they were going on safari or something."

"Sarge," Terry spoke up, Kory had almost forgotten about him. His voice cracked when he lifted up the other team's Communicational box. "I found their radio."

"Aw shit, I don't believe it." Sarge glared disappointedly at the box.

"There was only suppose to be one!" Ryan repeated with a throaty growl, he tried to sit up and almost pushed Cooper over.

"What's he on about, Sarge?" Terry asked nervously, the radio still dangling from his finger.

Without giving him a proper answer, Sarge glanced from Ryan to Terry before telling him to get back on Stag.

"You've got to get me out of here," Ryan commanded softly, almost practically choking on his mouthfuls of air. "Before they come back."

"For the love of God! Who are they, Captain!" Kory shouted at the disorientated man as he struggled to get up.

"They tore them to pieces in front of my eyes!" Ryan continued to ramble as he latched onto the front of Sarge's uniform.

"He's off on one Sarge," Cooper warned him as he pushed the Captain down. "If we don't get him somewhere warm, he's going to die of hypothermia."

"Stay with me, Captain," Sarge told Ryan as he tried to keep the injured man awake, shaking him very gently on the shoulder whenever his eyes fluttered shut. "Captain, Ryan stay with me now."

Kory thought that the current scene was like something out of a soppy romance movie, she would have laughed had the situation not have been so serious.

"Um, Sarge…." For the final time, he tried again.

"Not now, Spoon!" was his angry reply.

"I don't know if you care or not, but in about half an hour it's going to be dark." He finally got to say what he had wanted to for the past few minutes.

"What wonderful news." Kory remarked sarcastically, just a few seconds before the clicking sounds of guns being loaded filled in the empty space. Out of the corner of her eye, she seen her brother move away from Captain Ryan over towards the calmer Bruce - who was tinkering with the radio he had taken off of Terry.

"Any joy?" Sarge asked Bruce as he sat down, his answer was a half-hearted head shake, obviously the state of the radio was much worse and he wasn't going to be able to fix it.

Cooper - being quite quiet at the moment - was putting things away and packing up the medical supplies, he was best to keep everything they might be able to use, they might need it later. But how much later?

Kory overheard Bruce saying that the circuits in the radio were fried to bits, her brother's reply, just bin the thing. But she looked over towards the two when Bruce held something up in his hand, saying that he had found it inside the box and it wasn't part of the actual radio. It was a smallish green computer chip of some kind, Bruce saying it looked like a transmitter.

"Why would they put a bug in our radio?" Terry asked the question they were all thinking, his eyes were shifting everywhere, his gun held up about level with his shoulder; fully loaded and ready to fire.

"They fixed us so we can't fuckin' win." Spoon put his thought in angrily, shaking his head as he huffed.

"This thing has just become a hell of a lot more serious than a training exercise," Kory thought aloud, holding her gun at her side pointing towards the damp forest ground. "We have a missing team that was using hunting gear, an injured and very disorientated Captain, and we've discovered that they bugged our radio. It sounds to me we were set up for something."

"Button it you two," Sarge told Kory and Spoon, he was looking over towards Terry. "No Terry, it's probably some Joke. They didn't want Joe to hear the Footy results."

Kory didn't hear Joe's reply, but she had seen him roll his eyes. He was still pissed off about being stuck out here when England and Germany were having it out on the Football pitch.

"Scrounge anything useful?" Cooper asked to the group, hoping to hear good news.

"Weapons, ammunition," - Spoon ducked under a camouflage net and came back into view a few seconds later - "A couple of Magnesium flares, that's about it. The rest is fucked."

"Give us a flare over." Kory asked, and Spoon obeyed, throwing her over one of the red sticks he had put into the inside of his own coat.

"Right, lads. Ditch your blanks, from here on in the exercise it well and truly over," Sarge told them, slipping extra magazines into his pockets as he spoke. "Whoever not carrying live rounds better do so."

Kory kicked away an empty crate and dove into the one bellow it, digging out rounds and throwing them over to the others who past them on.

"It won't make any difference," Captain Ryan spoke up, his breathing still heavy but more normal than before. "They won't die."

"Yeah well, this gives me a better peace of mind, Sir." Sarge replied as he loaded his hand-gun.

"You want peace of mind? Run for your lives before they tear your legs from under you." Ryan warned, glancing up and down from the leaves under his hand up towards Sergeant Wells menacing gaze.

"There, now you just shut up, like a good Gentlemen," Sarge whispered threateningly. "You are scaring my team."

An almost strangled howl rose up and sounded to close for comfort, they all jumped alert.

"What the fuck?" Joe was the first to question the unsettling noise.

"Jesus Christ." Spoon said, his voice just above a whisper.

A second or two after the first sound was made, others joined in, forming a chorus of howls.

"Aw Shit." Terry breathed out, trying to steady his shaking hands.

Kory and Cooper looked over towards Terry at the same time, both giving him worried looks.

"Right, guys. Grab what you can, over the tree-line, were moving," Sarge stood up and began stalking away from the massacre of the camp. "Let's go!"

Cooper stayed behind while they all past him to bring up the rear, as they ran out of the camp and into a thin bare-tree forest, Kory almost fell when Captain Ryan tripped over a raised tree root. But Joe came and took up the Captain's other side, helping her move his dead-weight. The second time Ryan had slipped, Kory let go of him but he had grabbed onto Joe - bringing him down with him. Everyone spread out, hiding behind trees and looking for whatever had made the horrible spine-chilling howls.

"Right! I need a volunteer for on guard action." Sarge demanded, standing in the middle of his team and looking round at them.

"I'll do it." Bruce said before anyone else could.

"Nice one, when we're clear, you fall back, we're going to be there to cover you," Sarge continued. "Right, off you go. And Bruce, no heroics. Spoonie, you're on point. Joe, help Kory with Ryan. Terry, you're up next. Coop, you're with me."

Kory pulled Ryan up off his ass and threw his arm over her shoulders, Joe stood up and did the same thing. Everyone else did what they were assigned to do.

"Right guys, we're heading through the long grass, double time!" Sarge ordered.

Kory couldn't hear what he said last as she, Ryan and Joe ran into the fogged trees. They were short thick pine-like trees that looked much healthier than the ones they had previously ran through. It was hard to run with three in a single row.

"Let go, I can carry him," Joe told her as he gently pushed her away. "Go on ahead."

Kory wasn't to sure about the idea, but seeing that Joe wasn't going to let her help, she went on ahead. As much as she tried, she kept getting nicked by little sharp branches sticking out in random places, she flinched slightly as the howling started up again. She lost sight of Spoon in front of her and stopped in her tracks, loading her gun and holding it up, she was ready to fire. She turned round, and round again slowly, looking left and right for any other signs of life - or of a threat.

A twig snapped behind her, Kory quickly spun round and gripped the trigger. What she seen made her blood run cold. Standing in front of her was a very tall, very hairy monster. It's torso was very human like, it's arms and hands were the same, apart from the yellow claws sticking out from the finger tips. As her eyes travelled up towards the head, it was far from human. Staring down at Kory were the black vicious eyes placed into the head of a wolf, its mouth hanging open with teeth as long as her middle finger, saliva dripping down and landing onto the tips of her boots.

"You have to be shitting me!" Kory screamed, before she had the chance to fire, the monster snarled hungrily as it swung one of it's large hands at her. She held her gun up to take the blow, but she ended up being thrown twenty feet to her left, skidding against the ground as the wolfish creature ran after her. She lifted her gun and managed to pull the trigger as she aimed at the oncoming beast, bullets flew out of the barrel of the gun and into the monster. "Get the fuck away!"

The human-like wolf creature yelped and whined loudly as the bullets pierced into it's body, knocking it off of it's feet, it landed heavily onto the ground, throwing up dirt and dead leaves.

Kory took this as a chance to get away and stopped firing, scrambling to her feet and sprinting in the direction she had been going in. She heard more guns being fired to her far right side, making a quick decision, she ran towards the familiar sound. The relief she had felt when she seen Cooper and her Brother vanished as quickly as it had appeared when she seen her brother's guts hanging over his hand, the blood oozed quickly out between his fingers and over his hand.

The two men looked relieved to see that she was alright, sighing slightly before continuing on. Kory's eyes widened when she seen the two monstrously tall wolf creatures catching up with them, she held her gun up and began firing again, aiming for their hearts and heads, they only stopped and backed away a few feet, not seeming very phased by the barricade of bullets shooting their way. She continued to fire over her shoulder as she ran after Cooper and her brother, glancing back every so often as she and the other two managed to get out of the trees. They were back into the more open part of the forest, she cringed when she seen her brother fall and groan loudly in pain. She quickly ran forward and helped Cooper lift him back onto his feet, he kept repeating the same thing. 'Aw, my guts!'.

Spoon and Joe started firing once they had spotted the monstrous creatures catching up behind them, they continued firing as they all started moving quickly through the trees.

"Fucking give up already!" Kory growled angrily as the monstrous beasts kept coming closer and closer, Ryan was running mainly on his own now, quite a turn about since when they found him he was on the verge of dying.

Joe had gotten his hands on a shot-gun, and was making good use of it. Pulling the trigger over and over again, the loud booms it made echoed along with the continuous shooting of the rifles.

Kory seen her brother trying to use his gun, but the only thing he managed to shoot was the round.

"Fucking leg it!" Cooper shouted back towards everyone else, Kory was running beside them again, becoming more and more worried about her brother's physical state.

As they got to the end of the forest, there was a mucky slope leading down onto a road, Spoon was shouting about something as Kory seen the headlights of a car up ahead. A Car!

"Someone stop the bloody car!" Kory yelled as it was indeed a car emerging from the fog up ahead, they all headed down towards the road as the jeep got closer and closer.

Spoon - being the idiot that he was - jumped out onto the road and landed on his side, rolling out in front of the car, it stopped of course, but not before he was halfway underneath it.

"Get in!" A young woman - around Kory's age - ordered as they all caught up and Joe grabbed Spoon. She went round to the back and opened up the door.

"Everybody in, now!" Cooper shouted, guns went off at the oncoming monsters that were catching up fast.

They all climbed in and Kory helped her brother in, she quickly stole glances towards the suspiciously lucky appearance of the woman who was saving them. She let her gun off a few rounds at one the of the creatures that had jumped down onto the road, she was the last to leap in and slammed the back door behind her. Before the new girl started up the engine, something landed heavily onto the roof of the car, they all fell silent and looked upwards as the metal creaked and groaned underneath the added weight of whatever had landed on top of it.

"Go!" Joe screamed like a little girl, looking al around him.

"I'm trying!" The young woman replied as she put the car into drive, back into reverse and then into drive once again.

"Go! Go!" Joe kept shouting.

Kory looked through the back door and seen one of the creatures close up again, her eyes grew wide when its claws left a long scratch down the glass.

A grey hairy clawed hand ripped through the roof of the car, then Joe wasn't the only one screaming his lungs out. The claws made a lunge for anything it could reach, which luckily wasn't anyone. Joe grabbed the thing by the wrist and stuck his knife right through the side and out the other, the arm pulled and pulled, trying to get out. But because whole it had made was only big enough for it to fit through, the knife was catching on the roof.

The car had finally gotten unstuck when the blade had fallen out and the arm had retreated, the thing that had been on the roof fell off and rolled along the road, the knife rocked from side to side on the floor at everyone's feet. Then, for the third time that night, the monster's started howling, it was a long and very unsettling sound to hear.

"Is everyone okay back there?" Cooper asked, turning round in the passenger side seat to look back at them. "Any more casualties? Spoon?"

"Na, I'm alright."

"Bruce, Bruce. He's gone, Bruce is gone." Sergeant Well's repeated once again.

Kory felt unsettled, even unnerved at the luck of them falling across a car in their time of need. It was quite a coincidence, if she didn't say so herself. The woman had seen the monster's as they had, yet she was the calmest of them all. So there were to possibilities, either she had seen them before, or there was something else going on. Even if the woman driving had just saved her from being eaten alive by great big wolfish monsters, she just couldn't get herself to trust this newcomer. Kory usually didn't listen to her instincts about things, but a little voice in the back of her mind was telling her that maybe she should listen this time, even just this once. And she was going to, even if it killed her.

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