The word rang in his head. He stared at the closed door where his fiancée, no, his wife had disappeared through, after giving him a smile that struck him to the bone.


Ranma Soatome struggled with the emotions boiling in him. He had been, in his opinion, quite calm during the entire ceremony. Sure, he had a little bit of cold feet and had attempted to bolt a few times, but his mother's frown often set him straight. It not that he didn't want to marry her, it was just…. Damn, not even he knew the reasons of his skittish behavior. But, he had been placid and stone cool about the wedding …well until she came through the Hall door. That's where he panicked.

She was Beautiful.

He knew that, but when she came down the aisle, eyes brimming with love, his heart went into overdrive. He realized that this woman wanted him, that for years, she had fought tooth and nail for this day, for him. She loved him, Ranma Soatome, half man, half girl, all strange, and that, that made him feel unworthy of her.

She really did deserve better. But no, stubborn girl wanted him and him alone, and not even he had the strength to fight such thick headedness. No, he had to grin and bear it and marry this woman who captured his heart and soul, for all of eternity.

And he was glad, no matter how much his male brain tried to quell the emotion; he was bouncing with joy on the inside.

Ranma laid back on the cold sheet, the material feeling strange against him. It would be the first time in years he would sleep on a bed. Tonight, he would slumber on a mattress with…

His stomach jumped all of sudden, but he attempted to throw the nervousness out. He failed, instead having it rise up to his throat and he swallowed hard.

It was the wedding night.

He started sweating.

Damnit, He should not be afraid. He, Ranma Soatome, feared nothing!

As if his brain were against him, he remembered kissing her, how pliant she was, molding herself to him. She was fire in his arms, her taste filling what was empty and scorching all his loneliness away. Her lips heaven, pressed passionately to his, her eyes abysses, drowning him and he the all too willing victim.

And for the first time in his entire life, he felt at peace. Hell, the whole world around him could burn to the ground and he wouldn't care. All that mattered to him at that instant was her, Her lips, her hair, her body leaning into him, trusting and lovingly. His stomach stirred at the memory.

He ran a hand through his hair, trying to distract himself. Yeah, he knew that it was tonight that he was to consummate the marriage, and his father, days earlier had strived to give him advice in the matter.

"Son, your wedding night it the most important night of your life, it is where you take a woman as your own…"

Ranma had squirmed under his father's stare, not at all comfortable with the topic of conversation. And the whole owning bit didn't sit too well with him either.

"What are you yapping about?" He responded, as nonchalantly as possible. "What this about 'owning'?"

Genma Soatome growled, whacking him atop the head "Let me finish, boy!"

Ranma jumped up and was about hit the older man when he plopped down on the floor again. Sighing, he started "Ranma, this is important. Not only to you but also to your bride to be."

Ranma stopped in mid rage. That tone…

Was he serious?

Defeated, he sat on the patio next to Genma "Alright, lay it on me…"

Genma straightened, "You do know what happens on the wedding night, right?"

Fighting a blush, "I ain't stupid, Pop."

"You have to take the reins yourself, son. Don't expect her to come onto you. You must be the man and take her purity."

Now that was too much.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Men must pleasure women in order to show manhood!" Genma continued seriously "You must be the experienced one, and lead on," He turned away staring over the yard. "But knowing you, she'll probably do all the work."

"Hey! Now wait a minute…" he started, punching the man in the gut "I am a man!"

Genma recovered, and then attacking he continued with his words of wisdom "must I hold your hand in everything, Ranma! That night you and she will become one, that is not something to stumble through, boy!"

Ranma came to a stop, as the words, one in particular, came


But before he could think more, he was flung into the pond. As he climbed out, a soaking red headed female, Genma roared from the porch.

"And if you don't want to disappoint her, I suggest you study up! The last thing you need is an unsatisfied woman."

With that he left, leaving Ranma with a worried look on his face.

Ranma cringed at the memory. Why he should care what his father said. Most of his advice was crackpot theories anyways. Yet there was a nagging feeling in his gut. What if he couldn't…what's the word…satisfy her? Would she hate him, think less of him as a man? Or would she go hunting for others to fit the bill.

He shook his head. Naw, he was worried for nothing. Really, how hard could it be? He did it all the time in his dreams, and those always turned out good so real life shouldn't be different. Right?

"Aww, Damnit" He said out loud, not at all comforted.


He picked his head up and his jaw dropped at the sight before him. To say that he was shocked was an understatement.

There she stood before him, wearing a red silk lingerie thing, with maroon lacing embroidered in the bra and a veil that was sown to the edge, fitting loosely to her form, Down, past a toned stomach, down past crimson underwear, and came to a stop at her mid thigh.

A monster awoke, a beast that he did not even know existed, in his chest and growled, wanting, and gods, was he trembling?

Her face was turned down, and she was playing with the hem of…whatever she was wearing, it was still for a moment, then she looked to and met his eyes…

He almost gasped. Biting his tongue, he wanted to weep at that expression. She was shy about it all right, the blush on her face comparing to the color of her clothing, but her eyes… Her eyes showed an unquenchable fire, fire he tasted when they kissed, the passion that she reflected. It was dizzying.