Title: Catch Me

Rating: T

Summary: One shot about Sonny writing a song for Chad: Channy

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Chad's POV

I was currently standing outside Sonny's dressing room and listening.

Earlier, while she was at rehearsal, I recorded a tape and then snuck into her dressing room and left it by her mirror.

I saw her and Tawni storm into the dressing room, since I was hiding around the corner. I crept up outside the door to listen.

I saw Sonny pop my tape into the player as she and Tawni sat down on the couch. Sonny gasped when she saw me, and I couldn't help but blush as I remembered everything Sonny was about to hear. I can't believe that Chad Dylan Cooper fell for a girl, especially a Random.

I listened to hear my voice, which was absolutely wonderful, if I do say so myself.

"Sonny, Sonny, funny little Sonny. I knew you'd fall in love with me. It was just a matter of time," the TV me said.

I saw Sonny's eyes widen as she blushed.

"How did he…" she started, but she stopped when my TV voice interrupted her.

"But before you go and kill Tawni for giving me the tape…."

Sonny's eyes narrowed as she glared at Tawni. She looked like she would have jumped up to attack her, but Tawni jumped up first.

"Ummm, gotta go," she said, running out of the room. Thankfully, she ran out of the other door, so she didn't see me. That broke my concentration, but I turned my focus back to the TV and to Sonny.

"I wanted to tell you something. Oh, and by the way, this beautiful head of mine is definitely NOT big. Just so we're clear. Anyway……."

I looked up and saw the TV me fidgeting. It was crazy. I had never been nervous about a girl before, and here I was, acting nervous about a Random! It was absurd. But I have to admit, Sonny wasn't just any girl, she was different. She was sweet and smart and funny and beautiful. She didn't fall at my feet. She didn't put up with my holier-than-thou attitude. She didn't treat me like everyone else. She treated me like a person. She actually listened to me and took interest in me. No one else had ever done that. Well, aside from my grandfather.

Sure, people took interest in my "life" and my "fame", but never in me personally. Sonny was the first. And she was the first girl that I've ever had true feelings for. It was a little scary, to be honest. And admitting those feelings was even harder than I thought.

I felt my heart pounding as I watched the TV me spill my feelings to Sonny.

"Sonny, I just wanted you to know that I saw your tape. Obviously. And well, I'm not very good at this whole open and honest thing. It makes me a little uncomfortable. But I feel like you deserve it, so here goes nothing. Sonny, I've never met anyone like you before. You're so smart and beautiful and kind. You make me want to be a better person. And well, I may be good with words on screen, but I'm not so good with words in reality. So, instead, I wrote a song for you as well."


If the heart is always searching,

Can you ever find a home?

I've been looking for that someone,

I'll never make it on my own.

Dreams can't take the place of loving you.

There's gotta be a million reasons why it's true.


When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side

When you look me in the eyes

I catch a glimpse of heaven

I find my paradise

When you look me in the eyes


How long will I be waiting

To be with you again?

Gonna tell you that I love you

In the best way that I can

I can't take a day without you here

You're the light that makes my darkness disappear


When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side

When you look me in the eyes

I catch a glimpse of heaven

I find my paradise

When you look me in the eyes


Movin' On,

I start to realize

I can reach my tomorrow

I can hold my head up high

It's all because you're by my side


When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side

When I hold you in my arms

I know that it's forever

I just gotta let you know

I never wanna let you go

Cause When you look me in the eyes,

And tell me that you love me.

Everything's alright,

When you're right here by my side

When you look me in the eyes

I catch a glimpse of heaven Oh

I find my paradise

When you look me in the eyes


I heard the TV me finish. Psh. I sounded amazing, and yet, I was still nervous.

Incredibly nervous. I don't think I had ever been this nervous in my entire life.

I looked over at Sonny's expression to see her staring at the screen blankly. She blinked a few times, but besides that, she didn't move. Her facial expression stayed the same. I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

I was starting to feel queasy in the stomach and worried about what she was thinking. So, instead of worrying more or backing out, I chose this time to enter.

I didn't know what to say, since I was so nervous. So I reverted back to the typical Chad comments.

"I have to say, I did look awfully amazing in that video," I said, smirking confidently. Even though confidence was the last thing I was feeling. But they didn't need to know that. After all, I was an actor.

I saw Sonny look up at me as her eyes widened.

Sonny still looked shocked and scared. I slowly walked towards her and noticed that she started walking towards me as well.

"So…." I said, awkwardly. For once, I was at a loss for words.

"Was that video true?" Sonny asked, curiously.

"Does Chad Dylan Cooper lie?" I asked, smirking.

"Um…yes. Most of the time," she said, looking confused. I felt my face fall.

"Okay, well then forget that. The answer is yes. The video is true," I said, blushing and looking down.

"But I don't understand. I thought you hated me," she said, her eyes begging for more information.

"Well, what can I say?" I said, popping my collar. "I'm just that great of an actor," I replied, casually.

I heard Sonny giggle her beautiful laugh and I felt myself smiling.

"Oh, really? Well then, how do I know you're not acting now?" she said, stepping closer to me and smiling seductively. She had obviously gained more confidence, while I was still incredibly nervous.

I took a deep breath and looked into her eyes.

"You're saying you don't believe me?" I asked, grinning and staring back into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Why should I? Maybe I need some proof," she said, raising her eyebrows at me, still stepping closer. By this time, we were standing right in front of one another.

"Well maybe I could provide some proof," I said, turning on the Chad Dylan Cooper charm.

"Fine," she said, smiling and leaning closer.

"Fine," I replied.



"So we're good?" she asked, her eyes sparkling with amusement. We were so close by now that I could feel her breath on my face.

"Oh, we are so good," I said, leaning forward just enough so that she could feel my breath on her cheek.

I'm not even sure who made the first move. All I know is the next thing I felt was her lips on mine. The lips I had wanted to feel and taste for so long. And now it was finally happening. And, let me tell you, it was even better than I imagined. And I've imagined a lot!

As soon as our lips touched, I felt a surge of electricity flood through my body. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to me as she sighed into the kiss and ran her hands through my hair.

I had never felt anything this amazing before. Winning the Tween Choice Award couldn't even compare. This was definitely the best moment of my entire life.

After our lips wrestled for a little while, I grazed my tongue over her bottom lip begging for entrance. I felt her sigh, and I smiled against her lips. Sonny was obviously being difficult, refusing to grant me entrance, but I kept trying. Eventually I bit her bottom lip and continued sucking on it until she moaned into my mouth. As she did that, I slipped my tongue into her mouth.

Our tongues wrestled passionately as I backed her into a wall. I ran my hands up and down her sides, and I felt my heart surge when she gasped. She wrapped her fingers around my blond locks and pulled me closer. She ran her hands over my shoulder and down my chest, and I felt myself stomach muscles tighten as I shuddered at her touch.

I had kissed quite some girls in my time (even though most were on screen), but still I had never felt anything like this before. I didn't even know that kissing could feel this good. This was absolutely ecstasy. I could feel myself getting hotter as my heart kept speeding up. If I weren't enjoying the moment so much, I might have worried that I would have a heart attack. But, worry was definitely the farthest thing from my mind. Right now all I cared about was the feeling of Sonny's lips on mine and her body pressed against mine.

Sonny wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me closer as our kiss deepened. We could have been kissing for hours, or maybe even minutes. I wasn't sure. Time had pretty much stopped for me by this point.

But finally, we broke apart, both of us panting heavily. I leaned my forehead against hers, but I could barely open my eyes. I could feel the passion and desire surging through my veins.

"Wow," she said, between breaths. Her voice was ragged, and sounded like it was also filled with desire.

Imagine that.

Sonny Munroe filled with desire for Chad Dylan Cooper. I never thought I'd see the day. I'd hoped for it, yes, but I never thought it would actually happen.

I felt myself smile. Wow was definitely the word I would have used, if I had been able to speak.

I bit my lip and nodded in agreement, still relishing the feeling of desire that was flooding through my body.

"Chad Dylan Cooper is actually speechless. I'm shocked," she said, giggling slightly. It was absolutely adorable.

I looked up to see her still trying to catch her breath. Her eyes were slightly glazed over, she was smiling sweetly, and her lips were swollen. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

"You're gorgeous. You know that?" I said, smiling. I couldn't help it. I had never felt this way before.

"Well, Cooper, you're not too bad yourself," she smirked.

"Not too bad? That's all I get?" I asked, acting offended.

"Fine, fine. You're amazingly handsome."

"Much better."

We both stood there, our heads still close, staring into one another's eyes.

"So…." she said, trying to think of something to break the silence.

"So…" I responded, smirking.

"Where does this leave us?" she asked, suddenly looking to the floor, appearing nervous.

"Where do you want this to leave us?" I asked.

Sonny still looked scared, as her gaze stayed looking towards the floor.

I placed my hand under her chin and brought her eyes back to my own.

"I know you're scared, Sonny. But I'm scared too. I know, crazy right. THE Chad Dylan Cooper is scared," I said, pausing to give her a small smile, before I continued. "But, I meant what I said in the video. I mean, I know I haven't always shown it, but I really do like you. I think you're smart and funny and beautiful, and you really care about me. The real me. Not just my fame. You're the only person who has ever tried to uncover the real Chad Dylan Cooper. And I love you for that," I said, smiling.

Sonny's eyes widened, and I realized that I had just said that I love her.

Did I love her? What is love really, anyway?

I mean, they say it's when you can't get someone out of your head, whey they're all you think about. When seeing them makes your stomach feel weird. When kissing them gives you fireworks. When just being with them makes you smile. And just seeing them smile makes you happier than anything in the world…

And did I feel that way about Sonny?

Yes. Yes, I did.

Huh, so I guess I'm in love with Sonny.

Wow. Who would've thought?

Chad Dylan Cooper…in love with a Random.

Sonny was still staring at me, but I didn't take it back. I couldn't take it back, because it was the truth. I just hoped that she felt the same way.

"I mean it, Sonny. I love you," I said, one more time, looking deeply into her eyes.

Her cheeks turned bright red as she smiled.

"I love you too, Chad. Even if you do have a big head," she said, laughing and ruffling my hair.

"Hey! I do not. I'll have you know that…" I started, but I didn't get to finish, because her lips were touching mine again.

Okay, and maybe she was right. Maybe I did have a big head. But it wasn't because of the reasons she thought.

It was because I was currently kissing the most beautiful and most amazing girl in existence. And that could give any guy a big head, because kissing Sonny Monroe was definitely something to be proud of.


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