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I almost ran back inside the house when I saw him standing there, looking so scrumdiliumpcious (AN: New word go me!!!). I mentally slapped myself and reminded myself of the pact I have with myself.

Remember don't fall in love. The annoying voice spoke again.

Aren't you supposed to be hiding in the back of my brain with the stuff I learned in Geometry last week? I replied as I made my way to Dean.

No that stuff was annoying me, all the triangles and blah blah blah.

Then go hang out with the stuff I remember from the episode of 16 and Pregnant I watched last night. I replied as I stepped into the car.

Get outta the car!!! It screamed.

Why? I asked as Dean started the car.

This is just like a clichéd teen movie!! The guy and girl get into the car, they start talking, guy puts his arm on the back of the girls' seat, and they end up kissing. It replied.

That's ridiculous. I said back.

I drowned whatever else it wanted to say back when Dean began speaking.

"So um I was thinking we would head over to Coldstones first and then the park after." He looked over at me for confirmation.

(AN: MMMM Coldstones Creamery best ice-cream EVER!!)

"Sure." I replied.

He nodded and shifted the car into drive.

He put his arm on the back of my seat and pulled out of the driveway.

Look at that not even ten minutes passed and you've went through two of the three clichés.

If you don't shut the hell up I'll read you the latin dictionary again.

…….. Geez fine.

Dean and I stayed silent throughout the whole ride, the only sound was the impalas motor and the sound of 'you shook me all night long' playing in the background.

When we got there Dean opened my door for me, and held the door open for me as I we entered the shop.

And here I thought chivalry was dead.

Then again I didn't think ghosts existed a few months ago either.

I ordered a Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip with extra brownies (AN: No I didn't write Mint and Chocolate twice by accident, it's like that on the menu.)

While Dean ordered a large Birthday cake remix.

Once we got our ice cream he drove us to a park and we took a walk along the pond.

(AN: Sorry Sorry last AN but I just noticed that in the first chapter I named her Lynette, but later her name is Claire. WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME THIS? Damn I feel slow.)

For a while we stayed quiet, but I was perfectly fine with that. Staying silent with him was never awkward it was comforting.

"This must be the worst date you've ever had." He said out of nowhere.

"No, it's not." I replied as I looked up at him. He was looking away from me, looking over at a pond, where the ducks were cleaning their feathers.

"I was supposed to take you out here and tell you everything that was going on with me, and I've been such an ass." He said. I could tell he wasn't done so I stayed silent.

"We were supposed to come out here and I was supposed to tell you why I think… why I KNOW you should be with me, but what I planned on saying doesn't seem like it'll be enough." He said.

"……… Say it." I said quietly.

"What?" He asked.

"Say what you need to say, right here right now." I replied.

He sighed and kept silent for a few moments.

"When I first saw you, the day you sent the demon I was fighting back to hell, I was shocked. Here you were a normal civilian, a catholic schoolgirl no less, standing there in a plaid skirt exorcising a demon. There were knives and guns around, and instead of running away like everyone else would of you helped me out." He said as he bent over to pick up stones.

I sat down on the grass and watched as he threw them into the pond over and over again.

"And then I told my dad about it, and we found out where you lived. I thought you were going to call the funny farm on us. I mean seriously we were telling you that we kill monsters and that your mom used to, too. But no you asked for I.D.. There was no: You guys are crazy!! Business with you. And I liked that about you. You always go with the flow." He stopped talking to pick up more rocks.

I continued to stay silent, in my head I was reviewing everything he said so far in my head. And he was right, when I first found out about the supernatural I was of course surprised, but I was also shocked at how natural it felt to know about the supernatural. And how I stopped being scared after three nights.

"But then I started liking you more, and every little thing set me off. Like when you wear that frickin' skirt they call a uniform everyday and guys stare at you. Or when I think about you hunting, all I can think about is you getting hurt." He said.

Guilt immediately washed over me. I put him through all that crap for no reason.

"And then you stop talking to me, and I swear…… I .. just, I wanted to be with you. You get me?" He said as he sat down next me.

He still refused to look at me, but I could see that his neck was red.

"Dean." I said quietly.

He cleared his throat, and turned to me.

"I get you." I said.

He looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back and gathered up my courage.

I leaned forward, and pulled Dean closer.

I was breathing hard, and so was he.

I kissed him and for a second I regretted it, until he started kissing me back.