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Kagome looked down at her hands, her student ID card was laughing back at her.

NAME: Kagome Higurashi

AGE: 16


A deep growl threatened to escape her throat, and she glared at the offending item.

"Think of it as a game…" A deep voice called to her.

"A game?" She spoke in a bored tone, and looked down at the floor, unsure.

"Yes." A gentle hand reached up, caressing her cheek, before resting onto her head in silent reassurance. "So you won't feel so lonely while I'm gone…"

"As if I would be sad about something like that…" She snorted, placing the card into her pocket. But sure enough, she was going to play this 'game' of his- and she will win.

She continued to walk down the hall, not caring that the students who continued to linger around the corridor was staring at her as she passed by. Probably hasn't seen something like her before- She sighed, closing her eyes.

Unlike all the others, she was not wearing the regular uniform. She had on boots, and black slacks. She wore a white buttoned up shirt, but the top two buttons were undone, giving her neck some room to move around, as well as show off her collarbone. Her black tie was hanging very loosely halfway down her chest, and her raven black hair was flowing freely down her back, only to stop at her waist. Her deep blue eyes were piercing and cold to all those who looked upon her.

The old jolly and cheerful Kagome was gone- Lost somewhere 500 years in the past…

She stopped walking, and took a glance at the sign sticking out above the door. Realizing it was her assigned Homeroom she walked through the opened doorway. Once she entered she noticed that all the chatter quickly quieted down, and everyone had their eyes on her. She shrugged, not giving a rat's ass, and leaned against the farthest wall, closing her eyes.

After a few silent moments, every female in the room started to giggle and whisper to each other while the males just continued to stare openly at her. Soon the teacher walked in and everything got quiet once more.

"Okay everyone." He clapped his hands together. "The seats will be picked by number so please form a line in front of my desk and I shall seat you properly with the number you pick out of the box." He gave a smile and everyone slowly got in line.

Believe it or not she wasn't the last one in line- Behind her was a girl, who had short messy hair, thick glasses, and baggy clothes. Could she not afford the uniform? Well, no sense in caring, not like she was wearing the uniform either-

"Next." Hearing the voice being called close by, she looked ahead and realized she was already next in line to pick.

"Hmm…" She walked forward and the girl holding the box started to blush. As she reached into the box she gave the girl a quick glance, and the woman squealed in delight. She sighed, pulling out her slip of paper. Walking up to the desk she told the teacher her number. "Kagome Higurashi, Number 15"

"Alright…" He handed her the seating chart, while scribbling down on his own paper.

She took the paper with a bored attitude and strolled down the aisle. Once she got to her desk she pulled the seat out roughly before plopping her butt into the wooden chair. She snorted and lifted her feet onto the desk, crossing her ankles. Sticking her hands into her pockets she sighed in a bored tone, already feeling tired of the whole 'school' thing.

"Kaoru!" A voice called from her right.

"Hikaru!" Another voice called to her left. "Oh brother! Whatever shall we do? We've been separated!" He sounded all dramatic. She opened one of her eyes and watched as two twins from either side of her ran towards each other and then embraced one another.

"I'm scared Hikaru." One of them whispered to the other, while small tears showed at the edge of his eyes.

"Don't worry Kaoru, I'll always be with you." He tried to reassure his brother, while gripping his chin and lifted his head up to look him in the eyes. All the females in the room squealed at their brotherly-love scene, and multiple anime hearts started to float around the room.

"There's just one seat between you…" She growled at them. "Stop acting as if it's the end of the world…"

"Such a spiteful person…" They spoke at the same time, with a devilish gleam in their eyes.

"What…?" She glared at them, while a growl erupted through her chest. She was up in an instant, causing her chair to fall onto the floor with a slam. Everyone around them gave small gasp in surprise and stared at her. She hissed at them and took a step forward, about to pound their face in- "Oomph!" She grunted as someone bumped into her. "Who-" She looked down, spotting the same girl who was standing behind her in line.

"Oh, sorry." She shifted the books in her arms and apologized.

"…" She looked at the girl, then at the boys. She brushed it off, not caring about them anymore, and bent down, picking up her chair. She then got back into the position she was in before, hands in her pocket, feet on her desk.

The girl walked past her, only to sit in the desk behind her, between the two twins- Oh what joy she will be having. She glanced back at her over her shoulder, watching the woman set up her books and things. The teacher then clapped his hands and started class. The twins then paid the girl no mind, and took their seats. Yet she didn't care about the teacher or the two love twins, her focus was still on the female sitting behind her…

"Something wrong?" The woman asked, getting tried of her staring at her.

"…No." She then turned her head back around and looked ahead, closing her eyes. After a few moments the girl spoke again.

"I'm Haruhi Fujioka." She introduced herself.

"…" She glanced at her over her shoulder once again. "…Kagome."

"Pleasure to meet you Kagome." She gave a small smile.

"Hmm…" She turned her head back around and closed her eyes. Soon she blocked the sound of everyone from her mind, not really caring about anything the teacher was saying.

"Higurashi!" Her name was called, pulling her out of her daze. She looked up in a calm yet bored fashion, seeing the face of her teacher. "Place your feet off of your desk." He ordered.

"…No." She replied. Everyone around them gasp at her rudeness. She just shrugged and closed her eyes again-

"Do you want me to send you to the office-" The teacher was about to punish her for her lack of manners, that is until she snapped her eyes open and gave him a killing glare, one that spoke of his death if he ever decided to go through with his threat- "Umm…" He was sweating bullets and then gave a nervous laugh. "As I was saying- The southern region of Japan is…" He continued his lesson while he started to walk back to his seat.

She smirked at his retreating back. All the females in the room sighed, and their faces got flustered, while little hearts started to float around their heads. They all started to whisper among themselves, every now and then they would giggle.

She sighed, finding them slightly annoying. She looked behind her and spotted Haruhi jotting down notes in her booklet, while the teacher continued to talk. Such a bookworm…

She is a hard worker and looks so determined-

"You're not like them, are you?" She questioned her. She paused in her writing and looked up at her.

"Hmm?" She blinked in confused. "Like them?" She asked.

"…" She motioned with her head and rolled her eyes in boredom. "Them…"

"Oh-!" She finally understood. She sighed, while reaching up and scratching her head nervously. "Not really, I had to work hard to get here… Unlike them- Rich bastards."

"Rich bastards…" She mumbled, repeating her words. "I like that…" She smirked at her, causing a light blush to spread across the woman's nose.

It was at that moment she decided to take a special interest in the female name Haruhi. Maybe this 'game' will be more fun then she first thought… She smirked while closing her eyes again, going back to sleep.

Days later…

Kagome slowly walked down the empty hallway. The sound of her boots thumping against the floor, echoed down the corridor, warning all those around that she was approaching. Closing her eyes she sighed, finding the sound to be rather relaxing…

"Not here too…" An annoyed sigh flowed into her ears. She stopped in her stroll and opened one eye to glance at the person beside her.

"Haruhi." She greeted in a cooling voice. The woman jumped at the sudden sound, and quickly turned around to face her.

"Kagome." She greeted back, a small tint of pink went across her nose in embarrassment.

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"…" She looked down and sighed. "All four of the libraries are full of people- It's very loud."

"I see…" She looked at the door before looking back at her. "You want me to get rid of them for you?" She asked.

"Get rid-" Her eyes widened and she waved her hands in front of her in defense. "N-No-No, that's alright… I'll just find another place that's more suitable to study in."

"Alright…" She spoke in a bored tone and turned away from her, looking out of the large window that extended down the hallway. "Is it alright if I accompany you?" She asked.

"Umm…" She seemed surprised by the offer. "I don't mind."

"Good, then I shall help you look." She then proceeded to walk down the hallway, the small female following her.

Kagome and Haruhi were walking quietly down the hallway. She didn't mind being in the girl's company, she was nice and had a soothing scent that tickled her nose. Glancing at the girl that was walking beside her, she smirked. If she dressed and fixed her hair there was a sure bet that she would look rather cute-

It wasn't long before the calm silence between them was broken…

"Kagome?" She spoke in a small voice. She glanced at her out of the corner of her eyes, showing she was listening. "Why are you here?" She asked. "With me-?"

"I like you." She stated, causing the female to cast a light shade of pink on her cheeks.

"I- I umm…" She didn't know what to say.

"As for your other question on why I am still as school…" She started to speak again. "Classes might have ended but I do not wish to go home just yet, after all, school is still open for the students who wish to attend to their clubs and such."

"Yes… I wanted to stay here and study but the rooms are all so noisy." She added, while shifted the book in her hand. "Umm…" She spoke again. "You enjoy your stay here?" She tried to start a light conversation.

"Not particular." She answered. It's only been a few days of schooling here, and she was already bored and tired of this 'game'.

"Then why are you staying beyond class hours?" She asked. "You don't have a club, do you?"

"No, I do not." She answered another question, not minding the girl's curious nature. "I told you that I'm here because I do not wish to go home…"

"You don't want to go home? What's wrong with your house?" She smirked at the small girls concern for a person she barely knows…

"It's dark and void of life…" She answered, her tone of voice fell even deeper as she looked at the ground. "But here, even if you find an empty room, you can still hear the sounds of the people laughing and enjoying themselves from outside, or the rooms nearby."

"I see…" She only stared at her, unsure what to think. After all, she just randomly opened up to her when usually she is cold as ice to everyone else. She smirked and reached up, ruffling the female's already messy hair. The woman gave a small laugh, enjoying the rough treatment.

After several minutes of Haruhi and her walking through the school we were starting to enjoy each others company very much- Though Haruhi was the only one talking while she just kept quiet the whole time…

"…" She paused and looked at the door that was beside them.

"Something wrong Kagome?" She asked.

"It seems quiet enough in this room…" She noticed it was very calm on the other side of the door.

"Music Room 3..." Haruhi mumbled to herself as she looked up at the sign hanging above the door. Without a second thought Haruhi shrugged and opened the door. When she did, a small breeze blew into their face and they were assaulted with rose petals.

"Welcome!" An alluring chorus of males greeted them with a small welcome. She resisted a growl that treated to escape, while reaching up and plucking off a petal that was stuck to her cheek.

"Greetings newcomers, I welcome you to our host club." A tall male with blond hair was the first to welcome them. A small click sounded behind her, and she glanced over, noticing that the door closed on its own-

"H-Host club?" Haruhi sounded surprised and she backed up against the door.

"Oh wow, boys." The twins spoke at the same time. She glared at the familiar red-heads a few moments until another voice spoke up.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, I believe these young men are in your class." A cooling man with glasses spoke.

"Yeah, but one of them is really shy and we don't know much about him." They both said. "The other is spiteful…" They smirked, an evil gleam in their eyes once again as they looked at her. She just decided to ignore them, she was in a good mood today and didn't feel like busting their faces in-

"Hmm." He gave a knowing huff, while smirking. "Well that wasn't very polite." He told them. They just shrugged, not caring. "Welcome to the Ouran Host Club, Mr. Honor Student." He greeted Haruhi, but only gave her a small glance.

"What?" The blond sounded surprised, and quickly stood up from his chair. "You must be Haruhi Fujioka! You're the exceptional honor student we heard so much about!"

"How did you know my name?" Haruhi asked, sounding slightly nervous about all of the men staring at her.

"Why you're infamous, it's not everyday that a commoner gains entrance into our academy." Glasses spoke up once again.

She looked away from the trembling female, and pulled her hand out of her pocket, placing it onto her head in silent reassurance. Haruhi blinked in surprise, and then looked up at her. She gave her hair a petting stroke and the girl sighed, relaxing from the gesture. The small act didn't go unnoticed by the others standing in the room, but they didn't say anything-

"You must have an audacious nerve to work hard enough to fight your way into this school as an honor student, Mr. Fujioka." Glasses added his own comment yet again.

"I-Umm- Thank you I guess…" Haruhi took his words as a compliment.

"You're welcome!" The blond spoke happily to her, while appearing out of nowhere and wrappings his arm around Haruhi's shoulders boldly.

The motion caused Kagome's hand to slide off of the girls head, but she didn't really care and continued to look off to the side, only partly listening to the rest of the conversation since all eyes were on Haruhi at the moment.

"You're a hero to other poor people, Fujioka!" His voice held high cheers and he seemed overly excited about the whole thing. "You've shown that even a poor person could excel in an elite private academy!" Hearing his words she tried to scoot away from him, but he just followed her in a clam pace, and while doing so he continued to 'compliment' her. "It must be hard for you to constantly be looked down upon by others."

"I think you're taking this 'poor' thing too far." She told him, while still trying to slide away from him.

"It is a shame really, even though you are the number one student in your class, you are the poorest student in the whole school!" Though he said that, he didn't sound as if he was pitting her- "Others might marginalize you as a lowly commoner, but not anymore!" He finally caught up to her, and placed his arms around her shoulders once again. His eyes held a newfound light as they sparkled with joy and delight while staring into the sky. "Long live the poor!" He sounded out happily. "We welcome you poor-man to our world- Of beauty!" He raised his hands into the air and roses appeared around him in a dramatic effect as his eyes sparkled in delight.

"I'm leaving…" She wasn't affected by his display and turned around, walking towards the door.

"Hey!" A small voice called out, grabbing her hand and pulling her further into the room. "Haru-chan! Haru-chan, you're a hero!" A small blond boy smiled brightly at her, impressed. "That's awesome!" He beamed at her, showing one of the cutest expressions she has seen in a long time.

"I'm an honor student, not a hero-" Haruhi corrected him. "Wait, who're you calling Haru-chan!" She yelled at him. The boy cried at her loud shout and backed away from her, running to the largest guy in the group, tears in his eyes.

Kagome watched with interest as the tough looking male tried to cheer him up, by holding out a pink bunny and moving it from side to side. Yet it did not seem to help, as the boy was still in tears, and sniffling while rubbing his eyes. Slowly she strolled up to them, unnoticed by the rest of the group, and placed her hand onto the young child's head. The motion caused the boy to pause in his crying and look up at her. She lowered her hand and gave the boy's nose a small tap with her finger. The playful act made the boy smile brightly at her, already over his sadness.

The tough man blinked at the boy, before standing from his crouched position and looking down at her. If it were anyone else, they would have been surprised at the man's tall stature, after all he was pretty tall for him to be looking down upon her- She was about the same height as the blond man, but she was use to men being taller then her so she didn't care. After a few seconds of eye contact she looked away from him in a bored attitude, and placed her hands into her pockets.

"I never would have imaged the famous bookworm to be so openly gay…" The tall blond mumbled to himself.

"Gay…?" Haruhi slowly turned her head towards him. Gay? Kagome repeated in her mind, a small smirk playfully showed on her face. He doesn't know she really is female? If they can't even tell that, then it will be a cold day in hell when they realize she is a woman too, after all, she has hidden her voluminous chest in tight bandages, as well as the whole 'ID card' thing.

"So tell me what kind of man you're into!" His eyes lit up once again, sparkling with delight. "Do you like the strong silent type-?" The tall man she was standing beside looked towards Haruhi. "The Boy-Lolita-?" The small boy looked up from his stuffed rabbit and gave a cute grin. "How'bout the mischievous type-?" The two twins gave a small pose, linking their arms together. "Or the cool type…" The dark-haired male smirked, and pushed up his glasses with his finger.

"I- uhh! I-it's not like that! I was just looking for a place to study-!" Haruhi tried to tell him.

"Or maybe~" But he wasn't listening. "You're into a guy like me." He reached out and gripped her chin gently, lifting her head to look at him in the eyes, his face way to close for comfort. "What do you say?" He gave her a pleased grin.

Kagome gave a soft snort, trying not to laugh at her friend's bad luck. She paused in her thoughts- Did she already think of Haruhi as a female companion? She looked down in deep concentration- A loud crash fell into her ears and she whipped her head around so fast she thought her neck would snap.

A vase was lying on the floor, broken into many pieces. Haruhi had her belly on the pedestal with her hand reaching out, as if trying to catch air. Haruhi's face started to pale, and her eyes went wide with shock. She could take a wild guess at what happened-

"Aw~" Both of the twin's sighed, appearing behind Haruhi.

"We were going to feature that vase at the in-school auction." She could tell right away that the one who was speaking was Hikaru, easily telling the two twins apart.

"Now you did it commoner!" Kaoru also added. "The starting bid was going to be 8 Million yen!"

"8 Million Yen!" Haruhi's eyes practically bulged out of her head. "How many thousands is that? How many thousands are in a million?" She started to mumble to herself while rapidly counting with her fingers. "Umm…" She whispered while slowly turning around to face the twins. "I'll pay you back…"

"With what money?" They asked. "You can't even afford a school uniform." Their words hit her hard, and she groaned, sweating bullets, knowing they were right-

"What's with that grubby outfit you got on anyway?" Kaoru asked.

"Well, what should we do Tamaki?" Glasses asked.

"You've may have heard the famous saying, Fujioka." The blond sat back down in his chair and crossed his legs proudly while pointing at her. " 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do.' 'If you don't have any money, you can pay with your body.' " Not sure if she's heard of that last one- "Starting today you are the Host Club's dog!"

Kagome watched as all life drained from Haruhi's body and she was nothing but an empty statue. She watched as all the men gathered around her, and the boy started to poke her-

"Poke Poke" He spoke his actions-

The treatment caused the unmoving girl to fall over limply, void of all response. All of them just continued to stare at her. She rolled her blue orbs in annoyance and causally walked up to her fallen form.

"Stand." She commanded her. The cold words caused her to look up at her, and everyone else also had their eyes on her. "You should take reasonability for your actions." Slowly, Haruhi sat up and rubbed her head in worry.

"You're right." She sighed.

"Besides, I suppose I can help you…" She added. The words caused everyone to look at her, surprised.

"Really!" The female shot up into standing position rather quickly after hearing that-

"Not like I have anything better to do with my time." These people seem interesting. Who knows, she might even be entertained long enough until he comes back…

"Excellent!" The blond spoke in awe. She suddenly felt him grab her chin and lifting her head up so he could get a good look at her face. "Such beauty! Cold and collected. Perfect ideal image for a host-AHHH~!" He yelled in pain as she crushed his wrist within her hand, hearing the frail bone snap at the rough treatment.

"Don't touch me…" She glared at him.

"I-I get it!" He started to flail around while she still had a firm grip on his wrist. She smirked, enjoying the blond's pain.

"As long as you understand." She gave his wrist one last squeeze before letting go.

Instantly he ran into a corner and started to whimper in distress, while gripping his wrist. A gloom of dark aura surrounded him, as the sorrow of depression started to ooze out of his very core. He then started to mumble to himself about evil beings hurting someone as beautiful as him-

"So violent…" The twins whispered to each other.

"Now that we got that settled…" She looked away from the pouting man and towards the male with glasses, already knowing he was the one in charge of the Host's operations. "I am here for Haruhi. Whatever tasks you assign 'him', I will assist him, nothing more nothing less."

"Very well…" He reached up and pushed his glasses onto his nose, before continuing scribbling on his clip bored.

She smirked, realizing that she was actually looking forward to coming to school tomorrow…

Haruhi and her were walking down the hallway. Haruhi, a bag in her arms, holding it to her chest. She, on the other hand, was holding onto a bag by the strings lazily, while her other hand was placed in her pocket. They were sent off to gather coffee and other things from the store. She didn't really care, not minding the walk-

"Oh Tamaki!" The voice of a concerned female flowed into her ears as they entered the room. "What happened to your hand?"

"No need to worry young maiden!" He reached over and grasped her hand into his. One of his hands was bandaged at the wrist- She smirked at the sight, finding it amusing. "I was defending a small child from awful bullies…" He started to tell a farfetched story. They slowly strolled over to him, and he paused in his tale once he spotted them. "Ah! Young piglets!" He called to them. "I see you have come back from your errand. Did you get the correct items?"

High School 2nd Year, Tamaki Suoh: "Host Club King"

"P-Piglet?" Haruhi repeated the word and sighed. After a few moments she pulled out a plastic container of coffee.

High School 1st Year, Haruhi Fujioka: "Host Club Dog"

"What's this?" He asked, looking at the container slightly confused.

"What does it look like? Its coffee." She stated.

"I've never seen this maker before." He confessed. "Is this the kind that's already ground?"

"No, it's the instant kind."

"Instant?" Two women sitting across from them spoke at the same time, tilting their heads.

"Ohh!" Tamaki exclaimed. "Is this the type where all you need to do is add hot water?" He looked both surprised and impressed. "The so-called commoner's coffee?"

"Oh my, so that's the famous…" The woman never finished her sentence letting it fade.

"So it's true then. Poor people don't even have enough time to grind their own coffee beans." Out of nowhere a crowd formed behind both couches, and they all nodded in pity.

"Commoner's wisdom, I see." Kyoya spoke beside her, as he and the twins also appeared from thin air around them.

"100 grams for 300 yen?" Hikaru mumbled.

"That's a lot less then what we usually pay." Kaoru added.

"We'll go back and get something else." Haruhi told them. "Excuse me for not buying you guys' expensive coffee…" She mumbled in annoyance.

"No wait!" Tamaki suddenly told her, everyone gave a small hum, looking at him. "I'll try this!" He shot up into standing position, a determined look on his face. Everyone gave a surprised gasp, extremely shocked. "I will drink this coffee!" He proclaimed, holding the container high into the air. Everyone gave soft awes of admiration and clapped their hands, cheering at him for his bravery. He held out his free hand, trying to hold down the applause, a smirk on his face. "Alright Haruhi." He called to her. Everyone then got up and went towards the large table on the other side of the room. "Get over here and make some of this 'commoner's coffee'." He ordered.

Kagome smirked, seeing the depressed scowl on Haruhi face-

"Oh Tamaki." It was then Kagome noticed the woman who was left sitting on the couch. "Now you're taking the joke too far. There's no way that your palate we'll be able to stomach that crap. You don't have to drink it just because they bought it…" She mumbled loud enough for them to hear her. She turned towards them, a fake smile on her face. "Sorry, I was talking to myself." Not liking her attitude Kagome gave the girl a heated glare.

"Umm…" Haruhi was about to say something until-

"Haruhi!" Tamaki called to her yet again.

"Coming!" She called back and walked over to him.

"I would watch your mouth girl." She growled at the annoying female. The woman gave a small gasp, placing her hand over her chest, trying to seem innocent.

"Whatever do you-"

"Speak to me again and I will personally rip out your tongue and shove it down your throat." She barred her fangs at the woman, causing the girl to stare at her in fear.

The woman's eyes dilated in horror, realizing that she was being serious. She smirked at the girls fear, finding it more appealing then her fake appearance-

"Ahh~!" There were many squeals of joy sounding around her and she looked up. Her eyes widened slightly as she watched a herd of yellow buffalo charging towards her.

"So chilling!" One of them cheered while crowding around her.

"His smirk is so dreamy!" The other one sighed, her face getting flustered.

"I'm so glad I got to see it up close!" Soon she was flooded with many women surrounding her in pleasure at something as simple as a smirk- She had to physically swat away the anime hearts as they floated around her head, annoying her to no end.

"Ladies…" She called to them in a cooling voice- Which was the worst thing she could have done-

"Ahh~~!" They squealed again.

"His deep voice is so attractive!"

"Ladies." She tried again. "Remove yourself from my person…" She ordered them.

"So forceful!" One of them cooed and the number of hearts tripled. Reaching up, she ran her hand through her hair in annoyance-

"Ahh~~!" They cheered again. "Handsome!" She growled. Why does everything she do, they find attractive in some strange way?

"I absolutely love your hair Kagome!"

"Yeah and I-"

"I believe that's enough ladies." Another deep voice called to them. They all turned around to see Kyoya, who was scribbling something down on his clip board. "Kagome is not a part of the Host Club as a true member, and is just here to assist in our errands." He had to remind them yet again that she wasn't a host.

"Aww~" They all seemed very upset by this fact, but separated from her none-the-less. She gave a small sigh of relief, glad they finally dispersed.

"No need to thank me…" He smirked, while pushing up his glasses with his finger.

High School 2nd Year, Kyoya Ootori: "Vice-President"

"…" She just looked at him, bored, before turning around and walking away from him. She walked up to where Haruhi was standing, just at the moment when she was finished making the coffee.

"Let the tasting begin." Tamaki announced, while striking a small pose, body sparkling in delight.

"I'm a little scared to drink this stuff." The four girls who received their cups looked down at them, unsure.

"I'm afraid that if I drink this my father will yell at me." Another one spoke her thoughts.

"Well…" Suddenly he grabbed the woman and placed her into a very low and passionate dip, their faces nearly inches apart. "Would you drink it if I gave it to you Mouth-to-mouth?" He asked, his eyes sparkling as he gave her a lovely smile.

"O-of course…" She answered. All the females around squealed in joy, hearts filling their eyes.

"This is ridiculous…" Haruhi mumbled, and walked away.

Kagome smirked and placed her bag onto the table, then followed her. She on the other hand found the whole ordeal to be quite entertaining…

Kagome walked through the room, a tray of a very expensive tea set in her care. Even though the set was worth more then she could count- She was only carrying it with one hand, the other was lazily tucked into her pocket as she strolled through the area.

A tried sigh escaped her lips- She could feel many eyes on her person as half of the female population in the room was staring at her. Not only that, but anything she did they would either sigh in delight or squeal in joy, flooding the room in hearts…

"…" She stopped at the table that was set for the twins, and started to place their new cups onto it. They paid her no mind and continued their conversation as if she wasn't even there.

"So he had this nightmare that made him bolt up right out of bed." Hikaru gave a small laugh as he told his story.

"Hikaru!" He called his brother's name. "Don't tell them that story." He begged. Suddenly he pulled back and placed his hand onto his chin and looked onto the ground, seemly heartbroken. "I asked you not to tell anyone that…" Small tears fell from the corners of his eyes and he pouted. "Why are you so mean to me?"

"I'm sorry Kaoru…" Hikaru whispered, slightly surprised by his brother's tears. "I didn't mean to upset you…" He spoke softly to him, while gripping his chin and forcing him to look up into his eyes. He bent down extremely close to his face, and had a gentle expression. "But you were so adorable when it happened, I had to tell them." He confessed. "I'm sorry…"

"I forgive you…" Kaoru answered.

High School 1st Years, Hikaru & Kaoru Hitachiin: "The 'very close' Hitachilin twins"

"Ah~!" The two females who were watching squealed in delight, faces red. "It's the beautiful brotherly love!"

"…" She slowly closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, trying not to seem upset by their silly antics.

"Oh my god they are totally cute~" The females continued to go on about how lovely the twins are.

Taking her empty tray she proceeded to go back to the supply room, and placed the tray down for later usage. When she exited she noticed two familiar faces walk into the club.

"Sorry, we're running late…" Honey yawned out tiredly, while rubbing his eye. He was riding in Mori's back, as the two strolled into the room.

"Hello Honey! Hey, Mori! We've been waiting for so long…" One of the females who requested them spoke up. There were four of them to be precise, and they were sitting in pairs on two separate couches.

"I fell asleep while waiting for Takashi at the Kendo Club." He told them, as Mori gently placed the boy onto the floor.

High School 3rd Year, Mitsukuni Haninozuka: " 'Honey' for short"

"Hmm…" Mori just hummed in response, as usual not saying much.

High School 3rd Year, Takashi Morinozuka: " 'Mori' for short"

She watched as they both sat down on the couch, Honey on one, while Mori sat on the other.

"I'm still kinda sleepy…" Honey gave a cute look as he rubbed his eyes sleepily and yawned. The females cried in joy and hearts started to float around their heads while squealing 'cute'

For some reason she felt a strong pull towards them, so she followed her instincts and walked to them. When she arrived she was behind the couch Mori was sitting on, but everyone wasn't paying attention to her, they were all watching and listening to Honey as he went on about sweets.

Honey looked very young, but she wasn't surprised with the fact that he was really older then her- He must grow slowly for some reason, but she didn't bother to question why, it was none of her business.

She glanced up and spotted Haruhi talking with Kyoya, probably about Honey and Mori- She then watched as Honey jumped out of his chair and ran towards Haruhi with this favorite stuffed rabbit in his hands.

She looked back at Mori and watched him, as he kept a close eye on Honey while the boy continued to chat with Haruhi. As she openly stared into Mori's black hair, her mind started to wonder. He doesn't talk much- Does he? She smirked at the idea. He really is the 'Strong and Silent' Type.

Reaching up she gently placed her hand onto his head to catch his attention. He blinked, before slowly looking away from the boy and turning his head to focus his eyes on her, his usual indifferent expression adorned his face.

"I like you." She confessed, a smirk on her face.

"…!" He looked at her slightly surprised.

"Unlike the others you're quiet." She told him her reason. She then patted his head in encouragement, before leaving their conversation at that, walking away just as Honey came back from his small talk with Haruhi. She then closed her eyes and gave a pleased smirk-

"Ah~~!" The squeal of many females fell onto her ears. She sighed in disappointment, and she didn't take but two more steps before she was surrounded by females yet again. "So wild!" They complimented her, but she just ran her fingers through her hair in annoyance- Which only caused them to scream more.

"You're pestering squeals do nothing but annoy me, ladies." She told them plainly, while a growl rumbled through her chest in warning. "If you wish to please me, you are going about it the wrong way, I assure you." Yet her words went unheard as they continued to fawn over her.

"The sound of your growls make my body tremble." One of the women confessed, her face red as a tomato. "Hearing your deep voice makes my heart pound." The other women agreed, crying in glee.

Her growl only deepened, and she clinched her jaw in frustration. Her hands balled into fists until her knuckles grew white. Unable to take the yells and hearts floating around her any longer, she roared in anger and slammed her fist against the helpless marble pillar, stationed beside her, sending a trimmer of power across the whole room.

After taking out her rage on the poor pillar, she felt calmer- Suddenly all the women shrilled in pleasure, and they practically turned into jell-o, instantly fainting onto the floor in shock from the sudden demonstration of strength. Even though they were passed out, hearts were still floating above their heads in a daze.

"…" She slowly removed her hand from the pillar, and when she did, a large crack split the stone beam in two, before it burst into tiny unrecognizable particles, which were carried into the wind. It was at that moment she was glad the pillar was used for decoration, and didn't actually support the floors above-

"I'll just put that onto the dept Haruhi owe us…" A sneaky voice called beside her, and she wasn't surprised that it came from Kyoya, as he scribbled quickly onto the clipboard he always carried around. Damn…

Kagome then decided it was best to leave, so she walked over to Haruhi, who was talking with Tamaki. Unbeknown to her, Mori was watching her the whole time, impressed…

"Kagome." She called to her once she was by her side. "What was that about?" She asked, looking up at her as she held Honey's favorite bunny in her arms.

"…" She shrugged, not caring.

"You too, Kagome, should treat women with more respect." Tamaki tired to lecture her as well. "You have to learn to be a gentleman and please the ladies, like me." He struck a lovely pose while roses surrounded him. This is what they have been talking about while she was gone?

"That's not what really matters, is it?" Haruhi asked. Her question surprised him greatly, shocking him out of his pose. "Men, women, or looks. Its what's inside that matters for a person, right?" She sighed. "I don't even understand why you have a host club like this."

"Such a cruel thing, really…" He told her, causing a small agitated growl to flow from Haruhi's lips. "Its not often that god creates a perfect person like moi~, beautiful both inside and out."

"Say what?"

"I understand how you feel, since not everyone is as blessed as I am. You must consol yourself like that, otherwise how would you go on living?" He then continued his speech, mindless of the sweat-drop rolling down Haruhi's head. "And think about this Haruhi-" It was at that moment the female stopped listening to him.

"There is a word for people like him…" Haruhi mumbled, placing her hand onto her chin in thought.

"Why do you think they put works of art in museums?" Tamaki continued talking, unaware she wasn't listening. "Yes, beautiful things show themselves off because that is their duty!" He answered his own question, while twirling around in different poses as he spoke. "And so, for the people who crave beauty, I stood up and established this club…"

"Hmm…what was it?" Haruhi was still trying to figure out what the word was.

"Working day and night in pursuit of beauty!" His eyes sparkled with joy as he went on and on, talking to himself.

"Aw man, I wish I could remember that word."

"It may be unnecessary with your looks, but let me pass unto you my elegant techniques." Out of nowhere he pulled out a glass. "When you put down a glass cup, you must always use your pinky as a cushion first." He demonstrated by gently placing his pink on the table first. "That way there won't be a loud sound." And indeed, there wasn't as much sound when he gently placed the glass onto the wooden furniture. "Doesn't it look classer this way?" He asked with a bright smile, running his hand through his hair.

"Troublesome?" She mumbled to herself, still thinking.

"A gentleman should not make ungraceful sounds." He stated.

"A pain in the neck?"

"And I love to see my reflection in the glass." He grinned.

"There's something that sits him perfectly…" Haruhi was just having a hard time finding it. Kagome was trying not to smirk as she watched the comical scene play out.

"And above all else Haruhi…" He then started to walk towards her again in a hurried pace, before crouching down to her eye-level, if not a tiny bit lower. "A glance from a lower angle is very effective." He gave her a lovely smile, his eyes sparkling in delight as he gave her a lovely pose, hand under his chin, glancing at her.

"Ah~! I got it!" She gently pound her hand onto her other one, showing she finally found the word.

"Did your heart pump a little faster-"


"Ah-!" All blood drained from his body as the look of horror showed on his face. He then appeared into the nearest corner and sulked.

"Tamaki-Senpai?" She looked upon his depressed form and sighed.

"Hmm…" Kagome smirked at the outcome, enjoying the look of the 'fallen' prince. The sounds of the twin's laughter fell into her ears and she watched as they appeared out of nowhere and patted Haruhi on the head in praise.

"You are a hero after all." They spoke at the same time.

"I'm sorry." Haruhi apologized, trying to get the man out of his slump. "Actually, I was very touched by your lesson."

"I see. I see." Tamaki stood up and flashed her a smile, quickly getting over his depression. He recovered fast- "Then let me teach you more techniques!" He puffed out his chest slightly proud, while reaching out his hand for her.

"Boss?" Hikaru questioned.

"Call me king!" He corrected him, while wiggling his fingers from his outstretched hand.

"Even if you taught him the basics of being a host-" Hikaru started to speak again, but Kaoru finished his sentence.

"He's not going to get very far with the ladies if he doesn't look the part, you know?" Kaoru then walked around Haruhi till he was standing in front of her. "He's not exactly host club material, but-" He then reached out and started to pull off her glasses. "Maybe if we took off his glasses it will help-" The twin's eyes widened in surprise.

"Hey, I need those!" She objected. "I use to have contacts but I lost them…"

Suddenly everyone was around them, and they all stared at her in disbelieve- A loud rumble made the whole room tremble in a small quake as Tamaki charged towards her. He then forcefully shoved the two stunned twins apart, making room for him to see.

"…" He gave a small gasp of amazement, staring at her wide-eyed. He then raised his hand and snapped his fingers. "Hikaru, Kaoru!" He called for them.

"Got it!" They already understood what he wanted, and grabbed Haruhi arms, dragging her away.

"Hey-!" She tried to persist "What are you-!" The door then slammed behind them as they ran into the preparation room.

"Kyoya! My hairstylist." He ordered, pointing towards him. Yet the man was already one step ahead of him, already dialing the number. The cell phone gave a few beeps as he pressed the last few digits. "Mori! Go to the doctor and get some contact lenses!" Without even saying anything the tall male dashed off for the nurse's office.

"What about me, Tama-chan!" Honey beamed out, as he popped his head into his vision, wanting to do something important. Small cute flowers floated around his head as he stared at him with large eyes.

"Honey you…"

"Yeah? Yeah!" His smile grew.

"…go have some cake."

"Everyone else is busy doing things…" Honey mumbled to himself as he sat at a table with is rabbit, nibbling on a cake, slightly depressed. Kagome couldn't help but smile at the small boy, before slowly walking towards the dressing room, along with the rest of the club members.

Everyone was waiting inside the prep room, while Haruhi finished getting dressed behind a wall of curtains-

"Umm, Senpai?" Haruhi's unsure voice flowed from beyond the curtain.

"Yes?" He asked. "You finished putting it on?" He asked curiously. She then pulled back the fabric, revealing a lovely and adorable bright-eyed beauty.

"Is it okay for me to take this?" She asked. Her hair was all fixed up, she no longer was wearing glasses, and she looked nice in the school's 'male' uniform-

"You look just like a girl!" Tamaki spoke up, while tears of joy fell from his eyes. He had his hands over his cheeks and a blush showed on his face. "You look so cute!"

A smirk showed on Kagome's face as she stood beside Mori. Took the words right out of her mouth- So to speak.

"Haru-chan, you're so cute!" Honey complimented her in a sweet voice.

"If we would have known that's how you really looked-" Hikaru started to speak.

"We would have helped you out sooner." Kaoru finished for him.

"Who knows, maybe he will draw in some customers?" Kyoya stated, while pushing his glasses up with his finger.

"Yes, just as I predicted!" Tamaki held his finger in the air, as if he knew it the whole time. Yet we all knew it was bullcrap- "Our errand boy is moving up the ranks! Starting today, you're an official member of the Host Club!" He announced, pointing his finger at Haruhi. "I'll personally train you into a first-class host. If you gather a hundred customers to request your service, we will completely forget about your debt." He spoke with a grin.

"A host?" Haruhi sighed.

"Hey, does that mean Gome-chan is going to become a host too!" Honey suddenly squeaked out, making everyone look towards her.

"…" She gave an annoyed sigh, shoving her hands into her pocket.

"If I'm not mistaken you did say you were here for Haruhi and I quote 'Whatever he does I will assist him'. " Kyoya stated with a smirk, swindling his way into making her become a host as well.

"…" She looked at Haruhi, and saw she was looking at her with her large brown orbs- "Whatever..." She shrugged, her hands still in her pocket. Haruhi smiled, and she looked away from the happy girl, wondering if she made the right choice.

Those damned yellow buffalo better stay away, she thought. A heated glare in her eyes told of what was to become of them if they got too close…


Kagome was sitting by the large framed window, over looking a very beautiful scene that was outside. Like usual, her hands were in her pocket, while one leg dangled from the edge, and her back pressed against the wall. It was quite comfortable, since the widened area was fixed like an extra chair, lined with cushions. A small lock of hair slowly drifted into her face, she sighed, before inhaling deeply and blowing the offending hair away from her vision.

"Ahh~~!" A squeal of delight came from her side. She slowly turned towards them.

Several feet back were a line of women, who were standing there, just admiring her from afar. She smirked, staring at the red velvet rope that separated the group of women and her- It was placed around her personal area where she was able to watch out of the window. The place that she deemed 'her territory'.

After the first few 'accidents' when a few of the ladies got too close- they placed the flimsy border around her and the chatty females, to protect them from further harm. Of course the doctor bill was also added to the debt, yet she didn't care, as long as those annoying women kept their distance.

Now she was treated as if she was an animal, being kept at a zoo. Surrounded by people constantly looking at her, while they stayed beyond the rope line- There was also a sign, placed so everyone could see, and in bold red letters said: "Do not feed wild host" and in fine print stated 'He has not been fully trained and we do not take reasonably for what might happen…'

She smirked, finding herself enjoying this 'host' job- Now that they were no longer bothering her with their nonsense questioning and nagging. Yet it was slightly odd that they still request her, and in such large numbers. It's as if they liked staring at her, as she does nothing in particularly, finding pleasure in knowing that if they got too close- She wouldn't hesitate in killing them.

'Wanting to obtain the unattainable.' As someone so kindly put it. They were rich people who could get whatever they wanted, because they had the money to do so, and she suddenly changes that. They can't have her, no mater what large amount of money they flash at her, or try to please her with, and that somehow excites them- that and the fact that she's violent and uncontrollable-

"Isn't he handsome?" One of the girls started to swoon over her. Quickly joined by others.

"So cold. It makes my heart beat that much faster-!"

"Kagome-!" Another one called to her. She decided to humor the woman and looked towards her. The girl gasped, surprised she actually looked- She then smirked, and the girl screamed in delight, before fainting. The other girls started to go into a crazed frenzy, hearts flying everywhere.

"Kagome! Kagome! Look over here!" Many of them screamed. "No-! Look at me!" They started to compete.

"Look Kagome! I have cake!" Another one shouted above the rest, while holding out a plate of cake in her hands, her arms stretching well beyond the velvet rope line.

They all started to scream at the woman for cheating- That is until she calmly stood up, causing everyone to go completely silent, staring at her wide-eyed as she strolled to the girl gracefully. Once she was practically over top of the female she looked down at the plate coldly. Slowly she removed her hand from her pocket and grasped the plate, taking it away from the blushing female. Since it was in her 'territory' she decided that it was now 'hers'.

"I like cake…" She randomly confessed.

All the women once again went ballistic and started screaming, pulling out plates of cake from thin air, wanting her to try theirs instead. She ignored the yells, tuning them out, as she picked up the fork that was lying on the plate. With calm motions she separated a small nibble of cake from the rest. All the girls once again went quiet and watched with large eyes as she opened her mouth, just enough to slide the fork between her lips.

"Vanilla…" She mumbled the flavor, the fork bobbed up and down slightly, as it was still placed inside her mouth, resting on the corner of her lips.

"Eee~!" The girls cheered in delight, faces red with joy as they watched her.

She smirked, which only caused them to heighten their squawking pitches, almost causing her to go deaf. A movement to her side caused her to glance out of the corner of her eyes. She looked on as a bold girl dared to crouch beneath the rope line, and into her territory. Her eyes narrowed at the female, as the foolish woman who was drunk in love, reached out, about to touch her-

"No!" A deep shout sounded above the crowd and a blur whizzed past her, tackling the crazed fan girl to the ground, saving her. Kagome could only blink, almost stunned as she witnessed Mori slowly stand up, while holding the girl in his arms.

"Stop Drop Roll! Stop Drop Roll!" The familiar voice of Tamaki yelled out while waving his hands above his head frantically.

"It's okay Tamaki-Senpai." Haruhi reassured him. "Mori saved her."

"…" The tall male then crossed over the velvet rope, one leg at a time, before placing the dazed girl onto her feet carefully. The other females squealed at the 'knightly rescue'.

"What are you doing?" Kagome asked him, while the fork continued to bob up and down, still in her mouth. After all, she has yet to punish the female for going into her territory.

"Hmm…" He has an indifferent look on his face as he thought back.

Moments before…

Mori was watching Mitsukuni talk to the girls, and yet was still amazed at how the small boy was somehow still able to stuff his face with cake while doing so. He closed his eyes slowly, and released a sigh-

"Mori!" A worried shout called to him.

He snapped his eyes open and turned his head to face the noise. He spotted Tamaki looking at him, horrified, while pointing somewhere- His eyes widened slightly as he watched a girl crawl under the rope and reach out to touch Kagome- He turned serious and bolted towards her…

"…" He just looked at her, not giving her an answer, and she was unaware of the small memory that was playing in his mind.

"Fine, don't tell me…" She walked towards him and patted his back in encouragement, before turning around and walking away from him, cake in hand. She guessed she could forgive him this one time-

Mori gave a sigh as he watched her sit back down at the window, slowly eating her cake. Glad she wasn't going to harm the girl.

"I am sorry to say this ladies but that is enough." Kyoya's deep voice called out, making everyone turn towards him. "Kagome will no longer be taking any requests for today."

"Aww~" Once they heard his words they all pouted, but listened to him none-the-less, and slowly dispersed. When all the females were gone both Mori and Kyoya looked at Kagome, watching her as she calmly continued to eat her cake, as if nothing was wrong.

"I do hope his violent nature does not harm anymore of our guests…" Kyoya mumbled while pushing his glasses up with his finger. "He hasn't seriously injured anyone… yet." Strongly emphasizing on the word 'yet' "But if he does, we would be forced to kick him out of the club…"

"…" Mori nodded his head in understanding.

"Shame really, he has already attracted many profits- I mean, guests…" He corrected himself, a smirk on his face. He then scribbled a few things down on his clipboard while walking away.

"Hmm…" Mori gave a slight hum as he stayed there, watching Kagome a few moments longer.

"I like you." He confessed, a smirk on his face. "Unlike the others you're quiet." He told him the reason.

"Be forced to leave the Host Club…" He repeated Kyoya's words. A saddened look showed on his face, before he turned around and walked back to his table.

Next day…

Mori was sitting on the couch, listening to the small chatter of the girls around him, while Mitsukuni entertained them. The girls then squealed at some cute act the boy did, causing the quiet man to sigh. A small, unnoticeable wrinkle appeared above his brow and he closed his eyes. Slowly he raised his hand and placed his nose between his thumb and pointer, gently rubbing the bridge between his eyes in small circles.

"…" After a few moments he ceased his message and removed his hand, feeling slightly better.

He then continued to watch over Mitsukuni with an indifferent look on his face- A soft touch on his head caused him to pause, and look behind him, at the person who was touching him. He was slightly surprised to see that it was Kagome, looking down at him with his piercing blue orbs.

"Here…" He reached his hand down, placing it in front of his chest. He looked at his closed hand, not sure what he wanted- "Take it…" He moved his hand around slightly annoyed.

"…" He raised his hand till it hovered below his, palm out. Kagome then opened his hand, and something fell into his palm.

He looked at it and raised a small delicate eyebrow, seeing that he gave him a small tied pouch, about the size of a golf ball. He reached out with his other hand and opened the tiny bag, and saw that there was some kind of green powder inside. He looked away from the powder and back towards him, a questioning look on his face.

"Just use a pinch, nothing more, it's very powerful." He told him. He just continued to stare at him, unsure. "You have a headache, don't you?" He asked. His words caused his expression to change to that of slight shock and surprise. "Put a pinch of that into your drink." He ordered. "Its made with the best herbs- Picked and grounded them myself, so you should know its works…" Mori's expression softened as he looked at the male. "Those women's screeches were making my head hurt so I made it- but you can take it, I have more at my house."

"Thank you…" He showed his appreciation and nodded his head.

"…" Kagome reached out and ruffled his hair, smirking.

A rare smile showed on his face, and he grabbed a pinch of the power, as he was instructed, and placed it into his drink. He closed the bag back up and placed it into his pocket. Reaching over he grabbed his drink and took a small slip, allowing the medical tainted liquid it to slide down his throat. He was still surprised that Kagome even figured out that he had a headache-

"…?" He felt his mind start to tingle, as the wave of throbs slowly started to diminish. That was fast-

"Have you seen Haruhi?" Kagome's voice flowed into his ears yet again. He shook his head no. "Hmm… Wonder why he's late." He mumbled to himself.

"Tama-chan already left to look for him." Mitsukuni answered him.

"I see…" He gave a sigh, and placed his hands into his pockets in boredom.

"Why are you here, Gome-chan?"

"Kyoya released me of my host duties today as well." He confessed. "Punishment for yesterday's events I guess…" He shrugged, that fact obviously not affecting him. "It's not really a punishment since I don't like those stuffy women fawning over me like that." He reached up and ran his fingers through his hair in annoyance. "Besides, it's not my fault that chick crawled under the rope and almost touched me-"

"Hmm…" He nodded. "But you were going to hit her." He stated. "If that happened you would have been kicked out."

"Yeah, you should thank Takashi for saving her, 'cause that also saved you from being yelled at." Mitsukuni added. "And take it from me- Being yelled at isn't fun…" The small boy pouted.

"…I guess." He sighed and reached down, placing his hand on Mori's chest. A small blush showed on the quiet man's cheeks. "Hmph…" He snorted, and then gave his chest a rough pat. The strong thumps echoed throughout his body, causing him to shiver at the treatment.

"Welcome." He took that gesture as a 'Thank you.'

"…" He pulled his hand away and shoved it back into his pocket. "I'll be more careful from now on I guess- Getting fired from a job you hate is embarrassing…"

"Yeah!" Mitsukuni chirped, giving a small laugh.

"…" Kagome then looked from Mitsukuni to him, and their orbs locked onto each other. For a few moments the two men just stared at one another, not saying anything.

He knew that Kagome was strong, and disliked anyone who touched him. Though he doesn't know the reason, he noticed that he enjoys touching others, mostly on the head- Him in particular. This would be the second time he has done so in the few days that he has known the person.

Not only that but he gave him a small token, to help him with his headache. He looked down at the drink in his hand, his reflection staring back at him. He is a lone person, not liking the company of others. He doesn't care what others think of him, and seems quick to sort to violence if something rubs him the wrong way. Yet he openly stated that he 'liked' him, and seems attracted to Haruhi as well- He sighed. Kagome is such a strange and difficult person to figure out…

"Haruhi…" Kagome spoke the rookie's name.

Mori looked up from his cup and spotted both Tamaki and Haruhi walking through the door's and into the room. Kagome then calmly strolled over to the two men. The young boy smiled and laughed happily as the tough male ruffled his hair in greeting, similar to how he was treated moments before.

Tamaki then flashed Kagome a bright smile, also wanting a warm welcome. The fierce man gave the king a cold glare, causing the once cheery man to back away, before going into a corner to sulk in depression.

"…" Mori closed his eyes and gave a soft chuckle, taking another sip of his drink.

Kagome sighed in boredom while sitting next to Mori on the couch. She had her eyes closed, hands in her pockets, and feet on the table, ankles crossed. Awhile back, Tamaki tried to get her to remove her boots from the expensive furniture, but one killing intended glare his way, sent him running off into the nearest corner to sulk in tears- She smirked, just remember it.

After all today was the day she had off from hosting. In the small time she had to herself she decided to spend it sitting next to Mori. Unlike the others, if she sat next to him he would not question it, and like she predicted, he has not spoken a single word to her- She enjoyed that very much…

Though he has not spoken, just being there did much for her. His deep breathing and soothing scent relaxed her to the point where she thought she would fall asleep. He has such a delicious aroma, and his tasty caramel scent tickled her nose whenever she was close to him. She took a deep breath and sighed, feeling her body slouch further into the soft cushions of the couch.

Honey was chatting away, and even though the females around them squirmed, crying in joy whenever he did something cute- As long as she was near Mori, she found the sound to be worth enduring, almost to the point where they started to become unnoticeable gnats buzzing in the wind- A loud crash, followed by a scream filled her ears, and she snapped her eyes open, looking around.

"No Haruhi! Leave me alone! Somebody help! He just suddenly attacked me!" Some girl was wailing. Her eyes narrowed when she realized it was her- She promised to rip her tongue out, if she ever spoke to her again-

Haruhi was practically on top of the woman as she was screaming her head off for someone to help. The table was tipped over and all of the items on top of it were smashed to pieces. Haruhi just looked down at the girl in both shock and confusion. Kagome quickly figured out what was happening and a deep growl rumbled through her chest.

"I'll kill her-" She launched herself off of the couch, as the image of ripping that floozy's head off, flooded her mind. Suddenly a hand gripped her wrist, stopping her from causing the woman a slow and painful death.

"Don't." Mori's deep voice called, tightening his grip on her.

"…" She looked away from the man and back at Haruhi, just as the twin's pored pitchers of water on top of them. The room went deadly silent as all eyes were on the woman.

"Why did you do that?" She asked. Tamaki then stepped up to her, and bent down, helping the woman to stand on her feet. "Do something Tamaki, Haruhi just assaulted me-"

"I'm disappointed in you." He stated. "You threw his bag into the pond, didn't you?" He asked. Though Kagome didn't know what he was talking about, she was angered that the vile woman would do such a thing. So that's why she was late coming to the club today-

"You don't know that! Do you have any proof that I did?" She tried to defend herself, doing a bad job of it.

"You're quite beautiful." Tamaki spoke again. "But you are not classy enough to be our guest, dear." He told her. "Because there's one thing that I know, Haruhi is not that kind of a man." He stated, sending her a small angered look.

"Tamaki." The girl looked at him, shocked he would take Haruhi's side. "You idiot!" The woman then ran off, out of the room. Kagome smirked, enjoying how he handled it. Once Mori realized she wasn't going to kill the girl, he finally let go of her wrist.

"Hmm…" Tamaki then hummed to himself. "How am I going to punish you, because it is your fault after all…" He mumbled to himself, yet loud enough for all to hear. "Your quota is now 1,000!" He yelled out.

"What?" Kagome's eyes narrowed in anger and she growled at the prince. How dare he- She once again felt Mori's strong hold on her wrist, stopping her from strangling the prince. "Don't stop me Mori." She told him. He was surprised she called him by his nickname and a small blush, that went unnoticed by her at the moment, went across his nose. "I won't be able to stand all the hearts and screams of these females any longer…" She clinched her teeth in anger. "Their yells give me headaches- He expects me to wait and try to comply to 500 of them!" She split the duty in half with Haruhi. 500 'yellow buffalos' each.

"Calm yourself…" He tried to relax her, and pulled her back down onto the couch roughly.

"Calm myself!" She repeated his words, snapping her head towards him and glared at him in anger. "You think I'm just going to-" He placed his large hand onto her head, in silent reassurance. The motion surprised her greatly and she instantly stilled, eyes slightly widened.

A gentle hand reached up, caressing her cheek, before resting onto her head in silent reassurance.

It reminded her so much like him

"…" She looked down, her anger quickly vanishing. She sighed in defeat and closed her eyes.

"Hmm…" He hummed, and then ruffled her hair, a small smile on his face. "Good."

She gave a huff, but did not tell him to remove his hand…

They all were inside the prep room once again, standing outside the curtains. They were waiting for Haruhi to finish changing into the extra uniform Kyoya gave her, because her other one got soaked from the events before hand.

"Haruhi, here you go." Tamaki spoke up while walking to the curtain, towels in his hand. "I brought you some towels." He told her.

He pushed the curtain open, revealing Haruhi as she was taking off her buttoned shirt. Underneath was a strapped blouse, showing off her 'feminine' chest area. Though the girl didn't have much in stock at that region, it was still obvious that 'he' was really a 'she'.

By the reaction on everyone's faces, she realized that the others already knew this fact as well- Except for the air-headed prince.

He released his hold on the curtain, allowing it to fall back into place, and he backed away from the fabric, towels still in hand. A stunned expression was on his face, as if it was difficult to comprehend.

"Haruhi!" He called to her again.

"Yes?" She answered calmly from the other side of the curtain, as if nothing happened.

"Y-You're a girl?" He asked.

"Biologically speaking, yeah." She stated as if it was obvious, after all, it said so on her student ID card, that she was indeed female. She then pulled back the curtain, revealing the female 'extra' uniform that Kyoya provided her. And she must add that it looked just as comfortable on her as the male uniform.

"Ahh!" Tamaki shouted as he was scratching his head in shock, practically pulling out his hair.

"Listen Sempai." Haruhi started a small speech. "I don't really care if you guys recognize me as a boy or a girl." She stated. "I believe it's more important for someone to be recognized for who they are, rather then what gender they are."

"Well isn't this an interesting development." Kyoya added, a smirk on his face. He definitely knew she was female from the beginning.

"Oh, yeah~" The twins agreed.

"Ah." She spoke softly. "But I thought you were pretty cool earlier, Senpai." She confessed with a smile.

"Ahh~" He gave a small gasp and placed his hand over his mouth. His face turned completely cherry red at her compliment. Kagome smirked, enjoying his embarrassment.

"Being a host and being fussed over by a bunch of girls might not be so bad." Haruhi finally told them, another smile on her face. Her comment made the prince turn pale in shock.

"If only Kagome was that positive…" Kyoya stated looking towards her, while pushing up his glasses, obviously hinting that she needed a change in attitude- Not going to happen.

"Hmm… might be possible if he removed that cold glare-" Tamaki added, while reaching up, about to touch her cheek. Instantly she grabbed his wrist before he had the chance, squeezing the frail appendage until she heard a snap-

"Touch me and I'll kill you…" She growled at him in warning.

High School 1st Year, Kagome Higurashi: "Touch me and I'll kill you…"