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The battle was over, Victoria and the newborns were gone, but Alice had seen a vision that some of the Volturi guards were coming. Edward and I headed to the clearing to join the rest of the family. I hugged Alice and Esme, reassured that they were unhurt. That was all we had time for before Jane, Felix and two other gray shrouded guards came into the clearing. Edward pushed me behind him.

"Hello," Jane said with a haunting grin on her face. "Long time no see."

"Jane," Edward nodded.

"Edward," she said, with a nod back in his direction. "Ah, you must be Carlisle. Aro has told me much about you. I'm so happy to finally meet you at last." Carlisle stepped up and took her hand.

"The pleasure is mine, Jane. What brings you all the way over here?" Carlisle asked, wanting to get to the point.

"Ah yes. Aro, Caius and Marcus request your presence in Volterra. There is a matter that they must discuss with your coven before the human," she nodded disgustedly towards me "can join in your ranks."

"All right," Carlisle agreed. "I can come with you now."

"No, he wants the entire coven to come. He hasn't met everyone yet and is very interested in seeing everyone," Jane said sweetly.

"I'm not leaving Bella behind," Edward said vehemently.

"She can not come," Felix said. "We have orders for only the coven." Edward hissed.

"Very well," Carlisle said. "Can you give us some time to go home, prepare for the trip?"

"Yes. You have two hours," Jane said. "We will meet you back here." They headed for places unknown. Edward looked hauntingly at me.

"Let's go," he said, pulling me onto his back. We were quickly at the Volvo. He was pulling out his cell phone and dialing before I could get my seat belt on.

"Seth. Edward. I need to talk to Sam. Can you ask him if he can meet me at Bella's house? Thanks."

"What's going on?" I asked, fearing the answer.

"I have to go with my family. You can't come. If you come, they have orders to kill you. But I can't just leave you unprotected. I want to have Sam bring you to La Push and keep you there. I don't know how long we'll be gone. Aro didn't tell them that, so I don't know. But I want to be assured you're safe, and I know that Sam can keep you safe." We drove in silence to my house. The cruiser was still gone, so he must still be with Billy. Sam was standing on the edge of the woods, waiting for us. Edward helped me out of the car and led me over to where Sam stood.

"Edward," Sam said with a nod.

"Thanks for meeting me, Sam. A complication has come up that I'm hoping you can help me with."

"I can see what I can do," he said cordially.

"Our entire family has to go to Italy to meet with the Volturi, which is somewhat like our government. I was wondering if you could bring Bella to La Push with you, and keep her there."

"Bella, is this what you want?" Sam asked me. Edward huffed. I looked at him in confusion, then looked back into Sam's deep brown eyes.

"Yes," I said, knowing it was what Edward wanted and I wanted to keep him happy.

"Very well," Sam said. "You can stay with Emily. She'll enjoy the company. Go pack your bags, and I'll meet you at her house. Charlie is still at Billy's. I'll talk to him, tell him that you're going to stay with Emily."

"Sure, thanks," I said. Sam began to turn away, back into the woods. "Sam? How's Jacob?" I asked, fearful for my friend.

"He's healing, Bella. He'll be just fine. He just needs a little time." I nodded. Edward started leading me to my house. Once we were in my bedroom, he started shoveling clothes into my bag.

"Edward, how long do you think I'm going to be there for?" I asked, stunned.

"I don't know. I don't want you to have to come back for anything though." I nodded and grabbed my things from the bathroom. Edward carried my bags out to the truck. We stood in the driveway.

"I'll miss you every day that I am gone," he said, touching my face. I threw my arms around him and hugged him close.

"I'll miss you. Hurry home," I said, pressing my lips to the cold marble of his cheek. He released my grip from his neck and opened the driver's side door of my truck.

"I'll come back as soon as I can. Stay safe, Bella. Don't do anything stupid," he warned, and with a final kiss to my forehead, he was gone.

I drove to Emily's small house in La Push, trying not to think about what the Volturi wanted with my vampires. Hopefully it wouldn't snag my plans of change. I was anxious to see Jacob. After the kiss in the woods, I didn't know how he'd react to me, but I was concerned and needed to see that he was okay. Sam wasn't there when I arrived, so I brought my bags into the small spare bedroom and told Emily I'd be back after seeing Jacob.

I hurried out to the truck and sped as fast as I could to the Black's house. I didn't even shut my door all the way before I was running into the house. I didn't notice my dad, Billy, the members of the pack…they were all there piled in the house. They only person I thought of was Jake.

"Jacob!" I cried, and darted into his room. He was lying on his bed, but picked his head up when I stepped over the threshold.

"Bella?" he asked, surprised. I practically jumped from the door to his bed. His arms wound around me.

"I'm so happy you're okay!" I said, burying my head into his shoulder.

"Of course I'm okay. And I'll be better by tomorrow night. Until then, not as great as I'd like to be, but whatev. And I'm better now that you're here."

"You scared me!"

"I told you, I'm fine. So, how'd Edward take it when you told him you kissed me? Was he mad?" Ugh. I had forgotten about that.

"No, he wasn't mad. He understands. But he also understands that it won't happen again," I said, glaring at Jacob with a warning evident in my gaze. He laughed.

"Right, Bells. Delude yourself into thinking you didn't like it," he chuckled. I stood up. He groaned at my movement.

"Jake? Are you okay?"

"Shit…" he moaned. I looked around and found a bottle of pain pills. Looking at the directions written on the bottle in Carlisle's perfect script, I handed him two pills that he swallowed down dry.

"What hurts?" I asked him, laying my hand on his chest and trying not to notice his hard sinewy muscles underneath my palm.

"Everything," he sighed, and closed his eyes. I sat with him until he fell asleep, then crept out, trying not to wake him up.

"Everything okay, Bella?" Billy asked, coming up behind me. I nodded and followed him out to the living room. I sat on the couch and thought about the last time I had spent time here in La Push. Edward had still been gone, and I was going over my feelings for Jacob. He had been my sun then, and I wanted to return the favor to him now.

Unfortunately I figured that his idea of my help was probably much different than mine. I couldn't help but consider the kisses that we had shared recently. I could pretend that I didn't like them to Jacob, but I couldn't lie to myself. Jacob could really kiss me. Edward had to control himself.

Even though I sat in a familiar house, everything was suddenly foreign to me.

Sam's question from earlier lingered in my mind. "Is that what you want, Bella?" I didn't know what I wanted. I was nervous being here in La Push with Jacob. Edward was on the other side of the planet. I didn't understand why I couldn't be home, I mean, really what trouble was left now that Victoria and the newborns were gone? Maybe the Volturi. The thought made me shudder.

I felt someone sit next to me, but I didn't look up from my hands.

"It will be all right, Bella," Emily whispered. I glanced over at her. Her words, meant for comfort didn't even touch my despair. I felt the sudden urge to do something to calm myself down.

Sam sat next to Emily and wrapped his arms around her. Great. Another way for me to feel completely alone in this house stuffed with people.

I wanted Edward, but he was gone. I wanted to be anywhere other than here. If I had to be her, I wanted the old Jacob back. The Jacob who was my personal sun, not the pushy Jacob who was trying to make moves on me every chance he got. I loved him, but I loved Edward more…right?

I watched as Jake limped in the room. So much for that nap. Seth immediately stood up to give him the recliner.

"Hey Bells! Why don't you come and give Billy a hand with this spaghetti?" Charlie called. I sighed in relief and stepped away from the couch and my brooding thoughts. Walking into the kitchen, I felt Jake's eyes on me, and I fought the urge to take a peek back at him. I could hear his voice in my head taunting me, teasing me to look back at his half-naked body. I resisted the urge, but barely.

When I stepped into the kitchen I wondered if I had stepped into a war zone by accident. Generally any time my father offered to help make a meal something exploded, and tonight's meal was no exception. Billy must have asked for my help out of desperation. My father had spaghetti sauce smeared over his shirt but was laughing at something.

"Dad," I started, trying to scowl. All I could do was laugh. "Billy, you should have known better. This man can not cook." My father pouted while Billy bent over with laughter.

"Charlie, you put up a good fight, and sometimes that's all you can do," Jacob's voice cut through the room. I looked up to find him leaning against the doorframe. "You fought the good fight, but it is in Bella's hands now." Somehow I knew he wasn't talking about pasta or Charlie's cooking skills.

Billy and Charlie laughed. I forced a smile as he limped in with a strange look on his face.

"You know, Bella, I'm a pretty good cook," Jake said, walking over to me. I busied myself with the sauce on the stove. It sounded wildly suggestive to me. A shiver ran through me and I tried to brush it off.

"Come on, Jake. I've had your cooking. It's isn't that great," I said. His face fell. Ah. So he wasn't talking about cooking.

"That's true Jake, I have to admit it," Billy said, missing out on Jake's barely masked innuendo.

"Hey, Bella could give you lessons," Billy suggested. "Help you impress the ladies." I felt my face burn. Did he not see what was going on here? Did anyone see? Stupid males. I wanted to scream. I gazed over at Jake, letting my eyes wander over his toned body, his pouty lips and into his smoldering black eyes.

"I'd like that," he said, giving me a look that was both tempting and sinful. I couldn't look away if I wanted to. His grin was almost too much to handle. I felt the sudden urge to kiss it off from his face.

I was saved by Billy's decision to finally get everyone out of the kitchen so I could get the food ready.

I leaned my elbows on the counter and put my head in my hands. Okay. This was bad. This was very, very bad.

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