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He crawls to her, his knees sinking into the softened mattress, his eyes never wavering. They are locked upon the women in front of him, because she is all that matters.

He stops an arm's length from her, a hand reaching out and taking hers, the one holding the sash. He pulls gently, a pleading action, waiting for her to comply.

She gives him a look that feels like a flame, burning its way through his body, before untying the knot, and letting the bathrobe fall off her small shoulders and land in a dejected heap across the back of her legs.

No matter how much he attempts, he could not catch his breath. It runs from him, as his eyes meet the passion red and moon white skin.

This is a goddess in front of him. A goddess of beauty, emotion, passion, fire, kindness…. but best of all, she is his goddess.

He leans back on his haunches, his eyes like a sweeping tongue; caressing her body in his gaze. He begins slowly, knowing that his wife has minimal patience.

He starts at her knees, which are half buried into the silks, his eyes now almost a violet in arousal. They sweep across the flawless skin of her legs, and then eagerly glaze upon her rounded hips, resting momentarily on the blood dark panties, before rising up to her bellybutton, a perfectly round hole. His tongue would do wonders in that, he thinks evilly. His eyes trek past a stomach that is soft and lean, a waist whose sweet indents leave him panting. Then to her glorious breast s, wrapped in maroon cloth, so invitingly rising and falling as she breathes, his mouth begging for the taste of that skin. To the collarbone and shoulders, the smooth expanse of milk skin. To a towering neck, one that he would adorn with a necklace of his kisses, leaving behind dark marks as proof he was there. Finally, to her face.

She is flushed, her lips pink, wet, swollen, and insanely so, even more irresistible. To that cute adorable nose, that fits perfectly on her face. And her all expressive eyes. The ones that are sending him a powerfully clear message. 'I want you' they say to him, and his self control, his supposedly steely will power is gone.

He grabs her to him, and lands a kiss on her lips, his hands shifting on the silk protecting her body. Her tongue is getting better now, her once curious probing turning into long almost lazy strokes inside his mouth, twisting and pulling. Her fingers tug at his vest, spanning out and touching tight muscles.

The kiss they share becomes too heated, her small sweet body just feels too good against him, the light brushes of her breasts to his chest are driving him mad, her pulling hands on his clothing make him wonder why the hell he is he still wearing it. One hand lets her go, and begins to rip off the material, and Akane helps him. Really, who gives a damn? His vest disappears, followed by a collared shirt, until his chest is bare, and her fingers trace hard lines without barrier. He reaches over to kiss her again, but she leans away.

With a forceful push of her hand, she shoves him, and he falls over very ungracefully. "What the….!" He lets out, but quickly is stops by her actions. She plants both hands on either side of his head. There is an all too revealing view of her hanging breasts, as she leans over to him. "Ranma…." She almost sings in a low throaty moan. He is acutely aware that the hot and damp junction of her legs is resting tightly on his rigid appendage. His fingers clutch a handful of silk, when she stirs, adding prefect pressure to that particular part of him. Take the reins, my… briefly passes through his mind. She inclines her head, and her lips take his, in a dominating manner, the way he taught her only minutes before.

His stomach is clenched; his hands roam her satin skin, over her smooth legs straddling him, pushing the silk away until he meets warm skin. His thumbs forever moving, tracing imaginary circles, as their kissing becomes violent. It is biting, and nipping, each trying to dominate the other. Ranma accepts the challenge all too eagerly. He thrusts his tongue in her, dictating, until she decides to be submissive. She fights hard, but her soft sounds are tell-tale signs that she is losing. His hands travel up to her firm bottom and ever just slightly squeeze. She jolts away, panting and sits up. "Ranma!"

He grins at her, male in every sense of the word. He bends forward, and takes her in his lap, "Yes, Akane?"

Her hazy eyes clear up at his action and at his tone, "Stop being so perverted!" She says

His grin widens, "I ain't perverted." He replies, and as he does so his fingers span out and grasp that delicate flesh. She moans, and presses against him, rocking their bodies. The feel of her movement almost riding him, and the torturous sound of her voice in such a longing way, makes his hips jerk on their own, pushing into her. She gasps, arching into him, her hands drifting to his ponytail and erotically pulling.

God, he wants her so much right now. His pants are still on, keeping him tucked, but he feels as if he is about to burst. There is a tight coil in him, winding, winding, tighter each time. This woman had him twisted around her small little finger.

He is getting desperate now, and his actions becoming frantic. His fingers move to her bra straps and without warning pull them down. She yells in response, and then it quickly turns into a whimper as his lips take to her neck, suckling and nibbling, tasting her sweet flesh and never having enough. His mouth trails down to the swell of her breasts, kissing, and licking. Her arms are twisting in his hair, pulling and yet pushing him closer.

"Oh…. Ranma…"

He hears her, and his blood shoots through his veins, turning into liquid fire. He continues on his trek down her body, letting his hot mouth trace a peak through satin material. She cries out, her hands turning wild on his back.

He had to taste her….

His quick hand goes to her back, and he expertly unclasps the bra, and it falls away, and she is reveled.

God, she is beautiful.

Her gaze is scorching, and her heaving chest is inviting him. Her parted lips are red, dripping with honey.

He locks onto her eyes, as he leans down and his tongue stretches out, and barely touches her. Her hands twist in his hair and she thrust forward, pushing herself to him. His tongue swirls, and his teeth graze. The sounds, his name falling from her lips…..the coil within him is getting tighter, winding, and stretching past a limit…

He becomes maddened, and picks her up, and tosses her down on the bed. He stares down at her, from her beautiful flushed face, the dark marks on her neck, and her aching peaks, calling out to him.

He glides over her, like a demigod, powerful and demanding. She aches into him, moans escaping her mouth, as his tongue darts to the hardened nubs. His hand is filled with her flesh as he caresses her.

Ranma hits some sort of crazed pleasure when she starts shaking. It is not out of fear, he knows, and he grins against her. Then he sweeps up, and kisses her, an open-mouthed affair, that leaves them panting and wanting more, then a chaste, shy kiss, clean, yet searing.

She is so warm, and small under him. She belongs here, he quickly determines. And God help whoever thought otherwise.

There are so many things he wants to do with her, to her. He wants her to feel what he feels when they touch. This dizzying heat, this inexplicable emotion that chokes him…. She needs to feel this.

He kisses her again, and quick hot one and wanders down her body once more, leaving behind hot treks. He passes by a hammering pulse, the regal feel of her collarbone. His hands wrap around her legs, fingers feeling satin flesh, pressing himself against her. His mouth gives a quick kiss, soft and clean in the valley of her breasts.

He gives sloppy wet touches to her waist, feeling the muscles of her stomach contract under him. His tongue edges to her small bellybutton, and he slyly licks.

She jolts, her hips tight against him for a second, a loud moan filling the air. She hands are rough in his hair, and at some point it had loosed from it braid. He continues to taste her, pushing her up to a heavenly place. Where he is.

His fingers lower from her chest, caressing a soft stomach, before stopping at the lace of her underwear. He pauses, for the first time hesitant.

This was it.

He travels up her body again, kissing here and there, relishing in every sound she made, and feeling the blitz in his body. The winding spring ready to snap….

One hand wraps around her waist, lifting her to him, and the other one begins subtly lining her lingerie. He kisses her hard, trying to find some balance, to control himself, but that is near damn impossible. Blessed fingers cross a forbidden line, as they enter under the lace.

He pauses again, before he closes in, and feels her.

She is warm, and soft and wet. He is cold, and when he touches her, Akane reacts almost violently. She bucks, and she makes raw and unrestrained gasp, pulling away from his lips. He moves his hand away, suddenly ashamed. Maybe he shouldn't…..

But she presses against him, rubbing sensuously, whispering in his ear, "Ranma…again…."

He looks into her eyes, seeing them dark and lust filled. His sees pleasure and need, and damnit one fist clenches, when his body starts to shiver.

His fingers jerk in response, and he is rewarded with warmth and another breathtaking gasp. She strains against him, her arms looping around his neck, her hand once again intertwining with his dark stands. She is making these indescribable noises that rouse him to some higher world, and his finger began working madly, trying to hear more. He is addicted; nothing could sound more beautiful than her voice caressing him, his name lowly escaping from her mouth....

His hand rips at her clothing, tearing the lace away, and then she is completely bare to him. She feels like silk, wet and delicate. He grunts hard as his tuxedo clad hips settle in between hers, his hand working furiously. Her hip jolt against his, her moans unintelligible, he feels his pulse and her pulse at the tip of his fingers. Her body is tight against him for a moment then she releases only to come up again, hard, letting her hot breath blow against his ear, before whispering his name.

He wants to push her past, and over that edge. He wants her to drown in the pleasure. To show her that he really is the man that she dreamed of, that he will strive everyday to prove to her that she did not make a mistake in marrying him, make her life as she made his.

The coil is winding tight, tighter, tighter, every second, with every whisper, and sound she makes, the way her body moves, and how she fits against him.

His fingers dig deep for a second, and then stretch widening in her. She throws her head back, letting out a most wondrous moan….


Her eyes are closed, and he sees pleasure drawn there and rejoices in it. His fingers are now warm and wet, as hot liquid overflows. Her eyes are half dazed, and she looks at him admiringly. He feels something in his chest. Besides the lust, the want, the desire….something…

Then he feels her hand travel down his back, touching innocently, but what he feels is anything but innocent. The stop at his pants, before sliding to the front, and she begins to unclasp them. His eyes widen fleetingly before he helps her. He, as quickly as possible, tries to take the damn things off, while her small hot hands began exploring. Quick fingers trace hard muscle lines, up and down, and somehow she glazes over the right spot. He holds back a moan, his hand of sudden detached from him.

He tosses his clothes away and leans up and kisses her.

Every time. Every time. He will never grow tired of her. Her lips are the passage to heaven, and how her body feels against his skin,


Her hips wrap around him, and he feels the damp warmth, and the hardened nubs to his chest.

He can't hold back, nothing can hold him back. He moves forward, slowly, so achingly slow. He starts convulsing, like a man without air, and tries to hold himself.

She is heaven.

She is tight, so tight, and warm, hot, scalding. He can't hold back…

"I love you, Ranma…"

He stops freezes.

He looks down at her. My god….

Her eyes. She loves him. He knew that, but at this moment, it hit him. They were about to become husband and wife. After all these years.

They belonged together. This was the perfect union. All those fights and troubles, hinders had not gotten in the way of this…

And the feeling in his chest spread through him like wildfire. It is even more powerful then the desire.

He loves her.

"I love you, Akane" He says it hard, and rough, as he battles the wave of emotions rising. He loved her, he loved her so much, and he hurt him inside. It was a fist clutching his heart with so much strength that if she left, he would die.

He would die.

Her eyes shine, and her smile lights his souls. Then it all mixes together. The love, the desire, the need, their souls…

He's going to explode, the feeling in his body rushing to his head as he feels where his again.

He pushes forward, rearing inside her. She cries out in pain, and he stops. He sees the pain on her face, and it hurts him, tears at his heart. He moves to get away, but her hands come up and cup his face. "Ranma…" she says, not in the low seductive tone, or the husky pitch of arousal. Just in her voice, pleading to him. She touches his lips with her own, kissing softly, just like the first time.

He feels tears sting in his eyes. He had no idea why. Nothing he felt could merit tears. He kisses her back, trying to ease off the pain, while his lower body in on fire.

He pushes a little forward, and his whole body begins to suffer. Every tendon stretched, blood shooting in unimaginable speeds.

He is in control, he is in control…

They are still, there heart beating together, as one.


The calm before the storm.

Then, she jerks, giving a rasp call. Not in pain, he hears, and his body kick starts.

He thrusts, hard and uncontrolled, and she pushes to him, with the same strength. Their hands seek each other, their mouths mating…

Together, pushing, and moaning, without limit, fast and hard, moving in a rhythm that only they could accomplish. They were destined for each other before time began, and there will be no other like them.

Fire, lust, pleasure, peace, trust, pain, souls, tears, laughter, joy


And it comes like a hurricane, and the coil snaps, and he takes off. He hears her scream, piercing the air, his name like elaborate poetry. No symphony on earth could sound better than their flesh slapping madly against each, her moan and his grunts, their names being called, deep and dark and the clashing of their souls…


He feels like he can breathe for the first time in his life. This was what it was to live, perfect union, staring into the eyes of the one you love and be perfectly united, hit the heaven with this intense feeling sweeping over the flood gates of emotion.


Then back to earth,

All strength is gone, and he falls on her, spent. He automatically flips over, and she curls up on his chest. To his utter satisfaction, her eyes are dark, and half lidded, and she looks content. He is a man all right. He feels complete, as his arms wrap around her, and exhausted. She smiles shyly, and then he is not so tired anymore, and the coil that had snapped begins to wind again.

"I love you Ranma," she says again, then settles into his shoulder, breathing softly.

His eyes close, and one single traitorous tear escapes. He is fighting sleep, because this is too good to let go of. But his body is drifting. He presses a cheek to her soft hair, and his soul says…..

"I Love you."

Finally, One at last.


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