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Yeah, You

Chapter 1 Take My Breath Away

The beautiful, bronze-haired boy sat across from the beautiful, chestnut-haired girl. A birthday cake with seventeen candles sat between them. He leaned forward slowly and whispered, "Happy birthday, Bella. Make a wish."

Bella replied softly, "It already came true."

I walked into Forks High School with a sense of confidence. Ha, that was a new feeling. This summer had been different than others. I had a best friend, a new look, and I was a senior. Yes, those lonely nights and summers of studying and taking extra classes had paid off; I was graduating a year early. Next fall I could go to Dartmouth like I always dreamed.

As I walked through the hallway of my new high school, I felt a sudden wave of nausea. People were staring at me. I wanted to retreat into my old, shy self. But I pushed my shoulders back and swore under my breath, "Not another year of this shit. Suck it up, Swan. You are not Frizzy Izzy anymore." That old nickname was never to be heard again. Now people would look at me because I was beautiful, not ignore me because I was shy and awkward. I owed this newfound confidence to my new best friend, Alice Brandon.

That five foot tall tornado of spiky hair and designer clothes had helped me transform myself this summer. Alice had straightened and styled my hair and advised me when I purchased a whole new wardrobe. She taught me all about hair products and blow dryers, which were especially necessary in the rainy town I now lived in. Now that my braces were off and I had filled out a bit, I almost believed that I could make a different life here.

I was so glad that I moved next door to such a fantastic friend. Right away we had hit it off when Alice came over with her parents to introduce herself. "Hi! I'm Alice. We're going to be best friends! I just know it!" she squealed when she saw me. Ha, she was right. That was two months ago. We had been inseparable ever since.

I approached the office to get my class schedule. "Oh my god, Bella, aren't you excited? We're seniors!" Alice screamed into my ear, making me jump.

"Jesus, Alice! You scared the shit out of me," I sputtered. "Stop sneaking up on me like that."

"Oh, Bella. You know I'm all wound up. This is going to be the best year ever. I know it," Alice beamed. Her blue eyes twinkled and her spiky black hair looked perfect as usual.

"I wish I had your confidence, Alice."

"Silly Bella. I know something great is going to happen for you and me this year. I can tell about these sorts of things."

I giggled. "You are probably right. I met you and now I look like a completely different person. That's pretty great."

Alice laughed, "I'm so glad your parents felt guilty about moving you from Arizona. That guilt money paid for a pretty fuckhot wardrobe, if I do say so myself. You are really working those skinny jeans and heels. You're going to get some major attention today. I already saw some guys checking you out."

"Yeah, right. They are just looking at the new girl," I said modestly.

"You're going to have to own that new look, Swan. I just helped bring out your natural beauty; you have to project the confidence to make it happen." Alice was right. Being the quintessential emo, self-conscious teen wasn't going to win me any friends or make me feel any better.

We walked into the office where I got my schedule and we compared classes. "Oh, we've got independent study and art history together."

"Perfect. Let me show you around the campus," replied Alice. "Who do you have for English?" she asked. I didn't answer. "Bella? Earth to Bella." Alice must have looked at me as I stared open mouthed at . . .

"Alice. Who. Is. That?" I asked in a daze.

"That my friend is the most popular boy in the school. He's captain of the basketball team, class president, and most likely will be the valedictorian. He also has a girlfriend," she added in a quiet voice.

"God, he's beautiful," I whispered in awe as I stared unabashedly at the boy with the bronze hair and green eyes. He was too perfect, too handsome to be real. While I was ogling this 6 foot tall Adonis, a gorgeous blond guy walked over to him and slapped him on the back. Damn, is everyone here in Forks supernaturally beautiful?

"That he is, but he's taken, really taken," said Alice sadly as she looked at me.

"Of course. I didn't think . . .I know I'd never have a chance with someone like that," I stammered and looked away.

"Bella, you could have any guy you wanted here. You really don't see yourself as beautiful, do you? I just meant that you would never try to steal a guy," Alice said as I blushed at her complement.

"Don't be ridiculous, Alice. I've never even kissed a guy, let alone had a boyfriend. I don't know how to attract boys. You are making me sound like I'm the new Megan Fox."

"Ew. She has those gross tattoos. You are much prettier than her, and Transformers 2 sucked. Come on, let's get to first period."


Another year at good ol' Forks High. Fantastic. Maybe this is the year I grow a pair of balls and finally do what I want. I walked over to my best friend and slapped him hard on the back. "Hey man, we're seniors, and we're going to rule the school."

"Did you just quote a line from Grease?" he asked with a laugh.

"Yep. And you recognized it, so don't judge."

"Touché, my musical loving friend. That's my mom's favorite movie."

As we were talking he looked over at a girl I had never seen before. Wow, she was definitely going to cause a stir. She was a gorgeous brunette and she was talking to my Alice. She must have good taste in friends. I looked away from the new girl to stare at the object of my lust. I was in full daydream mode when he interrupted me with a question.

"Hey Jasper, who is that girl with Alice Brandon?"

"Oh, I think that's the new girl. She must be the new police chief's daughter, Isabella Swan. Hmmm, nice ass." The girls had turned around to walk to class.

"Shut the fuck up, Jasper. Stop checking her out."

"Dude, you pointed her out to me. You'd have to be blind not to see that. And speaking of fine asses, did you see what Alice was wearing?"

"Ha! I knew you had a thing for Alice."

"Shut up! And why are you checking out other girls, Mr. 'I Have a Girlfriend?' " I teased.

"You know all about that situation."

"Not all of it, but I know how stupid and complicated it is, and you don't really care about her. Dare I hope that the new girl might inspire you to solve this problem?" I asked.

"Maybe," he mumbled.

"I think we better get to class. You can daydream about Miss Swan in Calculus," I laughed as we walked away.


As we walked to our first class I couldn't help obsessing over the impossibly gorgeous guy I had just seen. I knew it was ridiculous but I couldn't help myself.

We found seats in Art History next to each other. I couldn't take not knowing, so I leaned over and asked, "Alice, what is Mr. Perfect's name?"

She replied, "Edward. Edward Cullen."


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