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Before I go into this, I want y'all to take a long deep breath and close your eyes.

Yeah, that's right.

I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you're on the soccer field, your long red hair swaying with your every movement, the lub-dub of your heart beat as the adrenaline in your veins accelerates as you glance at the rest of your soccer team, knowing the game plan that will finish this game in your favor. Imagine glancing over toward the stadium stands and seeing one hell of a guy standing there, cheering you on with his quiet smile, his eyes following you behind those ruby red glasses that you know hold a deadly glare- and you can hear him- yes, hear him- praising your talent on the field, and the feel the love radiate from him. You and feel this over the adrenaline, hear his thoughts over the spectators in the bleachers. And everything is perfect.

Too bad it's not me on the field.

I wasn't even in the bleachers watching Jeannie and Scotty-boy have this little interaction.

Nope. Ah would be the one under the bleachers having a tongue war with the bastard that has repeatedly tried to kill me.

Okay, wait, I should try to narrow that down. I'm having a tongue war with the swamp rat bastard that has repeatedly tried to kill me. Yep, Remy LeBeau. Swamp Rat Extraordinaire. Sweet-talking, charming, egotistical idiotic Remy LeBeau you can't keep his damn hands to him self. The LeBeau who at this moment is the reason I am stuck in this damn jail cell.

Now, your probably wondering why ah was engaging in such an activity with a person I seem to dislike. Well, that's easy to explain.

This day that I told you to image? It's the day everything went to hell. And I do mean everything. I didn't use to think Remy was all that bad, sure, a bit touchy feely- but not always. Just at first and now… again. Maybe I should tell it from the very beginning, and not just from this point… yeah.


I was down in Louisiana on vacation with Irene, before my x-gene made itself know, having a good ole relaxing time out there when I heard some shouting, I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do, leave a blind woman unattended- but my curiosity was just peaked. You know what they say, "Curiosity killed the cat" and so I sneaked away from Irene and followed the muffled shouting down to an abandoned alleyway.

When I got there I saw these two guys surrounded by a whole bunch of scary looking guys. And I don't mean these other guys were buffed up to the extreme- no only half of them were. The thing that made them scary was that their obvious leader- some blonde haired youth only a couple of years older than me- had this sadistic look on his face that just screamed scary. If I had been anybody else I would have ran away and wished good luck and god speed for the two fools for getting caught up in whatever it was that there were in. Any sane person would have walked away-especially after the glimpse of guns on one of Blondie's gang buddies. Hell, I should've ran when I realized every one of Blondie's men had a gun on them.

"Lapin," the younger of the two hissed, "I don't think we're going to get home by eleven."

"Shush it Etienne!"

That's when I heard the chuckling of Blondie boy over there. His head was bowed and I could see the hint of smile that was etched on his face. It wasn't a nice smile. It makes me sick even thinking about it now.

"Well, well ,well. A couple of t'ieves jus' happen to breach onto our territory." He leaned in closer to the two. The taller one, Lapin, I guess, took a step as if shielding the younger boy. " You bot' know that you aint welcomed here."

The two just stood there, real quietly like, waiting, for something to happen. That's when Blondie's fist came out of nowhere and laid a good one on Lapin's face. I could hear the crunch of the boy's nose all the way in my shadowed alley. Its when I saw the fist bunch up again that I felt the impulse to do something.


Yeah, I know, real original, but I didn't know what else to do to pause the guy's brutality. But hey, I caught their attention at least.

"You boys wouldn't be starting a fight, would ya?"

Blondie's fist unclenched as he looking me over, not seeing a threat. I remember thinking 'Idiot' loud and clear as I looked him over. I saw that slow smile cross his mouth again, finding some sick humor in something.

"Why, not at all. I was just having a little chat with dese two boys here."

Oh boy, did he really think that was going to fly so easy with me?

"Really? Cause it looks to me as if you have these two backed into a corner while you and your merry band of village people have the unfair advantage."

I don't know if it was honor and trying to get me out of this mix up, or if it was humiliation for getting help from a girl in a fight, but Lapin spoke up behind me. "Look girl, we don't need your help-"

"Shut it Thumper" was all I said to him. I guess despite the tension among all of us, the Blondie found that absolutely hilarious.

"Have the t'ieves sunk down to where you rely on a fille to protect dem? You t'ieves really have no honor at all." That's when Blondie got really close to me and was all in my face. I could smell the stench of his late night barhopping on his breath. "Why don't you run on home, fille, wouldn' want you t' break a nail." He threw his head back in laughter at his stereotypical insult.

Well, he did have a good long laugh at the insult towards me. I allowed him to. Because when his face came back down to look at me again, my fist met his face. And boy was he surprised. So surprised that he ended up falling on his arse in front of me.

"Now, is that anyway to speak to a girl? I thought southern guys lahke you were suppose' to have some manners. "

To say I was satisfied by the look on his face would be an understatement. The wild look in Blondie's eyes from shock and then unbounded anger as his friends helped him to his feet was more than enough to make me give my self a rather large pat on the back and congratulate myself of a job well done.

I probably should have waited to do my victory dance because the next thing I know, Blondie, with his broken nose bleeding profusely, took a step toward me with his fist clenched up and all I had time for was the tensing up of my shoulders as I waited to for the crack of my own face breaking.

Only thing is, it didn't come.

Sure, I heard a first hit something, but when I opened my eyes again, Blondie boy was back on the ground with his hand babying his left eye. I was a bit confused as to what the heck was going on until I saw the arrival of some new guy standing just in front of me to my right.

"Julian, didn't your pere ever teach y' to treat a femme wit' some respect?"

And that ladies and gentlemen, is my first impression of Remy LeBeau.

And it was a brief first impression, because as soon as I got a good look at his profile I was being yanked back away from Blondie- I mean, Julian- and his gang by Lapin and- what's his face's name. We had barely gotten past the building I hid between when I heard and saw the explosion behind me. When I looked back, all I could see was- well, I could see everything. The walls of the building flashed pink briefly, the magenta glow fading as the explosion sounded. I saw the blackened pavement on the street where Julian and his gang were standing, and I saw the figure running at us. My first instinct was to run behind something and wait till the figure passed then attack, but then as he got closer I realized this was the guy that saved my face from becoming a pancake. My eyes become detached from this guys figure as I heard shouts coming from behind him and I saw that Julian and his gang were picking themselves off the ground and reaching for something. I swear- I didn't know I had stopped running. But apparently I had because the guy you protected me suddenly knocked the wind out of me as he wrapped and arm around my torso and suddenly I'm behind half carried, half dragged as gun shots sound through the air and little puffs of dirt bursting from the walls next to my head are making me flinch. It took me a second to realize that those tiny dirt clouds erupting next to my head and the gunshot's were related. After realizing that, I wasn't being dragged anymore. Hell no. I was running for dear life.

After running a few generous blocks, I felt my wrist being clamped down on and I was jerked to a halt. The youngest of the guys I was with- Etienne- asked me if I was okay. I just shook my head yes and concentrated on getting air in and out of my lungs again.

"Remy, I didn't know they dey were gonna be dere. I swear, Etienne and I made sure no one was dere. It had t' o' been a trap."

"I know. I ove' heard Belle talk abou' her frère staging something."

By now, I had my breathing back in control. Now, I was just shaking. I mean, it's not everyday that you get shot at, right? I guess my shivering was noticeable because the weight of something draping across my shoulders made itself known. I looked to my shoulder and I see a leather trench coat and then the most outstanding eyes I have ever seen. Most unusual too. But those red and black eyes just seemed to calm my nerves at once. I felt his eyes take in all the details of me, from my black boots and covered skin to my green eyes and white streaks in my hair. It felt like eternity before he spoke.

"An' who might y' be petit? "

"Ah- Ah've got to get back."

"But chere-"

We all fell quiet as the sound of footsteps approached. Etienne and Lapin pulled me back towards the shadows, as Remy stood in front of me. I know what we were all thinking. Julian and his boys were back.

"Anna? Anna? Are you there?"

And I didn't know whether or not to curse Irene the next moment or to praise her like a saint. I'm surprised I didn't hear the soft tap of her cane before hand, but I let out a shaky breath of relief- and a little bit of guilt as I heard her worried tone. I shrugged off Lapin's grip and out of the trench coat."

"Yeah, Irene. Ah'm right here." I called back. I was heading back to her when I felt something incase my wrist yet again. I looked back and I see this Remy guy look at me with one hell of an attractive smirk on his face.

"See y' around, Anna." He pulled my hand closer to him, placing a kiss on, all the while those red and black eyes watching me. I took back my hand and I just stared at him for a moment before I remembered Irene.

"Probably not, swamp rat." Was all I could say before I headed back towards the crowds and Irene.

But just before I was out of hearing I heard Lapin say something about assassins not being happy. But their voices faded away as I guided Irene back to the safety of the overcrowded streets.

"Have fun, dear?" Irene said, surprising me from my thoughts. I looked at her and she had this smile on her face as if she knew something I didn't. A few years down the road, I realized that all the times she gave me that smile; she really did know something I didn't. I found out Irene was a precog- a mutant and that the skin condition she hounded into my head was my mutation.

And things went from there.

I met Mystique. I became one of the Brotherhood. I fought the X-men then later became an X-men. And life went on.

Until I met that damn swamp rat again.