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The sky was as bright a blue as any warm summer day. The waves of the ocean moved in synchronized rows to splash against the sides of the small boat for the small crew, causing it to rock back and forth lullingly. The smell of salt and sea lingered in both of the Strawhat's nostrils and the soft, occasional mist of ocean water refreshed the sweating bodies of both the captain and swordsman. However, despite the calm atmosphere, both of the crew members were unhappy. Neither of them had had food or fresh water for a few days, which may have been harder on the captain due to his insane eating habits even on a regular basis.

"Zoorooooo…" a weak groan escaped Luffy's chapped lips as he made a feeble attempt to wake his sleeping nakama. He tried a few more times, his voice cracking a bit, before giving up and deciding to try and sleep as well.

Luffy shut his eyes and assumed a comfortable sprawled position. His hands rested under his head, making a rubber pillow and he stretched out his legs, even if that meant they both lay on the unresponsive first mate's lap. Luffy sighed and turned on to his side…

Zoro opened his eyes, staring at the wood of the tiny boat he lived on before coming to. When he did, Zoro pressed his palms onto the bottom of the boat, pushing himself up slowly. The swordsman halted in the midst of this when he noticed a resistance. He peered down to his crossed legs, his eyebrows pulling together, and spotted two rubber legs laying there.

"Oi.." Zoro let out as his eyes went up Luffy's legs. He noted Luffy's body on its side, bent slightly at the waist, as his continued to look him up, his head resting on the floor of the boat, and his hands right next to it. His fingers hovered on his slightly parted lips. His strands of dark hair fell over his neck, ears, and closed eyes. His red vest: two buttons undone on top, revealing his pale collar and shoulder, and riding up over his hips on the bottom. And his flip flops arranged above his head.

Zoro lifted one corner of his mouth, stifling the urge to completely ravish him. He, instead, carefully lifted the two rubber legs off of his own and leaned forward, supporting himself with an elbow. Zoro now was suspended over Luffy's small frame, his knees on either side of his taut waist and his elbows right above his shoulders. The swordsman stayed like this for a bit, wishing he didn't have to keep to himself and not wake up his captain. But, after a while, he claimed a position next to his captain's snoring form. Zoro had to lie on his side too for lack of room, facing Luffy's back. He bowed his head and took in the scent of the future pirate king's skin. Zoro ran his nose across the back of his neck.


Zoro was just about to rest his wrist on the curve of Luffy's side when he heard him spoke. "Oh, you're awake."

"I'm hungry." Luffy turned to face his nakama, showing him a portruding bottom lip forming a pitiful frown.

"I know. Me too." Zoro's own lips were forming a tight frown as well. He reached a hand out, pressing his palm into the other male's forhead and pushing his bangs back out of his eyes.

"I'm reeeeeeally hungry." Luffy whined, and his stomach growled, proving his point. "I'm gonna diiiiie."

"Tch. No way you're gonna die. We'll get some fish or somethin'. It's only time before we hit an island anyways…" Zoro attempted to console his captain.

Luffy twisted one fist and one palm into his closed eyes. He groaned loudly and suddenly pressed his head onto the center of Zoro's chest. "I can't wait until then."

"Stupid, have some patience.." Zoro patted down the tufts of Luffy's hair tickling his chin...

After drifting in and out of sleep for about an hour, Zoro was awokened by an excited cry from his captain. He opened his eyes to see an empty spot in front of him.

"What the hell is with the sudden energy..?"

"Zoro! Zoro! Look over there! Look! Look!"

"Stop repeating yourself so much… What is it?" Zoro sat up and after seeing Luffy's pointed finger, he turned his head in the same direction. What he saw gave the first mate a big grin. Just about 50 feet away from the small boat, floating in the ocean, was a pretty big dead carcus of some sort of sea animal.. This wasn't what excited him, the swarm of birds circling the form of flesh did the job.

"Aaaalright!!" Luffy yelled, lifted two fists high above his head.

"Looks like a feast, huh Luffy?" Zoro smiled.

"M'hmm." Luffy gave his first mate a huge grin.