"NO!" Alec screams.

"Felix too?" Aro asks, a frown cutting across his face as I nod.

"It was the inevitable outcome of our dear Jane's death," Marcus says with a bored look.

"What about the rogue; did he at least die?" Caius snaps, and I feel rage swell over me.

"No! He lives still!" I reply in a roiling snarl. As I realize what I've done, I turn to my husband. "Jasper, control yourself!"

"Sorry," Jasper tries to look composed as he holds a trembling hysterical Alec in his arms. I understand his anger, but I will not allow him to lose focus. Not now.

"I apologize." I bow my head toward Caius who gives me a dismissive wave. "I should have seen this possibility sooner."

"Alice," Aro waves me closer and continues to speak. "My dear child, do not blame yourself."

I walk across the marble floor and take a seat at his feet. He smiles down at me as he slides his knuckles over my cheek.

My weakness cost Jane and Felix their lives.

"No," Aro says in a mock scolding tone. "This creatures is far too unpredictable for your gift to properly read his intentions. He does not truly know them himself."

I nod as he pulls his hand away and slumps in his chair, the grief once again taking hold of him. As I watch his face darken, I make a silent decision to hunt down this despicable creature. I glance at Jasper. He's sunk to the floor with Alec, his face a closed mask of concentration. Jasper cares a great deal for the twins, as his gift allows him to feel the pain that lingers within them. The tortures and horrors that they endured at the hands of humans, before their change, have left a deep mark on them.

I should feel this grief, but all I feel is hate for the creature that shattered my Maker's heart, first by killing his love, and now by killing my brother and sister. Jasper raises his head to meet my gaze. I know that he can feel my rage, and he gives me a nod of acknowledgment. No matter what I decide I know that he is with me.

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