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When I kiss Syuusuke it feels like I'm flying. My mind soars and it feels like I can't come back down. But then we have to stop for breath and I come plummeting back down to Earth at speeds unknown to man. This is similar to our relationship. One day we are perfectly happy, making out without regret and the next his sadistical tendencies kick in and I'm the subject of his embarrassing photos or just another pawn in his endless pranks on the other regulars … It pisses me off to no end.


"Che Mada Mada Dane Fuji-senpai!" The kid's cockiness always manages to get on my nerves. Ryoma is the love of my life. No doubt at all about that. The way he blushes when I place a subtle peck on his cheek or the way he hugs me when he thinks no ones watching. They are the highlights of my day. Then there are those occasional moments when he gets a noticeable mope on his face, when he thinks I'm attempting to trick him into one of my pranks on the regulars … How is that possibly love?

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