Author Note: I thought it would be fun to write a House/ Kagome fic. RainLily13 mentioned I should try my hand at it, so I gave it a shot.

Every symptom, medication, and illness I mention in here is 100% true; I have done hours and hours of medical research to get everything exactly right. If you want to give a shot at what illness Kagome has, review, and if you get it right, I will mention you in the next author note!


House MD/ Inuyasha crossover
Pairing: Kagome/ Greg House

Summary: His simple would full of liars and predictable people is suddenly turned upside down when a young Japanese woman arrives at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. No, she isn't a doctor, but a patient, there to receive treatment for her illness, which has lasted many years. Everyone thinks she is on her way to being cured, but after spending time with the woman, Greg House isn't so sure. He sets off to unravel the mystery of that which is Kagome Higurashi.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, House MD, the illnesses, medication, or anything else I mention in this story. I don't own anything at all.

Ancient Remedies

Chapter 1: First Symptom: Discoloration

He leaned back in his chair, remote in his hand while he watched television. The children were taking care of the patient. The one he had oh so brilliantly cured.

He stopped flipping through channels when his vivid blue eyes caught the familiar scene of General Hospital. Though he had seen the particular episode he decided to let his mind rot with more television. While he watched the flashing pictures on the screen he heard his door open.

"House" came the voice of Cuddy "I heard you cured your patient". She walked into the room and stood before his desk watching him with hawk-like eyes.

House only glanced her way for a moment before ignoring her and turning the volume up on his television. "Nope", his lips popped at the end of the word. "He died actually" he snidely remarked ignoring Cuddy and her very conservative look that day, was it too much to ask for a scantily clad Cuddy? At least for a day?

His blue eyes moved her way when she spoke up. "I said I would humor you" she remarked bringing her hands to rest on his desk, her body leaning over just slightly to make a point. If she had worn a low cut blouse that day he could have seen her breasts. Apparently it was too much to ask for.

She continued to glare at him "You had told me you were too busy with this case" Cuddy mentioned, her eyes flashing to the white board for a moment. "I wanted you to do clinic duty, but I would humor you until this case was over" she explained, as though she was speaking with a child. "Now it is over, so I want you down doing your hours".

"You know me" House commented looking away from his soaps to her face. "I care" he replied, mock sincerity lingering in his voice. "I want to make sure I do my job until the end, and every one of my patients walks out of this hospital alive and healthy" House listed off ignoring his boss to focus on a hot nurse in one of the scenes.

Cuddy only rolled her eyes at him before retuning to previous position standing straight. "An hour" she stated giving him the ultimatum "if you're not down there in an hour I'm taking your television" she threatened before turning around and walking back out of his office.

House smirked at her back; he had won the battle. He let a sarcastic laugh escape before reaching into his pocket and popping the lid of his Vicodin with his thumb. Letting a few pills fall into his left hand he lifted it up to dry swallow the pills.

House closed his eyes for a moment, trying to ignore the pain in his right leg. Life was a bitch sometimes.

She was wheeled into Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital; it was much different than the Japanese hospitals that she had to stay at over the years. "Souta" she spoke her brother's name.

"Yes?" he questioned from behind her.

She looked up to her twenty four year old brother. Herself being just over thirty, wow the time buzzed past them. It seemed like she could remember traveling in the past, and her brother enjoying his soccer games on weekends. "I could take it from here, you don't have to baby me" she joked, but she still allowed him to push her wheelchair for her.

"If I allowed you to take it from here" he mentioned turning a corner slowly "you would never make it to your room with all the new people to talk to and new places to see" her brother laughed lightly. "You know mom would kill me if I let something happen to you".

Kagome smiled up at him, he really grew up since she became sick. He was much more cautious when around her, though he really didn't need to be. He even stepped up to the plate, so to speak, and offered to take her to America while their mother stayed in Japan.

Souta got a job in the states, he worked with the gaming industry now; it was really no surprise to her though. Her little brother ended up getting a nice offer for a job, where he even had his own office. He knew she would be lonely and bored if her little brother moved, so he set out to find a hospital close by and set it up so she could go along with him.

He even went as far as to visit the hospital before they moved out to America. Souta had taken care of everything for her. "So what now?" she asked him as he turned another corner, going into a clinic area.

"We need to go see the Dean of Medicine here, a Dr. Cuddy," her brother stated "She is a very kind person, she will make you feel comfortable here Kagome" he stated moving towards a glass door.

Kagome playfully pushed the first door open so they could wheel into the room, her fingerprints marking up the glass on the door entertaining her to a point.

"We have an appointment with Dr. Cuddy" Souta replied to the secretary just outside of the office that they were to go into.

Kagome took the time to study the woman in the office. She had dark curly hair, half of it pulled back while she left the rest of it down. It looked like the woman was extremely busy, or at least annoyed, since she seemed to be ruffling papers furiously.

"Mister Higurashi correct?" the blond woman easily let the name roll off her tongue. With that she looked up to Souta to see him nod at the woman that he was indeed the person she had mentioned. "Dr. Cuddy is expecting you" she mentioned shifting her eyes to her boss for a moment "you can just go in any time" she concluded as she went back to whatever she had previously been working on.

"Thank you" Kagome tested her English out. Souta had learned the language in college so he knew it pretty well. She dabbled in the foreign language a bit when she traveled back in time, and while she spent many hours at the hospital. This was the first time she could put it to good use.

Souta wheeled her forward and she slowly pushed the door open so they could make it into the room. This caused the woman behind the desk to snap to her door, an angry expression was on her face but it instantly drained when she saw who was now in her office.

"Hello Mr. Higurashi" she easily replied recognizing him. "This must be your sister," the woman mentioned looking in her direction.

Kagome looked up to the woman, she was quite beautiful. "Hello" she spoke up to greet the American woman "I'm Kagome" she smiled before raising her right hand to greet the woman. Not at all embarrassed about the colored patches on her skin that didn't quite match her skin tone.

The woman smiled and shook her hand; obviously pleased with the woman's outgoing behavior "I'm Lisa Cuddy" she introduced herself to the girl. "So" she drawled out motioning the male sibling to sit on one of the chairs. "You wanted to continue your treatment here then?" she questioned the girl.

Kagome nodded her head, understanding the English fairly well "Yes" she responded. "My brother was moving here, and I wanted to come along, but I still have a few months left" she mentioned referring to her treatment.

Dr. Cuddy only nodded before walking over to her desk to get something. She reached for a manila folder, most likely her medical records in it. "Your previous physician faxed us that you took your medication while you stayed home, why the change?" she asked them, curious as to why this woman would want to stay in a hospital when she could stay at home.

Before Kagome could speak up, Souta had already started to answer, "I can't be home watching her all the time when I have a job; back in Japan our mother could make sure she didn't hurt herself. We all think it would be better if she stayed here to finish up treatment" he easily spoke. Kagome nodded in agreement, even though Souta had wanted her to stay with him, she had no qualms about staying in a hospital since it was a lot more interesting in a hospital than it was in the dark apartment he rented. She could chat with people, see other patients, and be more independent than she could sitting around waiting for her brother to get back from work.

"That makes sense" Lisa Cuddy replied looking over the woman's records. With what she had it made complete sense. "Alright then, since everything was prepared before hand" the American woman replied "I can show you to your room".

She led the two siblings out of her office and directed them to the elevator. Her heels clip clacked on the tile floor behind them. Souta pushed his sister to the elevator doors, where she pushed the up button.

"We have a nice room for you on the second floor, everything is set up for your stay" Dr. Cuddy continued to speak while they waited for one of the elevators to open.

"Sounds great" Kagome piped up, enjoying the stay already.

The ding of the elevator let them know that the doors were going to open. When they did, however, there was a man standing in there, blocking their path.

"There you are" the man drawled out looking right at Dr. Cuddy. "Wanted to let you know I can't do my hours today. I have a date to get ready for" he paused looking right at the dark haired doctor "and by 'date' I actually meant hooker" he snidely remarked, his blue eyes glancing to the two Japanese siblings for only a moment.

"Excuse us" Cuddy politely said before she looked back at the older man. Immediately she grabbed onto the man, pulling him away from the siblings, so she could speak with him privately.

Kagome continued to stare at him; he looked older than she was, maybe mid forties. There was a little facial hair, borderline of being called a beard. He dressed in an old t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers; included with the ensemble was a cane that he had gripped in his right hand. She continued to look at Dr. Cuddy while she harshly spoke to the man.

He looked bored to say the least; he stared at anything else besides the woman who was lecturing him. She was instantly curious about the man, he didn't look like a patient, by the way Dr. Cuddy was fighting with him, but he didn't look like he actually worked at the hospital either.

"Later today, after I get settled into my office, I will come and bring you some things" Souta replied bending down so he was even with her. "I'm only going to be twenty minutes away, so you can call if you need something any time".

"Don't worry" she waved a hand in his direction, brushing off the comments that he had made "I'll be fine". Kagome smiled at her brother "The doctors think I have only a year or two more before I can be on my own again. Then you and mom don't have to take care of me anymore" she reassured him.

"If you say so," he mentioned standing upright again. Just in time since Dr. Cuddy had made her way back over to them.

She pushed the button again, letting the doors open to the elevator once more. "I'm sorry about that" she replied allowing the siblings to enter through the doors, Cuddy following them shortly after.

The doctor pressed for floor two, with that the doors shut and she could feel them rise at a quick pace "It's fine" Kagome replied looking up to the woman. The doors opened and Souta pushed her onto the new floor. Cuddy followed them until they were all out onto the tile floor.

"You are right this way" she replied smiling at the two Japanese people, she walked down the hallway, past the other patient rooms. Kagome could see inside, all the other sick people, glass walls so she could look out at other people passing by. She would enjoy this hospital; it beat out the ones she had to be in, where there was only a small window, and four white walls surrounding her.

"Here we are" Dr Cuddy replied opening the sliding glass door to the room. It was bright inside, it looked like it was a single room; Souta must have required it.

She was wheeled in, and was placed next to the bed, Souta dropped her duffel bag. Her brother leaned down and looped his arm under her knees, while his other arm went behind her to hold onto her back. Souta gently lifted her up and placed her onto the bed with no problems. "You going to be fine for a while?" he asked in his native tongue to his sister, ignoring Dr. Cuddy as she looked to them out of light confusion.

"You need to go see your boss soon, I'll be fine Souta" Kagome replied lifting herself up a little using her arms. Her lower back was being supported by a few pillows, which allowed her to sit up.

He nodded giving her another look to make sure "Need anything for tonight aside from your other bags at the apartment?" he asked.

Kagome smiled happily "Bring me some real food maybe?" she more questioned him than requested.

"Alight" he agreed looking at her once more before turning back to Lisa Cuddy. "Anything else that needs to be handled?" he questioned the doctor.

Dr. Cuddy nodded simply "I just need to speak to you before you leave, only a few minor things" she stated being borderline out of the room, waiting for him to follow her.

Kagome looked at Souta for a moment, again thinking about the man who Dr. Cuddy was speaking with. One thing bugged her though, "Souta" she spoke up when he was about to leave.

Automatically he looked to his sister, though she required some help she was still his big sister, and required him to listen to her when she commanded it. "I'll be right out" he told Dr. Cuddy who only nodded and decided to check on her nursing staff, to let them know about the new resident. "Yes?" Souta asked turning back to Kagome.

She turned to her native tongue "What did that man mean by 'hooker'?" Kagome asked, testing the American word out. She could understand English, but that word seemed to escape her knowledge.

The expression on her little brother's face let her know that maybe she shouldn't have asked him that particular question. "Well" he drawled out, trying to put it into terms that she would understand. "Sometimes Americans often call…" the younger sibling paused and rubbed the back of his neck out of embarrassment.

She narrowed her eyes at him playfully, almost enjoying how her little brother seemed so nervous "Yes?" he persuaded him to continue.

"It's like a prostitute, Americans sometimes call them by other names, like the word you heard" he rushed out, thankful they were not having this conversation in English, boy would they get some odd stares.

Kagome smirked slightly "Ahh" she purred thinking about the vulgar man who was being reprimanded by Dr. Cuddy. "Thanks Souta, you can hurry off to work and talk to Dr. Cuddy now" she happily spoke out, obviously all of her questions answered for now.

"Thank Kami" he muttered leaving her room to speak with the Dean of Medicine.

Kagome sat in her bed while she watched her brother leave. The windows allowed her to see out into the hallways, where nurses and other patients went back and forth. Immediately she found it interesting to watch as everyone walked by.

Souta ended up leaving her bag on the ground, an old duffel bag that held clothes, things to keep herself occupied, and necessities.

Kagome used her arms to push herself to the edge of the bed, when she got close enough she leaned over and grabbed onto the strap on the bag. "I don't need Souta all the time" she spoke to herself when she lifted the bag up onto her bed. Quickly checking to make sure she had no cuts on her hands from lifting the heavy object.

She looked past the window blinds to where a few nurses looked at her room, most likely in interest of the new patient.

Kagome unzipped the bag and reached in to get a thick hardcover book out. It seemed to all be written in Japanese. She carried her book everywhere, since she ended up not being able to walk because of the paralysis, she couldn't do much. In her spare time she got a book published, nothing huge, but a few bookstores carried it.

Of course she took her knowledge from traveling back in time with her, she wrote a non-fiction piece about the experiences she lived though, though to anyone else it would be considered fiction. Stories made up that she twisted into plots and characters. Though she did smudge the whole time traveling thing, she didn't include herself as a futuristic girl, but someone average in the past as well.

Kagome opened the book and glanced down at the writing she had spun to make a story. The girl, the one she based on herself, she could run and do all the things she used to be able to do. Then she ended up getting sick and those dreams were crushed, no longer could she travel back in time. Inuyasha would offer to carry her, but it would cause more problems if she got scrapped up or something small.

They settled for her staying in the future until she got better, but that was six years ago.

Thankfully Inuyasha would bring things from the past, things that could be sold for a rather large profit. It was his way of still protecting her. They ended up making quite a large sum of money from the objects over the years, assuring the Higurashi's that they would always be financially stable, even with the medical bills.

Kagome hummed out a tune while she glanced over the pages in her book, she dove into the world of adventure and mystery. This was the only way she could live like she had been, vicariously though a made up character.