Chapter 23 Epilogue

In Your Eyes…I am complete





So, I have a few minutes…let me tell you what's happened.

Remember Rosalie, my sister? Well, after she married Emmett they had like fifty kids and Rose is totally fat now. Ok, they "only" have five, but it seems like fifty. Trust me, I had to babysit them. Twice. Neither event is on my top ten moments of all time. Those all feature someone else. But I'll get back to that later.

My nephews and niece are actually very cute, of course. Emmett plus Rosalie equals perfect genetics. Everyone fawns all over them. The only real controversy was when Emmett wanted to name all of the kids after him. Yeah, I didn't want a family member named "Prince Emmett the second" or "Emmettina."

Anyway, Rose isn't completely fat (I'm prone to exaggeration – it's the writer in me). She gained a few pounds on her "perfect" body. Emmett loves it, however. He's always pinching her ass and saying, "More cushion for the pushin'." Yeah, he's gross, but my sister lives for that shit.

They live in San Francisco now because Emmett got traded to the 49ers two years ago. Rose claims she likes it there and it's not that far from Seattle, though they don't visit much. I guess that's a pitfall of having a family the size of a basketball team. I drove with them to the market once…and I still have nightmares. I can't imagine driving from San Fran all the way to Seattle.

I'm thinking about what that must've been like when I get a text from James asking where I am.

"Where the hell does he think I am?" I mutter to myself. I giggle as I text him a snotty response.

James also lives in California now. After college, he got a job as personal trainer. He got a certain chubby actress back in shape and now he's actually quite famous as a trainer to the stars. He developed a "booty boot camp" workout (yeah, he's an ass specialist) and has several popular DVDs. I tried it once…I couldn't sit down for a week. I decided my ass looks good the way it is, and I haven't received any complaints. I sent the DVD to Rosalie. Big mistake. She didn't speak to me for a while. But I did get a month off from hearing about how Emmett "fills" her so completely, which must be a feat because she did have five giant babies. It was a nice break from the grossness.

James married a movie producer and they have a Shih Tzu and live in Malibu. He and Alec recently adopted a baby girl from China. I think he got the idea from one of his clients (Angelina, *cough* *cough*), but that's just my opinion. He's completely happy and I get frequent calls with sex advice, some of which are welcome. The rest is…disturbing. Like the pictures he texted of him breastfeeding Bree with his high-priced man-boob. Nothing is an over share for James.

The last time I saw him was at the baptism. He was holding the baby. No, not that baby.

My brother.

No, I'm not shitting you. My mom got pregnant a month after Rosalie did – which was like five minutes after her wedding (probably during the limo ride). So my brother is a month younger than my nephew. It's sorta embarrassing, but my mom looks good for her age – she's only been accused of being little Charlie's grandma once. And since Rose and I aren't living at home anymore, my mom and dad haven't been alone. I laugh aloud as I remember my dad chasing around little Charlie last night and muttering about needing a walker soon.




"Hurry up, Bella. It's time," my best friend says. Alice walks toward me and pulls me into a fierce hug. I almost lose it. I've been on the verge of tears all day as I got ready, thinking about my life since I met him…





Senior Prom. That was the second time I saw him in a tux. Trust me, the sight of that man in formal wear is like insta-lube on my lady parts. Sorry if that's TMI. You just have no idea. Sigh. It was great night. It was the first time…you know.

Oh, not having sex. We did that the month before... Those stories where your first time is a magical, never-ending orgasm – what a load of shit. It hurt. Bad. Edward is what one would call "well-endowed." Trying to get his fucking huge penis inside me was more difficult than trying to get Rosalie to stop popping out kids. But it got better. And that night it was really good. Yeah, that good.

So after that, we really couldn't keep our hands off of each other. My dad almost catching us in my room forced us to be a little more careful. The Volvo saw a lot of action that summer.

We both went to Dartmouth like we planned. Things were hard for a while as we adjusted to college life. If you are waiting for me to tell you we broke up, or someone cheated, well, you're reading the wrong story. This is angst-free.

Edward continued with medical school as I worked on my Master's degree and things were great. But when I graduated and he still had two years left, we ran into a problem. I got a job at a Seattle publishing firm and the distance nearly broke us up. Edward transferred to UDub for his final two years - just for me. He said he couldn't stay away from me. Sigh.

Have I said how much I love this man?

Edward has been my everything for the last eight years. My first love, my only love…and in about an hour he'll be my husband.




"Bella, it looks perfect," Jasper sighs as he smoothes the satin of my dress. "I pictured exactly what it would look like when Edward showed me the ring."

"I love it, Jasper," I gush as I hug him. "Thank you for the perfect dress." Alice and Jasper are fussing over me, helping me with the finishing touches. They've had their own designer label for several years. It turned out that Jasper loved clothes even more than Alice. They designed all of the clothes for our wedding, including Edward's tux.

They live in LA now so I don't get to see them very often. They have a little boy named Peter, but still haven't gotten married. They've been engaged for five years, but they're in no rush to plan a wedding.

Because Edward and I both miss our best friends, and our brother and sister are now living in California, we've decided to move, too. Edward got a job at Cedars and I will be working on my book from home. Yes, I know I'm lucky to be able to make this happen. I'm reminded of how fortunate I am every time I look at Edward.

My mom and dad are thinking about moving back to Arizona when my dad retires, so they'll be close, too. He had to push that back since he has another kid to put through college. He's always grumbling about being a senior citizen when Charlie, Jr. graduates. My mom glares at him and reminds him that he was the one who didn't want to get a vasectomy. When that convo starts, I usually leave the room. I don't like to hear about my dad's testicles.

Alice finishes with my veil and pronounces me "ready." "I'm so happy for you, Bella. You two were meant to be together."

"I know, Al. But it seems like yesterday that I was dancing with him in the Forks' gym."

"Or dry-humping him in the locker room," Alice adds. Jasper snorts and I shoot him a dirty look.

"Like I didn't catch you two getting busy enough times to scar me for life," I retort. "Besides, how could I keep away from him?" Alice and I giggle.

Jasper grins. "That is very true. I'm surprised that after seeing me in action you still decided to marry Edward."

I chuck a box of tissues at his head.

"Speaking of Forks High, did you see Mike Newton's wife? Oh, my god," Alice exclaims. "She nearly caused a riot."

Mike Newton, former geek extraordinaire, was now a multi-millionaire. He created some social networking Internet site and he recently married a Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model. I had kept in touch with him after high school and while he was at MIT.

"She's all right, if you like that type." Jasper shrugs.

"Whatever, Jasper. I'd put her on my celebrity sex list." Alice says.

"Damn. Now that'd be interesting," Jasper mutters.

"How about you, Bella? Would she make your five?" Alice asks.

"You know my five is just Edward and Robert Pattinson. It hasn't changed. Although I thought about dropping him when he wore that stupid outfit to the People's Choice Awards. And don't get me started on the ridiculous Capri pants."

"Well, I hate to break up the sex talk, but I need to get out there and stand with Mr. Pretty Eyes and wait for you to come down the aisle," Jasper says. He winks at me and blows a kiss to Alice and leaves the room. A moment later my dad knocks. He smiles when he sees me.

"You look beautiful, Bells."

"Thank you, daddy," I whisper. I try not to cry and ruin my makeup. "Don't let me fall, dad," I say as I grasp his arm.




I see him at the end of the aisle. He's still the beautiful boy I fell in love with - just more. I ignore the members of my wedding party marching in front of me – Alice and Jasper, Rosalie, my brother the ring-bearer - and all of our friends and family that surround us. I have Edward-blinders on.

He's whispering to Emmett, who's his best man. When the music starts, his eyes snap to me and I see the love he's held for me all these years reflected in his eyes. I still get butterflies in my stomach whenever I see him. I know that will never change. I practically run down the aisle toward him.

Toward my future.


It's always been him.






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