Sensitive Boyz

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Chapter 10: The Date

Ueno couldn't believe he was about to do this. He raised his hand and hesitated upon knocking on the door.

"Come on in, Ueno-kun." Came Taiga's voice from inside eerily.

Ueno jumped – he hadn't even knocked yet so how had Taiga known he was outside. Is Taiga psychic or something? Ueno gulped. That girl is scary…

Ueno opened the door to the Photography Club Room and warily stepped inside.

Taiga was seated in a chair with a cup of green tea in her hands. She calmly took a sip of her tea and motioned for Ueno to take a seat by her. "Make yourself comfortable, Ueno-kun. I've been expecting you."

"Y-you have?" Ueno's voice was tremulous.

A cat's paw smile formed on Taiga's face. "Oh yes…Aki-kun told me all about how the two of you are going to go on a date. You have no idea where to take Aki for your date do you?" Taiga guessed.

Ueno nodded his head vigorously, giving Taiga a slightly awed and grateful look. Taiga-san was a goddess! An all-knowing powerful kami-sama sent to help him. "Yea…I don't have a clue." Ueno admitted and put his face in his hands. "I've never been on a date before…and all I can think of are cheesy cliché places like…the movies or…an amusement park. But those also seem too girlie for Aki. I need a place that's more…manly. I guess. It's complicated. I just don't have a clue."

Taiga got up from her seat and went over to whack Ueno on the back in a painful yet comforting gesture. "Buck up kiddo! That's why you have me! I happen to be an expert at these sorts of things!"

Ueno raised an eyebrow at her. "Gay dating spots?"

Taiga nodded. "Exactly." Ueno felt a trickle of sweat form on his brow at that unexpected response. Taiga caught his look and decided to explain. "Let's just say I've done a lot of 'research' on the matter and have found it rather fascinating." A.k.a…she was a yaoi manga fan girl. "Anyways, I know the perfect place for the two of you to go. A Visual Kei Night Club!"

"Visual Kei Night Club…?" Ueno had never been to a Visual Kei Night Club but he had heard of them. Visual Kei Night Clubs were discotheques where people would go to dance, listen to indie Visual Kei bands, drink, and get to dress up in Visual Kei-styled clothing.

Visual Kei: a fashion style based on the extravagant makeup and outfits that j-rock artists wear.

"It will also give you the chance to shine and impress Aki. Finally show him just how handsome his boyfriend is!" Taiga declared enthusiastically, giving Ueno a thumbs up.

"What? How?" Ueno gave Taiga a skeptical look.

"You just leave everything to me. I'm an expert on this once again and have a great fashion sense…when it comes to men." Taiga coughed. "I'll make you look…hot!" Taiga declared confidently.

"Me? Hot?" Ueno had never thought to hear those two words in the same sentence. "I dunno Taiga…I'm definitely not giving you much to work with…" Ueno mumbled that last part.

But Taiga heard it perfectly and grasped Ueno's shoulder in a fierce grip (which hurt), a steely glint in her eye. "Have faith in me. You'll see. You'll look great."

Ueno sighed. "If you say so…"

"Make sure to tell Aki you want to take him to the Tsukigomori (Dark Moon) Night Club tonight and that you'll meet him there at 10:00. That's when the club opens."

Ueno spotted Aki surrounded by a gaggle of college girls and stalked up to them.

"Excuse me." Ueno said as he stood on the outside of the circle of girls that was surrounding Aki and tried to get their attention so that he could make his way to his boyfriend.

The girls however ignored him and Ueno was forced to shout over their voices. "Oi! Aki-kun a minute!"

Aki turned towards the sound of Ueno's voice, his eyes immediately lighting up at the sight of his boyfriend and his expression softening. "Ueno-kun." Aki said in that silky voice that was so unique to him. "What is it?" Aki pushed his way past the girls and made his way to Ueno's side.

"Er…" Ueno turned to see that the group of college girls was still watching them both with rapt attention. They were practically leaning forward in order to better hear their conversation, shamelessly, their ears even looked bigger as they strained towards Ueno and Aki.

Ueno frowned and made up his mind. He grabbed Aki's hand and pulled him along with him as he broke into a run. "We're making a break for it!" Ueno declared.

"Eh?" Aki said as he was suddenly pulled off by Ueno. He was surprised by Ueno's sudden bold move but quickly complied and ran with Ueno by his side, enjoying the feeling of his hand clasped in Ueno's.

"Uso!" The girls complained as they tried to pursue Aki and Ueno but Ueno had planned on this and turned corner after corner until he had managed to lose them.

After Ueno and Aki had lost the girls they stopped, panting for breath. Ueno had his hands on his knees and was slightly bent over, his face was flushed-

Aki gulped as he stared at his boyfriend and had to keep his overactive imagination in check. Aki expression shifted to worry however as he remembered that Ueno had suddenly dragged him off to be alone. "Ueno-kun, is something wrong?"

Ueno smirked. "Nothing's wrong. Say are you free tonight?" Ueno tried to say this as nonchalantly and as casual as possible.

Aki blinked. "Yea…" I was going to do some laundry at the river but other than that…

"Then let's meet up at the Tsukigomori Night Club at say 10:00."

Aki's eyes widened and his heart began to hammer in his chest. Was Ueno asking him out on a…? Dare he believe it?

"It's a date." Ueno declared with a boyish wink.

Aki staggered backwards and almost swooned on the spot. Ueno could be so freakin adorable! Aki swallowed thickly. "Sure, see you then, love."

Ueno walked off in a strut. Hell yea, I am so the man! Aki said yes. Booyah! I asked him out for a date and was totally casual about it. I'm so slick.

"Ueno looked out!" Aki's voice called out suddenly.


Ueno had been so lost in his thoughts that he had run right into a tree. Smooth Ueno, real smooth. Ueno peeled himself off the tree and rubbed his nose. He decided it was better not to say anything and pretended it hadn't even happened and continued to strut away from Aki – this time paying attention to see if pesky trees popped out of nowhere and stood in his way. Trees were crafty like that.

Aki had flinched when Ueno had slammed into the tree. Ooo that had to hurt. My clumsy Ueno…clumsy and loveable.

Friday Night…

Taiga told Ueno to meet her at the Photography Club room after school at 9:00 – it was makeover time!

Taiga had special school privileges (due to her financial backing of the school and position as the Oujo-sama of a powerful yakuza clan) and so was allowed to be on campus during the evening or during after school hours.

Ueno showed up at the Photography Club room and opened the door—

"Ahhhh! Close the door!" Came a shrill feminine scream.

"Ack! Sorry!" Ueno immediately slammed the door shut, a blush quickly rising to his cheeks. He had just seen Taiga's bare back and her pink bra strap. Apparently, she was having trouble zipping up a very racy dress.

"I mean behind you, baka! Get your ass back in here, Ueno-kun! I know it's no big deal if you see me like this!" Taiga yelled back through the door, exasperation clearly evident in her tone.

"Er, yea, right…" She's forgetting I'm not really gay. I'm just gay for Aki. Ueno swallowed. Well, as long as I don't get a boner or do something stupid…

Ueno cautiously opened the door and stepped inside, carefully closing the door behind him and locking it incase there were peeping toms around. Taiga was still struggling with the zipper on an extremely tight, red, patent leather dress.

"Well, don't just stand there! Help me zip it up, baka!" Taiga commanded.

Ueno walked over feeling like he was walking through mud, his feet felt heavy and then he was standing directly behind Taiga and face to face with her bare back. He tentatively reached out and grabbed the zipper before slowly sliding it up.

Taiga turned around with a smirk on her face. "Thanks, men can be useful sometimes I suppose." She said cheekily.

Ueno was able to get a better look at what she was actually wearing and his jaw dropped—

Taiga was wearing the red dress, which had a very low neckline and collar. The dress was sleeveless and about four inches above her knee – scandalous! A pair of white, patent leather, knee-high, platform leather boots was on her feet. And she was wearing a white, flying saucer, military hat on her head. She had done some rather dramatic make-up: lining her eyes deeply in black and putting heavy pink lip gloss on her lips.

"Taiga…" A feeling of dread was already overtaking him. "Why are you dressed like that?"

Taiga grinned. "Because I'm going with you boys to Tsukigomori of course!"

"That's what I was afraid of." Ueno mumbled to himself and then continued more loudly. "Uh uh – no way. You are so NOT coming to Tsukigomori with us! It's supposed to be a date – you'd like totally be a-" Here Ueno stopped himself from saying 'third wheel' since it seemed a bit harsh suddenly…

But Taiga finished it for him bravely. "Third wheel. Don't worry, Ueno-kun. I know. But I want to go and keep and eye on you two. A Visual Kei Club can be a dangerous place and you and Aki seem to attract trouble to you like bees to honey!"

Ueno frowned. "We won't be getting into any trouble…" I hope. Ueno crossed his fingers behind his back. "But…I guess you can go. Just…"

Taiga interrupted him. "Yatta! Don't worry; you won't even know I'm there. I'll just watch you guys from the shadows and make sure no one bothers you."

Ueno smirked in amusement. "Since when did you get so protective of Aki and I? You're like our older sister…or guardian angel or something…"

Taiga blushed brightly at that comment. "Is that so…? Is that weird?"

Ueno shook his head. "No – no it's nice that someone cares so much about us. Aki and I are lucky to have such a good friend, Taiga."

Taiga's eyes were glistening. "Baka – shut up. Let's hurry up and get you dressed in Visual Kei and looking hot!"

"You can try!"

Taiga then proceeded to have immense fun getting to play Visual Kei dress up with Ueno. She made him try on several outfits which consisted of many different styled shirts, pants, accessories, ties, even things like spiked collars, combat boots, jewelry, hats, etc.

Ueno stepped out of the changing room one last time, hoping that Taiga would finally approve one of his outfits.

Taiga had been sitting down with her feet up on the table before her and reading the yaoi manga Koisuru Boukun to pass the time while Ueno changed when he finally emerged from the changing room. Taiga looked up and her mouth gaped open in shock. She quickly closed her manga book and sat straight up and stared. A mischievous smile slowly spread across her face. Perfect. Ueno looks absolutely perfect. I'm a total genius! "Perfect. Now I'll help you with your hair and makeup and then you'll be all set!" Taiga declared hopping out of her seat.

Ueno's expression faltered. "I have to wear makeup…uso…no way…" Ueno moaned in despair. He looked up towards the ceiling, Kami-sama…how much more are you going to test my masculinity?

Meanwhile, close to his cardboard house that was under the bridge Aki was at the riverside hand-washing the clothes that he planned to wear that evening on his date with Ueno. He had managed to find a nice flat stone to help wash his clothes properly and was using this to thoroughly clean the clothes he planned to wear. Aki wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand once he had completed this task. Yosh. Aki took the clothes and begun to hang them on a line he had set up for them to dry. Hopefully they would dry by the time he needed to get ready for his date. Now I just have to take a bath…I smell like I've been living under a bridge! Oh wait…I am living under a bridge. Wow my life sucks.

Aki gathered up some firewood and made a pile before placing a gigantic tin barrel over the wood. He filled the barrel with water, lit the wood, and waited for the water to be heated up. After a few minutes Aki put his hand in the water to check the water's temperature and deciding it was warm enough began to strip off his clothes. He made sure to keep his boxers on so that any passing cops wouldn't arrest him for 'indecent exposure' and then gingerly stepped into the makeshift tub.

Aki sighed as he sank down into the barrel and rested his head on the side. He let the hot water ease the tension from his muscles. He was nervous about his date with Ueno. Would it go well? Would he screw something up? Aki shook his head. No, he was going to make sure he had a great date with Ueno for sure. He needed think positive.

Aki tilted his head back and looked up at the darkening sky. The clouds were tinged with pinks and purples. It was beautiful. Suddenly Aki felt hope and expectation swell in his chest. Tonight was the big date night. He really hoped it went well and helped Ueno and himself strengthen their relationship. He found himself looking forward to it more. But…for some reason he couldn't shake this uneasy feeling. Why do I always feel so guilty whenever I'm feeling happy? Aki sighed, he was messed up and he was pretty sure Tatsuya was partly to blame.

Aki shook his head. "I'm turning into worrywart Ueno. Everything will be just fine…nothing's going to happen. Tonight Ueno and I are finally going to go on our very first date and we're going to have fun and maybe afterwards Ueno will invite me back to his place and we can have some real fun." Aki was already making plans on how to seduce Ueno – which it was it oddly always seemed to boil down to. Aki blinked. He had just realized something – he always had to make the first move when they were going to have sex. Sometimes I wonder if he really desires me…sometimes I wish he'd just push me down and take me roughly. Does that make me a slut? Ah, what am I thinking. Ueno would never do something like that. He's a gentleman. Guess my wet dream won't come true any time soon. Keep on dreaming Aki. It'd be better not to think about this too much anyways. It's already incredible that we've gotten this far. And I'm allowed to have fun now. I'm…free.

Aki finished his bath and made sure to dry himself off properly and change his boxers without exposing himself to the public. He didn't have the money to bail himself out if he did get arrested for 'exposure'. It wasn't easy living under the bridge but Aki would still chose that over going back to Tatsuya…

Why do I always feel like I'm being watched…I must be getting paranoid. Aki mused as he went over to check on his clothes and found that they were only slightly damp. Yosh. Aki quickly dressed, put on a pair of shoes, and got ready to start the 30 min walk that it would take him in order to get to Tsukigomori. He only hoped he wouldn't sweat too much during the long walk so that he didn't smell repulsive to Ueno by the time he got there.

Tsukigomori Visual Kei Night Club…

Jun drove Taiga and Ueno to Tsukigomori and they parked right in front in a VIP section. Jun got out of the limo and opened the door for Taiga and Ueno to get out.

Ueno looked up and gaped at the club in awe. The building was huge and modern looking. Over the large front door a sign was hung which read: Tsukigomori in bright gold letters on a black background. Next to the lettering was a blue crescent moon.

Taiga used her index finger to close Ueno's mouth. "Stop gapping like a baka. This is just the outside of the club. Save your gapping for when we get inside. Oh and Jun – you can wait out here."

Jun was already following Ueno into the club. "Eh? But Oujo-sama! I'm your bodyguard! How am I supposed to protect you if I'm not by your side?"

Taiga glared back at Jun heatedly. "And how am I ever supposed to meet a cute girl if you're always hanging around me? Stay here – that's an order!"

Jun's world was crumbing down around him. "Sona…Oh no…Oujo-sama…why are you so cruel to me?" When I love you so…

Ueno gave Jun an apologetic look and mouthed, 'Next time'.

Jun, tears in his eyes, was left behind as Taiga and Ueno made their way into Tsukigomori. Taiga had gone right to the front of the line that people were making to get into the club and the bouncer ( a big man dressed in black and with a shaved head) immediately recognized Taiga, his eyes widened slightly with surprise and slight reverence.

"Taiga-sama? Welcome back." The bouncer bowed.

"Yo Bob." Taiga greeted, nonchalant. "This is my friend Ueno. He's with me. And so is this guy's boyfriend. If you see him please let him in okay?"

Bob nodded. "Sure, what does his boyfriend look like?"

"Silver hair like an angel, ruby-red eyes, skin like porcelain…" Taiga checked off on her fingers.

Bob raised his hand to cut Taiga off. "No need to say more. I already let that kid in. He was freezing his ass out here in slightly wet clothing so I took pity on the kid and let him on inside. Besides, he was so incredibly good looking it only made sense to let him right on in. He's great eye candy for the girls-"

Ueno's eyes were narrowing into slits as he glared at Bob.

Bob coughed awkwardly and wisely changed topic. "Anyways, he's inside. Enjoy your evening, Taiga-sama. Friend of Taiga." Bob nodded to Ueno and half-bowed to Taiga once more.

Taiga nodded once and then on an afterthought turned back around to ask Bob something else. "By the way, who's playing tonight?"

"Dark Order." Bob informed them. "You're really going to like them. They're good but they're still an undiscovered indie j-rock group even though they're as good as the pros."

"Dark Order huh? I look forward to hearing them play. Thanks for the info. Come on Ueno-kun, let's go." Taiga made her way inside the club with Ueno quickly trailing after her.

Entering the Visual Kei nightclub was like entering another world – a fantastical realm with its own flora, fauna and inhabitants. The club was illuminated by lazer and strobe lights and its color them was gold, blue and black. Everyone inside of the club was dressed in extravagant and over-the-top Visual Kei outfits that they had either purchased in Harajuku or made themselves. The young women were wearing short black leather skirts, several had piercings, wild hair colors or highlights, heavy makeup, chains, tattoos, striped clothing, clothes with half sleeves and half pants, military hats and accessories, ties etc.

The men were wearing black leather jackets, chains, crosses, shirts that had images of roses or skulls on them, tight silky pants, boots, tattoos, spiked up multicolored hair and they were also wearing heavy makeup, faces painted white, lips and eyes painted black.

Ueno felt a trickle of sweat roll down his face. And here I was worried that I was going to stick out like sore thumb and instead for the first time in my life I feel like I actually fit in. Mondo Bizzaro.

Towards the back of the club Ueno could catch glimpses of the Visual Kei band 'Dark Order' playing. The band had a cute lead singer with black hair done up in pigtails. She was wearing a leather bra top, a daring miniskirt, black and white striped stockings, and a pair of platform shoes. A longhaired man with a grim expression on his face was the band's lead guitarist. He was wearing a floor length black leather jacket, which swung dramatically from side to side as he played his instrument. A quiet looking boy with bleached-white hair was playing the synthesizer and a rowdy looking young man with bright red hair was playing the drums.

There were round tables and booths throughout the club. A large bar was to the left side and took up practically half of the club. The tables all had dark blue tablecloths on them, and golden candles had been lit in the center of each table. In front of the stage where Dark Order was playing was an expansive dance floor. Several people were already on the floor dancing.

"Whoa." Ueno murmured.

Taiga smirked at Ueno's predictable reaction. "We're not in Kansas anymore Toto."

Ueno nodded.

"Hey guys," came a smooth confident voice, which Ueno instantly recognized as Aki's. Ueno turned around and could see Aki walking towards them through the crowd.

And he looked great! Ueno had to stop himself from downright drooling. It was times like this that Ueno remembered just how incredibly handsome and otherworldly Aki really was. Time seemed to stand still as Aki walked towards him. The crowd parted easily as if by some unseen power and admiring eyes trailed after Aki in his wake.

Aki was wearing one of those male bra tops that revealed a lot of skin – really just covering his upper chest and nipples. Aki's four pack and belly button were completely exposed and Ueno felt a thrill of jealousy run through him that other people were getting to see these usually unseen parts of Aki's body. Aki also had on a white long-sleeved shirt that had thin black stripes on it. This shirt however had been left completely open to reveal the sexy bra top beneath it on purpose. Aki also had on a pair of low riding hip hugging silk black pants. The pants rode down so low on Aki's hips that Ueno could see those two sexy muscle indentations that all men have and which seemed to point teasingly at Aki's crotch. Gulp. Ueno swallowed. Aki was wearing a pair of white platform shoes to complete his look, plus there was a spiked collar around his neck. Ueno did a double take on that last one. A pet collar…Ueno frowned. He was about to say something about it when Aki spoke cutting him off.

"Good evening, Taiga-san. Where's Ueno-kun?" Aki looked past Taiga and Ueno. "Did he not come with you guys?" Aki turned to give Taiga's friend an appraising look. "Who's your date?"

Ueno and Taiga both blinked.

"Aki – it's Ueno." Taiga managed to explain before she burst out laughing and gripped her sides.

"Ueno?" Aki turned his attention back to the handsome young man who was dressed in stylish Visual Kei clothing and who was standing next to Taiga. HUH? Had the world flipped upside down? Did he go into the mirror world by accident? Or…fall down a rabbit hole perhaps?

Ueno was dressed in a black, sleeveless, collared, button down shirt that had white crosses on it as designs. A few of the buttons on the shirt had been left undone to reveal a tantalizing amount of Ueno's muscular tan chest. The sleevelessness of the shirt showed off Ueno's arm muscles (he'd gotten more muscular because of Kendo), and also Taiga had rubbed oil on Ueno's muscles so that the lights in the club would make his arms glow (crafty Taiga). Ueno was also wearing a pair of tight black leather pants along with a pair of clunky combat boots that had several buckles on them. Ueno wore several chain belts, which draped across the front of his pants in a dramatic and stylish manner.

Taiga had done Ueno's Visual Kei makeup which consisted of painting Ueno's entire face white, lining his eyes with black liquid liner and doing a few added twists and designs for artistic accent, and putting black lipstick on him.

Lastly, Taiga had the pleasure of getting to spike up Ueno's hair with some great gel she had and then she had added some blue highlights to Ueno's hair using a temporary highlighting hair mascara.

HOT! EROI! Aki's jaw dropped and he swallowed. "Ueno-kun?"

Ueno blushed and was glad that the white makeup hid his blush. Phew. Ueno nodded shyly, unsurely. "Yea, it's me…I must look really stupid huh?" Ueno wanted to scratch his cheek in a bashful gesture but had to resist the urge lest he screw up his makeup.

Aki slowly shook his head. "Heavens no, Ueno-kun…you look extremely sexy in that outfit." Aki purred as he closed the distance between him and Ueno, breathing over Ueno's ear. "I don't know if I'm going to be able to control myself in public around you…"

Ueno shivered.

PDA! Taiga was getting a nosebleed and so wanted to stay and watch as things heated up between Aki and Ueno but she had promised Ueno that she wouldn't get in their way and so sadly Taiga coughed in order to get the boys' attention. "Well, I guess I'll just leave the two of you alone now okay?"

Ueno turned to Taiga with a frown on his ace. "Are you going to be okay on your own? You should have let Jun stay with you Taiga…" Because no matter how much Taiga continued to try and deny it she was a girl…

Taiga's eyes narrowed at Ueno. "Ueno-kun…" Taiga began as a fierce fiery aura began to form around her. "I believe you're forgetting just who you're talking to neh?"

Ueno gulped. "Yep, you're right. I totally forgot! You should be just fine on your own."

Taiga immediately clamed down and her aura dissipated. "Neh? Have fun guys and try to keep it PG-13 in public though okay? I don't want to have to bail you two out of jail tonight – though considering how HOT you both look I know it's going to be hard to keep your hands off of each other's di-"

"Taiga!" Ueno cut her off. I mean, seriously, girls shouldn't be going around yelling the word 'dick'!

Taiga laughed. "Just kidding! Cyas!" Like a mischievous pixie Taiga flitted off leaving Aki and Ueno alone – finally.

Ueno shook his head at her as he watched her go off and suddenly felt even more nervous and unsure without Taiga by his side. He had never been to a nightclub like this before and he didn't really know what to do or how to act.

Aki seemed to sense Ueno's nervousness and took control of the situation. Aki took Ueno's arm smoothly and began to lead Ueno off towards the bar. Ueno let himself be led through the crowd. Ueno was curious because Aki seemed so calm and in his element, and so unlike himself that he couldn't help but ask- "Hey Aki-chan have you ever been to a club like this before?"

"Yes." Aki answered simply.

"Oh, I see…" Who did he go with to a place like this I wonder? Ah…I want to know! I'm so curious. Did he come to this place with his Master?

Aki look Ueno to the bar and they found two free seats between some other patrons. To Ueno's left sat a couple and to Aki's right a man dressed in a hooded black leather jacket was seated with a glass of scotch in his hand.

Ueno wanted to ask Aki about it but couldn't bring himself to voice the question in case the question would unknowingly hurt Aki to bring it up.

Aki seemed to notice this however and sighed. "Yes, I came with my Master a few times to places like this."

"I see…" Ueno clenched his hands, he was suddenly feeling jealous.

Aki put his arm around Ueno's shoulders and lightly bit down on Ueno's ear – earning a startled gasp. "But I'm having much more fun here with you…'

Ueno blushed. "Really?"

"Really. I love you, remember?"

Ueno gulped. I love you. He'd said it again. Just how was Ueno supposed to respond to that exactly? Say he loved Aki? Did he love Aki…Ahhhh! "Err, thanks, Aki I…"

Aki interrupted Ueno as the bartender came over to them to take their orders.

"What can I get ya boys?"

"We'll have two Dark Moons please." Aki informed him.

"Right away." The bartender bowed and went off to prepare their drinks.

"Is a Dark Moon alcoholic?" Ueno questioned nervously.

Aki raised an eyebrow at Ueno. "Yea…did you not want to drink alcohol? I could get you something else…"

Ueno waved his hands in front of himself in denial. He must look like such a pansy! "No – it's not that. It's just I have a low tolerance."

Aki gave Ueno an understanding smile, which then turned into a teasing predatory look. "Don't worry Ueno…I won't take advantage of you no matter how drunk you get." And no matter how sexy you look in those tight leather pants…

The visual image that that comment managed to produce caused Ueno's entire body to feel flushed.

At that exact moment the bartender set their drinks down before Aki and Ueno. The alcoholic drink was served in a tall triangular shaped glass and filled with a blue-colored liquor. Ueno picked up his glass gratefully, tipped it into his mouth, and began to drain his glass in one go.

Aki's eyes widened at this and he whistled. "Way to go, Ueno-kun!"

Ueno slammed the drink down on the table suddenly feeling…invigorated. "Oi! Bartender – give me another one of these Dark Moon things would yaaaa?"

"Right away, young sir."

Aki chuckled softly. "And I thought you said you couldn't handle your liquor?" Aki took a small sip of his drink, it tingled on his tongue pleasantly.

Ueno gave Aki a lopsided grin, "Yea but it tasted really good."

"No need to overdo it. We have all night to party and we can always come back here."

"You'd come back here again with me?"

"Of course I would. It would be my pleasure."

Ueno felt like his heart was soaring. Score! Ueno's second drink arrived and Ueno took a sip of it. It was really good. He could taste the vodka.

Aki looked over towards the dance floor and noticed several couples dancing closely to the j-rock music – moving their bodies sensually to the hard beat while pressing and grinding their bodies against each other. HOT. Aki licked his lips. He wanted to dance like that with Ueno, so badly…!

Aki leaned forward to purr in Ueno's ear. "Ueno-kun, will you dance with me?" To emphasize this request Aki inserted his tongue in Ueno's ear.

This caused Ueno to jump. "Ack! Aki-kun?"

"I'm so hot for you right now. I need to feel your body against mine Ueno…please dance with me. You just look so hot tonight. I want you so badly. I need to touch you, now."

Gulp. Ueno's face was bright red underneath the makeup but he needed to be cool – he reminded himself. "Let's finish our drinks first. Then we'll go dance okay?"

Aki pouted but nodded. "Alright."

While Aki had been rather occupied sticking his tongue in Ueno's ear the mysterious man in the hooded leather jacket saw his chance and dropped a small pill into Aki's drink. A cruel smirk formed on the man's face when Aki turned back to his drink and unaware that anything had happened began to finish it.

Ueno frowned. He thought he saw the man in the hooded jacket do something to Aki's drink but…he shook his head. He must have imagined it. After all, it wasn't like they were in some kind of crazy movie or something. This was real life. And real life was never that exciting.

The boys finished their drinks and Aki took Ueno's hand to lead him to the dance floor. Aki led Ueno thought he dancing crowd until they had found a nice place close to the stage where the sound of the bass seemed to resonate through their entire bodies.

Ueno stood out on the dance floor and froze. Crap! I just remembered I don't know how to dance! Ueno began to inwardly panic.

Aki turned and faced Ueno and began to sway his body, moving side to side with the beat but noticed that Ueno was standing as stiff as a board in front of him and looking extremely uncomfortable. Aki's brows furrowed and he touched Ueno's arm gently. "Is something wrong hun?"

Ueno gulped, shoulders slumped, and he looked away feeling pathetic as he admitted- "I don't know how to dance."

Aki's eyes widened. Ueno didn't know how to dance? Which meant Aki had the pleasure of stealing another of Ueno's 'firsts'. Excellent. "Everyone can dance Ueno-kun…there's nothing to it. You just let the music move you. Here…let me show you." Aki took Ueno's hands in his and began to move from side to side with Ueno following his movements. "You see…easy…you're a natural." Aki winked.

"One two three…one two three…" Ueno muttered to himself and nodded at Aki. "Yea…" I think I'm getting the hang of this. Thanks to Aki. Let the music move me huh?

Aki held Ueno's hands and danced and continued to help Ueno to get a feel for the music. He smiled – Ueno's naiveté was just so cute! Teehee. "You see, you're a good dancer, Ueno-kun. You're like a shishi (sleeping lion) that's been awakened!"

Ueno laughed at that. "Don't lie. I know I suck."

"I'm not lying though I'll admit you are a better dancer…" Aki leaned forward to whisper in Ueno's ear. "In bed."

Ueno blushed. "Er…thanks?"

Aki chuckled softly. "Let me dance for you?" He purred.


Aki wrapped his arms around Ueno's neck and brought their bodies closer together, they continued to move to the beat, closer now – their bodies bumping into each other occasionally. Then Aki unwrapped his arms from Ueno's neck and turned around so that his back was facing Ueno. Aki then began to dance sexily, running his hands up and down his sides and bending down slightly, he then stepped backwards so that his body was pressed up against Ueno's.

Gulp. Ueno unconsciously wrapped his arms around Aki to bring the boy closer to his body, which was beginning to heat up-

Aki had begun to grind his butt against Ueno's crotch and Ueno could feel himself slightly harden. Uh oh.

Aki felt hot…feverish…restless…his whole body was tingling, on fire, and Ueno's light touches were driving Aki wild.

"Ueno…" Aki panted as he turned his head to look at his boyfriend. "Kiss me…please~"

Ueno swallowed and leaned down and immediately kissed Aki. Aki opened his mouth invitingly for Ueno to plunder him – which Ueno did with great enthusiasm.

Soon Aki and Ueno were kissing each other passionately on the dance floor, Ueno slowly running his hands over Aki's body, languidly, only slightly aroused…

But as for poor Aki his whole body was on fire. He turned around and wrapped his arms around Ueno's neck, deepening their kiss, pressing their bodies even harder against one another, but then Aki began to grind his obvious hard on against Ueno's crotch almost desperately.

Ah! Oh god…I haven't felt this turned on since…since…! Oh shit! It was like Aki had been splashed with a bucket of cold water as he came to a sudden realization.

Ueno could feel Aki's hard on pressed against him and could sense Aki's desperation. "Aki-chan?"

A drug? Did someone slip Ecstasy into my drink? Dammit…! Aki quickly pushed himself away from Ueno. Shit! He's here! "Ah~" Aki let out a pitiful moan of longing. Holy crap.

"Sorry Ueno-kun…I…need to go to the bathroom! I'll be right back!" Aki said brokenly as he quickly bolted towards the bathroom.

"Aki?" Ueno quirked his head and scratched his head. "I wonder what got into him…Oh well, he probably just drank too much. I guess I'll go wait for him over by the bar."

Ueno made his way back over to the bar and took a seat next to the man in the hooded leather jacket that was oddly enough still sitting there on his second glass of scotch on the rocks.

"Dark Moon please." Ueno told the bartender.

"Is that really such a good idea?" The man in the leather jacket drawled, "I thought I heard you tell your boyfriend that you couldn't hold your liquor?"

Ueno turned to look at the man who had spoken to him curiously, brows furrowed. Who? The man wasn't looking in Ueno's direction but staring down at his drink and so his face remained hidden I shadow because of the jacket's hood. "Were you eavesdropping on us?"

The man chuckled. "Sorry about that…guess I'm just feeling a little lonely tonight."

Ueno was instantly put off his guard as he began to sympathize with the lonely guy. "Don't worry about it…so…why didn't you bring someone to drink with?"

The man laughed again this time with a tinge of bitterness. "I'm suffering from an unrequited love I'm afraid."

"Oh, I'm sorry…"

"Don't be." The man shrugged. "It's my fault. He used to love me but I ruined everything. I lost him. I guess you don't know what you've got until it's gone neh?"

"I guess."

"That young man you were with…your boyfriend. He's precious to you isn't he?" The man swirled his scotch before taking a sip languidly.

Ueno blushed and gawked at this strange man who didn't seem to be freaked out by the fact that Ueno and Aki were both men. "Whaaa? Aaa…he's…um…" Ueno wrapped his hands around the drink that the bartender had set before him and peered into its blue depths. "Yes…yes he is."

"Hmmm?" The man hummed. "I wouldn't have thought that he was all that important to you since you left him alone."

Ueno turned to glare at the man. "What do you mean by that?" He snapped.

"Don't tell me you're really that naïve? In these kinds of clubs men don't go to the bathroom to just take a piss. They go to relieve other things. There are always men waiting there to be of service too. It's all very…convenient."

Ueno stood up abruptly and slapped his hands down on the bar top. He was pissed. "Just what are you trying to say buddy? That my boyfriend is…no! He wouldn't do something like that…we're…I mean…he's going out with me."

The man sighed and shook his head pitying at Ueno. "Think what you will kiddo, but I see this kind of thing happen all the time. Especially with his type – the type that says 'I love you' way too easily. To him what he's doing right now is probably meaningless. You should forgive him since it doesn't really mean anything kid."

"You're wrong. Aki's not like that. To him it's NOT meaningless. I trust him, you don't even know him or us so butt out. You know nothing! But if some guy is trying to lay even a finger on my boyfriend, well, then I'm going to kick his ass!" Ueno declared cracking his knuckles, a glint in his eye.

The hooded man shrugged. "Suit yourself…but I wouldn't go in there if I were you. You'll just get your heart broken, shounen."

"You know what? Fuck off." Ueno gave the man the finger before running off towards the bathroom.

The hooded man watched Ueno go, a dark scowl forming on his handsome face. He unconsciously wrapped his hand around his glass tightly until it shattered.

The bartender immediately began to freak out and apologize. "Sir! Your hand! It's bleeding…are you alright?"

Tatsuya ignored him. He was extremely pissed off. Ueno…just who does that punk kid think he is to speak to me that way! If he wasn't so average I'd sell him off in the black market as a sex slave and make him disappear. He better watch his step at any rate, he's very good at pissing me off. I won't let it end like this. Aki will return to me. He belongs to me!

Meanwhile, Aki rushed to the bathroom and ran over to a sink. He began to splash his face with water while trying to cool himself down. Drugs. He hated drugs and had vowed to never do drugs again. He suddenly felt weak, vulnerable, the drugs were affecting him and his body – making him want and crave things that he wouldn't have normally wanted. He didn't want sex…the drug had caused his body to get overly aroused and feel weak…dizzy…shit! He had never wanted to feel this way again – so 'out of control'.

Aki heard someone step out from a stall. There was no flushing sound. Heavy booted footfalls approached him. Boots.

Without turning around Aki spoke. "I knew it was you, Master."

"Sorry to disappoint you, Aki-chan. I'm not Tatsuya." Came a man's scratchy voice.

Aki's eyes widened as he spun around to see a hulking man who happened to be an ex-client of his. "Bano-san?" Oh…shit. Bano was an ex-pro wrestler. He was 200 pounds, all muscle, had a shaved and oiled head, and had several tattoos half of which were naked women. He was wearing a wife-beater shirt, a chain link necklace, and a pair of orange martial arts pants.

Bano grinned. "Mmm I'm flattered you remember me, Aki-chan."

How could I forget…my ass was sore for days after you fucked me into unconsciousness the last time.

"How could I forget." He mumbled to himself instead. "What are you doing here anyways?" Odd coincidence…

"Tatsuya told me to come here tonight. Said he'd send me a present all wrapped up, ready, and willing to go. I didn't expect my present to be you though." Bano licked his lips. "But I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. I'll never forget how tight your ass was around my cock."

Shit! Tatsuya that bastard! Aki backed up away from Bano. "But…I don't understand. Why did Tatsuya send you here…now?"

Bano cornered Aki who had no place to go and put his hands on the wall on either side of Aki, trapping him. "He said it was to make your current lover breakup with you. Tatsuya said something about your current boyfriend being really sensitive or some shit. So is it true?"

Aki's eyes widened in horror. Ueno! Ueno would see him and Bano in the bathroom fucking…Tatsuya would make sure of that and then Ueno wouldn't want to have anything to do with him! Crap!

"I'll take that as a yes. I better hurry up and get started then or else Tatsuya's plan won't work." Bano grabbed Aki and turned him around as Aki began to struggle.

"Bano…don't you dare do this…"

Bano chuckled heartily. "Making threats? That's so not like you, Aki-chan. You must really like this 'boyfriend' of yours huh?"

Aki grit his teeth. "Yea, I do."

"Well, maybe if you beg me like you used to do then I'll stop…" Bano tapped his chin.

"P…please don't Bano." Aki felt like he had just swallowed something foul. "I'll let you do me some other time just not now. You'll destroy everything."

Bano paused as he was sliding Aki's pants down. "Hmm it's a tempting offer kid. And under normal circumstances I'd even go for it but…Tatsuya paid me to do this and no one double crosses him without getting seriously fucked. So sorry kid but I gotta do this."

"I'll protect you from Tatsuya!" Aki declared, "So please…"

Bano shook his head as he lowered Aki's pants and boxers down to his knees at the same time. "Sorry but I'll tell you what – unlike the last time how about I prepare you first? That way it won't hurt as much neh?"


Bano slid his finger down between Aki's butt cheeks and began to stroke his entrance. Bano was just about to insert the first finger when-

Aki looked past Bano's shoulder and his eyes widened. Ueno.

Meanwhile…Taiga was dancing alone on the dance floor in front of the stage where Dark Order was playing. She couldn't help her thoughts from straying towards Kumiko – the epitome of cuteness. Cuteness incarnate in fact. Ah~ what I wouldn't give to catch a glimpse of my muse and inspiration now!

But then Taiga caught a quick glimpse of someone dancing who oddly enough resembled Kumiko quite a bit. Huh? Taiga rubbed at her eyes. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. It can't really be Kumiko can it…?

Taiga pushed her way through the dancing crowd until she was standing in front of Kumiko and a man who she was dancing with. Kumiko was wearing a combination of Visual Kei and Gothic Lolita; a puffy white dress, short-sleeved leather jacket, tall platform knee boots, and a pair of striped stockings. Her hair had been done up in cute curled pigtails. And there was a lacy black choker around her neck that had a giant white flower on it.

Kumiko's date was wearing a black t-shirt that had a white skull on it, a pair of ripped jeans, VANS, had lots of piercings, and had dyed spiked up orange hair with black tips. He was also wearing white makeup and had on black lipstick.

Taiga stood and stared in shock at the dancing couple. Was she just imagining this…or was this really happening?

The couple seemed to notice that someone was watching them and turned to look and see who it was.

"Oi…quit staring…it's creeping me out." Kumiko's date declared.

Kumiko looked over at Taiga indifferently until her eyes narrowed at Taiga. "Taiga?" Her eyes widened in realization as she looked at what Taiga was wearing…!

Taiga was giving Kumiko this hurt and betrayed look. "So this is the guy you chose over me huh? I hope he's manlier than he looks!"

"Hey!" The young man objected.

"Taiga…what are you doing here and dressed like that?" Kumiko began.

Taiga put her hands on her hips, anger giving her strength. "Same reason as you – to have fun. I'm going to find someone cute to dance with – someone WAY cuter than you!"

Kumiko's date was beginning to look stupidly confused as he looked back and forth from Taiga and Kumiko. "Oi…Kumiko-chan…why is this girl hitting on you?"

Kumiko flipped her pigtail over her shoulder, "Don't mind her. She's a little crazy."

The young man gave Kumiko a suspicious look. "She looks pretty normal to me and cute and feminine. So why would a girl be hitting on you unless…hey, are you a guy Kumiko?"

Kumiko turned to gape at her date in shock. "Nani? How could you even think that I could be a guy? It's absurd!"

The young man quickly reached out and grabbed Kumiko's crotch.

Kumiko gasped and Taiga was already moving forward to protect Kumiko, "Oi! Get your hands off of Kumiko-chan you perv!"

However, the expression on the young man's face went from thoughtful to horrified in about five seconds flat. "You have a dick…you're a guy. Holy shit – Kumiko-chan is really a guy! I kissed a guy…and almost went back to a hotel with a guy! Crap!" Kumiko's date was exclaiming loudly. He then let go of Kumiko's package and ran out of the club screaming for his mommy.

"Hmph!" Kumiko watched him go and flipped her hair in an irritated fashion. "Jerk." She/He then turned back to Taiga. "Look what you did Taiga! You made me lose my date!"

Taiga was gaping at Kumiko in shock. "Kumiko-chan…you're really a guy?" Taiga's mind was spinning. She didn't know what to feel exactly. But she knew she felt hurt, betrayed, confused.

Kumiko frowned. "Yea? So what?"

"But you said I was disgusting to like you…" Taiga began.

"Yea, I remember. After all I said it. And it is disgusting. I'm only interesting in men, sorry sweetie~ No matter how manly you act you still don't have a dick."

Taiga opened her mouth but words didn't come out. She didn't know what to say to that exactly. So instead Taiga turned around and headed for a booth.

Kumiko watched Taiga go. "Oi! Where are you going?" Kumiko shrugged. "Whatever. I'll just find some other poor drunk sap to trick. Teehee~"

Men…women…? Taiga liked women right? Women were cute, sweet, and they smelled nice. Whereas men were rough, smelly, and hairy. Taiga liked cute things deep down. She had thought Kumiko was a girl but instead Kumiko was a disgusting man! A man…yuck…right? Taiga's mind was spinning. But what if the reason Taiga had been attracted to Kumiko was because she was really a he? Was I attracted to Kumiko because he was a man?

Taiga waved a waitress over and began to order drinks – a lot of drinks. She decided she was going to get wasted so she wouldn't be able to think about anything anymore –not men not women.

After a couple of drinks Taiga began to sing sappy Enka love songs that she changed a bit to moan after her lost love Kumiko. "Oh where for art thou my princess…Kumiko-chan? Why did my princess turn out to be a prince! Oh I need to find a beautiful princess to save me from my sorrow…oh princess…where for art thou my love~" Taiga sang at the top of her lungs.

"Is anyone sitting here?" Came a soft hesitant voice.

"HUH?" Taiga slurred as she looked up, her eyes widened as she realized a really cute girl was trying to talk to her!

The girl was tall and lithe with short blonde hair, sharp black eyes, and was wearing a long sleeved white shirt, black tie, a red and black plaid skirt, several chain belts, knee socks and a pair of platform shoes.

"Err…no…?" Taiga responded.

The girl shyly sat down across from Taiga and looked nervous for some reason. "So…mind if I join you?"

Taiga smiled and poured the girl in front of her a cup of sake from a bottle she had already ordered. "Not at all cutie…" Taiga said as she handed the girl the cup of sake.

"Thank you." The girl said.

Taiga looked closely at the girl's face…long straight nose, full lips, narrow eyes, and long lashes. She was very attractive.

"Kampai!" Taiga said raising her cup.

"Kampai." The girl agreed chinking her glass with Taiga's. Both girls took a sip of their sake and smiled.

"To new friends." Taiga nodded.

The girl smiled. "Yes, to new friends."

"Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Taiga by the way. What's your name, cutie?" Taiga began sticking her hand out for the girl to take.

"Er…Junko." Junko said as she took Taiga's hand and gripped it surprisingly tightly.

"Junko." Taiga murmured as she swirled her sake. "Cute name for a cute girl." Taiga sipped her sake thoughtfully.

"So Taiga…if you don't mind me asking – why are you sitting here drinking all by yourself? Shouldn't you be out there dancing?"

Taiga sighed heavily. "I was but then I ran into my unrequited love."

Junko's eyes widened. "Oh really? Do tell, girlfriend."

"Well, it's awful…." Taiga began as she leaned forward. "I just found out that the girl I had a crush on was actually a guy! And I've begun to realize something – it doesn't matter how hard I try to be more feminine or even if I just gave up and stayed a tomboy. No one will ever love me. It's not that I'm a girl…the problem is that I'm me. I'm unlovable. I realize that now. I'm just…too weird to be loved. I mean, my two best friends fell in love with each other and they're both guys. That didn't stop them though. But me…no one will ever love a non-feminine tomboy yaoi-crazy fan girl like me."

Junko took Taiga's hand in hers and shook her head. "You're wrong! You're not unlovable! And you're no unfeminine either. I think you look very feminine in that dress Taiga-san. It really shows off your curves. You look very cute."

Taiga's eyes sparkled with unshed tears of gratitude in her eyes. "Really? You really mean it?" Ah…an angel has descended before me! Taiga thought thankfully. Thank you kami-sama! There is hope for human beings…they should all be as cute and nice as this girl!

Junko nodded adamantly, her expression serious. "Yep."

"I'm so happy! No one's ever said such nice things to me before. Oh~ I could just kiss you!" Taiga suddenly declared grabbing Junko's face with her two hands and puckering up her lips.

Epp! "Ah! Taiga-san wait!" Junko began to panic as Taiga drew closer.


Taiga planted a wet, passionate smooth on Junko's lips. Junko struggled for a moment before she couldn't help but melt into the kiss. However when Taiga began to run her tongue over Junko's lower lip asking for entrance Junko knew she had to put a stop to this sinful pleasure.

Junko shoved Taiga back and the two girls sat and stared at each other, both flushed and short of breath.

"What's wrong?" Taiga began, beginning to worry.

Junko sight and slapped a hand to her forehead. She could feel a headache coming on. "Taiga-san…I can't lie to you like this. It's me…Jun."

"Jun?" Taiga repeated and then looked at 'Junko' a little more closely. Taiga's eyes widened like saucers. Oh my god. "JUN?" Taiga stood from the table in shock. "What the?" Taiga took in what Jun was wearing again…? "Oh my god…what is this? What's going on? Why are you dressed like that? What the hell is wrong with you? Explain yourself immediately Jun!"

Jun sighed heavily as he waited for the axe to fall but he had to say this. "Taiga…this was the only way I could finally get you to look at me – really look at me. I was finally able to get your attention. I did this because…truth is Taiga…I'm in love with you. And even if I have to dress up as a girl to be with you then…well…so be it!"

Taiga gave Jun a look of disbelief. "You love me?"

"That's why I decided to dress up like this…so I could get closer to you and finally make you notice me. But I just can't lie to you Taiga-sama. I wanted to though…"


Taiga was furious. "So you wanted to continue to deceive me? Just how far were you planning on taking this Jun? Until we went to a Love Hotel together? What then? You scumbag…! I hate you! Just…leave my sight. I never want to see you again, Jun. That's an order!"

Jun hung his head sadly like a hit dog. He knew Taiga would hate him for lying to her but he had never expected this. This was too much – he had just lost everything. How had it come to this? He had just wanted to cheer Taiga up and now…he was fired. He never would have really taken advantage of her – in his wildest dreams he had envisioned getting a kiss from her but that was it. Although he couldn't deny the fact that he was attracted to her. But it was only natural to be attracted to the one you loved right? Was that so wrong? Jun was willing to do anything even shave and dress up like a girl if that meant Taiga would give him a second glance.

But it had all failed and he had lost Taiga instead.


"I understand. Forgive me, Oujo-sama. I…went too far. Sayonara." Jun bowed and then turned to leave.

Taiga's angry eyes trailed after him. She was inwardly fuming. Grrrr….she put her fingers to her lips that were still tingling. Damn him! And why was it that her heart had started to beat a mile per minute once she had discovered that it had been Jun that had kissed her? What was wrong with her?

His mouth tasted like peppermint and he smelled like fresh grass…He wasn't as smelly as I thought a man would be. And his body is pretty feminine now that I've taken a good look at it. Those legs make me envious! Jun in the miniskirt was…hot…oh my god could this be a…


Meanwhile, in the bathroom…



Ueno hit Bano over the back of the head with the empty vodka bottle he had 'borrowed' from the bartender and which shattered as it hit the back of Bano's head.

Bano was instantly knocked out.

The bigger they are the harder they fall. Ueno thought and turned his attention back to Aki.


Ueno looked at Aki's current state – his pants and boxers were hanging around his ankles. Bano had been touching him when he had arrived…had they done anything else? Had he already finished with Aki by the time he had arrived and had already pulled out? White-hot jealousy ran along Ueno's nerves. How dare anyone touch his Aki but him. Aki belonged to him….!

Aki was already trying to turn back around and pull his pants up but Ueno closed the distance between them in just a few strides and slammed his hands down on either side of Aki, "Aki…don't move."


Had that man been inside his Aki? Filled him with his seed? Disgusting. Aki needed to be reclaimed! Ueno began to unbuckle his pants and unzipped them, he then released his already straining member from the confines of his tight leather pants-

Aki's eyes widened in a mixture of shock and surprise. "What…?"

"Aki…you belong to me….you're mine and I'm going to take you here and now Aki and prove it to you. I'm going to fill you with my seed so that you belong to me and only me!"

"But Ueno…we're in the public bathroom. What if someone comes in and sees us?"

"Let them see…let them see who it is that you really belong to. Let them all know!" Ueno declared in a slightly drunkenly slurred manner as he grabbed Aki's ass and pulled his cheeks apart. "You're mine…all mine…"

"Ah, Ueno wait – you need to-"

But Ueno wasn't listening and slammed his dick against Aki's entrance. It didn't go in. Ueno looked down in confusion and pressed himself a little hard against Aki….

Aki knew that Ueno was too drunk to reason with to prepare him and so he had to force himself to relax so that Ueno would be able to enter him unprepared. Aki took a deep breath and let it out slowly, concentrating on relaxing his muscles.

Aki went limp in Ueno's arms and Ueno tried slamming his dick against Aki's entrance again. This time it went it about half way. Ueno sighed in relief – he pressed in deeper until he was entirely sheathed in Aki's incredible warmth. Aki was so tight…so wonderful.

"I'm inside…I'm all in…" Ueno groaned.

Aki panted. "Yes…you are…"

"You're all mine….got it? Just me? No one else! Don't let anyone else touch you ever again Aki." Ueno warned as he pulled back slowly, dangerously-

"I won't!" Aki moaned.

Ueno slammed himself into Aki, hard, painfully, "Promise me!"

Aki whimpered in pain. "I…promise Ueno-kun. I'm yours…I belong to you."

"Not yet…" Ueno declared as he began a rough frantic pace – unable to hold back any longer.

"Oww….Ah…Ueno…" Aki panted.

Aki's moans and groans were like music to Ueno's ears. He could feel Aki's passage becoming slicker and was able to increase his pace even more so and deepen his thrusts. "All the way in…all of you is mine…soon you'll be mine." Ueno mumbled incoherently as he thrust roughly into Aki's body.

Aki was using all his will and concentration not to pass out from the pain and to stay standing upright while Ueno fucked him. It'll be over soon…Aki told himself.

Ueno could feel his climax building and quickened his pace even more. "Aki! You're mine!" Ueno exclaimed as he released his seed deep inside of Aki. Deeper than ever before.

Aki cried out of the feeling of it and squirmed while trying to pull away from Ueno. But Ueno wouldn't allow it and grabbed Aki's hips as he continued to pump and release his seed into his body. "No…you have to take all of it." Ueno chided Aki.

Aki gave up his resistance and went limp in Ueno's arms again. He was so close to passing out now…Would the pain ever end?

Once Ueno had finally finished his climax he pulled himself out of Aki with a sigh of pure bliss. He looked down to see if Aki had cum all over the bathroom wall-

But what he saw instead made his blood run cold.


There were these red splotches on the bathroom floor and when Ueno looked up he saw that blood was coming from Aki's opening. But it couldn't be that bad right?

Ueno's hands were trembling as he pulled Aki's butt cheeks apart to inspect the damage he had inflicted on his lover. Large amounts of blood were pouring out of Aki's ass.

Aki stirred weakly in Ueno's grip and tried to pull away. "Ugh…not again…still hurts…" Aki murmured before he passed out in Ueno's arms.

Ueno caught him in shock. "Aki…Aki?" Ueno shook him. "Aki!" What have I done?


AN: Love it? Hate it? Let me know…one thing about this chapter….it's totally rushed and I'm not sure if Ueno and Aki already had a date? And I feel like I used this "Dark Order" band reference to -man somewhere before but totally can't remember when/where, so some stuff in this chapter might be really repetitive. I so don't know and need to check this when I have the time but I hope it was enjoyable anyways! Take care and hope you enjoyed that installment peeps!