A big ass yacht is floating on the ocean.

Moon: OMG, the driver of that yacht is Kumar!

Tai: From Harold and Kumar?

Narrator3: AHEM! Can I continue?

Tai: Not with that attitude.

Lex is sitting at a desk, researching… Rocks?

Moon: Kryptonite, I'm sure.

Tai: Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Lex: -ignores Moon & Tai and continues with his lines- Prometheus was a god who stole the power of fire from the other gods…

Tai: Nu uh!

Lex: What?

Moon: Prometheus was a titan, not a god.

Tai: Duh! Learn your Greek mythology!

Moon: Yeah, Wonder Woman would be ashamed of you.

Lex: Who cares about Wonder Woman?

Tai: Well, Batman, obviously.

Lex: Batman?

Moon: Wrong comic, Tai.

Tai: Same company. :\

Moon: This isn't a Superman/Batman crossover!

Tai: Well, it ought to be. Batman would turn this into a party.

Lex: Not on my yacht, he wouldn't!

Moon: Don't you have lines to be saying?

Kitty Kowalski: So we're stealing fire?

Moon: That's Lex's new girlfriend

Tai: -giggling-

Kitty: What?!

Moon: -snickers- Your last name is Kowalski.

Kitty: So what?

Tai: Reminds me of Mike Wazowski?

Kitty: Who?

Moon: Y'know, from Monsters Inc.

Lex: What?

Tai: Never mind. Move on.

Lex continues talking as if he wasn't interrupted.

Lex: Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don't share their power with mankind.

Tai: That's not God!

Moon: That's Superman, silly.

Tai: God doesn't need a cape to be cool.

The camera moves through Superman's icy Fortress of Solitude.

Tai: AKA his Emo Corner.

Moon: I won't deny that's a pretty lame name for a Fortress. Why not something like… The Fortress of Style?

Tai: That's Mick St. John's apartment.

Moon: What?

Tai: You know. The Vampire from Moonlight.

Moon: o.O

Tai: Never mind.

Moon: How 'bout the Fortress of Awesome?

Tai: Superman and "awesome" don't really go together.

Narrator3: I'm trying to narrate here!

Tai: Fine then, Grumpy McGrumperson.

Moon: I think Superman needs to hire a new interior designer.

Tai: Totally. Crystal formations were so 2008.

Moon: Well, this movie was made-

Tai: Shut up! It's still out of style.

Narrator3: I give up. I quit.

Moon: Why does that keep happening?!

Tai: When do I get to make fun of Superman to his face? For a movie about him, there's a distinct lack of Supermanness for the first twenty minutes or so.

Moon: Soon. Soon. I promise.

Tai: These scenes are boring. Fast forward!

Moon: Okay! Okay! –grabs remote-