12 sides of L

Summary: after a freak accident the team and Raito find themselves in a place no human should ever be: in the mind of the greatest detective, L. They were about to explore places no one ever should and discover thing they wished they didn't find. They are going on a bumpy ride.

Disclaimer: Don't sue! I don't own any of the characters: L, Raito, Watari, Yagami Soichiro, Matsuda, Aizawa and Mogi. Nor Death Note. The rest is all Mine.


"Tell me why we're here again?" Raito huffed. Arms crossed over his chest, he was leaning up against the wall. He and Ryuzaki were in a room in what he suspected was five stories underground.

"Well, Raito-kun, that last thunder storm seems to have blown up the electrical connections in the power grid and we have to fix it if we wish to continue the investigation. That is unless, of course, Raito-kun has night vision and does not mind working without the use of technology…" came the detective's reply from his crouched down position on the floor.

The insomniac was in his usual crouch in front of, what Raito suspected, was the power grid and one of the generators for the whole building. He had a toolbox beside him and was picking through it with interest using his two-finger grip. His free hand has his thumb pressed to his lip. Smoke was coming out of both machines.

"Besides, the main generator seems to have suffered as well. The minor ones are for the computers, electric doors, elevators and emergency lights. They are to be used only to save any work and when necessary. We hardly can work in these conditions." Dragging his eyes away from a spanner he gave Raito an innocent look.

"Doesn't Raito-kun wish to continue the investigation?" The boy sighed, pushing his fingers through his chestnut hair. He always had to play the Kira card, didn't he?

"Of course Ryuzaki, it's just, shouldn't you call a professional for this kind of thing?" The boy said hopefully. He wanted to be anywhere other than the small cramped room with only emergency lights for illumination.

L turned his attention back to the open power grid. "Yes Raito-kun, let's bring in an electrician to come into the top secret investigation headquarters of the most wanted murderer in history. He should be here between today and Thursday to fix a simple electrical problem two geniuses can't handle." Raito gritted his teeth at the man's monotone jab. L continued to fiddle with the power grid.

"Moreover Raito-kun, I should be fine as long as no one turns on the current while I work. Having 7000 volts of electricity coursing through one's body is not a pleasant way to die." The detective murmured as a clinking noise was heard once more. Raito's eyes looked over at the large hand switch on the wall; something that looked like it should belong in a Frankenstein movie and not an investigation building. He sighed, crossing his arms again.

"Fine then. But what are they doing here?" Ratio gestured to the silent team on the other side of the room next to the only answered, "Well, for one thing Ryuzaki asked for us to be here and for another, with the power out we can't work anyway." The man said with a shrug.

L poked his head from out behind the grid. "I would also like to have eyewitnesses if Raito-kun decided to murder me now. Seeing as there are very limited cameras running at the moment." With that said, L proceeded to stick his head into the grid once more.

Raito glared at the hunched man's back for a while. Then he rolled his eyes and went back to staring at the wall. The room was drowned with awkward silence, only cut by the sifting of bodies, clicking from L's work and humming of the emergency lights.

About ten minutes passed before the silence was broken by L's soft voice. "I should be done soon. Someone should stand by the main switch and turn it on at my command."

Always eager to help (and dying to do something), Matsuda rushed over to the main switch. Unfortunately the young clumsy police officer stumbled over his own two feet in his haste before reaching his destination. Falling, the man tried catching himself before hitting the ground. He grabbed the only thing he could reach to stop his fall.

The main switch.

The team could only watch in horror.

There was a loud humming noise. All heads whipped to the two chained men. What wasn't hidden of L's body by the grid was shaking. Hissing sounds were heard coming from the machines in the room. Raito was also shaking. Eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body was giving violent jolts every few seconds. The current passed through the handcuffs both L and Raito wore.

In complete panic at the sight of his son, Soichiro throw logic to the wind and rushed over to his only son with a cry of "RAITO!" In a panic of their own, Aizawa and Mogi hastily followed the chief of police, trying to stop him. Matsuda, who still lay on the floor, threw himself at the chief's legs.

The thought of tuning the power off crossed no one's mind.

It all happened at the same time. The chief of police managed to grab his son's hand, and at the same time Aizawa and Mogi managed to clasp their heavy hands of either of the man's shoulders just as Matsuda got hold of the man's legs.

Now all seven men were caught in a chain of electric current, all bodies shaking with the powerful voltage coursing through them.

The lights in the room started blinking. Many popping sounds came from the grid before…


An explosion. Then, darkness.