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Usually I don't consider myself a morning person. Actually, I'd go as far to say that I detest mornings. At best, I function at bare minimum levels in the a.m. hours.

You'd think that a roommate would remember that after years of sleeping in the same room with the person.

But apparently, graduation, sleep, and her safety were not enough to make her forget such important things.

As soon as we stepped into the room when we got back from the mission, she cornered me and then proceeded to explode.

"Like, what the heck was that all about?!"

I stared at Kit for a moment, trying to comprehend the squeaks she just made. After a few seconds, I subconsciously translated it to the human pitch equivalence.

"Kit, if ya're voice goes any higher, ya're going to burst a vein." She rolled her eyes at me and took a few steps back but continued to stare at me expectantly. Was she expecting me to do a trick or something?

Kit crossed her arms as I passed her to my bed and began to tap her toe against the carpeted floor. "Well? What happened between you and Remy?"

I sighed and unzipped my uniform. "It's nothin'."

Kit scoffed loudly at that. "Yeah, like Gambit would run at the enemy- defenseless, and might I add hurt," I cringed, "for nothing."

"Just let it go, Kit."

And I abruptly left the room and went into our bathroom. I knew locking the door was pointless when you roomed with a girl who could phase, but it got the message across: I want to be alone. I could hear her pacing behind the door in frustration. I stepped underneath the showerhead and finally, the feeling of edginess started to ebb away. Throughout the whole trip back, I felt sick and on more than a few occasions, I thought I was about to really loose my stomach.

God, I love showers.

As soon as the water began to turn cold- that was when you knew you were in the shower for a really long time- I turned the water off and stepped from the stall. I had barely dried my self off and changed into my pj's when Kitty phased through the door scaring the living daylights out of me.

"Okay, I can not just, like, let this go. Something happened today between you and Remy and it is like huge!"

This was starting to get annoying. I did another towel dry with my hair before I sternly began to scold Kitty on minding her own business.


"If you don't tell me then I'll go to Gambit!"

"What?!" I screeched. And she phased through the door. I ran after her, reaching the door handle when I slammed against the door. The damn thing wouldn't budge!

Then I remembered that it was still locked.

As soon as I got that demonic door unbolted, I threw open the door and found Kitty standing on top of her bed with her hand positioned above her phone in the process of dialing.

"Ya push another button on that phone and ya won't be wakin' up for graduation!" I threatened.

The effect that had was dramatic. She turned to me, wide eyed and scared. I was about to tell her to put the phone slowly on the bed when I heard the soft buzz of the dial tone and then- him.

"Chaton? Chaton y' dere?"

I think my eyes grew as big as Kit's as we both stared at the phone in horror. "Shut it! Shut it now!" I hissed at her.

"Anna?! Chere, talk to me-"

I snatched the phone form her hand and snapped it shut. "What the hell do ya think ya're doing?!"

"Uh, Rogue?"

"Ya just don't call the enemy after fighting them! And why in Sam's hill do you know his number?!"

"Because I gave de number t' her."

I screamed and dropped the phone, looking around. I glanced around the whole room, when I saw the look on Kitty's face.

"I tried to tell you, honestly! The phone doesn't automatically hang up when you close it. You have to press the red button."

"What?" She pointed back down to the silent phone that was lying on the floor.

"Chere," I picked up the small device and thrust it into Kitty's face.

"Turn it off!"

"Chere, don't hang up!"

"I will if you, like, explain."


"Chere, let m' explain-"

"I swear I'll help him in whatever it is that's going on!"

"- I meant what I asked y'-"

"Alright, fine! Just turn it off!"

"Chaton, don't-"


I closed my eyes and exhaled heavily.

"You so have a lot of explaining to do."

I opened my eyes and looked at her. Apparently she saw something because she quickly rushed off the bed and quickly grabbed me into a tight embrace.

It was when I felt the growing cold wet patch on her shoulder that I realized that I was crying.

"What happened, Rogue? Did he, like, hurt you? Is it this Anna chick?"

My sobs turned into laughter as I realized I'd never told her who Anna was. I reluctantly stepped out of the comfort of the hug and wiped my watery eyes. Sniffle. "No. Ah'd kick his sorry arse ta Logan if he so much as tried ta hurt me."

"Then why are you crying? Did he cheat on you with this Anna?"

"Ha. Nah. That's mah real name, Kit."

I started explaining everything then. How he'd sought me out and then we got into a fighting match. Then his explanation and his fears finally to him popping the question. That got a gasp and a squeal out of Kit.

"Like, oh my god! What did you do?"

"Well," I rubbed the back of my neck, "I kissed him," another squeal, "and then I punched him and ran away." Her jaw dropped.

"You did what?!"

Yeah, it was going to be a long night.


Graduation morning, everyone was smiles and laughter and giddy with excitement. Everyone except me, that is. Me, I could frankly care less, and I'm pretty positive that my 'enthusiasm' was obvious. For everyone, today was going to be a great day.

Maybe I would share in everyone else's enthusiasm, if it weren't for my roommate's tenacity to know every insignificant detail of my life.

Okay, I admit, having Remy proposed to me was a pretty big deal. No, wait. It was huge. But after only three hours and 23 minutes of actual sleep, can anyone blame me for feeling like killing all the perky people in the damn room?

I mean, come on. Throw me a freaking bone here and turn off the blinding smiles and give me my damn cup of black coffee already. Is that to freaking much to ask for?

"Here ya go, Kid." Logan appeared next to me holding that steaming pot of black liquid gold and it hit me that Logan was a God.

"Logan, Ah friggin love ya." My greedy hands sought out the soothing heat of the mug, and as soon as I made contact, that coffee was mine.

Every single glorious drop was mine. I took in the delicious aroma of my elixir and brought the cup to my mouth and-

"Chuck wants to see ya."

I lowered the cup without tasting my coffee, frowning. Professor X wanted to see me? At seven in the morning?

Did he- did he know?

I mentally slapped myself on the forehead.

Of course he knew. He's a freaking telepath, for crying out loud.

Idiot Idiot Idiot!

"Ah take it back. Ah hate ya." Logan chuckled at me, but when he saw I wasn't even smiling along with him, he reached to take the mug away from me.

I leant back far enough so I was just out of his reach.

"Ah don't think so, wolf-boy."


Aha! There it is! I knew not everyone in this damn place had to be so perky!

Realizing that I was in possible danger of a suddenly angry Wolverine, I did the only thing imaginable.

I carefully ran out of the kitchen as fast as I could without spilling a drop of the coffee. I knew Logan wouldn't kill me if I went to go see Xavier.

Standing in front of Xavier's study door was a rather awkward moment for me. What do you tell the guy who knows what you're gonna do? There's no use in denying it- he's already seen inside my mind. So he's either going to lecture me, or try to convince me to not do it.

Maybe I shouldn't go in there. I could just go to the ceremony- smile and thanks and then be on my-

"Rogue, please come in."

Well, crap. Here goes nothing.

After taking a big deep breath, I crossed the threshold and closed the door quietly behind me.

"Ya wanted ta see me Professor?"

"Yes, I did. Please take a seat."

Sneaky move, Prof. Very clever. Making sure I don't have a good opportunity to just bolt and run out of here.

"Yes, I thought it was rather clever myself."

I stared at him with my mouth hanging off its hinges at his blunt openness about reading my mind.

And then I scowled.

"Ah thought ya weren't into invadin' other's privacy."

"I usually am not, but you are a rather difficult person to read, Rogue. In fact if it weren't for Kitty's thoughts shouting in her head last night, I wouldn't have even realized we had a situation on our hands."

"We don't have a situation on our hands. Ah have a situation on mah hands. This is nobody else's business."

"Do you truly think that your decision today will affect only you?"


"What about Kitty?"

I wasn't going to say a word.

"No? How about Logan and Kurt?"

"This has nothin' ta do with them."

"You're wrong Rogue."

"Look, Professor. Please don't waste both of our times tryin' ta change mah mind. Ah'm not goin' ta."

Xavier sighed heavily as if disappointed.

Well, whooo-hoopty doo. He can give me that disappointed face as much as he pleases.

"I hoped that I could help you, but even I know that this is between you and Remy. The Jeep is yours, I legalized it this morning."


That was all I could even begin to feel.

"Ya're not gonna try ta fight me on this?"

Xavier smiled at me. "What good would it do? You've already made up your mind. All I can offer you is my help."

I got up form my chair and walked over behind his desk and hugged him.

Yeah. That's right. I hugged him.

I felt the fatherly pat on my back as reassured me that if I ever need anything, that the X-men and him were here for me.

"Thanks professor."

I stood back up and grabbed my half empty mug of cooling coffee.

Heck, with the way things were going in my favor this morning, maybe things would continue going in my favor.


It was a nightmare.

Every single person who was the bane of my existence in this town was here.

And the worst part?

They were all sentimental and wanted to- ugh- hug me.

Excuse me as I vomit at their attempt of sincerity.


I turned around to see Kitty flagging me down. "Yeah Kit?"

"Uh- well… umm… Here."

Don't ask me where she pulled the box from, but she pulled it out of somewhere and thrust the long narrow box into my hands. I looked at the box in shock and confusion before glancing back at her.

Then back at the box.

"He told ya ta give this ta me, didn't he."

She nodded eagerly at me. After a few moments of both of us just standing there, staring at the white pristine box, Kitty couldn't stand the suspense anymore.

"Well, are you, like, going to open it?"

"Ya aren't gonna leave me alone until Ah do, are ya?"

"Not a chance."


"Fine. Hold my cap." I took off the offending headgear and tossed it at her. I undid the ribbon (which was white too, by the way) and lifted the lid.

"Oh my god! That is, like, so romantic!"

Inside the box were six calla lilies. Five orange rust lilies and a single white one.

Damn the man and his good tastes.

"What does the note say? Rogue, you have, like, got to read the note!"

"Kit-take a chill pill already."

Even though I was saying this, my hands were already hastily flipping the card over to read the message.

Chere, please meet me after the ceremony.

Ps. I'll be at your jeep, so you really can't evade me.

Okay so the Kitty in me was in lovey dovey hysterics. However, I was the dominant personality in my head and didn't take to well to being cornered yet again… in the near future.

My eyes narrowed as they focused on the handwritten scrawl on the rectangular paper. Maybe if I learn voodoo, I could use Remy's handwriting on him in a way to make him suffer from a distance.

Yeah. That might work.

"Girls! In your places!" One of the teachers called out to us.

The sound of Pomp and Circumstance being played by the school began and all of a sudden I felt in a panic. I got up to place the lilies somewhere, anywhere really, when the female teacher hastily re-directed me to the line again.

"Kit! Ya gotta take these for me!"

"What? No. Remy expressively told me they were for you."

"But Ah can't take these up there! He'll see that ah have them!"

"And? Is that such a bad thing?"

"Well, no, but it's givin' him the wrong message. Ah don't want ta talk ta him."

"Well," she started to move backwards from the line into her own spot a few yards away, "he's pretty much going to talk to you afterwards no matter what. I mean the note was pretty clear, Rogue."


A teacher passed by and shhh'd me and followed the person in front of me down onto the football field.

I clutched the lilies to me, trying to hide it from the sight of one potential man in the crowd.

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