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Val and Krista

"Come on Krista I swear you'll love it!"

"No way!"

" Your gonna do it!"

"No I'm not! You can't make me wear a dress! Especially a orange one like that!"

"Come on I promise that you'll love it!"

Val and Krista were backstage in a concert dressing room.

"You never once warned me that you had signed us up for dancers at a dance hall." "Hey, come on I did something for you! You have to do something for me!"

"Who said that Shakespeare?" Krista scoffed. "Who taught you Shakespeare? It wasn't Shakespeare I can tell you that" Val said as she sat down at a dressing table and proceeded to put in long orange earrings that hung so low they almost touched her shoulders.

She was wearing a short orange skirt the color of barf as Krista put it, with a black skater dude jacket with a bright orange V on it. She had a bright pink shirt underneath that clearly read in bold orange letters "Vote for Pedro." He hair was down and shimmered down her back. It was all curled perfectly into tiny ringlets.

Krista ignored her. "I'm not going!" Krista said again in defiance stamping her foot.

Val smiled mysteriously. "Then I guess the deals off. That's your loss not mine."

She got up to get some make-up. "I just thought this would be fun you know. But go ahead back to the police station and wait in the waiting room your whole life and never see your friends again." Val said simply returning with a big container of make-up.

Krista groaned. "Okay, so I need you and you need me. And since this is the only way out of this mess we created I'll do it."

Val swiveled around in the chair and faced her. "I thought you might say that."

" Okay, let's get to it." she announced as she got up quickly and pushed Krista into a chair. "Lets see what we can do with that hair!"

"By the way, Val who's Pedro?" Krista asked a as Val started to wet her hair. Val giggled.

"Haven't you heard of "Napoleon dynamite?"

Back in the caves with the others

"Ahhh," the caves were filled with screams of terror.

"Okay, it's okay! I learned how to handle this in basketball camp. All you got to do is yell Rabies and they go away!" Ellie was screaming as she ran around trying to duck away from a pack of bats.

Morgan was screaming her head off running in circles with Mikey running toward her.

"Or was that for Dinosaurs!!!!!!" Ellie screamed as her body disappeared into a hole. I was screaming as I hung on with all strength to Mouth who was screaming that he wanted anchovies on his pizza.

Data was trying to hit them with his "pinchers of hell" which only made them madder. Brand was trying to pull us up by the rope which at that second broke causing Brand to grab hold of my legs right as I almost let go of Mouth.

Which woke Mouth up who realized he wasn't eating pizza. It was a bat.

He started to panic screaming "Mikey."

And all the while Sam had crawled out of the hole she had fallen into and was laughing at everyone screaming that she fell into the hole again. "Uph!!!!" she moaned as she hit the bottom.

Finally I heard Mikey yell "Hey, guys there going away." Everyone stopped. They were. Suddenly, all the screeching of the bats stopped.

"Get us out of here" I shouted as Mouth started to wiggle fiercely not realizing it was me. "I'm on it." Brand yelled as I felt my feet being pulled up. Then I felt a great draft of sir. That wasn't my feet being lifted up. It was my pants…

Back with Val and Krista

After fighting Krista about clothes, make-up, and hair she was finally finished. They stood back in awe. She looked the prettiest that she had ever seen. She was wearing a pink dress with a orange belt that read in gold letters "Pedro". With her hair down in a cute bob fashion that in our time Krista wouldn't be caught dead in. "I'm so awesome aren't I?" Val sighed to the mirror. It was time for the show, but what Krista didn't know wouldn't hurt her… Or would it….

Back with the others

"Nice pink underwear Abo" Sam laughed.

"Okay, who helped Sam out" I cried as I shook my legs. I could hear the boys snickering at me.

I heard Morgan yell for everyone to go into another cave while her and Ellie would get us out. The boys must of done it because when I came out no one else was there but them.

"Well, at least someone knows what to do when their friend is hanging over a hole and her pants fall off…" I commented my face turning bright red. Ellie shrugged.

"It was the least we could do. It's not like we could let the boys watch you put your pants back on."

"By the way, where are my pants?" I asked grouping around.

"Uhh," Morgan and Ellie exchanged glances. "Don't tell me with the boys?" I asked hating to hear the answer.

"Actually, no there in the mud puddle over there" Morgan said smiling. I groaned as I ran in my hot pink underwear to my pants. They were wet and muddy but I put them on anyway. Man I was gonna hate facing the boys.

Back with Krista and Eva

Krista and Val were pushed on stage harshly as a big bright blinding light showed upon the stage. Everyone went silent.

" Uhh, Val why are people staring at us????" Krista said out of the corner of my mouth.

"Uhh, there kind of waiting for you to sing!" Val whispered back.

"What!!!!" Krista screamed.

"Sing" Val repeated as a guy came out with a microphone.

"Sing What?" Krista yelled making the microphone squeak causing everyone to cover their ears. Krista looked embarrassed.

"Umm, you guys know if you were Gay?" Krista asked hesitantly. Everyone started to boo.

"Okay, kind of inappropriate for a dance hall." Krista said trying to cover that up.

"How about Hoedown Throw down by Hannah Montana?" Krista subjected as a last resort. There weren't so many boos since no one had heard that song title before. "Okay it goes like this."

It started off good but soon flying fruit was could be seen.

And at the end Krista and Val were soaked with tomatoes.


"I can't believe you didn't tell me!!!!!!" Krista screamed in frustration as she shattered a mirror.

"Ohh, ten years bad luck" Val commented as she tried to wash tomato off her face.

"I really thought you'd like it. You know. You just seemed like the type. I'm sorry Okay." Val cried as she slipped into a dressing room.

" I got the ninja outfits for tonight." Val said as she tossed a sleek black outfit over the dressing room stall. Krista sighed. Maybe it wouldn't be that bad….

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