Chapter 1: Meeting Place

It was midweek and the sun was streaming in the large windows of a small town bank. The summer had been particularly lovely in Virginia and the sun had been shining for days. Cheerfulness was among all those that walked in and out of the bank as the week faded into the weekend. Everyone that walked into the bank was familiar with everyone else and it made for a very cheerful, very non-stressful kind of environment to work in. The air-conditioning was a welcome guest to the people that walked through the branch to beat the heat, but the bright sunlight was a curse to the four young tellers who were stuck inside on this beautiful day.

"Are you going to the beach tonight?" On girl asked the other as they sat staring out the window.

"It's Friday bitches, I'm partying tonight," a young blond bombshell of a woman stated batting her eyes. "I plan to pick up whoever buys me the best drink," she added with a laugh.

"You are such a slut Leslie," another teller stated and the conversation ended as another bank patron walked through the big glass sliding doors.

Between helping members and the lulls that came and went when no one was around, the four front line tellers were pretending to be busy to please their supervisors, but in reality they were on the internet, playing online card games, or dealing with other personal matters. One was writing a letter to a friend, one was staring off into space as the sun shown through the windows, and another was researching her favorite clubs cocktail list.

"First guy to by me sex on the beach tonight will get sex on the beach," The blond whispered to her neighboring teller as she pointed at the cocktail list on her computer screen.

The comment was followed by a fit of giggles before another person walked into the branch.

It was a lazy kind of afternoon before the end of the month rush, which happened to make the banking world quite an unforgivably crazy place.

A young man, in his late twenties but looking younger, walked up to one of the tellers and licks his lips hungrily as he pushed a cardboard box across the counter at her. The teller stared at him in disgust for a moment and then spoke.

"Quarters, nickels and dimes?" she asked him as she looked at the red emblem on the left breast pocket of his work uniform.

People from this same establishment had been coming to the bank and asking for the same thing for years, long before this particular teller had started there, but the established business wasn't of the most respectable nature and though they brought a lot of business to the bank, non of the tellers were entirely comfortable dealing with the employees and least of all the owner. The taboo business wasn't a place that any of the young ladies frequented, and thought the owner was vocal about having anything to pleasure any kind of person, none of them every ventured near that establishment. The coin order however was always the same and the bank was always prepared for the Friday pick up. It was locked up safely in the vault and would ensure that the undesirable customers would be spending much time in the branch to make the girls uncomfortable.

The young teller looked at the man cautiously for a moment. He wasn't new, he had been coming into the bank for months, and every time he had come in Leslie had managed to have him come to her wicket; without fail. He was creepy, he looked like he was permanently stoned and the sweaty smell that came off him was over powering. And he stared; like nothing else in the bank was interesting and it make her very uncomfortable to be dealing with such a person. If he would have been a bank robber he certainly didn't give the vibe that he was coming in to get the money and a terrible sense of dread and fear came over the young teller. It felt like he was coming in to get her.

"Yeah," he said monosyllabically, "same as always." He added staring directly at the young woman.

"Do you need any bills?" she asked.

"Yeah, one's and five's," he answered.

"I'll be right back," the teller was in an annoyed mood and couldn't shake the feeling that he stared at every part of her, seeing right through her clothing. "Scumbag," she hissed as she walked into the back and passed her superior.

"Yeah," he said under his breath watching her every move as she walked away.

When the teller returned she placed the box back on the counter as well as the ones and fives that were written on the paper she found inside the box. She continues to input the transaction into the computer and the man continued stared at her.

The young man placed a wad of twenties down on counter, to pay for the coin order, and watched as the young woman with golden blond hair counted the money for a second time. She seemed disgusted at the idea of touching the bills that had come from this man. Judging by the line of work she assumed he was in, based on the emblem on his uniform, she painted his character without actually knowing him, but it was her job to help this customer and any other scumbag that walked into the branch. Customer service was the key to a good banking experience, and at that point the supervising teller had come out of the office and was watching the dealings that were going on between the two young people.

"Will there be anything else for you today?" She asked as she turned back to her computer trying not the look at the man as he continued to stare at her.

"No," he said but didn't turn away from the counter right away.

The wad of five dollar bills was closer to the teller. She picked them up and handed them to the young man. As she did this her hand touched his and he flushed red as he turned and ran out of the bank.

The sun was still shining when the branch closed and let the young women out into the world, but the young blond was not the same after her dealings with the man. She made her supervisor walk her to her car. She drove away unsuspectingly and hopeful that the rest of her day would not be as strange. Suddenly going to the bar just didn't feel like the right thing to do as she drove hastily back to her apartment. Hiding was on her mind, rather than the easy, enjoyable night she had initially planned out.

The man watched her from an adjoining parking lot. He had been off work for several hours and had returned to the bank to wait for the woman. He could still feel her skin against his and as he waited he became hungrier for no one but her.