fic: Palliate
author: grayx3eyedsoul
spoiler: godly parentage
summary: "He was her problem child, and he was staying home." Sally decides that Percy won't leave home.
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"Mommy, mommy, mommy!" Percy jumped at her leg as she walked into his classroom, shuffling papers and a coffee. "Hi honey, what happened?"

Percy's smile disappeared from his lips, and she knelt down to his level, pushing the strands of black out of his green eyes.

His silence said all, and she picked him up and smiled against his belly. "It's okay, babe. I'll talk to them."

He chuckled at the feeling against his belly, and they walked toward the teacher together, dodging students playing.

"Hello, Ms. Jackson. Hi, Percy." His teacher, Miss Alyssa looked up and smiled at Percy. Sally placed Percy down and asked her what happened this time.


Percy had finally gone down for a nap, and she had some peace in the house.

This was the 5th warning she'd gotten from a school. Percy did this, Percy did that. How would they know that her poor baby was fighting against fate, just like she was. It wasn't his fault monsters seemed to find him, that his temper was short and the water fountains responded to his anger.

She fingered that piece of paper, the only communication they had after that. Ripped at the edge and smelling strongly of the sea, it read three words;

Camp Half Blood

"His life will be in danger. I apologize. He shouldn't have been… a hero's fate is always the worst, especially now."

She had told him to watch over him, and she wasn't sure if he was keeping his promise. Sally went and kneeled against their bed, and kissed her Percy. She'd never regret him. Ever. He was her problem child, and he was staying home.

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