Mori closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. Feeling the calming aura around him, he tightened the hold on his katana. Slowly, he felt his body sink into an eased state, and he knew he was ready. Rising his blade above his head, he mumbled between his lips as his muscles tightened, ready to attack—A loud ringing from his pants caused him to freeze in his assault and he sighed.

"…" He lowered his blade, and reached into his pocket. Flipping the phone open, he placed the object to his ear. "Yeah?" He greeted.

"Ah, Mori. You answered." The cooling voice of Kyoya was heard on the other line. "I take it that you are not busy."

"…" He glanced at the training target that stood before him. He raised his hand, which still held the sword, and in one swift flick he silently cut the target in half. He watched as it gave a soft thud, falling onto the ground, before looking away, back towards his cell phone. "No."

"Good. I was wondering if you wanted to go to Haruhi's house?" He hummed. "The others are of course coming. Honey has already agreed to tag along."

"Sure." He answered rather quickly.

"That's great. Tamaki will be pleased." He paused. "Now, if you would just give me Kagome's phone number, I will call him and ask him to join us as well…" You could hear the soft click as he adjusted his glasses. His voice held a certain pleased tone, as if he was planning something. "I don't have it at the moment, and I knew he probably gave you the number, since you are so close…"

"Alright." Mori opened his mouth to answer him, but then he paused. "…" It was at that moment he realized something…

He doesn't have Kagome's phone number…

The sound of tapping echoed in the otherwise quiet room. Every so often there would be a pause, before the crackle of a page being turned. Reading over the words inked onto the white paper, she sighed. The tapping finally stopped, as she placed the pencil onto the table. Raising her now empty hand, she ran her fingers though her hair in annoyance.

"I don't understand any of this…" She mumbled, pulling her legs into an Indian style position, and put her hand onto her knee. Her other hand rested on her cheek in frustration as she closed her eyes in thought—

"I'm only giving you a peek." A familiar voice entered her ears, slightly muffled by the locked front door.

"That must be Haruhi." Kagome realized, smiling in relief. She is back from the store already? Good, she was starving—

"Only three seconds, then you have to leave."

"But I bought you a gift Haru-chan." The cute voice caused Kagome's eyes to widen in surprise. "I brought cakes!"

"Oh, shit…" Quickly she gathered all the things on the table and into her arms.

"Well…" Haruhi's tone faded with uncertainty. "I guess I can let you stay for a little longer." She gave in to the sweet temptation, and inserted her key into the doorknob, unlocking it.

"…!" Frantically Kagome looked around, before rushing to the closet and stuffing all of the material inside, shutting the door tightly.

Mori watched from the back as the door creaked open, revealing the place where Haruhi lived. At first glance he found it to be rather short for his tall stature. The area in which you entered had the kitchen off to the side, with a door not too far away that probably leads to the bedrooms. Just out of line of his vision, the living room, which seemed to take up half of the room, was separated with a shoji door. After a few quiet seconds passed for them to absorb the small apartment building, Kyoya spoke.

"A wood-built, two bedroom unit." His cooling statement showed his knowledge on such accommodations. "That's normal for-" Kyoya paused.

"…?" Mori glanced up, and his eyes widened when he saw a familiar face emerge from the living room, finally within their sight. The others gapped in shock, while Tamaki's jaw dropped to the floor.

"Haruhi, finally. I'm starved-" Kagome gave off a tired yawn and ran his fingers though his hair as he causally appeared. "Ah…" He paused, making eye contact. "Fuck, it's you guys." His expression dropped to dull annoyance and he sighed. "And here I thought I was going to have Haruhi all to myself today…"

"K-Kagome!" Tamaki pointed angrily at him. "What are you doing here!"

"Yeah. What are you doing here?" The twins shrugged, curious.

"Well, if you must know." Reaching out, he gently wrapped his arms around Haruhi's neck, and rested his head onto her shoulder lightly. "I was enjoying some time alone with her."

"I knew it! You were doing lewd things to my daughter!"

"Now I know what kind of stuff goes on inside of your mind." Haruhi's face fell, as she glared dully at him.

"…" Kagome sighed. "I would never do such things to her!" His voice faded slightly as he smirked. "All of that was planned for tonight…"

"WHAT!" Tamaki's face turned cherry red from both anger and slight perverted thoughts, before he started screaming at Kagome. "How dare you even think about trying such indecent acts with-"

"Down, boy, down." With a simple flick of her hand the prince found himself lying on the floor, Kagome's bare foot placed onto his chest, holding him down.

"…" Mori glanced at Kagome as he continued to taunt Tamaki, a smile of amusement placed onto his usually cold façade.

Though he knew Kagome just said that to tease Tamaki, hearing those words come from his short companion's mouth, made his chest ache slightly. Just the thought of him having feelings for someone else, made his heart throb, and his body tense. How could he be jealous of a woman, over another man's possible affection? He questioned himself for the millionth time after that night at the beach house…

"Mori?" Kagome calling his name, caused him to blink and look down. "So you are here too?" He tilted his head slightly towards him.

"Yeah." He nodded. "…?" He noticed that everyone else had already taken off their shoes and entered, so he bent down and took off his pair as well.

"Why does he have to be so mean to me?" Tamaki was whining in the background as he walked into the living room, mumbling to himself and wiping away his large tears.

"Idiot Prince." Kagome smirked, rolling his eyes in Tamaki's direction. He then walked into the living room as well. Mori followed, the whole time he found his focus was placed onto the slider male in front of him—

"Ow." Something suddenly smacked into his forehead, causing him to flinch.

"Be careful!" Kaoru's exclaimed. "That light bulb is just hanging from the ceiling!"

"…" Reaching up he rubbed his head, plopping down in the living room with the others. "…?" He paused, feeling a touch onto his arm—"…!" Suddenly he was jerked downward, and he blinked, seeing familiar icy orbs in his vision.

"Hmm…" Kagome gave a hum as he looked closer at his injury. His warm touch was place onto his forehead. His cheeks started to heat up, his face so close to his, and finding his serious concern for him to be thoughtful- "There isn't a mark. You should be fine."

"…" As he felt him remove his hand, he resisted the urge to frown.

"I'm going to makes us some tea now." Haruhi's slightly irritated tone spoke up.

"I have an idea. Why don't you make this?" Hikaru pulled out an orange gift bag, decorated with simple flowers. "Its black tea that our dad brought back from Africa, as a souvenir."

"Alright." Haruhi reached out and gently took the bag out of his hand.

"Its best served as milk tea." Kaoru informed her.

"Hmm." She hummed, and turned around to go prepare it. "Where is the milk?" She was mumbling to herself, while she searched the kitchen.

Mori watched with slight amusement as Tamaki suddenly pulled the twins into a group huddle, whispering into their ears about something, seemingly worried about how they were treating Haruhi. As if she couldn't prepare the tea—

"I like your outfit." Kagome comment caused him to glance beside him, only to have a rush of blood go into his cheeks when he spotted him looking over his body with his piercing stare. Suddenly he reached out and touched his bare arm, gently gliding his fingers over his skin until he touched the trim of his vest.

"…" His blush deepened, and he fought back the chills that went though him from the simple contact. He watched as he played with his vest, before reaching down to his knee and tugging on his slacks, testing the material.

"It's different then what I usually see you in." He smirked, finally withdrawing his hand. "Looks good on you."

Mori glanced down, fully taking him in as well. He noticed how the black long-sleeved shirt hugged to his slender arms, and was long enough to go over his wrist and some of his palm, while the rest loosely draped over his body. His rather baggy cargo pants seemed excessive, but it couldn't hide the tone legs shaped beneath the tough material in the Indian style he was calmly sitting in. Lastly he found himself smiling as he saw his small toes poking out of the bottom of his outfit, his pants covering up the rest of his bare feet.

"You look nice too." Mori's expression softened towards him. He blinked, seeing a dot of color go onto Kagome's cheeks.

"Thank you."

"…" He hummed, seeing the blush already gone."…" He shook his head, he must have imagined it.

"Okay guys, the tea is ready." Haruhi sat down, placing all the cups in front of them. "Sorry not all the cups match."

"Here you go Haru-chan!" Mitsukuni pulled out his box of cakes, and happily placed them all out onto the table, flowers swirling around his head in joy. "You can choose your cake first!"

"You sure Honey?" Haruhi hummed, looking down at all the different choices in sweets. "In that case… Mmm. I'll have the strawberry."

Mori watched as everyone else picked their choice in dessert—

"You look so cute Haruhi." Kagome gently touched her on the head, giving her hair a gentle stroke.

"Thanks?" Her cheeks took on a small hue of pink, and she took a nibble of her cake. Kagome's eyes softened slightly, and Mori felt his heart tighten once again at the show of affection he gave her.

He has always treated Haruhi like that, why is it brothering him now?

"Gah~!" Tamaki whaled, along with the twins, fidgeting in their seats across the table as they stared at them in regret. "We should have said that!"

Glancing back towards Kagome, he watched as he placed his chocolate treat into his mouth. He paused, allowing the fork to dangle from his lips. The shorter male then focused his orbs on Haruhi's cake, before looking away and taking a small bite from his own again.

"…" Taking his fork, he gently scooped one of the many strawberries that was placed on top of his own cake, and gently slid it onto Kagome's plate. "Here."

"Mori?" Kagome questioned, the fork bobbing up and down in his mouth.

"I know you like them." He continued to give away his treat, until his cake was bare of the red fruit.

"Idiot." His expression softened, and small splash of color rose onto his cheeks, as he smiled at him.

"You're welcome." Reaching out, he gently ruffled his long hair, which caused him to chuckle at the rough treatment.

"Gome-chan?" Honey's voice spoke up as she ate her last bite of cake.

"Yeah?" She replied.

"Where's Krabby?" He asked innocently.

"I left him back at the house. I thought it would be best." She answered, placing the fork down on her plate. She looked around, noticing that everyone was already finished with their pieces as well.

"That's a relief." Tamaki mumbled mostly to himself.

"What was that, Foolish King?" Kagome smirked. "You scared of a little crab?"

"Well, his claws hurt!" He whined, waving his arms around.

"You are such a baby."

"..." Tears formed in his eyes as a gloomy aura went around his body. She hasn't seen that in a while—Her eyes widened when she watched him turn around, going to open the closet, to hide himself—

"No!" She shouted, but it was too late.

She watched helplessly as papers flew out of the closet and scattering all over the living room floor. Her book fell, landing on Tamaki's head, which caused her to chuckle at his expense as he lay on the floor, passed out. But her enjoyment didn't last long…

"Math problems?" Kyoya mumbled, amused to some degree as he bent down and picked up one of the papers. "With the wrong answers…" He added.

"10 percent?" Hikaru shrilled as he looked at the grade on one of the papers.

"Isn't this the test we took last week?" Kaoru spoke as he leaned over his brother's shoulder to take a look.

"Give me that!" Quickly, she reached across the table and snatched the paper from their hands. "It is none of your business!" She then got to her feet and started to pick up all the papers, before they could see—

"But Gome-chan, these grades are terrible!" Honey spoke, worried.

"That's what you get for sleeping in class…" Kyoya smirked, adjusting his glasses.

"I'm just not good at math, that's all…" She sighed, defeated. Slowly she picked up the scattered remains of her pride, gathering them in her arms.

"So that's why you were here." Tamaki's clam voice spoke, sitting up and rubbing his sore scalp. "Haruhi was helping you."

"I promised I wouldn't tell." Haruhi wiggled in her seat, looking down at the table.

"And I haven't really improved anyways." She paused, seeing a familiar tanned hand come into her vision as she reached out to pick up one of the sheets of paper.

"Here." He got to it first, and handed it to her.

"Thanks." She smiled softly at Mori's kindness, as he continued to help her pick up the papers.

"Why didn't you just come to me instead?" Kyoya questioned. "I would have helped."

"Yeah." Kagome's tone turned sour as she stared at him blankly. "For a price." She huffed.

"That's beside the point." He smirked. So he would've charged her after all… "I am quite capable enough to teach you."

"You are collective, and precise." With everything picked up, and gathered in her arms, she stood up, facing them. "You suck at explaining things." She blatantly blurted out "I need simple and easy explanations." She rolled her eyes. "Though Haruhi is a wonderful teacher, I'm still having trouble even with her help. If I tried listening to you, I would just end up more confused."

"Takashi could help!" Honey's cheerful voice spoke up.

"Me?" Mori blinked beside her, before glancing at her out of the corner of his eyes.

"Really?" She turned towards him, curious.

"Mori is a third year…" The twins pointed out.

"I don't mind..." The tallest member reached up, scratching the back of his head, his cheeks flushing with a tint of color.

"…" Shifting the papers into just one arm, she reached out with her free hand and patted him roughly on the chest. Her expression softened towards him, as she felt a wash of relief flood her. Whether she liked it or not, she has to pass, or else he would force her to take it all over again—and that was definitely not what she wanted.

"You're welcome." Feeling his cold hand touch her head, before playfully ruffling her hair.

"Hey." Hikaru spoke up, catching everyone's attention. "Isn't it about lunch time?" He was right. She was still hungry, and cake isn't really capable to fill up an empty stomach.

"So what's for lunch?" Tamaki and the twins asked, smiling.

"Will you guys quit being so happy-go-lucky all the time?" Haruhi mumbled with a deadpanned face.

"We'll take care of it." Kyoya stood up. "After all, we did drop in unexpectedly." He then started to reach into his pocket. "So we will pay for lunch. How about you order your favorite sushi?"

"Thanks, but no thanks. I know if I let you guys pay, I will only regret it later."

"Don't worry Haruhi-" Kyoya tried to say, but was interrupted.

"I'll pay for it." Placing the book and papers onto the table she hummed. Her words caused the usually cold man to freeze in his movements, slightly surprised.

"Oh, really?" This seemed to interest him. "You can pay for all of us, even if we gorge ourselves?"

"Yes." She snored, stuffing her hands into her pockets. "I owed a friend, and was going to pay him today, but I'm sure he won't mind waiting a few more days for his payment."

"How much do you owe him?" The twins seemed suspicious. "Enough to buy all of us food? That seems like a big debt to us."

"Just shut up." Kagome growled. "If you really don't want me to pay for it… fine."

"I really want Haru-chan to cook us something!" Honey jumped up, flowers swirling around his head in cuteness.

"Well, I guess I could whip something up…" Haruhi mumbled in reply.

"And I could help…" She offered.

"Yay! Gome-chan's crabs were great!" He recalled the meal he had at the beach house. "Just think of all the yummy things he could make!" The young boy licked his lips as he cheered.

"Yeah." Mori nodded.

"I'll have to go to the supermarket again…" Haruhi sighed dully.

"We are coming with you!" Hikaru spoke up.

"We want to see a commoner's supermarket." Kaoru added.

"Me too! Me too!" Honey waved his arms around, a bright smile on his face.

"This could be a learning experience." Kyoya reached up with his finger, adjusting his glasses back onto his nose.

"Yay~!" The twins cheered, running out of the apartment. "Commoner's supermarket! Commoner's supermarket!"

"This is going to be fun!" Honey followed happily.

"…" She shrugged, and went along with them as well. The sound of familiar footfalls of the quietest member behind her, caused a smile to appear on her face.

Kagome began to wonder why they were even here in the first place. Were they really here just to visit? She glanced over her shoulder for a moment, to look at the silent man who was walking behind her. She had a strong feeling it was because of Tamaki, but she kept the thoughts to herself.

Going back to watching where she was walking, she calmly started to go down the steps, to the lower floors -

"Kagome!" A cheerful voice called her name, making her pause in her decent down the stairs.

"…" She looked up, spotting a certain someone casually walking up the steps to meet her. "Ranka." She greeted, a small smile appeared on her face.

"So you did come to visit! How splendid!" He placed his hands together, smiling.

"Yeah, I still needed some help." She shrugged.

"Don't tell me you are leaving!" His overdramatic hurtful expression almost caused to her to chuckle. "I just got here! We have to talk!" He reached over, gently grasping her hand in his, after pulling them out of her pockets, and started to shake them up and down franticly.

"Don't worry." She calmly stopped the overactive handshake of doom, and gently placed his manicured hands close to her lips. "I am just going to the supermarket."

"Oh…" His makeup covered face took on a new set of red color onto his cheeks. "Then where is Haruhi?"

"She hasn't left the apartment yet, but she is coming."

"I see!" Pulling his hands out of her grasp, he gently patted her on the shoulder. "I'll go greet her then!" Kagome watched as he ran passed her, continuing up the stairs with a smile on his face.

"…?" Mori hummed curiously behind her.

"That was Ranka." She answered his unspoken question. "Haruhi's father."

"Father?" Mori repeated.

"…" She nodded. "Wait." She paused. "Isn't Tamaki still in the apartment too?" Finally realizing that small fact. She smirked. "This ought to be good…" She then walked up the stairs, going back to the apartment."

She was going to enjoy this…

When Kagome arrived back at that apartment, she found herself smirking, humming at her perfect timing. She hasn't missed anything; in fact, it was just starting to get good…

She waited behind Ranka, watching as Tamaki's face slowly drained of blood. He was on top of Haruhi, while they were both lying on the floor, and the Prince was like a deer, caught in the headlights—Speechless while looking head-on at his death.

Tamaki was either brave, or stupid… She opted for the latter choice—Obviously.

Ranka calmly walked up to them, and with a simple movement placed his hand onto Tamaki's shoulder, and shoved him off Haruhi. The man became light as a feather, as he soared off of her, landing face first on the wall. The impact was so hard, that it left an indent in the yellow colored barrier.

"…!" Quickly Kagome placed a hand over her mouth, to stop the amused laugh that escaped her lips.

"Hello Haruhi." Her dad greeted her with a smile, as if nothing happened. "I'm sorry I didn't come home last night, you must have been so lonely."

"He hit pretty hard…" Haruhi's eyes were wide, as she stared at the man still stuck to the wall from the hard force that put him there.

"It's not what it seemed…" Tamaki's hollow voice whispered, as he slowly peeled himself away from the wall.

"You should tell me how your day went while I was away!" Ranka smiled brightly. Tamaki's soft voice went unheard, as if he were a ghost.

"Honestly." That doesn't mean the Prince gave up. "Tell him Haruhi~" At this point the tears were so much, his face was soaked with the shame and defeat.

"Oh look here. It seems I have found an insect!" A deadly aura surrounded the man as he stomped on the prince, penning him to the floor. "Tell me, why are you calling my daughter with such formality!" It was almost too much for Kagome to handle, as she tried to control her laughter.

"Kagome!" Tamaki reached out to her with all his strength, from his defeated position on the floor, tears streaming down his face in both pain and sorrow. "Help me." He pleaded. "Please!"

"…" She paused, her eyes softening towards him, mostly in pity. "Tamaki…" She reached her hand out to him, and slowly bent down. "You poor thing. Here, let me help you…"

"…!" His eyes brightened slightly in hope, and he gave a small sigh of relief, as he stretched his hand further towards her.

"…" Gently she reached for him, a smile on her face. Finally, she took his hand within hers.

"Thank-!" His eyes widened, when he saw the gleam in her eyes, as her smile shifted into a crooked smirk, than the hold tightened until he almost flinched at the painful grip—His body drained and he gave a small squeal in fear.

"Oh, you're welcome~" She grinned. With a small flick, he found himself flying though the air, until he met his familiar friend, the wall—His face then greeted it generously as he slammed into it at full force, before slowly crumbling onto the floor in a jumbled mess of loose limbs. "It was my pleasure…"

Ranka gave a bright smile towards her, and she snorted in amusement through her nose, stuffing her hands into her pockets.

Tamaki crawled back to his only hiding spot, the closet, and slowly began to grow mushrooms as he mumbled to himself. His gloomy aura surrounded him as tears of crushed-hope fell down his eyes in waterfall tears.

Why does she continue to hurt him? Well, it's because it was just so damn hilarious…

"Oh, so you are the host club I heard so much about." Ranka smiled as everyone was found sitting at the table once again. "Why don't you all call me Ranka? It's my professional name."

"Professional name?" Honey repeated sweetly. "Like a stage name?"

"Exactly like that, Mitsukuni." He nodded.

"Hold on, how did you know my name?" He tilted his head. His question caused a soft expression to overtake Ranka's face. "You are third year Mitsukuni Haninozuka-" Saying his full name caused the child like boy to laugh softly, while flowers where spinning around his head. "And Takashi Morinozuka." Mori nodded. "And you two are in the same class as Haruhi-" He pointed towards Kaoru and Hikaru. "The Hitachiin Brothers. Though I don't know which one is which." He hummed. "After meeting Kagome a while back, I am glad to finally get to meet you guys. I have heard a lot about all of you."

"So, Haruhi told you about us?" Hikaru asked.

"No." He shook his head.

"Then it must have been Kagome…" Kaoru asked.

"No." He shook his head again and smiled. "Kyoya told me about you over the phone!" Kyoya smiled.

"You know, you really are a beautiful person, Ranka." He adjusted his glasses with a grin.

"Say what?" Everyone was a little shocked, to say the least.

"Kyoya~" Tamaki growled as he glared at the vice-president.

"We've been entrusted with the care of his precious daughter." Kyoya hummed. "It is only natural that we introduce ourselves and give him periodic reports." Raising his teacup to his lips, he smirked. "Ordinarily that would be your job, wouldn't it?" He took a sip of his drink.

"…!" Tamaki fell to the floor, shot down. "Ugh~"

"I'm impressed the Host Club has such a capable president." Ranka spoke. "Oh wait, you are only the vice-president." He purposely stated just to upset Tamaki. "I guess that president is practically a good for nothing! Ha~" He laughed. His words caused Kyoya to smile, while Kagome smirked in amusement at Tamaki's expense.

"Wait a minute!" Haruhi shot out of her seat, upset. "Why didn't you tell me that you were getting calls from Kyoya!"

"What am I suppose to do?" Ranka pouted. "You never tell me anything about school."

"So that makes it okay to talk about people behind their backs!" She growled.

"Haruhi…" Ranka just stared for a moment. "The thing about you is… You're cute, even when you are angry~" He floated towards her, before gently wrapping his arms around her neck. Hearts drifted around his head in delight as he snuggled up to her. She sighed, finally pulling away from him and walking away. "Wait~ Where are you going?" He frowned as he watched her walk towards the exit.

"I'm going to the supermarket." She picked up her bag, before opening the door. She then gave us one last look over her shoulder. "I'm going by myself to do the shopping, so all of you stay here and behave yourselves." With that said she closed the door behind her and left, leaving all the men alone in the apartment—

Well, several men and one woman, disguised as a man…

And a man, dressed up as a woman…

Oh, what great company Kagome finds herself involved in...

"So tell me." Kagome gave a small snort as she walked down the street in the back of the suspicious group. "Why are we stalking Haruhi again?" She bluntly asked.

"It isn't technically stalking…" Haruhi's father corrected. "It's called observing… from a distance."

"But you were the one who called it 'The Stalking Game'." She sighed, rolling her eyes.

"That's beside the point." He reminded her.

"Then what exactly is the point?" Kyoya asked, as they all gathered around, continuing to follow Haruhi to the supermarket.

"Well, in all honesty. I have a selfish reason for bringing you all with me." He stood up, slowly lowing his sunglasses from his face with a smile. "I want to be seen with a bunch of cute boys!"

"Those two are definitely cut from the same cloth…" The twins spoke up.

"Also reminds me of a certain somebody…" Kyoya hummed. Everyone slowly turned around, staring at her.

"What?" She looked at them questionably. "It's not like I enjoy being around all those women!"

"What kind of man doesn't like being surrounded by women?" Hikaru asked, shrugging.

"One who is wise?" She snorted. "I'm not interested in women-"

"Does that mean you only like guys?" Tamaki asked without thinking. "Now that I think about it, you did say your last relationship was with a ma—Ah~" He gasped in shock, as a grip was crushing around his neck, suffocating him.

"I don't like people who only think about looks." She corrected, growling between clinched teeth as she put her face very close to his in intimidation, tightening her hold around his throat. "And if you ever mention my dating preference again, I will personally make sure that your pretty little mouth gets shut… permanently."

"…" His eyes widen in fear, before a blush spread across his face. "You think my mouth is pretty…?"

"You are an idiot…" She calmly stated, before releasing him from her death grip.

Why did he have to bring up what she said at the beach house, here? He should know that just thinking about him upsets her-!

He was no longer the 'Idiot Prince'. She decided to promote him…

He was now… The Idiot King!

Kagome observed from the sidelines as everyone quickly spilt up once reaching the supermarket. For their first time being there, the men's attentions faded elsewhere around the store, the moment their feet touched the tile floor, instead of focusing on Haruhi. She believed Haruhi didn't really need babysitting, but she watched the young woman supportively as she picked out several items for the dinner to try and satisfy all the hungry mouths to feed.

While Haruhi was trying her best to get the food, Tamaki and her father watched her from behind shelves, trying not to seem suspicious. The twins where wandering around, thoughtlessly walking behind Haruhi, and probably blowing their cover, as they spotted a whole shelf full of 'commoner's coffee' which distracted them. Kyoya was jotting down notes, while looking at all the sales and coupons that were flagged all around the store, adding up the percentage and other such math things for whatever reason. While in his state, he too, walked behind the unsuspecting girl without her noticing, too occupied by the 'double coupon' tags to pay attention. While Honey and Mori—

"Wee~!" The young boy cheered, giggling in joy. The boy was being pushed around in a cart, as if he was on a carnival ride, while lying in the metal crate, happy beyond belief.

"…" Mori was pushing him around the store at a safe speed, every now and then he would glance down at the boy and smile softly, happy at Honey's enjoyment.

"…?" She shook her head, yet she couldn't stop the smile that crept its way into her face in amusement. Taking one more glance at Haruhi, she decided that the girl was fine, and began her own exploration, going to have her own fun—As much fun as one can have in a grocery store.

She walked, glancing at all the fruit and fresh items, before her feet brought her regrettably to more sweets and bread, at the bakery corner. Trying to ignore the urge to stuff her face with more sweets, she continued, heading into the aisles full of drinks and snacks. Not interested in what was there she moved on—

"-!" Something in the corner of her sight caused her to pause mid-step, frozen in movement before turning and facing it, though she was hesitant to look. "Figures…" She growled under her throat, as she stepped into the aisle, before slowly turning and facing her enemy. "Ramen." She spoke the word with venom and hatred. Of course that accursed item would be here, in a grocery store, but—"A whole shelf full?" The store was small, each shelf wasn't very long or tall, it was as big as a bookshelf, but still, why ramen?

It was filled with boxes and bowls. Raging from cheep one-dollar packs with cups, to just the packs. Cartons, boxes, and sizes ranging in all types and oddities, some she hasn't even heard of, or would dared to try…

"Inuyasha…" The name whispered from her lips like taboo. Her hands balled into fists by her sides, as her knuckles turned pale white, groaning from the stress.

The sound of footsteps coming closer, faded in her rampant mind, before they stopped beside her. She could tell who it was, and having him stand with her, slowly drew her back into reality, away from the past.

"What is it?" She asked, as her eyes still glued to the easy-made noodles.

"…" He didn't say anything, and just continued to stand with her. Within the quiet state, she began to fade in and out of rage—Not fully getting angry, for his presence soothed her, somewhat, yet not completely relaxed. "Inuyasha." His cooling voice repeated, catching her by surprise. The words making her instantly tense. "Is that the name of your ex?" He asked, curious. He then adjusted his glasses, as she felt his eyes gaze upon her with calculation, watching her reaction closely.

"Yes." She answered, not looking at him as her eyes continued to stare dully ahead at the objects before her.

She didn't bother to correct him, her and Inuyasha weren't even dating 'per say' but opted to let his mind wander, along with the rest of the hosts. If they believed he was actually her boyfriend, why risk a headache in trying to convince them it was something else?

"…" Kyoya just hummed, and started writing in his clipboard.

"Ramen was his favorite. He would eat this day and night, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, if I let him." He was such a child…

"I see…" His pen started to go faster as he wrote down at a greater speed in haste to scribble down this new information. "So that's why you reacted so violently towards Tamaki…" He mumbled, mostly to himself.

"Which time?" She asked. "I always react violently at the Idiot King." She snorted.

"Before the banquet." Was his only clue.

"…!" Then it hit her—The time he was eating Ramen, and she ended up shoving the Fool's face into his hot bowl, commanding him to stop eating it…

"By your expression I'd say you remember? Hmm?" He paused in his writing, but only for a moment, to smirk and adjust his eyewear, then went back to his note taking.

"…" She said nothing more, and continued to stare at the Ramen, transfixed.

"…" He said nothing as well, but even though the conversation waned, his penmanship never stopped.

After a few moments, her tense anger slowly laxed, and she sighed, her jaw loosening from its clinched state. Her blue orbs scanned the objects, her mind wandering to the past, which included a campfire, and a lot of screaming, arguing whether or not she was allowed to go home…

After what happened, Ramen always reminded her of her past—A past which led to the day she never wished to remember again. She believed that if she just ignored it, she might forget him…

She was a fool, and an idiot.

At this rate, she deserved to be crowned the Queen, and stand beside the King of Idiots. The Queen of Fools. Her naïve and childish way of thinking will never come true, and she must learn to face those facts. Ramen is not her problem, and until she realizes it and lets go of the past, it will bother her like a bad itch until she scratches it…

"Kyoya?" She questioned, glancing at him out of the corner of her eye.

"…?" He hummed, and looking at her from the top of his glasses.

"How much do you think all this Ramen cost?" She asked innocently.

"Mmm." He adjusted his glasses, studying all the noodles placed onto the shelves. She could tell that he was quickly calculating the numbers in his head. "Enough…" Was his only answer, choosing not to give an exact amount.

"Just enough for me to afforded with what I'm carrying…" She quickly read between the lines, her smirk spreading to a full grin. "That's perfect." Saka won't mind waiting a few more days for his money…

Slowly she lifted her leg into the air, before swiftly kicking the object directly in the middle. A crack appeared, before splitting the entire shelf in-two. With another quick one-two combo, the simple and cheap wooden shelf broke, crumbling down with a loud crash as it sent all the food it was holding onto the floor with it. She smirked as she watched it tumble down like dominos, the containments spilling everywhere.

"Clean up on aisle 9 and 10!" The voice on the speaker phone rang out in distress. "We will need more than just a mop and bucket!"

She scanned the carnage she created, and she sighed in relief, her shoulders slowly deflating. It felt as if she just knocked over the wall that was blocking her from the rest of the world—The ability to move on and go forward with the rest of her life— The barrier was taken down.

Who knows… She might even be able to eat Ramen later…

"…" Kyoya smirked in amusement, pushing his glasses up with his fingers to hide the devious glint in his eyes.

"-!" Her victory was short lived when she spotted a blotch of brown liquid seeping out from beneath the pile of wood and Ramen noodles. "…" Her eyes widened when she realized what it was… and what that meant…

To her wallet…

"Don't tell me you forgotten the objects placed directly on the other side of the shelf?" Kyoya's tone gave away the fact that he knew all along, while she overlooked this fact—She had a feeling she was going to regret it… "Don't worry." Reaching into his pocket he pulled out a golden credit card. "I will pay for the extra cost that you are unable to cover." He paused. "And by I, I mean you, and by you, I mean Haruhi…" He plainly stated, flashing her a bright smile, while numbers floated around his head in delight. "I'll just add it to the already vast amount of debt you just continue to increase…" He hummed, writing down in his clipboard without even looking at the paper, his grey orbs were focused on staring at her instead.

Ah, shi-!

She cursed under her breath, as his aura of control and manipulation completely dominated her at the moment. She was unable to do or say anything—He tricked her! That bastard…

He gave a small chuckle in amusement, happy at her pain and suffering.

He is the devil…

Kagome sighed as she watched the males gather around their expensive black limousines, waving goodbye to Haruhi, Ranka, and her as they departed. She wasn't sure whether or not she was sighing in relief, or exhaustion. She believed she had enough of their antics for one day and she was looking forward to watching them drive away, leaving her the hell alone—

"Are you staying here, Kagome?" Hikaru asked, trying to start trouble. Just mentioning the fact that she might stay, caused Tamaki to stiffen up with both worry and slight anger, which resembled something very similar to jealousy, though the Idiot would never willingly admit it.

"No." She quickly squashed the twin's hope of a fight that the conversation might start. She snorted, waving the book around in her hand, in a bored fashion. "I'm leaving too."

"Where are you going?" The twins asked with sly grins plastered onto their faces.

"Don't follow me." Was her only reply as she huffed. She tapped the bindings of her math book onto her shoulder in irritation at the mere thought.

"That's no fun." They gave fake pouts.

"I'm going home." She blurted out, rolling her eyes.

"That's no fun." They repeated, shrugging.

"Well, have fun on your own time, not mine." She smacked the book across Kaoru's chest, gently of course, before reaching out and giving Hikaru a noogie. "Idiots." Both of the boys laughed at the rough treatment, and she chuckled. Glancing down, she spotted her favorite cake eater, and smiled. Extending her hand, she gently ruffled Honey's blonde locks. He gave a pleased giggle, as flowers floated around his head, the image causing her expression to soften. "I'll see you later."

"Yea~" The boy gave a sweet cooing noise in excitement as he raised his hands in the air.

"…" Moving her focus to the taller male beside the boy, she hummed. Lifting her palm, she placed it against his cheek, before giving it a soft pat of encouragement, the act caused him to smile down at her. "That means you too, big guy."

"Yeah…" He nodded in agreement.

"…?" Stealing one more look at the man who tricked her, adding a heavy number increase to Haruhi's debut today— His grey eyes locked on to her icy blue orbs, catching his compete attention. Almost unnoticeably, she nodded at him in farewell, the movement caused him to pause momentarily, before smirking. He adjusted his glasses, and with a small nod, gave his reply. "…" Looking away from his steel gaze, she spotted the excited King, his joyous expression gave him away—He wanted a goodbye from her as well—She sighed…

Her lips curved upwards, as she extended her arms out in a kind gesture. His eyes widened, before large tears fell from his face in happiness. The others looked on in shock as she motioned with her hands for him to come to her—In a flash of complete bliss and wonder, he ran towards her, extending his arms out wide, as he cheered in victory.

"Kagome~!" He called to her, moving forward as if in slow-motion. "Kagome~!" He sung merrily, skipping closer to her awaiting arms. "Kago-" He was halted in his grateful moment when just as his goal was within arm's reach, her expression fell into a dull sigh. Bending her arm back, his eyes grew as large as saucers, knowing what was going to happen—With a simple and calm motion, a very familiar math book backhanding him across the cheek. His joyous tears turned to pain, and he continued in slow-motion, flying through the air before his body slammed against the car in a thud. "Kagome!" He yelled, raising his hand to his reddened cheek.

"…" She smirked, tapping the bindings of the book to her chin. "What?" She tried to act innocent.

"Why did you hit me?" He huffed, standing to his feet. You would think he would be use to her abuse by this point…

"That is my special goodbye for you Tamaki." She smiled in amusement.

"Could you at least think of something that doesn't involve hitting me for once!" He whined, rubbing his cheek.

"Yes." She admitted. His eyes lit up at the idea of being able to get close to her, without being pummeled. "But it wouldn't be as entertaining…"

"…" He mumbled under his breath while tears rolled down his eyes. A gloomy aura floated around his head like a cloud, slowly sinking into despair.

After her small bout of amusement from the Foolish King's suffering, she looked away from his grieving form, and slowly scanned the area one last time. Taking in each person standing before her, she soaked the memory into her mind, shifting the book held in her hands.

She wasn't sure when these people became so important to her, that she started to record the experiences she had with them on a daily bases, but there was one thing she did know. . .

She was enjoying herself, and that was possibly a change for the better.

"Why is he only mean to me?" The wailing of the King cried into the air as he complained to Kyoya. "Does he really hate me!" He gave a small gasp, placing his hands over his mouth in fright at the thought.

"Do you really want me to answer that…?" Kyoya questioned with a smirk. Tamaki just looked upon him for guidance while large droplets of tears rained down his face in dismay.

"…" She sighed

Then again, it might be a change for the worse…

The host club entered the limousine after saying their final farewell to Haruhi and her father. Mori was the last to enter, and because of that he was sitting next to the door, while Tamaki was on the other side of him. Mitsukuni was seated across from him, so he was okay with it. Kyoya was sitting beside Tamaki, and the twins were on Mitsukuni's side of the large limousine. Everyone had enough room to move, and were quite comfortable to say the least.

Glancing at the window once last time, he observed Kagome talking to Haruhi for a few more moments, before giving a goodbye wave to Ranka and her, then turning around to leave. Going home…

"It's too bad Kagome did not want to ride with us." Kyoya spoke the words that were echoing in his mind. There was a deeper tone to his voice, as if he purposely brought the male up into the conversation—Mori shook his head, removing the negative idea. Why would he do that? What could he possibly gain by pointing Kagome out while he was not among them—

"He said he was going home." Kaoru spoke. "We did offer him a ride, but he declined."

"Guess he doesn't want us to know where he lives?" Hikaru added with a shrug. "He did say he didn't want us to follow him."

"Not like us knowing where he lives, is a bad thing." Their smiles grew into full out grins.

"Yes, you wouldn't possibly misuse that information…" Kyoya adjusted his glasses.

"Not us." They tried to play innocent, leaning against one another for support. "Wouldn't dream of it."

"Of course not…" Kyoya hummed.

"…" There was silence in the automobile for several more minutes, until the driver then left the area, taking them home. Mori decided to look out of the window, observing the people and buildings as they causally passed them—

"Kyoya…" Tamaki called, his voice was calm and casual.

"Yes?" His tone gave away his amusement, as if he was expecting it.

"Where does Kagome live?" Tamaki's question caused his whole body to freeze momentarily. Slowly he turned his head to look at the intelligent man. His attention was not the only one focused on the cold male, for all eyes were now on him, awaiting his answer.

Though he knew it was wrong to ask such a personal question to anyone but Kagome— Something else, something deep within his body bubbled with excitement.

He felt bad to admit it, but he wanted to know the answer…

"I do not know." Kyoya admitted. The line of his lips thinned, showing both annoyance and frustration by this fact.

"What do you mean, you don't know?" Tamaki found it just as odd as the rest of us. Something that Kyoya doesn't know about someone? That's a first…

"Stop kidding Kyoya, just tell us." The twins shrugged, humming in amusement.

"I assure you, I am not one for jokes…" He huffed. Seeing their questioning stares, he sighed. "It would be easier if I showed you…" He explained. "His home is actually not too far from here…"

"Really!" Mitsukuni's eyes brightened in joy, while the others sat straighter in their seats.

"Kagome's home~!" Tamaki seemed ecstatic at the idea, almost jumping out of his chair. "Driver, we are changing course!" He commanded.

The twins, Mitsukuni, and Tamaki cheered, talking amongst themselves about what Kagome's home could possibly look like.

"A castle!" Mitsukuni voiced his creative thoughts. "A castle made of nothing but cake and sweets!" His eyes grew large at his own idea. "No-!" He changed his mind. "Ice Cream!"

"A castle of Ice Cream?" The twins repeated. "Wouldn't it melt…?"

"…" Yet Mitsukuni was too preoccupied with envisioning the delicious home to answer.

"Kagome would obviously be living in a pirate ship!" Hikaru spoke up.

"Why would he live in a pirate ship?" Tamaki questioned.

"It's better than a robot house…"

"I said that it was made of steel— not a robot…" Tamaki correct.

Kyoya, like himself, stayed quiet, listening to their wild imaginations flying around in the automobile.

"Won't Kagome be surprised to see us there when he arrives!" Mitsukuni smiled.

Though Mori wasn't too sure the cold male would be as thrilled as Mitsukuni believed he would be when he sees them standing outside his home…

Everyone was standing there, staring at what lay before them. They all had a look of horror and surprise etched onto their faces. As time went by, slowly their expressions would morph into something sickening. The blood drained from their bodies, leaving them ghostly white.

What was built in front of them was a small fenced lot, placed between two tall buildings in the city. Inside the lot, was stacks and piles of metal, boxes, and Mori swore he could see a few rusted cars smashed underneath the rubble. Suddenly, one of the objects that were dangling on top of the rubble, fell off, leaving a echoing sound of crashes as it fell to its demise at the bottom of the trash. The act caused the men to cringe at the horror as it all soaked into what they were seeing…

A junk yard—This is the first time he has ever seen one before…

"Kagome lives HERE!" Tamaki shrieked at the top of his lungs, scaring away most of the birds that were nesting in the rubble.

"Of course not…" Kyoya stated dully, as he scribbled onto his notepad. His words caused everyone to sigh in relief. "This is the address that was placed in the school's file, and as you can see, it is false." He stated matter of fact.

"False?" The twins repeated.

"Well, it could be a possibility that he has moved since giving the information and joining the academy, but judging by the state of the area, the objects have been there for a very long time, so I doubt it."

"So you think it is deliberate?" Tamaki turned serious for a moment. "That's impossible. I'm sure it was just a simple misunderstanding…" He quickly laughed the idea off.

"So, you mean to say-" Kaoru started.

"You have no idea where Kagome lives?" Hikaru finished.

"That's correct…" The collected man shifted in his spot, lowering his clipboard. "I have spent a very large amount of my time trying to find something on our allusive host, but the fact remains that I have not uncovered any real information regarding his personal life…" This fact seemed to upset him.

"Hmmm…" Tamaki hummed, placing his hand under his chin in thought. "Alright men!" He suddenly shouted, pointing up into the air. "I believe you all know what we must do!" Everyone paused, looking at each other for answers, before the twins gave a shrug.

"Go home?" They answered.

"Take a nap and eat cake?" Mitsukuni tilted his head.

"Train?" He added.

"No, no, no!" The King shook his head in response to our answers. "Find out where Kagome lives!" He stated with a proud huff, his chest inflating slightly at his idea.

"Oh~" Light bulbs went off above everyone's heads.

"We will have to work together of course, if we are to ever trick Kagome into revealing where he lives…" Tamaki nodded to himself at his own deductive reasoning.

"This sounds like fun…" The twin's smiles grew. "We're in!"

"I want to help too." Mitsukuni jumped up and down, waving his arms in the air.

"…" Mori found himself nodding in agreement, going to help them in their playful game of detective.

Kyoya smirked, and reached up, adjusting his glasses back onto his nose with his finger.

Mori was standing with the other hosts, minus Kagome, inside the club before class begun. They were all standing in front of a white dry erase board, on the board were several squiggles and marks that Tamaki probably drew. One of them was a stick man, with an angry scowl on its face and a vein above its head.

Was that supposed to be Kagome…?

"Okay everyone, we will start the meeting, deciding the ideas for operation: Find out where Kagome lives!" Tamaki hummed while standing before the board, a black maker in his hands.

"…" There was silence between everyone, before they all looked at each other. The twins smirked at the same time, showing off their sly grins, and they were the first to speak first. This didn't surprise him very much…

"We have an idea…" Their grins spread even farther across their faces, an evil gleam in their eyes as they rubbed their hands together manically.

Mori began to question leaving everything up to the twins was a good idea…

Plan T)*

The wild member of the host club sat in his usual spot at the windowsill, while looking out of the glass, and into the world outside. All was normal in the club, that is, until the twins walked up to their unsuspecting target…

"Kagome~" They called to him in a sing-song voice.

"What do you guys want this time?" Turned his head to look at them.

"We lost our booklet that had all of our friend's information in it-" Hikaru started, shrugging.

"So we were wondering if you knew Mori's address." Kaoru ended, copping his brother's movements.

"Hmm…" He looked at them suspiciously, but passed it off. "He lives at-" The twins both pulled out a small note pad, and began to write down everything he was saying. "354 Xxx—xxx" He answered.

"And Honey's address?" They questioned, glancing at him from the edge of their paper's.

"354 Xxx—xxx" He answered again. They should know they live in the same place-

"And Haruhi's?" They asked after writing down what he said quickly.

"55 Xxx—xxx Street."

"And your's?" Their smirks grew, and they stared at him impatiently.

"48-" Kagome began, before suddenly stopping, blinking in surprise. The twins just chuckled to themselves, before his angry glare started to burn holes in their skulls from the intensity. "I never told you where I lived." He rolled his eyes at their disappointed look, quickly catching on to their tricks. "I'm sorry fellas, I'm not going to tell you where I live…"

Plan T) Failure!

Mori found himself at the start of a new day, yet he was standing in front of a white board with 'Plan T)' marked out with a bright red X, showing its failure.

"Oh!" Mitsukuni interrupted Tamaki's long speech that all of us have been listening to since they got there. His smile brightened and he raised his hand as high as he could hold it, before waving it side to side excitedly. "Me! Me!" He began to hop. "I have an idea~!"

Stars filled his cousin's eyes, as flowers started to twirl around his head, happy.

Plan C)*

Kagome was sitting at the windowsill—

"Gome-chan!" The extra sweet voice of Honey called out, catching everyone attention. Kagome paused, and turned his head to look at him.

"Yes, Honey?" He greeted, a soft look in his usual cold eyes as he reached out and patted the child like man on the head.

"I found this really great cake shop!" He cheered. "I was going to have them deliver this wonderful cake so you can eat it!" He seemed excited, with a brightly flustered blush going across his cheeks in glee. "It's really really good!" He nodded, his smile widening and the flowers around his head twirled extra fast. "The best I have ever eaten!"

"Really?" This caught his attention, knowing how many cakes Honey has gobbled down in his life. "Well, you should definitely have them bring it then!" He licked his lips.

"That's the thing." Honey quickly put on his best act, looking down at the ground sadly while moving his foot in a circle. "They won't bring it here." He sniffled. "So if it's okay, can you give me your address, so I can have it delivered to your house?" He asked, looking back up at him questionably, wondering if he would take the bait. "I don't want you to miss trying this delicious cake!"

"…" Kagome froze, looking down at Honey for a moment. He didn't immediately object, which was a good thing—"…!" His eyebrows angled together in thought, and he nibbled on his lips, hesitating. He looked down at the ground, as if debating it, then back up to Honey—Then back down at the ground again. All the while the hosts were watching intensely, wondering if he would succumb to his biggest weakness that they knew of—cake. "Cake…" He mumbled, weighing his options. "Secret identity..." What is he, a super hero? He finally sighed, deciding, before looking back up at Honey. "Honey…?"

"Yes?" He tilted his head cutely.

"Can't you just give me the name of the shop instead?" He smirked down at him, a sparkle of amusement dancing in his eyes.

All the hosts that were watching, sighed, a small bead of sweat fell down the sides of their faces in disbelief.

Kagome was able to have his cake—and eat it too…

Plan C) Failure!

Same thing, new day, as Mori found himself yet again before a white board, now becoming familiar with it. Tamaki was ranting on about how stubborn Kagome was, and that we needed something new, innovated—

"Something that would lead us to Kagome's house, without him evening knowing!"

"…" The sound of rapid typing was coming from the side, and everyone turned towards the noise. They watched, impressed, as Kyoya sat at one of the tables, typing on his laptop, his fingers were nothing but a blur. After several more moments he paused, used his pointer finger, and pushed up his glasses, causing a gleam to reflect from the light, an amused smirk on his face.

Plan K)*

Kagome was sitting in class, resting, his feet propped up on his desk with his eyes closed. The twins walked up to him, both wrapping their arms around his shoulders, and causing the cold man to slowly open his eyes to glance at them, curious. As their hands dangled from either side of his shoulder, he watched them cautiously, humming.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Want to help us-" Kaoru started.

"Play a trick on the teacher?" Hikaru finished.

"…?" He opened his mouth widely, a huge yawn escaping its captivity. Not bothering to cover his mouth as he yawned like a loin, his gaping mouth snapping shut before he clicked his tongue. He sighed, and stood up from his desk, the twin's hands sliding off his shoulders and he could feel their touch going down his back. "Sure." He agreed, stuffing his hands into his pockets and stepping forward.

"…" The twins smirked, and they both tapped him on the back in encouragement, chuckling. "Great!"

"I'm leaving." Kagome announced, holding his hand up into the air as he walked to the door. "I'm going home." Now that everything was cleaned, and the club hours were over. Hearing the muffled goodbyes from everyone talking at once, he hummed, the door clicking shut behind him, signaling his departure.

Everyone was staring at the door for several more seconds, tension high between them. Suddenly, as if the glasses wearing host were magnetic, the others zoomed from their random spots around the large room, appearing beside him.

"Hmmm." Pressing a button on his laptop, which he has been monitoring all day, and a screen popped up. It was a map, a skyward view of the city, and on that map was a blinking red dot. "Good job, twins."

"Heh." They grinned, rubbing their noses arrogantly as they stared at the screen. "Was easy!"

Everyone leaned in, staring intensely as the dot moved further and further away. It paused for a few moments, then suddenly picked up the pace and ran. They gave small noises as they watched it run past several blocks, before it slowed down and began to roam. It went in several circles around the same building and areas, than stopped at the park. After a few minutes there, it continued on its way, before finally coming to a complete stop at some buildings.

"…" Kyoya hummed, watching as the dot never moved from its spot for several minutes. "That must be it…" With that said, he stood from his chair. Taking his cell phone out of his pocket, he flipped it open and placed it to his ear. He smirked. "Bring the car around..."

Sitting inside of the limousine, everyone was waiting impatiently. No one spoke, which made the air uncomfortable. Kyoya had his laptop open, giving the driver directions. It wasn't until he spoke the words 'stop' did everybody visually tense, some from excitement, others from nervousness.

He was the last to step out of the long black vehicle, watching as the others stared at the tall building with a dreadful expression, their bodies losing all their blood, leaving them white as ghosts.

"…?" Mori blinked at their reaction, before staring up at the building too—"…!" His eyes widened.

What stood before them was a tall, grey building. It looked tore up, as parts and paint where chipped, falling off, and some pieces of the structure were missing all together. There was graffiti scribbled all along the wall, and the empty, rundown atmosphere, was almost too much to bear. Litter was scattered across the street, mostly empty cans and bottles.

"…" Humming, Kyoya pulled out a handheld device from his pocket. After pressing the red button, it started to beep. He moved it side to side, and in one direction it beeped slightly faster than in the other. "This is not where Kagome lives." Everyone sighed in relief at his words. "He's over there." He pointed towards the alleyway beside the building instead. Relief quickly changed back to shock, their eyes going wide with horror.

It was then that Kyoya walked towards the darkened area between the two structures, everyone fallowing him cautiously. Held out in front of him was the device, and as they got further and further into the shadows, the pause between beeps got shorter and shorter. It didn't take long for it to start blaring in warning like a siren. They all looked at where he had it pointed, and everyone's turned green—A metal trash can standing tall before them.

"No way!" Tamaki screeched, backing away. "Kagome is in there?"

"…" Kyoya glanced around the tin can, just to make sure, before he sighed, adjusting his glasses back onto his nose. "It's more likely that he threw it away, Tamaki." The annoyance in his tone was clear.

"Thank god…" Placing her hand onto her chest, Haruhi sighed, as if to calm her rapid heart. Suddenly a loud crash was heard as the trashcan moved, tossing back and forth, rattling.

"…!" Everyone stared at the object in shock, all blood draining from their bodies as they once again turned into living ghosts. They all then looked at Kyoya questionably.

"I said 'likely'." He pointed out. "I didn't say that the option of him being in there still wasn't plausible." They froze at his words, before looking back down at the metal container that, for the moment, was still.

"…" Being unable to take it anymore, Mori found himself walking towards it. They all gasped in surprise by his bold move, watching him place his hand on the handle of the lid. "…!" He gave a grunt, preparing himself as he jerked the lid off of the can—

"…" Everyone paused, their face falling, and a large drop of sweat trickling down the side of their heads.

"Arf!" The trash covered dog barked as it wagged its tail at them, its once white coat covered in blotches of dirt and garbage. They all groaned, covering their noses to try and block the smell emitting from the dog and the compost.

"…" A blinking dot coming from the dog's neck caught Mori's attention. He reached out and plucked the small circular device, without the pup even knowing what happened.

"Arr!" He gave a happy yelp, and without notice, the dog launched itself out of the trash can, and towards a certain blonde leader—Causing the man to give a girlish scream, falling onto the floor with a yell.

"Help me!" He pleaded from the ground. "It's attacking me!" Tears were in his eyes, as the small dog walked up his chest, coming face to face with him.

"Arf!" It gave a pleased bark, before suddenly lathering Tamaki in huge slobbering licks, covering his face in its wet kisses.

"S-stop!" He tried to push it away. "Ha-HA~ha! Stop!" Yet Tamaki couldn't hide the fact that he was enjoying the greeting the dog decided to grant him with.

"…" Mori turned away from the comical scene, and showed the device he got off of the dog to the vice-president of their club-

"…" He sighed in disappointment, scribbling down several things on his clipboard.

Plan K) Failure!

Mori was standing in the club room, while everyone was gathered around the white board yet again. He placed himself in the back, observing as the others just continued to talk about what they believed might work, or what wouldn't. It became apparent that everyone was running out of new ideas, and fast…

"We threw everything we could think of at him." The twins started to have doubts. "It's like he is always one step ahead of us."

"Is it possible he can read minds?" Hikaru sighed.

"Who knows…?" Kaoru shrugged.

"It is theoretically impossible." Kyoya added his thoughts.

"Have we really run out of ideas?" Tamaki seemed disappointed. "Come on, there must be something we haven't tried that he wouldn't suspect!"

"Umm…" Haruhi tapped her finger to her chin, before looking towards the blonde leader. "Why don't we just ask him…?" The innocent idea flowed through her lips, causing the other club members to pause in their ramblings and look at her. There was tension in the air as they all thought over her words, as if the idea never even crossed their minds before—because it hasn't…

"That would never work." The twins were the first to deny the idea, brushing it off with a wave of their hands, smirks on their faces at the mere thought of it.

"Why not?" She questioned.

"Well…?" They both looked at each other, as if to find the answer from their mirror counterpart, but they were both left speechless when they couldn't think of a reasonable reply—

"He definitely wouldn't be suspecting it…" Kyoya hummed, the first to agree to Haruhi's simple idea. He paused in his writing, just long enough to adjust his glasses.

"Even if it were possible, who is going to be the one to ask him?" Tamaki thought further on the idea, his hand underneath his chin.

"It would have to be someone he trusts." The twins spoke once more.

"Someone who he likes." Hikaru hummed, also putting his hand under his chin. He looked at his brother, and slowly a grin was starting to form on his face. As if reading his mind, Kaoru's face copied his-

"Someone who won't get clobbered just for asking…" He looked at his brother out of the corner of his eyes, and everyone paused at their words, thinking—

"…?" Mori blinked in surprise when everyone slowly turned around and stared openly at him. "…"

Oh, boy…

Plan Mori)

Taking a deep breath, Mori sighed, watching Kagome sit at his perch by the window. Looking behind his shoulder, the other members were huddled around another, watching him with excitement, the twins and Tamaki held out their thumbs in a 'go get him' motion, cheering. He looked back towards his target and sighed once more.

Taking his first step, he began to walk up to his side. It didn't take too long before he was standing before him, and looking down as his shadow fell over his resting form. He watched as Kagome paused and turned his head to gaze at him.

"Mori?" He hummed, sitting up straight, a calm expression taking over his usual cold mask. "Is something wrong?"

"…" He shook his head at his question, causing the shorter male to sigh in relief.

"Then what's bothering you?" He could easily tell that something was upsetting him.

"…" Glancing one more time over his shoulder to the others, and seeing they were in the same pose as before, cheering him on with bright smiles, he sighed, turning his attention back to the blue-eyed male. "Where do you live?" He decided to just get straight to the point.

"You want to know where I live?"

"…" He nodded in reply.

"…" Kagome sighed, scratching his head in thought. "You really want to know?" He asked again. He gave another nod, a serious expression on his face. "…" He paused, glancing away from his form and beyond him—"Hmm…" He hummed, looking at the others who were waiting curiously behind him. "You sure you are not asking because of them?" He rephrased his question, while looking back into his onyx eyes. His words caused him to blink in surprise.

"…" He lowered his head in slight shame. It was true he was there because the others asked him too—"They did ask me, but I came because I want to know." He gave his honest answer.

"…" Kagome stood up, staring directly into his eyes for several tense moments, as if he was studying him. "I want to tell you Mori." Raising his hand, he felt his long fingers glide through his short hair, only to make a U-turn and stop on his cheek. His warm palm felt nice against his cooled skin. "But if I tell you, they will find out-" He tried to explain. "So I can't… I'm sorry." A gentle pat of reassurance was all that he was given, signaling the end of the conversation.

He felt his fingers slide down his jaw slowly, before it left him and returned to its usual spot, inside of his pocket. As he stood there in slight shock by his words, Kagome walked away from him, his arm gently brushing against his as he passed.

Mori was finally able to snap out of his daze when the others suddenly surrounded his form, asking several questions at once.

Yet all he could do is lower his head in defeat, and shake his head...

Plan Mori) Failure…

Mori was still in the club, and everyone was unsure of what to do by this point. He was sitting on the couch with Honey, while the others were seated at the tables. The only one even near the board was Tamaki, his hand tucked underneath his chin for support.

He reached over and grabbed his cup of tea, taking a small sip of it—

"I have an idea!" Tamaki suddenly announced, his finger pointing high into the air with a pleased grin on his face.

"Well, that's new." Kyoya never paused in his note taking, yet continued to listen.

"The boss has-" Kaoru started.

"An idea?" Hikaru finished.

"Isn't that kind of dangerous boss?" The twins teased him, smirking. "You might hurt yourself…"

"That's not funny guys!" The prince pouted.

"Tamaki is right." The cooling voice of Kyoya spoke up, standing from his chair to deal with the situation calmly. "We should hear him out."

"Kyoya…" Tamaki was in tears of joy, happy he was on his side.

"After all, our Prince getting an idea doesn't happen very often..."

"Tamaki gets ideas, but they are not very good ones…" Even Hiruhi joined in on the tormenting fun. They all nodded to each other, agreeing.

"…!" Tamaki huddled by the nearest corner, as he began to mumble about how rude and mean everyone was being towards him, while a dark aura was slowly emitting from him.

"…" Mori sighed.

Since Kagome wasn't around at the moment, someone has to pick on the leader, he guessed…

Kagome was sitting at a small circular table that the club was kind enough to keep out for her. It was after hours for the club to be open, yet here she was, looking down at the scattered papers across the top of the table, book open before her. Mori sat directly across from her, as he tried to explain the symbols and numbers that were printed on the white paper.

She sighed, scratching her itching skull with the eraser part of her pencil in frustration. Mori was trying his best, but she was still having a hard time with it. Reaching over she grabbed her cup of tea, and placed it to her lips—She paused, seeing something moving in the warm liquid.

"Krabby…" She tried not to laugh, but chose instead to smile down at the small crab.

"Ki~" It snapped its pinchers together in the air as bubbles floated out of his mouth in joy. It then started to swim around the dark drink in glee, enjoying his refreshing bath, hearts were bobbing up and down around his head in happiness.

"…" She sighed and placed the cup back down on its plate, unable to scold the happy crustacean when it was enjoying itself…

"X and Y are…" Mori paused in his explanation, lifting his pen up from her paper and staring directly at her. "Are you listening?"

"Yes, but I just don't understand it Mori." She sighed for the tenth time that evening, placing her pencil down in aggravation.

"Here." He tried to simplify it even further for her, as he started to jot down notes on a sheet of paper in front of him. As he did so, she stared at his hand writing, impressed. It was neat, and the words were clear and readable—Unlike her own chicken scratches marked on the paper. "It's easy." He tried to make it sound simple. "You just take this number and times it by the amount to…" He used his pen and started to point to several of the numbers and letters he written down.

"Let me see…" She leaned over the small table, to get a better look. Once she was getting a birds-eye view, she found her whole body leaning over the tiny table, but she knew it would hold her weight. As she scanned over the words, her mind was starting to click into place as she tried to use it. She was getting a headache, and just as her brain was staring to reel, her hair slid off her shoulder and fell directly onto the paper, covering it with its inky black locks. The action successfully distracted her from what little concentration she had, and blocking her of any intelligent thoughts she was gathering moments before. "…" She sighed in frustration. "I can't understand this Mori, I'm just too stupid." She turned away from the paper—

"No you're not." His angry tone caused her to blink in surprise, and she raised her head to stare at him—

"…?" Her nose was almost touching his, as her eyes stared directly into his smoky grey orbs. A splash of color was flushed across his cheeks, yet he still stared at her with a serious expression. She could feel the heat from his body, even though they were not touching—"…" A soft expression over took her once irritated features, and she smiled at him.

"…!" This surprised him slightly and he blinked, the color on his cheeks darkening.

"…" She gently pressed her forehead against his, almost getting lost in his confused grey eyes—"Thank you." She found herself unable to stop the words coming out of her mouth. He paused, something flickering within his dark pools, before finally glancing away from her and to the corner of his eyes.

"You're welcome…"

"Hmm." She hummed at his words, and backed away to sit once more in her chair.

"You're getting better." Mori hummed, proud, as he handed back his paper, all of the answers were correct.

"…!" This seemed to please him, as he stared at the paper, impressed at his own work. Kagome then paused, glancing out of the windows that surrounded the room. "It's getting late though." He sighed, and placed the paper between the pages in the book, before closing it with a loud smack.

"…" Mori took notice that the sun was quickly setting, painting the sky orange. Time seemed to fly by quickly while he was torturing the smaller male— "See you tomorrow?"

"Sure." He stood from his chair, stretching out the kinks from his back. Mori also thought it was best to stand, not surprised that his own joints and muscles were sore from not being used for the past hour or so.

"Ki." Krabby took that as a sign of departure, so he quickly scuttled across the expensive cloth that was draped over the table, and hopped across the large gap, landing on Kagome's shirt. "Ko~" He quickly crawled up the wrinkles of fabric to perch at the top of his shoulder.

"I wouldn't forget you." Kagome smirked down at him, before raising his finger and gently patting it on its head in reassurance. "Now say goodbye to Mori."

"Ko-ki~" (^-^) It waved its large claw in the air, a happy expression on its face as hearts dotted around its head.

"Bye." He smirked down at the crab, amused.

"Thanks Mori, we had fun." As he passed him, the cold man reached up and patted him roughly on the shoulder in farewell, before continuing at his calming stroll out of the club—Leaving his books and paperwork scattered across the table to use for tomorrow, not wanting to take them with him.

After a small click, signaling his departure, he quickly found himself being surrounded by the other club members.

"Here, Mori." Tamaki walked up to him, a large confident smile on his face as he handed him a wad of brown fabric. "Put this on."

"…?" Though he wasn't sure what they were planning, he didn't object and took the offered cloth.

"Let's go men!" Tamaki twirled around with his hands onto his hips, a grin spreading from one side of his face to the other. "Ouran Host Club—Mo~ove out!"

"Haruhi, what is your status… over?" Tamaki whispered into the radio, holding it close to his mouth as he crouched behind the wall.

"Everything is fine…" Was the response on the other end.

"Haruhi, you are suppose to say over!… over."

"…" An irritated sigh came over the speaker. "…over."

"…!" Tamaki gave a pleased squeal on the other end.

"Why me…" You could hear her slapping her palm against her forehead.

"You forgot to say over again!... over."

"… Just shoot me now…" She grumbled.

"Twins!" He practically screeched, ignoring Haruhi for the moment. "The fox has moved to the rabbit's den and is on the hunt!" He paused. "Over~!"

"…What?" The twins questioned on the line.

"I think what Tamaki means is that Kagome is moving…" Kyoya translated. "…over." You could hear his amused tone, even over the radio.

"Why didn't-" One started.

"You say so?" Another one completed.

"Mori, can you see where he is going?" Tamaki asked him. "Over~?"

"Hmm…" Was his only reply.

"Cake is yummy~!" Honey cheered over the other end, also wanting to say something. He then started to giggle over the line.

"Boss…" The twins sighed.

"Why are we even using radios?" Hikaru questioned his sanity.

"We are all right behind you…" Kaoru voiced everyone else's thoughts.

"Because it's cool~!" The prince's eyes started to shine with delight as he stood up, turning the face them. "And it's probably the only time we will be able to use these!"

"And what is with this getup?" Haruhi complained as she pulled on the brown overcoat she was dressed in, identical to everybody's. "I don't even know how you talked me into wearing this…"

"It's elementary, my dear Haruhi." Tamaki smirked, and stood tall, pointing to the now darkened and star littered sky. "Kagome is sharp, so we have to disguise ourselves so he doesn't recognize us."

"But Groucho Glasses…?" She questioned, glancing around. "I mean, shouldn't we all be wearing something different if that's the case…" She reached up and pulled off her glasses—

"Don't!" He quickly shoved them back on her face, looking suspiciously side to side. "He will quickly notice you if you don't have it on!" He gave a hushed whisper.

"If anything Sempai, we stick out." She tried to convince him. "It's not like we blend in with these things-"

"…" Mori was also beginning to notice how everyone was staring at them—And the mustache was starting to tickle—He wiggled his nose side to side to try and get rid of the itch.

"It's my plan~!" He reminded them once again, a pout on his face as he whined.

"And what a great plan it is, Tamaki." Kyoya boosted his ego, sending the Prince into 'high and mighty' mode.

"It is, isn't it?" He smirked, posing as he ran his hand though his luscious blonde locks, sparkles glittering all around his form.

"Can we say something?" The twins held up their hands.

"Yes?" The prince slowly turned his head to them, a satisfied look in his eyes as he smiled.

"Kagome is-" Kaoru started.

"Getting away…" Hikaru finished, reminding him what the whole point of the plan pointed in the same direction as they looked at him with a blank expression.

"Ack!" The prince was quick to turn on his heel, running in the direction where he last saw Kagome. "…!" He paused, noticing no one else was following him. "Well! Come on!" He motioned with his hand to follow.

Mori found himself crouched behind a wall, everyone crowded around and following Tamaki as he watched Kagome's every move. The cold man was walking ahead of them, his hands inside of his pockets as he casually strolled down the street. After he moved so far ahead, Tamaki would motion to them over his shoulder, and they would quickly move up. Dashing and crouch behind the nearest alleyway, smoothly moving from one hiding spot to the next.

Every normal person walking around them would stare at them suspiciously, with strange looks on their faces…

"So…" Mitsukuni hummed, thinking as he tapped his chin and looked at the sky. "Are we playing the stalking game again?" He innocently asked.

"It isn't technically stalking…" Tamaki corrected. "It's called observing… from a distance."

Now, where as he heard that before…

"How long have we been following him?" Haruhi asked.

"It's been over thirty minutes now." A all too familiar cool voice answered, sighing.

"Where is he going?" The twins asked, curious.

"Home, where else?" Tamaki replied.

"I believe Kagome is headed to the southern district." Kyoya answered yet another question.

"Southern?" The twins repeated. "You mean where all the…" They paused. "Fun stuff happens?"

"If by 'fun', you mean, street fights, muggings, unsanctioned gambling, and other such illegal activities… then yes."

"Street fights!" Tamaki screeched, placing his hands onto his cheeks. "Muggings!" Tears started to form beneath his eyes. The prince quickly latched onto Kyoya's waist, anchoring himself to the tall man.

"It's not that bad boss." The twins shrugged.

"Once the sunsets, the streets are filled with neon lights, and music." Kaoru tried to calm him down.

"And every corner you take could be your last!" Hikaru smirked, quickly smashing the rest of Tamaki's courage with his words.

"Eee~!" The scaredycat hissed in fright.

"Tamaki, please control yourself…" The usually calm male sighed, trying to pry the fearful man off of him—

"…!" Tamaki suddenly paused in his cries of horror, as if he just got an idea. "Haruhi! Save me~!" He turned around and wrapped his arms around the girl, catching her off guard. He then began to rub his cheek against hers, a smile on his face.

"Why me…?" Haruhi sighed in defeat, not even trying to remove him.

"…" Mori turned his gaze away from the others, and glanced around the corner. "Kagome." He called to get the others attention, pointing towards the male as he continued to walk away without them.

"!" Everyone quickly moved up, tailing the unsuspecting man once more.

As time went by, he began to notice that the more they walked, the more the street started to change. The buildings were aligned with signs and flashing lights. The air was filled with music, escaping from every crack and crevice in the structures. Even the people had started to change…

Gone were the common folk with modest clothing, and bland colors, replaced with people of all shapes and sizes. Muscled bound men with open shirts- small thin men with piercing all over their faces. Women with tight shirt, short skirts, high heels—and women with colorful dresses and designs.

Though they were all different in style, they all had one thing in common—They looked like they were having fun.

"Is it just me, or is everyone parting a way for Kagome?" Haruhi spoke up, catching their attention back to the man in front of them, and away from the lights and flashes of distraction.

"…" Mori watched as everyone was staying away from Kagome, choosing to move onto either side of the male as he casually walked straight down the middle of the sidewalk.

There wasn't many people, maybe one or two every few steps, but he began to wonder why they were like that—He paused, seeing that a group of women that were chatting in front of a building stopped their whispering, and looked towards them—Mori blinked— They were not looking at them, but Kagome…

They openly stared as Kagome passed them, only to have all of their cheeks flush with color once he finally reached them—

"Nice to see you out and patrolling tonight, Kagome." The tall women with long blonde hair spoke up.

"…" He gave a nod in greeting.

"…!" They cooed, fanning themselves in delight. They all took a few steps towards him, going around him in a semicircle, and giving off small hums in glee. Their movement caused the man to stop in his stroll.

"Kagome~ you are going to come in tonight?" A girl spoke up.

"Yes! Have some fun with us again!" Another girl jumped up and down.

"You are so much more exciting than the other pigs in there." One of the women gently touched Kagome's arm, which caused the club members to stare in shock.

"You really know how to put them in line!"

"I can't join you tonight." His words caused the women to pout and give off displeased groans. "Now now, don't be like that…" Releasing one of his hands from his pocket, he gently touched one of them on the cheek, causing the young girl to giggle. "Maybe some other time." With that, he continued on his way again, waving to them over his shoulder a small farewell. "Ladies…"

"…" They gave small whines, sniffling in sadness as they tried to hold back their tears, but they waved back nonetheless. "Come visit us later!" They called back, and after a few moments they giggled amongst themselves and went back to standing in front of the building, the topic of conversation quickly changing to the cold man that gave them his undivided attention—if just for a few moments…

"…" As our club passed the group of ladies, they all paused in their talking and stared at them. "…" Mori found his grey eyes locking onto the beautiful redhead, and she gave a soft smile toward him.

"Hello there, handsome." She winked at him.

"…!" He could already feel a rush of blood flooding his cheeks, and he coughed, quickly turning his head away from her.

The women started to giggle, amused by his reaction—This only served to make his already flushed cheeks grow hotter…

They continued to follow Kagome through the city. As they kept their pace behind the calm male, he took notice of the men and women's reactions to the cold man as he passed them.

Women, even in front of the man they were with, would stare, their faces becoming flushed with desire. Some men would glare jealously, while other looked on in admiration.

A few in particular stood out from the others—

A rather handsome looking man, with an opened buttoned up shirt, boots, semi-slick back hair, and a tattoo printed on his chest walked towards him. A woman was on either arm as he smirked confidently down the street, entertaining the beautiful ladies that were attached to his arm as he strolled down the street, headed toward Kagome—

The man removed his lips from the giggling woman's ear, and looked forward—He paused, catching a glimpse of Kagome, as he causal continued his stroll down the street towards him. His smile immediately shifted to a neutral expression, and he quickly shifted his body, pulling the two women along with him.

Like the rest, he too moved to the side of the street, making enough room for the cold man to walk past him. Yet this man was different, even though everyone made way for Kagome, they continued their walk down the street—but he…

He stopped all together, and turned to face Kagome's direction. The women didn't question him, for they too fell in his steps and became quiet as they allowed Kagome room to move forward. Yet once Kagome approached his stilled from, the man lowered his head respectfully to him, which surprised Mori.

"…" Kagome inclined his head in acceptance, never pausing in his stroll, and continued to walk past them.

The man never raised his head from its position until Kagome was several feet ahead of them, yet once he passed, the man turned back towards the woman and began to nibble on her ear while whispering words of grandeur and praise, acting as if nothing had happened and continued his own walk down the street in the opposite direction.

Mori couldn't help but stare as the man approached them, not even giving them a glance of acknowledgement, and continued his playful attics with the ladies by his side instead. As Mori watched the man walk pass them, going further and further away, he began to wonder—

Who was Kagome…?

That was not the only time someone did such a greeting to the usually unsociable male as he was walking down the street, minding his own business.

Another rough, yet strangely good-looking man, was going to cross paths with Kagome. He had blond spiky hair, sunglasses on, even though it was night time, an open vest showing his battle scars, and tight jeans. Yet once the man spotted Kagome walking towards him, even he moved to the side. He stopped, respectfully took off his glasses, and placed them over his chest, bowing submissively to him as he calmly walked by the tough looking man.

"…" Kagome gave a bored yawn, and raising his hand, playfully smacking his palm against the man's head. The surprise motion caused the man to blink, taken back, almost falling over, unbalanced, and a spot of color quickly rushed into his cheeks. Kagome then roughly patted the man on the head, as if he were a child, a smirk on his face.

"…!" The man suddenly tensed and glanced around, as if looking for something— Kagome removed his hand from the blonde's head, and placed his finger up to his lips. "…" The blonde calmed down and nodded, as if in understanding, and stood straight once more, easily towering over the male, placing his glasses back onto his face.

Kagome then continued on his way down the street, after putting his hand back into his pocket.

"…" Mori just hummed to himself, wondering what just happened…

They continued to follow Kagome's every move, as he walked throughout the city. Everyone was getting more relaxed and confident with their observing skills, soon becoming more daring and shortening the distance between us and the unsuspecting target quite a bit.

"…" Mori watched as Kagome rounded another corner-

"Let's go!" Tamaki ordered them, and they all quickly took chase, and ran around the same corner—"Gah~!" He gave a hushed squeal in surprise and swiftly put on the brakes, successfully causing everyone else to collide into him, and almost falling down on top of him in a pileup.

"Why are you stopping for-" The twins spoke up, but were silenced when Tamaki moved in a blur of motion and slapped his hands over top of their mouths.

"ShhH~!" He gave a suppressed hush, before glancing over his shoulders.

"…" Mori looked to where he was staring at and his eyes widened in surprise, as did the others. As if their lives depended on it, they all turned tail and ran back behind the corner, only to appear a few moments later as they curiously stuck their heads out to catch a glimpse of the action.

Kagome was standing in the street, surrounded by a group of not so friendly thugs. All of them looked tough, and they all had a grin slapped onto their faces. Even though they outnumbered him, Kagome didn't seemed scared or even upset the least bit.

"Kagome, Kagome." One of the men, supposedly the leader, reached out and grabbed a fistful of his shirt, lifting Kagome into the air and laughing at him. "A bird like you should really stay in his cage." He insulted. His goons laughed at his joke, enjoying making fun of the male before them. "But I must say that we are happy to see you tonight—aren't we boys?"

"Yeah~!" The men all cheered, holding up their fists, held within them were all sorts of different weapons, ranging from bats to pipes and knives.

Unconsciously Mori's fist balled tightly by his side, and he swallowed the lump that gathered in his throat, concerned for the shorter male—

"…" Kagome just smirked, never removing his hands from his pockets. This just served to make the leader angry, and he growled.

"Idiot!" He harshly threw him away, making the host stumble backwards several steps and in front of the alleyway that was conveniently beside them. "I was going to let you off easy, but I changed my mind!" His confident grin returned. "Ready the dogs!"All the men cheered again, but they were louder, an echoing sound of their reinforcement, which has been hidden in the shadows the whole time, finally decided to reveal themselves. Among the noise were several powerful deep barks—

"…" Kagome glanced at the shadows that was behind him, still concealing the extra men that the thugs brought with them—

"…!" Mori's eyes widened when he saw a large Doberman jump out from the darkness and latched onto Kagome's arm.

It wasn't a moment later that another dog ran out, chain leash still attached to its collar, and it also jumped towards the blue-eyed host. Kagome quickly moved out of the way from it's dangerous jaws, before he put his attention towards the animal still attached to his arm. With a swift yet powerful motion, he slashed through the air, knocking the dog loose from its grip on his limb, and ripping part of his shirt along with it. The dog gave a yelp as its body slammed against the building, but it quickly recovered, shaking off its pain as if it was nothing.

Kagome's eyes quickly scanned the area, and took several steps backwards until his body was quickly engulfed in the darkness of the alleyway, hiding his body from his, and the rest of the host club's view, from their spot.

"Get him!" The leader ordered, and like a tidal wave, they all ran into the shadows, spirits and weapons held high.

Mori quickly got to his feet, and took a step forward going to Kagome's side—He paused when he felt something tug at the trim of his trench coat. Seeing Mitsukuni's brown orbs, staring up at him through the Groucho Glasses, caused him to blink down at him questionably.

"He will be fine." He reassured him. "Gome-chan is strong enough to take care of them."

"…" He knew Kagome was strong. He knew he would no doubt beat them. He knew, yet— He looked back at the alleyway- Why did he want to jump in and help, even at the risk of his own life? Why does his throat feel like it's on fire, and he couldn't breath? Why does it feel like his heart is aching?

"Yeah, but it's not like he is superhuman! He will never win against all those guys—and they have weapons!" Haruhi objected, looking around to see who was thinking the same thing.

"Yeah, but he beat the Heavyweight Champion—Remember?" The twins reminded them— They all paused, thinking back, and slowly everyone started to change colors to a sickly green just remembering it—

Suddenly there were loud crashes and bangs coming from the shadows in the alleyway. Screamed of terror could be heard while scrapes and smashes echoed out into the street, among the several painful sounds was a distinct noise of growls and howls mixed into the chaos.

Everyone watched with wide eyes as someone flew out of the darkness, and into the street. His body and clothes were destroyed; only pieces left over, lumps and bruises were all over his face, almost making it unrecognizable. The host's bodies soon lost all blood as it pooled to their feet in shock and fear, as more men soon followed, soaring through the air and landing scattered in the sidewalk and street, groaning in pain.

Then just as fast as it started, it stopped, and all was quiet. The members stuck their heads out of the side of the building even further, curious to see what happened—

Then a sound entered their ears, yet they were unable to see anything, for the dust cloud disturbed from the scuffle was covering everything. A soft noise of boots tapping against the cold concrete of the street, calmly strolling forward, leaving a haunting echo.

Just as the mist of dust was clearing, a figure stepped out of the shadows—The host's turned even paler, if it was possible, a bead of sweat falling down the back of their heads, and chuckling nervously to themselves as they watched in disbelief, questioning what they were seeing…

Kagome strolled calmly out of the alley, as if they were no challenge to him. Surprisingly enough, walking obediently by his side was the same Doberman Mori saw attack the violent male moments before. In his hand held the scruff of a half-dead man's blooded shirt as he dragged his lifeless body across the ground. In his other hand was the chain that connected to the other Doberman, placed on the other side of the collected and obvious victor of the fight.

Other then the scrape he obtained from the dog attack at the start of the fight, there was not a single mark placed on the unfazed host. This all seemed rather impossible to all the people who were watching-

Then again, this was Kagome…

"Ki~" Even from where he stood, Mori could see the hearts that were gathering around Kagome's shoulder, though he could not see the small crab, he knew he was there, enjoying every minute of it.

"…" Kagome lazily toss the man out in front of him. He gave a sickening plop, followed by a groan of pain, dust flying up when his body landed, and his face hit the solid floor with a smash. "Guard." He commanded with a cold tone, motioning with his hands, guiding the dogs forward, as he released the chain. They obey, and stepped up, their long yet calm strides padded up to the man, who he finally recognized as the leader who insulated Kagome moments before. Without hesitation, their long legs draped over, before they stood on top of the wounded man, causing him to moan into the street in pain. "Sit." Kagome smirked as he watched the dogs plop their rears down onto the man's back, releasing another set of gurgles and curses from the downed man. Kagome bent down and gently patted the dogs on the head in affection. "Good dogs." After roughly rubbing them on the noggin, he moved his hands down lower, crouching.

"…?" Mori began to question what he was doing, tilting he head to the side.

"That was a nice effort, Jill. You almost had me." Kagome stuck his hands into his right rear pocket, pulling out a black wallet, a grin on his face. Mori sighed, feeling slightly disappointed at Kagome's thieving act. Why is he stealing from the men who attacked him?

"My name is Jack…" Was the muffled cry of the man he was pilfering from.

"So…" Kagome ignored his comment and stood up, casually opening and peering inside the leather case. "See you on Wednesday?" After plucking all the money from the man's wallet, he found no further use for it, and tossed the now empty case over his shoulder in a bored manner.

"…" Jack sighed. "Yeah…" The man answered from his pathetic state on the ground. "But we will get you next time!" He vowed.

"And I'm wearing pink lace panties." He responded sarcastically.

"You are!"

"…" A vein popped onto Kagome's forehead, and his eyebrow gave a twitch of irritation. "Idiot!" His leg swung up, hitting the poor man right in the sweet spot, where all men were powerless—

"GahHh!" Jack gave a loud grunt, followed by a whimpering groan as he squirmed underneath the two dogs who were still pinning him down.

Mori, and all the other male hosts gave a hushed hiss, wincing in pain and their hands instinctively cupped their valuables protectively.

"Stay." Kagome's expression softened as he gave one of the dogs a final pat on the head. He hummed, and as if everything that happened was as forgettable as a stick lying in his path, he just stepped over top of the moaning bodies, and continued on his way down the street…

"…" Mori sighed in relief, watching his back as he walked away.

His heartbeat returned to normal, seeing his form growing smaller and smaller. His tensed body deflated leaving him feeling unsatisfied, wanting to help Kagome in his fight, yet didn't. He was feeling guilt pool in his stomach for just standing there, but he had no other real choice. He knew Kagome would win, but just the thought of the smaller male being in any kind of danger made him upset in ways he couldn't explain—He would have blown their cover and wasted all their effort if he ran into the alley and fought alongside him…

"You coming, Mori?" Haruhi called to him, cutting off his thoughts.

"…" Looking up, he noticed that the other hosts were already ahead, quickly picking up the trail and continuing to follow the lone member. "Hmm." He hummed in response, and soon caught up to them, choosing to stay in the back…

Mori found himself standing before a large building. It was made of older material, and it blended in, compared to the brightly lit and neon covered buildings surrounding its darker appearance. It was obvious that, if the sign was anything to go with, that he was standing in front of a bar…

"Why would Kagome go in there?" The twins questioned, tilting their heads.

"Is that Kagome's house?" Mitsukuni asked, eyes wide with flowers floating around his head in excitement.

"I don't believe that was the reason for this particular situation." Kyoya sighed, jotting down some notes. Because there was no possible way Kagome lived at a bar… right?

"Then should we go in?" The twins looked around hesitantly.

"Of course we will go in!" Tamaki stood proud, holding his finger into the air in declaration. "We are men!" He smiled. "So we will walk in their like the men we are!" Reaching to his side, he quickly grabbed Haruhi and placed her in front of him, ducking behind her. "You go first Haruhi…"

"…" Haruhi just rolled her eyes and moved forward, going into the bar, while the others followed closely.

Mori was the last to enter the bar, but when he did, he was so taken aback by what he saw, he had to pause.

The widely open area was much bigger on the inside then what the outside tricked you into believing. The bar was in the back, stretching from the wall to halfway across the whole building with any drink imaginable placed onto the shelves behind the bartender. The entire interior of the building was made of wood, and seemed rustic in a way that made you feel like you stepped back in time, back to when pirates were ruling the seas, and the atmosphere that came with it only added to the fantasy that was playing in his mind.

Music entered his thoughts, making his mind go hazy. He glanced around to find the source, and his grey eyes landed on a piano that was placed in the opposite corner of the building from the bar. What was playing was dark and slow, reminding him much of saloon music, yet it wasn't, and its haunting melody sent chills down his spine.

He then found himself unconsciously glancing around the rest of the building. The rest of the area was a large open floor, circle tables ranging from different sizes in different areas were scattered around the building. There were several booths stationed along the open wall, taking up what open space was left that the bar stand didn't fill.

Almost all of the tables were filled with people, all of them chatting and talking about this and that, carrying on. Some took note of their arrival, giving them a glance, before going back to the conversations they were having with their comrades at the table they were staying at. Mori noticed that all the men that were here, looked not only tough, but they also had scars placed somewhere on their bodies, displaying their experience in fighting—Those who didn't, had tattoos and pierces placed on their flesh.

He wasn't the only one surprised by the building, for the others were also too stunned to move from their spots as they slowly took in their new surroundings. Though they were shocked, we regained our thoughts and continued on, walking further into the building to find a table where we all could sit.

Once Haruhi spotted a good sized circular table, they all shifted to it, before finally taking a seat, glad to finally be sitting down after that long stroll through the city that Kagome put them in—He paused, being reminded of the reason they were in there in the first place. He glanced around the room once more, looking for a familiar set of raven locks and cold blue eyes.

"Kagome." He called out the moment he caught a glimpse of their companion.

"Where?" Tamaki glanced around, trying to find him—

"There." He pointed to the bar that was conveniently enough just a few feet away. Everyone quickly put their focus on where he was directing them, and they all seemed to fidget in their seats, all wandering the same thing: What was he doing here?

They were seated at a table to the left side of the building, where not many other people were at. If that wasn't all, Kagome was just a few steps away, at the otherwise empty bar, sitting in one of the stools with a smirk on his face. The only worker there, the bartender, was standing in front of Kagome, looking down at him with a sly grin.

The bartender had short brown hair, bright blue eyes, and was wearing open buttoned up shirt, a t-shirt underneath, and a single sliver hoop earring was dangling from his right ear. He seemed rather cheerful, as he put down the glass that he was cleaning, and leaned over the counter with a smile on his face, humming in amusement.

"Saka." Kagome greeted the man, who returned the greeting with a nod.

"'ello, Love." He called to him in a British accent.

"What is Kagome doing here?" Haruhi spoke up in a hushed whisper among them.

"Don't tell me he is going to drink some alcohol?" The twins seemed rather amused by this idea.

"If Kagome is old enough to drink here-"

"That means we are too, right?" Their grin stretched across their faces. Tamaki quickly denied the idea.

"No, Kagome would never-"

"The usual?" The bartender asked, though he already knew the answer, and reached underneath the bar.

"Yeah." Kagome replied dryly. Suddenly there was a loud thump as Saka harshly placed a huge bottle of wine onto the bar directly in front of the host, causing everyone eye's to double in size. "Just give me the whole bottle." He sighed, snatching the green tinted bottle from his hands.

"Ah, going to be here all night then?" He smiled down at him.

"Probably." He sighed, as if upset by something, and rubbed his temple with his free hand.

"…" Mori watched with mixed emotions at the scene that was playing before him. Kagome drinks? He had no idea—And by the looks of the other member's reactions to this new information, they didn't know either.

"Is this the secret Kagome has been hiding?" Kyoya hand were blurs of motion, writing down everything his saw. "Interesting…"

"Is that why he is always so tired?" Mitsukuni innocently asked.

"Maybe." Mori answered, looking down at the table in thought.

"Hmm, Long Island Ice Tea…" Hikaru mused to himself as he looked over a drink menu, Kaoru peeking over his arm to also look at the list.

"Bloody Pirate… That seems intriguing."

"Guys, be serious!" Haruhi harshly snatched the menu from Hikaru's hands, making them give a small cry of objection.

"Tancho!" The sound of Kagome's voice calling out loudly caused all the members to turn towards to the lone male sitting at the bar. "Catch!" With that small warning, he swung the bottle, as if throwing an axe, and it soared threw the air, headed right for the pianist. Mori was impressed when he saw the man just hold out his hand and easily catch the flying projectile without even looking, and lucky enough it didn't hit anyone on its way to him. "You know the one!" He shouted, a smirk on his face as he leaned back in his stool and placed his boot against one of the chairs beside him, tilting it to once side, making it rock back and forth.

The middle aged pianist used his teeth to pry open the bottle and pulling out the cork. After taking a big swig, he hummed in delight, before placing his bottle to sit beside the empty ones that were stacked on the musical instrument. Once his fingers hit the keys again though, a different tune was playing, to a slow jazz like song. The sound was rather appealing and it made Mori sigh and relax slightly in his chair as the tune continued to play in the background.

All of the host's members visibly relaxed as well, and though they wouldn't admit it out loud, they were glad Kagome wasn't buying that for himself…

"Not again." A complaint came from within the crowd of people on the right side of the building, at the tables.

"What was that?" Kagome shouted out his question, making everyone immediately go quiet, and the bar went unnaturally still. "You got something to say about my music?"

"…" There was a small pause, before a single man stood up. "Yeah!" He challenged, making everyone else turn towards him curiously.

"Ah!" Kagome must have recognized him. "Willy!" He smirked, amused.

"I'm tired of hearing the same shit every damn night!" He objected. "And for the last time, my name is Billy!" He grumbled, placing his hand on top of the sword that rested at his hip.

"Oh?" At his words the male quickly turned serious. "If you got something to say Willy, then come over here and say it." He glared down at the man, his intimidating aura working its charm, daring the man to speak his mind again—

"…" There was another long pause as the man weighted his options. "Tch." He snorted and turned his head away, before plopping himself back down in his chair in defeat—Kagome winning without even having to get out of his seat.

"That's right! You better sit back down you Fuckin' Pussy!" His attitude turned playful again and he smirked.

The bar suddenly erupted with deep laughter from all the men. The poor man grumbled, taking a large swig of his pint, chugging it all down quickly, as if to wash away his embarrassment, while his face became splotched with the color red all over his brightly lit cheeks.

"Hey Kagome!" A shout came from the crowd, catching his attention.

"Uh?" Was he replay as he turned towards the call of his name, the piano music went back to play in the background while light chatter was started again—

"What happened to your arm!" A buff looking man held up his pint of beer, a large smile on his roughish looking face.

"Jill ambushed me on the way here!" He replied, shrugging as if it was no big deal. "He had some dogs with him this time."

"Isn't his name Jack?" Saka asked.

"Nah." Kagome shook his head. "Jill is the perfect name for him, after all, he fights like a girl!" His statement sent the men in another roaring laughter, which caused Kagome's usually hardened expression to soften towards them.

"…" A small smile showed on Mori's face as he continued to watch the usual cold and unsociable male easily joke with the men here. It was a different side of him that he wished he would see more often. Though he knew he would have to call upon a miracle for Kagome to act so relaxed and dare he say it, playful, at the club room…

"Here you go." Saka, the bartender, placed a large bowl down in front of Kagome, in it was—

"Oden~" He smirked down at his meal, and pulled apart the disposable chopsticks that Saka provided.

"Your favorite." The brown haired man winked. "I know how you like it." Kagome sighed as he took the first bite, sighing in delight.

"…" He glanced over and saw Krabby positioning himself at the rim of the bowl.

"Ki~!" He then jumped into the bowl, landing in the boiling hot liquid, causing a very tiny splash in the colored water.

"Krabby." Using his chopsticks, he plucked the swim-happy crab out of the water. "You can't swim in there. Warm Tea water and hot oden are two completely different things. If you stay too long in there, you will cook yourself." He scolded him.

"Ki?" The crab gave a small pout, lowering its claws and head in shame.

"As long as you understand…" Kagome then placed him down on the bar. "Saka?" He looked towards the bartender for help.

"Comin' right up." He disappeared behind the bar, only to reappear moments later, with an open can of sardines. "Here you go." He placed it onto the bar, next to Krabby.

"Ko-Ki~!" (^-^) Hearts dotted all around his head and he clapped its claws in joy, before scurrying over to the can and began to devourer the fishy snacks, completely forgetting about his earlier scolding.

"Thanks Saka." Kagome thanked the man, before sticking another piece of his meal into his mouth.

"No problem, Love." Mori's eyebrow gave a small twitch at the familiarity he was giving Kagome.

"Oh." Kagome paused in his eating and reached into his pocket, pulling out the bills that he stole from Jack, the man who ganged up on him. "For you, to pay off my tab."

"How generous of you, I'm touched." The sly man reached out and captured Kagome's hand into his. After gently taking the cash, he placed the usually violent male's knuckles to his lips, giving it a soft kiss.

"…!" Mori coughed, trying to hold back the blush that was forming into his cheeks in surprise.

"For someone who beats other men to death, you have very soft hands." He smirked, staring into Kagome's blue eyes with his own.

"…" Kagome just sighed and rolled his eyes, pulling his hand out of the man's grasp. "Don't flatter me."

"…?" Mori was left stunned, wondering why Kagome didn't act like he normally did, and get angry at the man for touching him, let alone pulling a stunt like that.

"Aww." The man pouted and leaned onto the bar, using his arms for support. "But I enjoy complimenting you, after all I only tell the truth."

"Bullshit." Kagome grumbled, plopping another morsel in his mouth.

"…" Saka just watched quietly for the next few moments as Kagome ate his food, placing the meal into his awaiting mouth, before swallowing and stuffing himself with another bite— "You know…" A sly smirk spread across the man's face as he continued to stare. "You are turning me on right now— Ow!" A familiar can of sardines smacked against the man's skull, yet he only chuckled. "So rough." Reaching up he rubbed his bruised scalp and sighed.

"Ki?" Krabby gave a small pout as he looked down at his snack that was now scattered all across the floor on the other side of the bar.

"I'm sorry about that Krabby, I'll get you another can when we get home." He promised, gently patting his pet on the head with his finger for reassurance. "Saka." He called the bartender, which caused him to pause in his scalp massage and look towards him. "I wonder about you sometimes…"

"Oh, so you do think about me!" This immediately caught his attention and he smirked down at him. "Don't try to hide your feelings more me anymore, Love." He placed his hand over his chest. "We both can be adults about it." He continued. "You've wanted me as badly as I've been wanting you."

"..." Mori found himself squirming uncomfortably in his seat, listening to the exchange. Why does he feel so… angry?

"Looks like you found out my dirty secret." Kagome smirked, an amused look on his face.

"I knew it." He leaned forward. "No one can resist my charms forever." He gloated.

"We could use a guy like him at the host club!"

"Tamaki!" Haruhi gave a hushed scolding, causing the man to flinch at her tone.

"So how about you spend the night at my place and we can… talk? Hmm?" He hummed, his eyes fogging over with thoughts, and Mori didn't even want to guess what he was imagining. The quiet host found his hands balling into tight fists on his lap, and his jaw was clinched tightly, trying to suppress the bubbling feeling that was stirring in his stomach as he watched the man openly flirt with Kagome—and he didn't even seemed to mind!

"What about your wife?" The question made Mori cough in surprise and a rush of blood invaded his cheeks. Most of the club members were also taken back by his comment, but they continued to watch the exchange.

"Ah." He hummed, and waved it off as if it were no big deal. "She doesn't mind sharing…" His sly smirk grew. His words caused an even bigger stir among them, shocked by the bartender's bold proclaim at Kagome—except for a certain pair of trouble makers…

"Hey." The twins started to elbow each other, nodding in agreement. "He is pretty slick."

"She might even want to join us." He smirked. "Another reason why I am so deeply in love with her." He looked away from Kagome for a moment, in his own thoughts. "It's a rare to find someone both me and her agree on." He hummed.

"Has there ever been a moment in your life where you weren't thinking with your pants?" Kagome calmly asked.

"…" The man paused, and looked at the ceiling, as if deep in thought.

"You have to actually think about it-?" He sighed. "Nevermind, I think I got my answer…"

"So…" He smiled down at him. "You going to accept my offer?"

"What do you think?" Kagome huffed, putting another bite into his mouth.



"Ack!" He gave a yelp when Kagome reached out and grabbed a hold of his nose with his chopsticks, pulling the bartender closer to him till his upper body was hovering unbalanced over the bar. "Ahh~" He gave a pleased noise. "You are so cute when you are angry, Love." A goofy grin was on his face, as if he was on cloud nine.

"Saka, don't make me waste my entire dinner on you by making you wear it-" He paused, thinking. "No, wait, you might like that…"

"…" The bartender just smirked, amused. "The vipers have gotten a new leader." Saka informed him. The bartender's eyes gave a small gleam of seriousness as he stared into Kagome's blue pools.

"I don't see why that concerns me-" He huffed, and finally released his hold on the poor man's nose.

"The bloody wankers have started coming into wolf territory." His words caused Kagome to pause.

"I see." He looked down in thought. "Just keep tabs on them, and if they start trouble I'll just have to show them who it is they are dealing with." Kagome smirked.

"Kagome?" Saka called to him.

"Yeah?" He responded.

"You have no idea how much you just turned me on."

"…" A small smirk appeared on Mori's face when he witnessed Kagome raising his bowl and dumping its containments overtop of the silly bartender's head, soaking him from head to toe in its hot liquid and clumps of food. He was amused, seeing the man having chunks and pieces laying on his shoulders, while the bowl was used as a makeshift hat, and was left their by the usually cold, but now chuckling host, who was also amused.

Mori was so focused on Kagome, that he didn't notice a man, along with his henchmen, walk into the bar, before looking around and strutting their way to their table—

"Hey." The man called out roughly as he stood directly behind a certain blonde prince—"You are in our seats, move." The man commanded.

"You're seats?" Tamaki seemed offended by the idea and he stood up, turning to face the man. "I believe we were sitting here first." He tried to talk to the man, but the angry expression he was giving him showed just how quick of a temper he had on him. "There are plenty of other empty tables here and I'm sure you can just sit there-" Mori's body tensed when he saw the man reach out and grab a fist full of Tamaki's overcoat, pulling him closer to his tattooed face.

"No." The man argued. "You see, now that you have upset me, I believe its only fair that I bet you and your fiends up, to show you some manners, and when I am done, we can just take your seats." The men behind him laughed, amused. "You won't be needing them after I rip a new hole in your ass and throw you out in the street!"

"He-he." Tamaki gave a nervous laugh as he waved his hands in front of his face in defense. "I'm sure we can talk about this-!"

"I'm done talking!" Tamaki gave a girlish scream as the man reared his fist back, an evil smile of joy plastered onto his face.

"…!" Both Mitsukuni and himself shot out of our chairs, going to help our friend. Yet we were left frozen in our movements, blinking in surprise when the fist was stopped, just mere inches from reaching the Prince's beautiful face, a hand was wrapped tightly around the thug's wrist, halting the assault.

"…" Mori followed the tightly gripping hand, only to come to a slider arm, and he smirked, seeing very familiar blue eyes, his famous cold expression donned on his face once more.

"Ahh~!" Tamaki had stars in his eyes and he was crying tears of joy at being saved.

"You must be the new leader of the vipers." Kagome quickly realized. "What are you doing here?"

"We are just here for a drink, isn't that right boys?" The man's once angry look flipped around, amusement dancing in his dark orbs. He looked over his shoulder to his gang of men, and they all agreed in a mumbled cheer. "See?"

"Don't fuck with me, you came to cause trouble." His grip on the man's wrist tightened, the man's jacket sleeve gave a groan of displeasure at the rough treatment. "Release him." The collected host ordered, staring the man down with an icy glare.

"Heh." He chuckled, but complied and let Tamaki go, who stumbled backwards a few steps, unbalanced. "What is this moron to you, Kagome?"

"…" Kagome glanced at the sniffling host as stars shone in his eyes in gratitude. "He is…" Tamaki was calling his name while cheering in joy. His eyes became wide with hope, while the word 'friend' written in a cloud bubble appeared above his head. "An idiot…" Mori watched as his dreams were crushed, and the poor leader immediately cracked, before his body broke apart and fell into pieces, crumbling onto the floor with a whimper. "But the others are my companions, and when you mess with my companions, you mess with me." He stated, staring the man down with his indifferent expression.

"Oh?" This seemed to interest the man. "Are you actually going to try and take us on? We out number you ten-to-one." He gave a chuckle in amusement, his men soon following his example and laughed softly behind him.

"And I was hoping that the new leader for the vipers would actually be someone with brains."

"What was that!" The man snapped out of his superiority and growled.

"What made you think I was alone?" Kagome's comment caused not only the man, but Mori to glance around the room—

"…!" We both blinked in surprise by the sight that was playing before them.

All the men who were once laughing and carrying on cheerfully in the bar moments before, were now tense, the smell of battle was high in the air. Half of them were already out of their chairs, their weapons out threateningly as they glared in hate at the men. A killing aura was quickly filling the building as the men growled in warning, daring the men to try anything towards the raven haired man who was standing before them. Even Willy— Umm—Billy, who was picked on and embarrassed by Kagome was on his feet, probably the most angry out of all of them, the sword strapped to his hip was halfway out of its sheath and an angry scowl was on his face.

"You see." Kagome spoke once more, smirking at the leader's oblivious show of fear as his skin turned pale. "My companion's problems, are my problems— and my problems, are their problems…" He flicked his head to the men behind him.

"…" The man was slowly becoming paler and paler, and he swallowed the lump that was gathering in his throat in nervousness.

"So if I were you, I would leave before you actually make me angry—which will make these guys angry."

"I-I'll be back!" He warned. Kagome just snorted, unfazed.

"No you won't…"

"…!" The man growled, but didn't argue, and with that, he turned around and left, his men following close behind him with their tails tucked between their legs.

"Kagome!" Tamaki cheered, suddenly happy again and he jumped towards the host.

"…" Kagome lightly smacked him away, sending him flying through the air and into the wall, leaving an indent as he stuck to it before crumbing onto the floor in a groan.

"You were pretty cool." The twins stood from their chairs, and walked over to him.

"That was amazing!" Mitsukuni stood below him with flowers bobbing up and down around his head. "Wasn't he amazing Takashi!" He then turned his bright brown eyes to him, and he nodded.


"Nicely executed and without causalities…" Kyoya hummed, fixing his glasses with a small smile on his face. "Good job."

"You were really impressive back there, Kagome." Haruhi also gathered around him. Kagome reached out, and patted Haruhi on the head in praise.

"Thanks guys." A rare smile appeared on his face.

"Haruhi…?" Tamaki whined, as he crawled towards them on his hands and knees, tears streaming down his face in defeat and sorrow. "My little girl~!"

"Would you please stop that 'little girl' stuff, Tamaki." Haruhi's expression dulled as she stared blankly at the poor host.

"But Haruhi~" Tamaki continued to whine. "I'm your daddy~!"

"You are not my father!" She growled, stomping her foot on the ground.

"…" Kagome hummed, amused at the scene.

"So tell us Kagome…" The twin's smiles grew into sly grins. "How long did you know it was us?" The asked, causing the members to pause and turn to look at the smirking male.

"The moment you started trailing me down the street…"

"No surprise there…" Kyoya already seemed to know this fact.

"What!" Yet the Prince had trouble comprehending it as he shouted in disbelief. "How?" He questioned. "My disguises were perfect!"

"Yeah." He crossed his arms and rolled his eyes. "Perfectly stupid!" His words caused the host club member to gasp and take a step back. "You guys don't exactly blend in…" He paused, looking in the corner of his eyes in thought. "I had to give my men the heads up so they wouldn't maul you the moment your suspicious looking asses waltzed into the bar…"

Kagome walked into the very familiar bar, immediately being assaulted by the dark music and manly atmosphere—Ah, home away from home…

All the men paused in their chattering to hold up their beers in greeting or wave their hands to acknowledge her appearance. Deciding not to waste time, not knowing when the others would follow her in here, she cut to the chase.

"I'm being followed." She informed them. Her words caused the men to immediately tense and some of them even stood up from their chairs. Their attitudes did a complete turn around and they stared at her with fire in their eyes, no doubt the thought of blood being spilled in their minds. She quickly raised her hand, to calm them, the motion made them freeze in their movements. "They are the ones I told you about." She told them. "They are just curious about what I do after school, so I let them follow me here." Her words made them relax and their bloodthirsty intents cooled down. "So just act natural, and whatever you do… Don't laugh at them…"

"Which was easier said than done!" One of the brawly men shouted, causing all the other men in the room to burst out laughing, their roars shaking the air in the building from the power of their deep rumbles.

"…" Everyone looked to one another, each taking in their identical appearances. Now that he was looking, their brown trench coats and Groucho Glasses made it hard for even him to not laugh at the comical appearance they made.

"You look so funny!" Hikaru laughed, pointing at his brother.

"Me!" Kaoru responded. "You're the funny looking one!" They both were leaning against each other for support as they held their sides and laughed until tears leaked from their eyes.

"I think these outfits are cute!" Mitsukuni jumped up and down, his coat swaying in his movements.

"…" Kagome's cold eyes softened towards his cousin, before reaching down and playfully ruffling his golden locks, humming in agreement.

"I believe that is enough fooling around for one night." Kyoya quickly got serious, already discarded his coat, and wearing his normal attire that was underneath it.

"Yeah, it's getting late." Haruhi agreed and also took off her coat.

"But I'm not tired~" Mitsukuni gave a small yawn, and rubbed his eye tiredly. Mori couldn't help but smile down at him and gave his head a gentle pat.

"Yes…" Kyoya was nodding, talking into his cell phone, before he pulled it away, and snapped it closed. "I already planned ahead and called each of us a ride home when we arrived. Our transportation is already outside and waiting for us." He informed everyone.

"See you tomorrow Kagome?" The twins took off their coats at the same time.

"Yeah." He waved, smirking as he watched them leave the bar, talking amongst themselves at the crazy night they just experienced.

"Come on Tamaki, let's go." Haruhi dragged the tear-filled leader behind her, as she too left the bar.

"Takashi…" Mitsukuni grabbed him by the hand, tugging on it as a sign for them to go too.

"Yeah…" He agreed and nodded—He paused, blinking when a different tug on his coat sleeve caught his attention and he glanced over, only to find himself staring into deep blue…

"Come one Honey, I'll escort you out, so we can let Mori and Kagome talk for a moment…" Kyoya quickly picked up on the mood between them, and calmly left them alone—well, as alone one can be when inside of a bar…

"…"Mitsukuni didn't complain and yawned once more as he took the few steps that was needed for his short legs, and left the bar with Kyoya.

"…" Both him and Kagome stared at each other for a moment, not saying anything. Mori looked down at himself, quickly noticing that he was still wearing his disguise. Reaching up and took off his coat without trouble, draping it over his arm.

"Mori?" He called to him.

"Hmm?" He hummed in reply, looking at him—He paused, seeing Kagome's hands reach out to his face. Mori couldn't stop the rush of blood that came into his tanned cheeks when the male slowly removed the Goofy glasses. Once they were off, Kagome's expression softened greatly towards him, and a smile appeared on his face, making his already stained cheeks darken at what he was seeing…

"There you are." He joked, giving a small amused chuckle at him.

"…" Raising his free hand, he reached out and placed it onto his head, his lips curving into a smile of his own.

"…" Kagome reached up and gently grabbed his hand, removing it from his head. Mori paused in slight surprise, as a constricted feeling squeezed his heart from the act. Something flashed in Kagome's blue orbs and he glanced down to the floor. "Here…" After turning his hand over, he placed something into his open palm.

Mori blinked, staring at the object that was in his hand, and brought it closer to his face to inspect it.

It was a card—A business card with an address and phone number to the very bar that they are in at the moment, to be precise. Kagome must have saw his confusion, for he chuckled in amusement and told him why he was giving him this card.

"I don't have a house phone." He informed him. "So if there is an emergency and you need me for anything, call that number." He pointed at the card in his hand. "I'm here more than at my own house anyway…" He added. "Just promise me something."

"…?" His serious tone made him look away from the card for a moment and back into his blue eyes.

"Don't give anyone the information at is on that card, okay?" Kagome nibbled on his lower lip in nervousness and looked away from him for a moment. "Not even Honey, alright?"

"…" He paused. "Of course…" He responded with a nod.

"Okay." His smile returned, which made his heart skip a beat. "I trust you." His words caused his blush to come back tenfold, and he looked back at the card, and away from his happy expression, unable to take the fluttering feeling that was going on in his stomach—He paused, his eyebrows angling together when he spotted the corner of the card was bent, and something blue was noticeably seen…

"…" Mori then turned the card over—"!" His eyes widened when his grey eyes landed on the letters that were inked down on the back, in a nice shade of blue. He read over the clearly written words that said:

Home address…

Kagome continued her walk down the street, before coming along a very familiar street. She was smiling to herself as her mind was reeling with thoughts, and the interesting time she had with the host club that evening. Glancing at Krabby, who was sleeping on her shoulder, she hummed, not very surprised by this—After all, it was already well past midnight…

Without even thinking about it, her legs scaled the stairs, her body use to the routine as a known feeling of her muscles moving and working to climb the small fight of metal steps. When the floor leveled out once more, Kagome was almost on autopilot as she walked several more feet, before coming to a white door and turning to face it, her smile still on her face. Raising her hand, she reached for the doorknob and gave it a turn, knowing that it was unlocked.

She hummed in delight as she walked through the door and—

"…" She froze in her movements the moment she took a step into the area. A tense feeling quickly suffocating her as she was greeted by nothing—Absolute nothingness…

Slowly her body deflated and her shoulders dropped. The emptiness ringing hauntingly in her mind, her hand around the doorknob tightened until it groaned from the stress, her knuckles turning white. She gave a sigh as her smile fell into a frown, the quiet hum weighing heavily in the air and on her conscience. She looked away from the perfectly clean room with its blank white walls and necessary furniture that had no real emotional attachment to her.

Without a second thought, she turned around walked back out, the door giving a soft click behind her as she closed it shut.

She didn't bother to lock it, because no one was stupid enough to steal from the ruthless, cold-hearted, Kagome…

There was a pause in his typing as a thought came to Kyoya's mind as he sat in his room.

"Saka?" He repeated, thinking.

"'Ello, Saka's Pizzeria!" A man with a slightly British accent was speaking on the other line. "Is this take out or delivery-?"Kyoya did not give an answer, for he quickly hung up on him.

"…" The collected man smirked, amused, as he adjusted his glasses.

That sly bartender…

~~~~~~~~~ Extra Skit ~~~~~~~~~

"Protecting Thy Land"

Colonel Renard Ashford Butterworth Boxintion Yales was casually strolling along the nice carpet of his mistress's large estate. Patrolling his mistress's land while she was away, was hard work for one so small, but he was up for the job, for his mistress asked him to take care of things while he is gone.

It was his mistress's wish, so he shall grant it with all his power, even to his dying breath, he shall protect this fertile land of metal, wood, and strange fluffy furniture!

A strange sound entered his ears, causing him to pause in his side-ways walk, glancing around. Pinpointing the noise, he ran as fast as his six legs could scurry, snapping his claws in anticipation as he went. Walking up one of the many ramps that his mistress was so kind enough to scatter throughout the vast land, thanks to her power and mighty body, he found himself on top of the kitchen counter.

His eyes quickly found his target, and anger boiled beneath his hard shell in rage at the sight of a mouse, daring to steal a bite of 'chocolate' that his mistress left on the counter for later.

"Ko-ki!" He gave a hiss of displeasure. Bubbles started to spurt out of his mouth in warning and he clapped his mighty pincer to catch his attention. "Hey you!" He called out to him. The creature finally looked towards him.

"What?" He tilted his head, and once the mouse saw him, he wiggled his whiskers in amusement. "What do you want?"

"Unruly beast!" He pointed his dominate claw at him. "I demand that you unhand thy mistress's sweet treasures at once!" He ordered.

"Oh?" His enemy squeaked, laughing. "What are you going to do, shortie? You're half my size! You got nothing on me." The mouse puffed out his chest, before scratching behind his ear. He then bent down and ripped off a large chunk of the sweet treat, nibbling on it.

"I shalt ask you once more! Return thy mistress's delectable sweets or suffer thy wrath!"

"Heh!" The mouse just snorted, smirking. He turned his back on him and started walking away proudly, chunk of the chocolate bar in his mouth.

"…" Bubbles formed at the end of Krabby's mouth, angered. Suddenly he launched himself forward, and onto the creatures back. Using his large pincer, he grabbed a hold of the enemy's tail, his smaller claw clamping onto his ear.

"AHhH~!" The mouse gave a squeak of pain, surprising him enough to drop his meal.

"Ah-HA! Take that, you foul rodent!" More bubbles poured from his mouth, and he smirked. "Victory is mine!"

"I'm home." Kagome softly closed the door behind her. Unbuttoning her tattered shirt she looked around. "Krabby?"

"Ko-ki Ko-ki~!" (I'm over here mistress~!) He repeatedly clapped his claws together, as a smile appeared on his face, happy.

"There you are." Walking over to him, she gently scooped him up in her soft hand. "Have you been good while I was gone?" She asked. She raised him up till he was close to her face.

"Ki!" (of course!)

"What is…" She paused, tilting her head at the object laying on the counter, next to her chocolate bar. "Is that a mouse tail?" She asked, shocked and slightly curious, looking towards him.

"…Ki?" (…Maybe?) He looked away, lowering his claws in shame.

"Such a good boy Krabby! Guess who is getting sardines tonight!"

"Ko!" (Yay! ^-^) He clapped his claws together in joy.

"…" Kagome's eyes softened towards him. Gently she leaned forward and pressed her nose against him. Krabby's shell glowed red in embarrassment, and he placed his claws around the appendage. "That tickles…" She smiled as he started to open and close his smaller claw, pinching her skin lightly in affection.

"Ko-ki~" (I love you mistress~) Hearts appeared above his head, floating around him.

* Plan T) Twins

* Plan C) Cake

* Plan K) Kyoya

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