I'm back!

Ally: So am I!... Wheres Pico?

Me: Attacking my fridge.

Ally: Oh.

Me: Okay so, blah blah blah, I dont own Invader Zim, blah blah blah blaahhh, OCs Star and Emily belong to me, blah blah blah. And Im in this chapter! YAYAYAYAY!

Ally: Dont scare the nice people. Just start the story.

Me: ....FINE!

Chapter two

Emilys POV:

Dib offered to show me around the school. When I had accepted, he was kinda knocked back. I think I flirted a little too well. Star, and her natural bouncy self, came and a bounced up towards us. "Can I come too?" She purred. Dib raised and eyebrow and kept eye contact with me.

"Uh. Okay. But first I'm gonna go get some lunch. I'm STARVED!" Dib stretched and showed us the way to the cafeteria. Zim followed a little way behind us, jumping behind bins and into lockers whenever one of us turned to look at him. Wow, I thought cheerfully, a freak alien who has bad spy tactics. Funky.

When we came into the cafeteria, we met Dibs sister Gaz. " Hey Dib. Who your friends?" She asked, eyes locked on the screen of the game she was playing.

"This is Star," He motioned towards her. Then he gazed at me fondly, "And Emily." I started to blush vigorously. Why does he keep on embarrassing me? Gaz' eyes left the screen and meet mine.

"So, she ya girlfriend?"

"WHAT?" Dib almost yelled. I blushed even more. Aw man! I just love first days at school! NOT! "No! Shes not my girlfriend!"

"Well, you obliviously like her."

"No I don't! Okay, so I like her cause shes super hot, but that doesn't mean shes my GIRLFRIEND!!!" He yelled. Everyone in the cafeteria glanced up, then went back to eating. "Uh... I mean...um..." He stammered, turning bright red. Star giggled and dragged me off towards the food.

"Ohhh... I guess you've got a crusher!" She teased, sliding her tray along and choosing things that looked promising. I rolled my eyes.

"Puhlease! You seriously think that he likes me?"

"Um, sweetheart? He just admitted it to the whole school!"

"Urgh. Don't remind me!"

"Why not?" A voice said on my left. My head snapped up as I turned to stare at the girl next to me. She had blond hair, much longer than Stars, and a brown long sleeved shirt on. Her black jeans finished the style. She smiled. "Long time no see Emily. How ya doing?" She leaned across the counter naturally, blues eyes flashing excitedly. Aw no. It was HER!

I sighed outwards. I have learnt many times that it is impossible to run from her. "Hello Jess."


"Aw, don't be like that!" I whined, sitting up on the counter. "I havent seen you in ages! So, hows ya first day of school been?"

"Um, you probably know. YOU CREATED THIS WORLD!"

"Don't say that! I didn't create this world. Ive told you many times! I created the dimension." Star, stared at us curiously. She was wondering who I was. I waved at her. " Hi! Im Jess! But you can call me the author if you want."


"Um, cause I created this dimension silly! I'm practically an author." I rolled my eyes, like that should be oblivious to anyone! My eyes gazed around the cafeteria and stopped on Zim. "OMG!" I yelled. I jumped down from the counter. "Be right back!"

I poofed over to Zims table and sat next to him. "Hi Zimmykins!"

He looked upwards and yelped in surprise. "Oh my tallest its you again!"

"Lovely to see you too Zim!" I gave him a huge hug that lifted him off the seat. I put him back down. "So, I guess you already have a crush on Star eh?"


"Um. Kay. Does that mean that you should be honored to be stepping in your food?"

He looked down at his boots, which were now caked in gray sludge. "Oops." I snapped my fingers and his boots were clean. I love being superior to all the things in this world.

"So, Zimmykins," I ignored his murmuring, " I noticed you have a crush on Star. And don't deny it, because you know I can read your mind, so DON'T!" I crossed my legs and leaned back a bit. Then I snapped my fingers and in my hand was a can of coke. "So, what do you plan to do about it?"

"Um... kill her?"

"EH!" I shook my head and threw my drink, hitting Keef in the head. "WRONG! No, you need to ask her out. "


"I dunno, send her a valentine, make her cake, kiss her! All I care is that you make this story go right! And If you don't..." I glared at him, my eyes turning red, "Your dead!" Then I turned back to normal and hugged him again. "Well, I have to go Zimmykins! Nice seeing ya!"

I poofed over to Dib, Gaz's, Stars and Emily's table. Everyone except Emily jumped back. "Guys, this is Jess. Jess, these guys." I waved and handed Dib a pen and a piece of paper.

"Can I have an autograph?" I pleaded.

"Um... okay." He signed the paper and handed it back to me. I squealed and clicked my fingers. Then it disappeared.

"Okay, so, Star, I have set up a relationship for you, so be ready for it. Gaz, there's a secret passage on the far left wall on level 3. Dib, stop trying to flirt. And, Emily," I hugged her. "Keep safe, Kay? Bye!"

Then, in a snap, I poofed away.

Emilys POV

"Sorry 'bout that." I apologized, turning towards Dib, who was looking seriously confused."She gets super excitied when coming to our world."

"Our world?"

"According to her, she created this dimension. She may be annoying, but she never lies about stuff like that." I poked the food on my tray with my fork, shuddered, then pushed it away. "Urgh. That smells and looks horrible!"

"Yeah, well..." Dib poured his own food in the bin, "The food here is int really up to date much."

"Oh. Is int it meant to be. Like, as in health regulations?"

"Yer, well, our school cheats a littl...OOF!" Dib crashed head first into a wall.

"Oh my god!" I gasped, and stood up. Star held her breath.

A small kid with red hair and freckles was glaring down at him. Dib tried to pick himself up. "Ow, what was that for Keef?"

"You threw your coke can at me!" He roared, then picked Dib up and threw him across the floor again. I jumped over the table and shoulder dashed into Keef.

"Leave him alone!" I growled, watching Keef pick himself up off the the ground. He stood up and glared.

"Ooo! A little girlie gonna protect her romeo!" He teased. I slapped him. I didn't mean for it to be super hard, but it still was strong enough to lift him off his feet. He went head first into a table.

I stared at him again, my gaze practically burning the back of his head. Then I realised that a circle had formed around Dib, Keef and I. Aw no. A fight circle. "Keep away from me! And Dib!" I yelled at him.

Keef stood up and circled me, keeping a distance. "Its your first day! You could be going out with a handsome, cute boy like me..." He oblivously thought he was a stud. Yuck! "...or, you can go out with that big headed loser you call Dib! Who you gonna chose?"

Then, I said it.

"Dibs heads not big."

Girls screamed and ran out of the room. Boys and the girls that were brave enough to stay gasped in horror. Keefs mouth fell right open. So did Dibs. How could saying one true sentence have that power on people?

I rolled my eyes and went up to Dib. Then I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. Everyones eyes widened in shock, including mine.

"And, hes a better kisser too."

Me: Lol.

Ally: That was super weird. And why did you get his auto graph anyways?

Me: I'm his biggest fan (well, one of the biggest) and I couldn't pass an opportunity.