Chapter 1 - Failure

After the death of Albus Dumbledore, Draco Malfoy was brought back to Malfoy Manor. He would soon be brought before the Dark Lord. Though the deed he had been asked to do had been carried out by Severus Snape, Draco had failed. The Dark Lord had no tolerance for failure. None at all. Those who failed him didn't usually live very long… and those he didn't kill would often wish they were dead.

He saw the white faces of his parents as he was shoved roughly into his own dining room. Narcissa was gripping Lucius's hand very tightly. The large room was filled with Death Eater's. The Dark Lord him self was seated in a throne-like chair against the wall. Standing next to the 'throne' was Draco's aunt, Bellatrix Lestrange.

As he watched the Dark Lord leaned towards Bellatrix and whispered something in her ear. She must have liked whatever he had whispered, because she grinned like the cat that has got the cream.

The Dark Lord made a beckoning gesture with one long white finger.

The two Death Eater's holding Draco's arms started to steer him towards the Dark Lord. When they were close a rough hand pushed Draco from behind…sending him sprawling on the floor at the Dark Lord's feet.

"So… you have failed" said the Dark Lord… in a cold voice that sent shivers down Draco's spine. "It is lucky for you that Severus succeeded. Had Dumbledore still been alive… you wouldn't be… not for long." Relief flooded through Draco… the Dark Lord wasn't going to kill him. Then he remembered there were so many things worse than death.

"No I won't kill you Draco" the Dark Lord said, not using Leglimency but still knowing what he was thinking. "But such failure can not go unpunished."

"What is my punishment to be" Draco said quietly, a distinct tremor in his voice. "I'm not going to tell you" the Dark Lord said poisonously, a smirk on his snake-like face. "Suffice it to say that after it's over you will never want to fail me again."

Draco broke out in a cold sweat and the Dark Lord began to laugh – a high cruel sound that seemed to echo around the room. Narcissa gripped her husband's arm tightly, her face stricken. Something heavy hit the back of Draco's head with a thud and everything…went…dark.


"Wakey, Wakey Draco." The words were high-pitched and mocking. They seemed to be coming from far away as Draco swam gradually back into consciousness.

He noticed two things before he even opened his eyes. The first was that his hands were in rather uncomfortable position over his head. The second thing he was that he couldn't move them at all. He tried to move them but they appeared to be bound.

He tried to remember what had happened but his faculties didn't stretch to memory just yet. His limbs were cramped and stiff and he had a blinder of a headache coming on. From the sore spot on the back of his head he guessed he had been knocked out.

He opened his eyes just a crack.

He was lying on a large bed in a darkened room. The only light came from the candles set in sconces on the wall. They cast shadows on the mahogany furniture, the charcoal-colored wallpaper and the bedspread that was so dark a red it was almost black.

He opened his eyes fully and looked down at himself. His shirt was gone. He was only wearing his pants.

When he looked up to see why he couldn't move his hands he saw they were chained to the iron frame of the bed. He pulled against them experimentally but couldn't budge his hands at all.

"You're not going anywhere Draco" came a purr from the end of the bed.

Sitting on the end of the bed with a satisfied smirk on her face was his aunt Bellatrix. Her long wavy brown hair fell around her face and her dark eyes glittered malevolently.

She was wearing robes in a color that made him think of blood. Her lips were the same color. Suddenly he was afraid. Very afraid.

His mouth was dry as he tried to speak. He swallowed a few times. "Auntie…" he said quietly, a slight tremor in his voice betraying his fear. "What's going on?"

She smiled predatorily at him. "What's going on… my dear nephew… is your punishment" she smirked. His eyes were wide as he took in the meaning of her words. "For the next 24 hours… you're mine."

"The Dark Lord said that?" Draco said unbelievingly, terror on his pale, pointed face. "He said that as long as I don't kill you or permanently maim you… I can do what I like with you" she said with relish. "What ever I like."

"No" he said in a terrified voice. "Oh yes" she purred, coming closer and running a long nail down the side of his face. "And the more you fight… the more it will hurt."

"You can't… can't make me" he said stammered bravely, his eyes defiant. "Oh yes I can" she said with a wicked grin, leaning to whisper seductively in his ear. "I'm going to make you beg… make you plead… and I'm going to enjoy every moment of it."