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It was a few days until the lulling rock of the boat had come to a solid stop and only a matter of a few seconds for Zoro to realize something was out of the ordinary but that was no reason for him to open his eyes. That meant his nap would be over and his 'pretending to be asleep so that he didn't have to deal with a hyperactive captain' session would be ruined.

"Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro."

The green-haired man squeezed his eyes shut, making his ever present scowl even more apparent. Just ignore him.. I've never seen him concentrate on something for more than five minutes. He'll give up. He'll give up.

"Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zoro. Zo-"

"For fuck's sake! What? What do you want?" The swordsman burst, not unlike the rather large blood vessel traveling under the skin of his forhead. Anyone else would have jumped, cried some, or perhaps even soil their underwear a little bit but the captain simply blinked before pointing in the direction behind him and saying,

"We've hit land." He said simply before flashing a signature grin that seemed almost impossibly huge. It took Zoro about two seconds to finally realize what his captain had just said; his face showed it, changing from an annoyed frown to suprised.

After circling the rather small island they had 'landed' on and finding nothing that even resembled a dock, the two dragged their small boat onto land to keep it from washing away even going as far as to enter the jungle there, in case of any tides.

"It's no fair.." Luffy muttered while casually lugging the boat and its contents behind him.

"What isn't?" The green-haired second mate asked.

"Hrmm.. Well I'm stronger than you, but Zoro still has more muscles than me. Must be a drawback for having a rubber body." He pouted with his lips as he noticed his second mate's arms flexing while he tugged.

"Tch, as if you'd have more muscles than me. Besides.. you'd look too weird with a lot of muscles." He replied after picturing a mighty buff Luffy which made him chuckle a bit.

"Huhh. I think I'd look pretty cool.." He frowned and they pulled together in silence.

"Wait a second! Did you say you're stronger than m-!" Zoro started off in a rant before his captain clamped a hand over his mouth and put his forfinger up to his own. The black haired teen looked over his shoulder and back to his before letting out a few muffled giggles.

"Did you hear that snap?" He asked giddily. "I think I hear food. Real food. Shishishishi." And with that he began walking out deeper into the jungle, his second mate hovering close behind, both prepared to lunge at anything with meat on its bones.

"I think I heard something rather large over there.." Zoro bent over to whisper into Luffy's ear while subtely pointing a finger, sending a familiar chill up the strawhat's spine.

"Y-yeah. Me too. Let's go!" He whispered back with enthusiasm before sprinting lightly over the fallen trees and other greens that lay on the jungle floor nearly silently. Zoro followed him closely unable to keep his feet from making rather loud stomping noises which would most likely scare off anything, but would at least allow him to catch up with him.

But once he had, Luffy was stopped and not moving with both of his arms held out beside him telling Zoro to stop. He made eye contact with his second mate before nodding his head toward the floor and at a small boar that was there, snuffling grass. The captain sneared before getting as close to the animal as he could without it noticing him, hands behind his back but more than ready to grab the furry delicious thing. However, when he launched his body at it, he ended up falling on his chest while the boar charged off into the trees. "GRABITZORO." the now dirty captain blurted out, sending the swordsmen off in a flurry, Luffy following a little behind after getting back up. The chase was on, no creature had a chance against the two of them especially as hungry as they were.

Zoro unsheathed two of his swords for both of his hands as he ran, partly to chop down vines that were in his way and to be able to pin the little boar to the ground when he caught up with the damned thing. Just as he was about to stab the poor creature, Zoro heard a shrill familiar yell but didn't react in time to do much about it. Luffy. It wasn't long before he felt a small sting in his neck, and stumbled while dropping both of his swords as his vision began to blur. Though he couldn't see anything, the swordsman recalled hearing incomprehensible shouting before he lost total grip of consciousness...

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