Since the day she got pregnant he'd been praying for her to liiiiiive

Someone he could hold onto

And never let her go for eternity

He could already see their lives ahead of them

Going by with ease

When Carlisle came in and told him she;s living

All his worries faaaaaaaade

Now his wife's gonna make it and they Rensemae too

And his heaaaart belongs to

Those two beautiful wonderful

livin for eternity girls

60 short seconds later

She was lookin into Jacob blacks eyes

Before you knew it he was dropping wolf calls

Giving em jobs just to spend more time with heeeeeeeer

The pack said hey chief what's your problem

Leah says you lost your mind

Edwards says your butt's kicked out of this house if a toe's put outta line.

Now he's wrapped around her finger she's the center of his whole world

And heart belongs to

That sweet beautiful wonderful

Living for eternity girl

And when Bella found out she decided to hunt him down

She said be honest and tell me what you named her

He said I call her Nessieeeeeeeee

Sweet little beautiful

Oh loch ness monster

Sweet little beautiful wonderful living for eternity girl