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Ianto woke the next morning wondering where the fuck he was.

"Hello, jack is this some sort of joke" ianto called out trying to get an answer. "Oh no eye candy its far from it this my friend is revenge" ianto heard the voice and recognised its owner immediately. Even though he couldn't see his face because o f the darkness ianto knew he was pulling an evil grin.....

Jack stood behind tosh as she went over the cctv. They couldn't see who attacked ianto but knew it must be an enemy of jacks. "jack i cant see where he took him" she turned to face jack" im sorry jack, we will find him he's not gone yet" "i just hope were not to late tosh" jack said holding back his tears.

" john let me go" ianto screamed tugging at the ropes which tied his hands behind him on the chair making him incapable of moving.

" now let me see....NO you will help me make jacks world crumble beneath him." John said "give me one reason why i would do that ianto said as he started to feel blood dripping from his wrists " oh but you don't have a choice eye-candy jack would kill himself a thousand times if he saw you injured." As john said this he was pulling out a whip. "and i plan on making that happen" john walked slowly towards ianto holding the whip in his right hand and when he got closing enough he whipped ianto as hard as he could across his bare torso. Ianto felt the pain surging through his body as he whip made contact with his chest but held back his scream a he did not want to give john the satisfaction.

John took him of the chair and threw him on to the floor right on top of his wounds. He kneeled down beside him and turned him over and forcefully kissed him. Ianto tried to pull away as he felt johns tongue down his throat. But john climbed on top of him leaning heavily on his wounds. John stopped and pulled away for a breath and pulled a blindfold from out behind him and held it up next to ianto's face. Ianto was breathing heavily through fear "I was right eye-candy, red is your colour" john said as he tied it round ianto's eyes. "now get ready for some serious pain" john laughed and kicked ianto as hard as he could in the ribs. Ianto couldn't hold it back and before he knew it he was screaming in agony. John kicked him again angrily this time telling him not to scream or else the pain would be ten times worse. Ianto felt a small tear fall from his eyes as he though of jack how he must be feeling, wht he was thinking how much he was worrying . but before ianto could think anymore he felt a pair of lips crash against his forcing entrance ianto let out a small cry as if it would cause and sympathy at all but all it did was make john put more force into the kiss.

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