* Author's Note: I making this sort of the ending of 1st DOH Reunion Movie, but Daisy & Enos do get married, this happens before the wedding, & before the 2nd movie, In this one, Jesse is dead.*

*Songs used: "Keep me hanging on" by Kim Wilde, circa 80's, "The Devil went down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band, circa 1980, from "The Urban Cowboy" Soundtrack.*

The Performance:

It was a wonderful day in Hazzard County, Georgia, & everyone was excited that Kit & Pamela Duke were back home for good, & they are celebrating their homecoming with a performance at "The Boar's Nest" courtesy of Sheriff/Commissioner Rosco P. Coltrane.

That afternoon was rehearsals, & the Dukes& Cooter came in for a break before they have to go back to what they were doing before.

When they came in, their girls sounded so amazing with their voices blended together, & then when they finished, the Dukes & Cooter were applauding & cheering like crazy.

Each had a say about how they did, & they said it exclaiming with pride & smiling.

Luke (smiling & exclaiming): You guys were absolutely amazing, I mean you blew the roof off with that practice just alone!

Bo (smiling & exclaiming): Everyone, including Rosco, will love your performance, Darlings!

Daisy (smiling & exclaiming): Oh man, Sugars, you gonna have them in the palms of your hands!

Cooter (smiling, exclaiming): She is right, Guys, you are gonna be sensational, no doubt about it!

Pamela was pleased with the responses, but Kit was not, she was worried that Hazzard County won't really like them.

The next night was the performance, & everyone was there, Pamela was going over the arrangements with the House Band, & their Leader, while Kit was freaking out about performing in front of her hometown.

Kit was having some Stage Fright, & plus Asthma, like her father, she was breathing funny, & that got Pamela's attention, & she was at her cousin's side at an instant.

Pamela asked this with concern.

Pamela (concern): Kit, Are you ok, Cousin?

The young Duke nodded "no", & she said with a mixture of getting her breathing under control, & tears, she managed to get this out.

Kit (getting her breathing under control, & crying): I am gonna fail, I am gonna fail you & us!

Pamela took her little cousin into her arms, & rubbed small circles on her back, Kit's crying ceased, & her breathing was back to normal.

Pamela then looked at her cousin, & said smiling to her.

Pamela (smiling to Kit): Are you ready to do this?

She smiled & nodded, & they went on stage, & Pamela announced "Keep me hanging on" was their first song.

They were doing it flawless, & when they got to the part of "Why don't cha be a man about it and set me free", they pointed their Pointer Fingers at Bo & Luke, who laughed along Daisy, & Cooter, they were indicating that they weren't children anymore.

They really belted it out, & when they were done, they received so much applause from it, & they did a whole set.

Bo & Luke were the 1st to jump up, & cheered, hollered, & gave a round of sharp whistles, Cooter & Daisy were right behind them, doing the same gesture.

Then everyone was doing it, & when everyone was quiet, & everything was calm, Pamela & Kit went to stand on the top of the Bar, & they each said this with a smile.

Pamela (smiling): How about we got those handsome Duke Boys shaking their cute behind with us?

Kit said nodding in agreement, also smiling.

Kit (smiling): Yeah, Let's see if we can get them up there, (chanting): Bo & Luke!

The chanting went on, Bo & Luke blushed, & went on, they all did the dance to "The Devil went to Georgia", & then Daisy & Cooter joined them. They had a blast & everyone had a blast that night.

When they were done, Kit & Pamela made the introductions smiling.

Kit (smiling): Hey those pieces of Eye Candy are the most important men in our lives….

Pamela (smiling): Ladies, A real treat, our fathers, Bo & Luke Duke!!!

The ladies all applauded & the men threw kisses to the women, & the women were happy.

Then Pamela said this to everyone.

Pamela (smiling): We got something for our men here, don't our forget our crown Jewel, Miss Daisy Duke!!!

The men went wild, including Bo, Luke, & Cooter. Kit said smiling.

Kit (smiling): Sorry, she is a one woman man; she is engaged to our soon-to-be uncle, Deputy Enos Strate!!!

Daisy indicated with her Ring Finger, showing off her Engagement Ring, the men pretended to be mad, & the party went on until dawn.

Kit has nothing to worry about for now on, because Hazzard County loves her & Pamela, & there are more performances at "The Boar's Nest".

Hazzard County was back to be a lively, & sometimes quiet town because of Pamela & Kit being back, & everyone live happily ever after.

End of: The Performance.

*Balladeer: If you like this one, Watch Anita, Daisy, & Gabby save "The Boar's Nest", & how they made it a success, with Cooter, Luke, & Bo helping, Y'all come back now, You hear?!*