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December 31, 1999

As the sun's rays turned the sky outside from the dark blackest ink to radiant pinks and oranges, Harry sat at his desk in his home office looking through his journal entries for the past few days. After the Final Battle, he had started recording his thoughts for each day before he went to bed. It had seemed necessary that the thoughts get out of his head in order to allow him to start healing after everything was finally over.

He scoffed, looking at his entry for Christmas Eve. Going in, he had had no idea what Ginny had planned for him that day. The riding lesson came as a complete surprise and something he had never even considered doing. Yet, watching Ginny come alive so completely was a joy to see. The simple walk through the park reminded him of the simple pleasure of her company and why he wanted to spend every moment he could with her. Then the Patronus came and he knew he had to leave. Harry hated leaving Ginny when she was upset, but a lead had come in on a case that he was working. He was the only one who knew how to proceed since this case was slightly more volatile than most. It was at those moments that he hated his chosen career.

Christmas day itself had been an interesting adventure since Arthur and Molly both peered at Ginny's ring finger several times, no doubt wondering when he was planning on proposing. He should have expected that. After all, he had gone to them several months ago before Ginny graduated from Hogwarts and asked them for permission. Of course, that was also when Arthur had wrung the promise from him that he and Ginny would keep things mainly platonic until they were officially engaged.

That promise came back to bite him several times during the week. First, watching that movie with Ginny running her hands all over him was almost more than he could bear. Honestly, he thought he would die from frustration. Then, to further his frustration, seeing her get the butterfly tattoo that he had chosen had to be one of the sexiest things he had ever seen. The day they spent with Teddy, Harry had wished for a minute that it was their child they were playing with, but then Harry had visions of how they would create that child, bringing his frustration back full force.

Yesterday had created a whole new level of tension for him. He had almost proposed to her several times during the course of the day. He had even had the ring with him last night, which turned out to be a good thing since its digging into his thigh was the only thing that stopped him from allowing Ginny to take things further. But he had wanted to wait until today to propose, especially when he had figured out that Ginny's words were spelling out romance. He figured it was her way of telling him that she wanted a little more romance in their relationship. Today he would give her that romance.

On the piece of parchment in front of Harry, he had written out a poem for his lovely Ginny. He knew that he was no poet, but he hoped that she would look upon it kindly as it was his way of proposing. Rolling the parchment up, he placed a green ribbon around it before storing it in his pocket with the ring.

Green flames shot up in his fireplace suddenly. He had forgotten that he had routed his Floo calls to this fireplace. "Harry James Potter! If I'm cooking breakfast for you, then you better not let it get cold! In other words, get your arse over here. I know you're not asleep. Breakfast is on the table," Ginny's voice shouted grumpily from the flames.

He knew just how to soothe his girlfriend's grumpiness. Smiling, he headed over to the fireplace and grabbed some Floo powder. When he arrived, Ginny was still in the kitchen with her back to him, although the food was on the table that was set for two. He slipped over to her plate and slid the roll of parchment under the left edge. Next he planted himself in the chair before clearing his throat.

Ginny startled and clutched her chest. "Harry! You scared me." She narrowed her eyes. "How did you sneak in here so quietly? Oh, never mind. Just eat."

She finished serving up the rest of the breakfast and brought it to the table. Slipping into her own seat, she filled her plate without saying anything. Harry waited to see if she would notice the scroll, but as her fork was on the right side of the plate, she didn't see it.

They chatted amiably through breakfast. Several times her hand brushed the edge of the parchment, but she never picked it up. Harry wanted to yank it from its hiding place and just hand it to her, but he had determined that this was more romantic.

It wasn't until she started clearing the table that Ginny found the scroll. Harry watched her face very intently as she was clearly puzzled by its appearance. She put down the plate, picked up the parchment and unfurled it. He watched her eyes as they scanned back and forth over each word. When he knew she was nearing the end, he knelt on the floor beside her, holding the box open.

She looked over at him, her eyes welling with tears and whispered, "Yes!" Throwing the parchment in the air, she embraced Harry and he kissed her, much like that first kiss in the common room. He pulled her over to the couch and whispered over and over to her how very much he loved her. The evidence was apparent in that parchment. Harry had learned exactly what Ginny wanted and provided it. The parchment read:

Redhead that I love and adore

Occupant of my heart forevermore

Magical every moment we've spent

Always together is how we're meant

Now and for always I want you to be

Close by my side for all eternity

Every day, I long to say, Ginny, my love,

Will you marry me?