Glass Mirror's Reflection:

Everyday I'd look into the mirror...?

Everyday I'd look into the mirror...?

It never occured to me that something was different...?

It never occured to me that something was different...?

That was until I hit puberty at age 12...?

That was until I hit puberty at age 12...?

Than everything changed for me...?

Than everything changed for me...?

And what I thought was just a reflection...?

And what I thought was just a reflection...?

In that mirror become another world...?

In that mirror become another world...?


///////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI/////////////////////////////////////////////////

For the last 8 years I looked in a mirror that sat in a corner of my room. I had always wondered why it never reflected what I saw. My parents saw things normally but for me my light pink room became a light blue in the mirror. My reflection never moved with me but at least it looked like me. My reflection was my closest friend.

/////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI/////////////////////////////////////////////////

The last 8 years I've had a mirror I looked into that faced my door. When I asked my parents what they saw they described my room. I never saw my room. I saw a pink girlish room that was opposite my blue room. My reflection was there but it never followed me like other mirrors did. It didn't matter to me though. For me that reflection in the mirror was my closest friend.

/////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI//////////////////////////////////////////////////

When I became older and carelessly changed in front of my mirror I saw "him." We weren't the same gender but we still looked the same. He was a boy and I was a girl. The difference was obvious and yet it didn't matter to us. Even though we were seperated by a piece of glass we were still one person. One person in two places, in two worlds, living two different lives, with two souls, that joined in one heart. He was my other half.

////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I had always been self concious especially around my mirror reflection. It normally changed behind a dressing screen. For the first time "she" forgot and we caught eachothers eyes. She was a girl and I was a boy. The difference between us was great but it didn't matter to us. Our embarrassment was lightened because we found our reasons for the differences in our reflections. Two seprate poeple, in two seprate times, leading two seprate lives, behind the same piece of glass in the mirror. She was my other half.

//////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI///////////////////////////////////////////////////

.That mirror became my most valued and treasured secret. Ever day after that I tried to find a way to communicate with him. I wrote secreat messages to him. I always wished to hear his voice from beyond the glass. Wanted to be able to hold in my arms. Wanted to live my life with him without being confined to a small rectangle that trapped us. I spent countless days trying to hear his voice and trying to get my voice to him. He was my lost voice.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI//////////////////////////////////////////////

This mirror was special and I guarded it with my life. It was too important to me. She was the first to try to communicate with me. She wrote me messages daily and stored them away in her room. I did the same with her and kept the messages hidden as well. She spent less time and tried to find a way to talk to me. I wanted to hear her voice as well. I wanted to have human contact with her. I was trapped behind this glass and kept from being by her side. She was my lost voice.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI/////////////////////////////////////////////////

I felt like crying. I spent so many days on speaking to someone who couldn't hear me. I heard this sad song on the radio one day. I clossed my eyes as I cried and I sang along with it. The next day he looked at me with an excited face as he held up his message. "Your voice reached me." My heart soared. I was able get my voice to him afterall. I was so glad that I hugged my mirror as I cried. He was my song.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI/////////////////////////////////////////////////

I was worried about. It had been days since we had wrote to eachother. I knew she was healthy but I was worried about her heart. She curled up on her bed and faced away from me. I rested my back next to my mirror afraid that I would never be able to write to her again. Afraid that smile was gone forever. I knew she was crying by herself and that I couldn't even use my voice to comfort her. That's when I heard it. The most lovely sound ever. Her voice I realised. It was able to reach me. She was my song.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI///////////////////////////////////////////////

We sang songs together after that. The first time I heard his voice my mind went blank. It was such a lovely sound. Singing with him always warmed my heart. We were one step closer to being one again. I would be satisfied with that for a while. Our 16 birthday came around and I was excited. My parents wondered why I would want to spend my birthday in my room but it was the only place I wanted to be. I brought my birthday cake upstairs and so did he. I used my fingers to count down to three and we blew out our candles together. He was my only wish.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI///////////////////////////////////////////////

We shared our voices with one another. We wrote lyrics together and sang together. I was glad her smile was back. She wrote to me "I want to celebrate our birthday togeher." I was happy she wanted to spend it with me. When the day came we brought our cakes to out room. My parents told me to spend it with my friends and go out. I wanted to be with her tonight and promised to spend the day out after instead. She counted down to three and we blew our candles. We each made a wish and she refused to tell me hers. I did the same. She was my only wish.

////////////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI//////////////////////////////////////////////////

A month or so after our birthdays something strange happened. When I looked into the mirror I saw him but he was with someone else. She sat on his bed and talked with him in a way that I couldn't. She was so pretty. Long green hair up in two cute pigtails. I felt my heart sting a little. I didn't understand what bothered me more. Was it that she ws there and I was here? Or was it that look of love in her eyes. I didn't know. All I knew was that I had to leave before he saw me. I left and that's when I meet him. The man that was the color of the sky. I couldn't tell him about my reflection. That he, who was my reflection, was my sorrow.

//////////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI///////////////////////////////////////////////

I meet a girl the color of grass. She was kind and pretty. I don't know why but I brought her home with me. Not even thinking that my reflection could see us. We sat and talked together in a way I couldn't do with my reflection. In the back of my mind I was bothered. The person I wanted to sit and talk to with the most wasn't the green girl. I wanted to sit with my reflection. I wanted to talk to her. I felt my heart breaking. I didn't try to replace her it just happaned that my loyalties had wavered. Once the green girl left I looked diligantly in the mirror for my reflection. My heart still hurt. I couldn't tell the green girl about my reflection. That she, who was my reflection, was my sorrow.

///////////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI///////////////////////////////////////////////////

My mirror reflection talked to me like normal and neither of us mentioned the girl in green. Only a couple of weeks after that green girl was in his room I brought the boy of blue home with me. He talked to me and tried to ease my heart that was still wounded by my reflection. I didn't know he witnessed me being hugged tenderly by the blue sky boy. Even though the blue tried to help me he wasn't the one who could heal this pain. I thanked him for cheering me up and I looked at my mirror. My reflection would never know how my heart longed for him to comfort me. He'd never know that he was my heart.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I saw her with the sky blue boy. I saw him look at her tenderly with love in his eyes. I saw him hug her and my heart shattered. I collapsed next to the mirror away from her eyes. The pain I felt was immense. I called the girl of green and she tried to comfort me. It was useless. My reflection is the only one who could cure this pain. I appreciated the green girl for trying and told her that'd I'd be fine. I wasn't at the moment but I didn't want to worry her since it was nothing she could fix. My reflection would never know just how much I wanted her to tell me my eyes were lying. She'd never know that she was my heart.

//////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I stopped communicating with him. My voice hadn't been used since I stopped singing with him. My parents worried over me but I could only muster a smile. My voice was for him and him alone. I glanced ever now and again in the mirror to make sure he was alright. I never saw the green girl with him. We spent our days alone in our rooms never writting or singing. I thought I'd break if I went one more day without him and his voice. Even though I was crying I sang a song proclaiming my love for him. My voice wavered and was cracked from disuse but I never sang a song so hard in my life. I sang from the bottom of my heart. He was my everything.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I felt numb and alone. We both stopped singing and writting. My family grew more worried as the days went by. I lost all track of time and felt that my life ended with her on the day she found him. I spent my days looking from the mirror to the ground. I hadn't seen the blue boy since that day. I missed that lovely voice singing to me. I missed singing with her. I heard a weak but lovely sound. The sound of a broken heart. Cracked and tiny but still the loveliest sound I'd ever heard. The song she sang was one I never heard but the lyrics were so gentle and caring. She sang a song of love and it was for me. My heart soared as I cried. She was my everything.

///////////////////////////////////////////////RIN no KAGAMI///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

I finished my song but I couldn't see him anymore. My tears flowed down my face in a river. He hadn't accepted my feelings after all. I was so small and fragile at that moment. My ears picked up a voice in the distance. Even though he only heard it once he sang my song. I looked at his tear streaked face wide eyed. His forehead was against the mirror along with both hands. Singing with all his might to get his voice across to me. My heart raced as my flew over to the mirror as I joined him. Even with the glass seperating us we sang together. In that moment we were one voice, one mind, one body, and one heart.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////LEN no KAGAMI////////////////////////////////////////////////////

She responded to me with all her might. We sang together once again. A song that showed we'd never seperate again. My ears strained to keep her voice in them forever. My voice strained to keep reaching. My heart strained to be with hers. The glass between us was nothing once we over came the emotions pulling us apart. Her hands were there, her head against mine, and our voices harmonized together. My heart was beating wildly from the excitement. We weren't seperated anymore and I felt whole again. Completed. In that moment we were one voice, one mind, one body, and one heart.

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