Every child at one point is afraid of the dark, the thing that takes away the light, swallows it whole, but they grow bigger (some grow smarter while the others grow dumber, take Jayne for example) and the fears leave but for me, all grown up and at my full size, it never did.

(along with many other fears that keep piling up one after the other)

"Keep the light on, Simon, please?"

As hard as it is to get him to keep out the darkness (that sneaks in through the cracks of the ship) it's even harder to make him leave, push away his loving arms that never want to let me go.

(afraid of what these two hands will do with the guns and knifes that are always lying around)

"Fine, River, but try and get some sleep. Love you."

"I love you more, more the stars in this never ending sky. Goodnight, Simon, don't let the space bugs bite."

Sleep is something that doesn't come easy, for most it is the most peaceful thing in the universe (along with lover's warm arms) but with sleep comes darkness but this time they come in the form of nightmares.

(two by two, hands of blue, that rip in until there is nothing left but a broken girl)

But thanks to him (my spaceman who walks with me in the land of the insane, hand and hand) when it's time to shut my eyes and surrender to the darkness (under the watchful eye of brother) he comes and sweeps me up, up and away.

(to a world I only see in my head or in between the cracks of others)

"Ready to take a midnight trip, Ms. Tam?"

His hand reaches for mine (grinning the grin of both a hero and madman) waiting for mine to fit with his, each a match for one another, finger by finger, and ready for yet another night of wonders.

(wonders that we take in, sets of eyes that grow wide at the fireworks going around us)

"Of course, doctor, you are after all my one and only timelord. But I'm in the mood for half-human-half-monkeys since they remind me of Jayne (who has a girl name, that never gets old), can you do that?"

Grins threaten to sneak out (after all they always come awake at this time of night) as we go about our dance, beats and the heels of our feet always in sync, and say the same words over and over again.

(asking questions, with lips wide, I already know the answer to, because my spaceman can fly me to the moon and back)

"I can do that and much more. River, come aboard!"

"Will do, my captain number two (Mal always being number one), will do."

On tip-toe I join him, blue box becoming my warm home away from home, in the ship (holy chocolate starfish batman it's bigger on the inside!) that never stops surprising me each time I climb aboard, and get ready to blast away to the edge of the universe and back.

(of course Serenity is number one in my book, after all I am her and she is I)

And done before brother's eyes land on a empty pillow (and he has a heart-attack on the spot), and before my nightmares can swallow me whole he's here to fight them all away, sonic-screwdriver and all.