Title: my ianto
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Ianto Ianto Jones, Captain Jack Harkness, Owen Harper, Gwen Cooper, Toshiko Sato and john hart.
Warning: None Really
Summary: ianto gets kidnapped by a certain man
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the team are owned by ME ha-ha i wish .not mine blablabla
rated t just to be safe


"Jaaaaack" ianto moaned "stop it" jack made one of his Harkness grins and carried on to make kisses along his Welshman's jaw and neck. "No" jack said sternly. "Jack we've got work to do and the others are still here and anyway when has the rift ever given us time of" ianto argued he was suspicious lately because there hadn't been that much rift activity.

"Grrrr fine but I want YOU to make it up to me tonight." Jack said grinning as he did "fine whatever" ianto said. Chuckling as he made his way out of the older office.

Ianto made his way out into the main hub and checked the clock.yep defiantly time for lunch. He walked to the cog door and grabbed his coat. "I'M GETTING LUNCH WHAT DO YOU WANT" ianto shouted back to the team and as usual they all shouted "PIZZA". Ianto laughed as he made his way up and out of the hub.


Ianto decided that he would walk to the pizza place as it was a very nice day. Ianto walked quickly out of the hub and was soon able to see the pizza place. He stopped and turned around confused. What was that. Surly jack wouldn't be following me. EvenHE doesn't do that. Ianto shook the thought out of his head and continued his walk. He then heard footsteps sounding behind him. He chose to ignore it and carried on walking. Ianto started to hear the footsteps get quicker as they came closer to him. Ianto turned to see who it was but he didn't get the chance for as e turned around he was immediately greeted with a strong blow to the head which knocked him out cold.


Two hours later

"hey where's teaboy I need coffee" Owen moaned as he looked at the door for the seventeenth time. "i don't know" jack said it was easy although he tried to cover it , to notice the hints of worry in his voice "he usually take about 45 minutes.

"Your right jack something must be wrong" Gwen stated quite clearly. "lets go see where he is". The team all got up although Owen did it a little less enthusiastically than the other and headed strait out of the cog door..

After about ten minutes the tam arrived at a patch of blood on the pavement accompanied by a discarded tie.

"you don't think that this is-" tosh started but was cut off at the sight of jack slowly kneeling down and picking up the tie. "this is ianto's tie" jack said trying to hold back the pain that he was feeling but abruptly failing as gwen leaned down to him and wrapped him in her arms.

"don't worry jack we'll find him".

Sorry it so short its my first you see.

I know its crap

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