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"What are you staring at, Wanda?" Jared asked, making his way over to her, standing by the window.

She was smiling softly, gazing out the window. "Something I've never seen in all my lives… I'm staring at hope."

"Look," she tilted Jared's chin to a family playing in the playground across the road. Jared didn't as much as flinch at her touch, and that bothered me a bit more than it should. Considering Wanda's body loved Jared.

"What am I staring at?"

"The only hope of survival I've ever seen for a host species." I went to join them then, watching the child swing back and forth in the swing set.

"See how she loves her human child?" Wanda asked, awed. The soul snatched her baby from the swings, covering his face with kisses.

"The child is human?" Jared demanded.

I wasn't paying attention to Wanda and Jared anymore, focused entirely on the tiny family across the street. The father, with the greying hair, and his wife with her long, red ponytail were nothing spectacular.

It was the baby, with his adorable round face and bright eyes. The little boy was beautiful, cooing and crowing with delight as his parents shared a brief kiss.

Wanderer was right. This was hope. Not just hope for the human race, but hope for us. Maybe one day we'd be a family, the two of us. Well … and Melanie.

I couldn't quite imagine a baby, not yet. I couldn't expect that from Wanda. Well, Lucina was fine with Freedom. But, still, raising a baby in the caves isn't exactly comfortable. Even worse still, actually giving birth in those caves?

As I stared open-mouthed at the family, Wanda's face was soft as she smiled faintly at the little baby. I remembered Wanda was a 'mother'. I couldn't remember everything she'd said about births of Souls. But I figured that once she had a human host, it'd be a human birth. That train of thought was leading towards the thought of conception, I realised, swallowing.

Wanda would make a wonderful mother. She was kind and pure, with a good heart. She'd make a brilliant mother. I smiled down at her.

She was puzzled as she stared back at me. "What?"

"Nothing …," I murmured, turning back to the bed I was supposed to be sharing with Jared. I sighed. I did not want to share a bed with Jared.


A/N: I was just rereading bits of the Host, when I came across this scene. My mind was in the gutter from writing Dirty Talking in the Library, so I came to the wrong conclusion. Plus, anyone else realise that The Host has the same sexual tension as Twilight? Mhmm… it does. (: