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"You may all go now" Mr. Kartik said.

I grabbed my bag and made my way out of the door quickly, me being the first one out of the detention room. I shouldn't have even been there in the first place. Just because I was literally five seconds to class doesn't mean I need to waste precious time on looking out the window.

They even made me miss my bus home, so I'm basically stranded here.

I went to my locker, exchanged my books, and slammed the locker door closed.

I then began to aimlessly walk around the school looking for one of my friends I could hitch a ride home with, but while I was looking I got sidetracked. A loud noise was coming from the back of the school, and my feet almost automatically began to follow it.

Once I got out of the school, I un-tucked my shirt from my skirt (Now that I'm out of the school there's no need to follow the dress code) and began to walk faster. All the while my mind kept screaming 'Curiosity killed the cat, Curiosity killed the cat!!!' But I kept screaming 'Satisfaction brought it back' at the annoying voice.

I walked through the bushes and was met by the sight of two guys fighting. One was incredibly good looking, and the other was 'alright'. The first one had broad shoulders, beautiful green eyes, and huge muscles, but something was off about the second one. Now I've heard of people having black eyes but this guy's eyes were Really black.

They were so into their fight that they didn't notice me standing there. I picked up a book I found close-by my feet and opened it.

I couldn't understand most of it but I knew it was latin. I closed it and looked around. A discarded knife and gun was close to them. Now my mind was screaming something else at me 'get your ass out of there before you get shot!!!' and I was about to listen to it until I heard the hot guy with the green eyes begin to yell something, I remembered it because I had just read it in the first line of the book.

The guy with the black eyes began to scream in pain, until the first guy began to mumble instead.

I'm guessing he forgot it, and the guy with the black eyes began to laugh when he realized it too, and he picked up the knife. The guy with the green eyes backed away and had a strained look on his face as he tried to remember the rest.

I opened the book and began to read from where he left off at out loud. They both turned to me in surprise, but I kept on going once I saw that the guy with black eyes fell over and started hissing. I read louder, and he started screaming and cursing at me. Once I was finished he gave one last scream and black smoke came out of his eyes and mouth. He laid there and didn't get up. I was so freaked out by it that I just dropped the book and ran away.

I could hear the guy telling me to wait but I didn't I ran back into the school and found one of my friends. Her father gave me a ride home, and once I was inside I immediately stripped myself of my uniform so that I was only wearing the tank-top and shorts I wear under, and my socks.

I then went on the internet to search for information about the book I had found. I typed the title into google and pressed enter. The first word that popped out at me was exorcism. I clicked the first link and it had a brief summary about the book.

"This book focuses on demonic exorcisms." I said out loud.

I exorcised a demon………………… wow.

I shut down the computer when I heard the doorbell ring. I walked to the door in a daze and opened it to find, a man standing there.

"Hello, my name is John, are your parents home?" He asked.

"Yes" I said immediately even though I was lying.

"Really?" He asked skeptically.

"Is this an interrogation, what exactly is it that you-" I stopped mid-sentence when I saw the guy with the green eyes standing behind him.

"You followed me here." I said.

"Yeah, my name's Dean, and this is Sam." He said as he pointed to a younger boy standing behind him.

I nodded and asked again "What do you want?" I asked.

"It's about earlier." Dean was a pause, like he expected me to say something.

"What exactly do you think happened?" John asked.

"It was a demon." I said.

"Yeah." Dean said.

"and I exorcised it." I said.

"Right." Sam said.

"Ok, now that you know I know what happened, you can leave now and I don't have to call the cops and tell them three strangers followed me home from school." I said as I went to close the door.

John held his arm out to block the door from closing.

"We're hunters, and so is your mom." He said.

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