Sensitive Boyz

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Author's note: Yes, I'll admit it! I am guilty of being a Yaoi Fangirl! Booyah! I've been wanting to write a fanfic for this show too for some time…but was too embarrassed to request this as a category! So I'm so happy that it's up now and now I can show you peeps the fic that's been floating around in my head for this OVA! Hope you all like it!

Chapter 1: Peppermint and Vanilla

After Ueno was 'forced' to treat Aki to lunch and school had ended Ueno was watching the injured boy walk away – they were about to go their separate ways and his heart clenched oddly in his chest for some reason. He found that he didn't want him to go just yet-

"Ano, um-" Ueno called out.

Aki turned around. "Hai? Yes?" A slightly surprised look on his face.

Ueno scratched the side of his cheek hesitantly, "Um, I was just wondering if…you'd like to come over. You know, to my place." Ueno said in a rush and then blushed. Gah, that had sounded a bit weird. He hoped that Aki didn't get the wrong idea or anything.

Aki's eyes widened in surprise and he smiled warmly at Ueno. "Ino, sure." He agreed nonchalant.

Ueno smiled back. Score! That had almost been too easy. Ueno hoped to perhaps get to spend more time with the strange, mysterious boy now that he was 'free'. And to get to know Aki better. Perhaps, they could become friends? Ueno still felt bad for what he did to Aki but…if Aki had approached him at school as he did perhaps he didn't hold Ueno's previous actions against him?

'I hope we can watch a movie together…and maybe order some Chinese food or something. I wonder what kind of food he likes. Wow – I barely know anything about him but…' Ueno looked over at Aki who was walking at his side as they walked to his apartment. A slight blush grazed his cheeks. Damn boy, even injured Aki was just so…frickin hot! It had to be a crime or something. Ueno nodded to himself. He had never met a single girl who made him feel this way. Never before had his heart started fluttering like it did just by looking at a person before. Could this be…love at first sight? Naw.

He was getting a bit ahead of himself. 'I just want to know more about him. His likes and dislikes. What kind of music does he listen to? What genre of movies does he like? What hobbies does he enjoy? I want to know…everything. If he'll let me…'

Aki caught Ueno staring at him, "Is something wrong?"

Ueno rapidly shook his head, looking embarrassed. "Uh…no! Nothing!" Smooth Ueno, real smooth.

The two boys arrived at Ueno's apartment and for some reason that nervous feeling had returned for Ueno. He could barely get his key in the lock properly before he finally succeeded and opened the door and let Aki inside.

"Dozo…come on in…" Ueno said.

"Domo….thanks." Aki said as he entered and followed Ueno's example of taking off his shoes and setting them down neatly in front of the door, so that he was only in his socks now.

"Just, uh, make yourself comfortable okay?" Ueno motioned Aki into the living room, "And I'll go – uh – would you like something to drink?"

Aki sat himself down on the couch and stretched languidly, like a cat. Ueno felt himself start to drool.


"Sure," Aki said in his silky voice that sounded slightly like a purr "That would be nice. Thanks." Ueno was really so nice…

Ueno quickly rushed to get his…uh…friend a beer. And came back with two beers in each hand. "Here." Ueno handed Aki his beer.

"Domo." Aki took his beer with his one uninjured hand and looked down at the can thoughtfully-

Ueno immediately realized his mistake. "Ah!" Ueno took the can back and opened it for Aki, "I'm sorry. I forgot you're…here." He handed the beer back to Aki.

Aki looked startled by the kind gesture and smiled down at his open beer can pensively, "Yasashi des neh? You're really a nice guy aren't you?"

Ueno plopped down besides Aki on the couch and tried to act casual, "Who me? Naw…you must not have met very nice people if you're calling me nice all the time. Hahahaha." Ueno began to laugh nervously.

A dark look passed Aki's face, "No, I suppose not…"

Ueno seemed to realize he had stepped on a land mine. 'Shit! I just made him remember something bad didn't I? Ahhh! Ueno! Why don't I have any tact! He's a man with a dark past remember?! I have to be more careful! Neutral topic…think of a neutral topic…!' "I like rabbits." Ueno stated and blushed. 'Gah! Why did I just say that?!'

Aki immediately smirked, "I gathered that much. And seeing as how my pet sitter took care of this poor little rabbit so well, I'd say you like rabbits a whole LOT." Aki winked.

Ueno blushed "Uh, yea."

Aki set his beer on the table, and leaned over Ueno placing a hand on his chest, "And you know, this poor little rabbit is hungry. You fed me so much the last time…won't you again…?"

Ueno gulped and looked down at Aki's hand on his chest. "Fed you?" He said confusedly. Maybe he should order Aki some of that Chinese food he was thinking of getting him. Maybe he'd like sesame seed chicken?

Aki's hand trailed down Ueno's chest and rested on his crotch. He then gave Ueno a meaningful look as he repeated. "Fed me."

Ueno's eyes widened. Oh….oh!! "Ah…" Aki began to undo Ueno's zipper…

Ueno immediately began to freak out, a strong feeling of déjà vu taking over but this time he also had this nagging feeling that something wasn't right – something was really irritating him. Was it the way Aki had referred to himself as a rabbit?

"Chottomatte…wait a sec…" Ueno grabbed Aki's hand, "What are you doing?" his voice cracked.

Aki smiled back innocently, "What does it look like I'm doing…Master. I'm about to pleasure you."

Ueno's eyes widened, "M-master? Pleasure…?!" Aki slipped his hand into Ueno's pants while he was distracted and began to stroke Ueno's already hardening member, up and down…

"Uh…" Ueno began to object but he would feel himself getting hard and Aki's touch was just so…his hands were so soft. Why was that? His mind was going fuzzy…

Ueno turned to look at the boy he had fantasized about since that fateful day, however, there was something wrong with this picture. In Ueno's fantasies and daydreams Aki hadn't been injured…he hadn't been wearing a bandage that covered over half of his face either…and his arm hadn't been in a sling!! He couldn't do this…not like this!!

Ueno took a deep breath and swallowed before grabbing Aki's hand to stop him. "I said stop."

Aki just blinked back at Ueno confusedly.

"You're injured." Ueno began to explain.

Aki nodded understanding and then pushed Ueno's hand away to continue with his ministrations. "I don't mind…"

Ueno was beginning to get irritated. "I don't want to hurt you…" He insisted.

"I don't mind if you do…" It was a careless statement.

Ueno's eye twitched. What? Did Aki think Ueno would enjoy hurting him? He wasn't that type of guy…he wasn't like…the guy who did that to Aki! Dammit! Ueno slapped Aki's hand away and glared at Aki. "I said STOP! I do mind. And I'm not going to hurt you…we're not going to do this. I'm not…like that guy! Or do you think I am?" Ueno looked slightly hurt.

Aki blinked back at Ueno in a mixture of shock and confusion. Yep, he was confused. If Ueno hadn't invited Aki back to his apartment so that he could fuck him in return for that lunch…then why had Ueno invited him back to his apartment in the first place? O.o Perhaps, it was better to be blunt about this and ask Aki decided. Aki sighed heavily and sat back, keeping his hands to himself. This was hard for him to do – he was a horny little rabbit right then.

Ueno let out a breath of relief – which made Aki feel hurt. Was this rejection?

Was Ueno not currently attracted to him because he was all banged up? Sure, he really wasn't looking his best at the moment but….Ueno could just close his eyes and enjoy the ride. Aki pouted. "I don't understand." Aki ran a hand through his silvery hair. "I thought you invited me here so that we would…" Aki trailed off.

Ueno's eyes widened like saucers. Aki had thought the invitation back to his apartment had been a request for sex?! And wait…he had accepted which meant he wouldn't mind sleeping with Ueno again – even after what had happened. Damn, he still never properly apologized for that one either. Agh! Ueno grasped his head. His mind was running around in circles. He finally pulled himself together and turned to give Aki a serious look.

Aki took this look the wrong way, a flash of hurt crossed his face and he abruptly stood up, "I should go then-"

"No!" Ueno stood up and grasped Aki's wrist. Once again surprising and confusing the boy. Aki turned to look at him, eyes searching. "I thought…we could watch a movie…maybe…" Ueno trailed off, looking uncertain.

Aki's brows rose. "A movie? You want to watch a movie with me?" He seemed somewhat incredulous.

Ueno couldn't help but blush. "Yea…is that weird?" He scratched the back of his neck nervously. Maybe Aki didn't want to get to know a guy who had done that to him after all…

"No, that's…" Aki began in a soft voice, "Nice." A sad smile formed on his lips. Tears came unbidden to Aki's eyes. Ueno didn't just want him for sex…he actually wanted to spend time with him, perhaps, could Aki dare hope – like a friend?

Ueno noticed Aki's sad expression and began to freak out, "Ah! Did I say something wrong?! Oh my god, I stepped on a land mine didn't I? Did something traumatic happen to you while watching a movie or something?!"

Aki turned to give the flustered Ueno an odd look before Aki began to laugh, a soft chuckle. "Traumatic? No…gods no…I'm just happy." Aki wiped a tear from his eye.

Ueno let out a sigh of relief, Whew~ "Oh, good then." Ueno smiled back. "Ever watch Junjou Romantica? I own the entire series. Want to watch?"

Aki blinked. "Junjou Romantica?" He shook his head. He hadn't really been allowed to watch TV, though he had peaked out of the closet and watched a few snippets of shows from time to time. "No I haven't. I'd like to watch it with you though, Ueno."

The way Aki said his name made Ueno blush. GAH! Ueno shook his head and tried to pull himself together. "Alright then…I'll go get the DVDs…"

Ueno put the first DVD of Junjou Romantica in his DVD player in a flustered manner and quickly sat back down on the couch.

Aki moved closer to Ueno's side, scooting over and as the show began to play Aki rested his head on Ueno's shoulder…

Ueno stiffened at the contact and gulped nervously.

"This okay?" Aki asked.

'This is more than okay! Hallelujah!' Cough. "Uh, yea, sure." Ueno agreed trying to be nonchalant, with Aki's head so close to his face he could smell Aki's hair. He smelled like peppermint and vanilla. Mmm~

Ueno smiled to himself, wishing this moment could last forever.

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