Hello! I'm back! Well, this time I'm gonna try writing Invader Zim stories. YAY! Also, Ive finally invented an OC I can relate to. Enjoy!




Aw, man. This was almost EXACTLY how I planned the school to look. Poorly spelt sign, scraggly outlook, huge windows.

But, strangely enough, for a depressing sort of place it was cheerful. Kids were running around like crazy. At least five times I was almost knocked over. Hey, if they wanna crash into ME, they're gonna get it.

I stumbled up the steps, tugging my coat together to get as much warmth as possible. I started breathing fast. Calm down, Emily, calm down. We don't want to start freaking out. Suddenly, the bell rang, making me trip over into someones arm. "Oh, sorry.." I gasped. Great, you don't want to get into a fight on the first day, but you got one.

The girl I had ran into smiled and helped me up. "Hey, it happens to everyone. You new?" She asked. Her voice wasn't cheerful, but she was kind. She flicked her curly blond hair behind her shoulder and picked up a book I had dropped.

"Yeah." I replied, putting my books away once more. I looked up and noticed the boys behind her, were actually DROOLING in her wake. "Looks like you have a fan club!" I laughed, gesturing to the boys behind her. She turned her head, hair flicking around once more, and knocked one of the boys over with her gaze.

"Yeah, I guess I do!" She giggled, turning around again. "The Star fanclub!"

"Nice name." I exclaimed, holding out my hand. "I'm Emily." She shook my hand. I noticed how pale her skin was. It was sorta creepy, but beautiful in a weird, vampirish way. "So, let me guess, you've been here most of your life?"

"No, actually, I'm new too. I just moved here from Australia."

"Your really pale for an Australian."

"I know, but I sorta kept to myself alo... OH MY GOD WE'RE LATE FOR CLASS!" She screeched, grabbing my arm and pulling me into the school. I noticed that the area we were standing in was empty. Just perfect. "What class you in?" She asked, still pulling me down the hall way.

"Uhh..." I checked my schedule, which let me just say, was really hard when your being dragged down the hall. "Ms Bitters, or something like that."

"Me too! Well, at least we will be in the same class!" Star called over her shoulder.

And even then, while being dragged down the hall, I believe I have found my best friend.

Dibs POV

I eyed up Zim evilly. Grrr... how I hate him. He was glaring at me too. I hated that alien. Someday, oh someday, I would get him.

"CLASS!" Ms. Bitters roared, silencing the class. "We have two new horrible students today! So, QUIET!" Then she growled and went back to, well, whatever she did behind the desk.

"Ohhh! A new kids! I wonder what they will be like..." Then the class went into a whisper of giggles, gasps and questioning. Oh, great, I thought as I slumped down on my desk. MORE aliens...

"I bet one will be a hot new boy!" A chorus of squeals echoed from behind me.

"Nah! I bet one will be that pretty girl we saw outside today..."

Zim was just staring up at the ceiling, whistling. Why does no one notice that HE is an alien? I mean... COME ON PEOPLE! A GREEN SKINNED KID WITH NO EARS? Puhlease...

"Shhhh! I hear some footsteps!" The whole class went silent.

Sure enough, outside the door was some footsteps. I leaned forward eagerly. I had to admit, I was pretty excited to find out who it was.

Then, the door opened, and in came two girls, the prettiest I had ever seen.

Emilys POV

When we came into class, everyone eyed us up and down, most of the boys drooling at Star. Star looked around the classroom eagerly, her gaze stopping on the green skinned boy next to the door. He locked gazes with her, stared for a moment, then screamed and ran out of the room, pushing past us. Okay... I just hoped no one else acted like that.

The teacher stood up, and man she was tall. She glared at us and bent down at eye level. Star cringed in fear, but I stood my ground, staring straight back. I was brave in these situations. She stood up again and turned to face the class. "Class, these are the two horrible students!" Part of the class smiled weakly, and a couple waved. I guess they were scared of Ms. Bitters too. Some boys stared at Star, with a dazed expression. But one boy in the front of the class just stared at me, open mouthed. Uh....kay.

The boy who was staring at me had black hair, styled into quite a neat fashion. He had glasses on too. In most stories, that would seem geeky, but to me, he looked hot. I smiled at him. He fell backwards off his chair. Right then.

"Girls, if you would like to say anything to the class, say it now, because..." She leaned towards us again, "If I hear another peep from you, DOOM!" She suddenly yelled, making everybody in the room jump.

"Okay. Hello everyone!" Star suddenly called out cheerily, calling every ones attention back to her pretty blond head. "I'm Star, and I was born in Australia! And, by the way, make fun of me, my skin color, my culture, or any of my friends, your dead..." She glared at the class, many of them now whimpering, including the hot boy up the front. Stars voice sounded like it was echoing. I then noticed, no matter how innocent she looked, she was tough. Then she stood back and motioned for me to speak.

"Hi! I'm Emily, and, well, I was also born in Australia." Stars eyes widened as she heard this. I guess I should have told her but, too late now. "I was born on the Gold Coast to be precise, so im sorta use to hot weather conditions. And, my hair color?" I picked up a strand of my red hair. "Don't make fun of it unless you want to die. Thanks!" Then I skipped back to Stars side. I glanced out at the class, and noticed that what I had said had almost the exact same effect that Stars speech did. The cute boy was still staring. What the heck was wrong with him?

"Okay, girls, go take a seat next to one of these bugs." Star flounced to a seat at the back. I looked around and saw a seat next to the cute boy. I shuffled over and sat in it.

The door opened and the green kid came in again. He gave Star a terrified stare and sat in his desk, shaking. What was he doing, throwing up or something?

"Thats Zim." A voice hissed in my ear. I turned and saw the cute boy glaring at Zim. "You want to stay clear of him." He advised.

"Why?" I asked slowly, turning to face him.

"He's a..." He paused, then leaned towards me. " An... alien."

"Seriously?" I exclaimed, staring at Zim out of he corner of my eye. "Sweet! He like an invader or something?"

"An invader. Definitely. But, don't worry, he wont hurt you, not while im around.." What? I almost cracked up laughing. This guy has no experience in flirting what so ever! I mean... OH MY GOD!

The bell rang, and everyone piled out of class, except for Zim, Star, the cute guy, and me. I turned to face him caught his gaze. "Listen, you may think I'm a city girl, so I have no experience in standing up to people or fighting. But dont you dare..." I poked him in the stomach, "Dont you DARE think I cant take care of myself , cause I CAN!" Then, I took a step back and held out my hand. "I dont think theres any need to introduce myself again, but, im Emily."

He stared at my hand for a moment and then shook it warmly. "Dib. And may I just say," He glanced at my hair shyly, " That I think your hairs really nice looking." He started to blush.

"And may I just say..." I leaned close towards him, "That your cute. And..." I leaned even closer, so I was an inch away from his face. "No body likes a suck up.

Wooo! You teach him Emily! And do I sense some friction between Zim and Star? CHEMICAL REACTION! And, a couple of days ago I made a very very big desision...

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