There was a general silence around Wammy's Orphanage, and it had been that way the better part of the afternoon. A few groups in particular were oddly silent---the normal group of boys who were always playing soccer, now confined in the orphanage, the large group of girls that normally giggled and gossiped. Three students in particular were silent: a red-headed boy, goggles covering his eyes, playing his video game as he lay on his best friend's bed, a blonde boy who was sprawled on the floor of the same room, a chocolate bar in one hand and an open book in front of him, and the third student was a child two years younger than the aforementioned kids, alone in his own room, a few robots surrounding him as he built up a castle of dice.

The silence was shattered when the blonde shut his book.

"I'm soooo bored..." He whined lightly. His friend ignored him, continuing his game. The blonde leaned up and poked his friend's shoulder. "Matty, entertain me."

"Don't call me 'Matty', dammit." His friend mumbled, waving his hand away. "Entertain yourself, I'm busy."

"If I entertain myself, I'm gonna get in trouble and I'm gonna blame you." The blonde threatened.

"Go get in trouble, then, I don't care. Lemme beat this boss." Rolling his eyes, the blonde got up.

"Fine." With that, he left the room. His friend sighed.

"Don't get in too much trouble." He muttered. Then he smirked. "Haha, yes!"

The blonde walked around aimlessly before realizing where he was.

"Shit." He muttered. This hallway, this was the way to get to---

"Near." He whirled around, staring down at the albino in front of him.

"Mello." He spat.

---Mello's room.

"What exactly is Near doing over here?" The albino twirled his hair around his right hand as he looked up at the blonde with a stoic expression. The blonde's face darkened.

"I can be over here if I want, Mello." Mello blinked.

"Near gets in trouble if he comes over here, considering the last time he was down here..." Mello trailed off as Near grabbed the front of his shirt and rammed him into the wall.

"Want a repeat, you asshole?" Near hissed, his face contorting in anger. Mello blinked.

"I would greatly appreciate it if Near put me down." Mello muttered, pushing the blonde away. Correction: attempting to push the blonde away. Near was much stronger than Mello himself was, mainly because while Near enjoyed going out and playing with the other kids at Wammy's, Mello was perfectly content to stay indoors, working on a new puzzle or redoing an old one. Near smirked.

"I don't think I will." He said. Mello sighed inaudibly and dropped his hands---it was pointless anyway. Near smirked.

"Given up?" Mello shrugged.

"It is pointless to fight against someone whom one has no chance of beating." Near rolled his eyes and dropped Mello. Mello sank to the floor gratefully, looking up at Near with big, shockingly blue eyes. Grey eyes narrowed down at him. "Is Near going to stand there all day?" Scowling, Near pulled back slightly, then kicked Mello before stalking down the hall. Sighing, Mello stood up and returned to his room.

Two days later, test scores came out. Mello and Near were no where to be found until late on that day. Near seemed ok, leaning over Matt to check out what game he was playing or helping him beat the damn game, but Mello was still missing. Any attempts to find the albino through Near wasn't working because anytime the name 'Mello' came up, Near pursed his lips and glared pointedly at whomever brought the albino up with a 'if-looks-could-kill-you-would-be-fried-so-badly' that made the person shake and run away.

That night, the students went to bed at the normal lights-out time, and the staff continued to search for Mello fruitlessly.

Mello was found the next morning locked in a closet by Roger's office, the last place anyone would think of looking in (for some strange reason), the next morning at 7:15 in the morning.

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