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1: Every Night is Another Night

Tonight was like any other usual night in the Winchester Household. And just like any other night, they tried to be like any normal family. John Winchester was seated at the middle of the table; the father, leader, patriarch. On his left side was Dean, his eldest son, and beside Dean was Sam, the youngest son. On John's right side was Ellen Harvelle, his second wife, and beside her was Jo, Ellen's daughter.

The name Winchester is known all over the state because of John's successful business, Winchester Enterprise. His fame, fortune, and success were nothing compared to his personal life. His eldest son was always caught drunk with a lady in some bar, and he always had to clean up after his son's mess, because if he doesn't, Dean would probably be the end of his company.

Public scrutiny always comes along with fame and fortune, and with Dean's horrible attitude, it will only take a few more drunk cases before his father's business partners start to stop negotiating with their company.

John Winchester married Ellen Harvelle two years ago; Ellen was always by his side since Mary, his first wife, died ten years ago. The only one who didn't approve of John's marriage to Ellen was his eldest son, Dean. As a matter of fact, his only problem was Dean. At the age of 22, Dean knows nothing but drinking and sleeping with various women. Sam, 20 years old, was like a son any father would want – smart and responsible. And Jo, even if he wasn't John's daughter, was like a real daughter to him.

John looked around the dining room once again, and just like any other night, he knew that this night will end up badly.

Dean toyed with the steak in front of him and let out a sigh for the third time. Nights like this only made him insane.

Sam nudged his older brother's shoulder lightly. Dean shot him an annoyed glance and then continued to toy with his steak.

"Dean, aren't you going to eat that? The steak's delicious." John said, trying to make his son stop from playing with his food.

Dean mumbled something unintelligible and let his fork drop to his plate. "Happy now, Dad?" There was too much sarcasm in Dean's voice.

Ellen cleared her throat softly and shot John a sympathetic look, and then turned her gaze to Dean. "Dean, don't talk to you father like-"

Ellen was cut off mid-sentence by Dean's scoff. Without a word, he walked out of the dining room and stormed out of their house.

Sam dropped his fork on his plate softly and wiped his mouth with a napkin. "Maybe I should go talk to him."

He was about to stand up when John shook his head. "No. Let your brother be."

"But Dad, if I let him be, you know he'll end up in another bar with God knows who in God knows where, and you know that that's not going to be good for our business."

John nodded his head; Sam has a point. But still, he insisted on letting Dean do whatever he wants tonight, because a solution has already popped in his mind.


Richard Davis smiled to himself as he watched his family. He thought that he was the luckiest man alive; he has a stable job, and more importantly, he has the perfect family.

He works as the official publicist and representative of Winchester Enterprise, and he treasures his relationship with his boss (and friend), John Winchester; he would do anything for that guy. John Winchester was the one who saved his once troubled life.

Richard has been married to his wife for 30 years, and they have one gorgeous daughter – Brooke Penelope Davis.

"Hey Dad, Peyton's planning to go to Charleston this weekend. Can I go with her?" Richard's 20 year old daughter asked with a hopeful smile on her face.

Richard smiled and nodded towards his daughter. "Sure; just make sure you won't get into any trouble."

Brooke grinned and clapped her hands enthusiastically.

The phone suddenly rang to life, and Victoria stood to answer it. After a few moments, she came back with the handset on her hands. "Honey, it's for you." She handed Richard the phone.

Richard excused himself from his family and went to his office to take the call. "Richard Davis speaking," he said.

"Richard, it's me, John." The man on the other end of the line said.

Richard got surprised to get a call from John at this time of night; they only talk during business hours, unless John wants to invite him to a golf match this weekend. "Oh, hey John. What can I do for you?" Richard asked with his usual business tone, but deep inside he was full of uncertainty.

"Look, Richard, you're a good friend of mine," John started.

Richard' stomach started to turn; he knew that sentences that starts with the word look means trouble. But instead of trying to say something, he listened to John intently. When John finished his proposal, all Richard can say was "She surely won't like this, John."

Richard returned to the dining room to join his family, and he smiled to himself as he watched his family, because he knew that this can be the last time they will be like this.


Dean Winchester was never the quiet type. So when he came back to his house, he slammed the front door on purpose, even if it was already 11 in the evening. It was dark already; he assumed that everyone was already asleep.

"Shit!" he cursed under his breath when his phone suddenly buzzed inside his pocket. He looked at the screen and it was an unregistered number. It was probably the woman he slept with a few hours ago. Jessica? Anna? Kate? Dean doesn't give a damn. He doesn't give a damn about anything anymore.

He went straight ahead to his room and tore off his clothes and jumped into his bed, quickly falling asleep.


The sound of Ellen's voice pulled Dean back to reality. He tried to sit up, but his head was spinning madly; he was still hung-over from his drinking escapade last night. He buried his face under his pillow and tried to drown out the sound of Ellen's heels clanging on the floor.

His bedroom door burst open seconds later, and he sat up immediately and pulled the sheets to cover his body. His head throbbed harder with the sudden movement.

"Dean Winchester! Look at this!" Ellen threw a newspaper towards Dean, hitting his bare chest.

Dean frowned and unfolded the newspaper. There was a photo of him drinking the contents of a vodka bottle, and another photo of him and a blonde woman kissing torridly. The captions under the photos said:

There he goes again.
Dean Winchester hit another club with an unknown blonde arm candy last night.
According to on-lookers, the infamous eldest son of the Winchester family was nothing like his great father, John Winchester.

Dean scoffed. "I look good in these photos," he mumbled with a smirk plastered on his face.

Ellen shook her head at the sight of her stepson; he really was hopeless. "Your father is waiting for you in his office. Get dressed." With that, she left Dean to be alone in his room.

Dean threw the newspaper across his room and watched as it hit the wall. He closed his eyes and sighed. Another shitty day, he thought. He made his way to the adjoining bathroom in his room and took a quick shower before heading to his father's home office.


"You can't be serious, Dad," Brooke Davis murmured in between soft sobs.

Richard Davis wrapped his arms around his beloved daughter and kissed her forehead. "I'm so sorry, Brooke. But I have to do this. You have to do this." Sadness and hopelessness was obvious in his voice.

Brooke's sobs grew a little harder as she pulled away from his father. "How could you do this to me?"

Her eyes were no longer full of spark; dullness overclouded them. Richard felt a hundred times worse. He didn't want this, too, but he doesn't have any choice. It was his job that was at stake. "You need to cooperate with me Brooke. My job is on the line here."

Brooke looked at her father with anger. "Your job is on the line? Dad, my life is on the line! I have friends and a boyfriend and a family here who loves me!"

The two of them stared at each other for a moment, exchanging heated stares. Brooke shook her head before more tears could escape her eyes. She strode out of her room and slammed the door behind her.


John Winchester snapped his head up when he heard his office door open. Dean poked his head inside the room and smirked again when he saw his father.

"Morning Dad," Dean started with a cocky grin. "Did you see the newspaper? I'm so damn good looking," he said with a mocking tone. He knew that this is one of the ways to piss his father off.

"Dean," John said with his authoritative tone. "We need to talk."

Usually, Dean would just scoff and then leave his father. But now, he sensed the urgency and authority in his father's tone that he seldom uses on Dean. "About what?" Dean asked with a raised eyebrow and tried not to sound too curious.

John motioned for Dean to sit down on the chair in front of his desk.

Dean plopped himself on the seat and ran his fingers through his brownish-blonde hair, trying to make out what was about to happen. Something in his gut told him that it isn't going to be good.

John clasped his hands together and looked at Dean, trying to figure out the best way to tell his inglorious son his surprise.

"I don't have all day, Dad," Dean said with a cold voice and his trademark smirk, but deep inside he was starting to get worried. His father never really bothered to talk to him like this.

"I don't get how you started to become like that," John said sympathetically with a slight shake of his head.

Dean tilted his head to the other side and frowned. "Like what?" His tone was more challenging than shocked.

John took out the newspaper from his drawer and pointed a finger to the photo of Dean downing a whole bottle of vodka. He could not believe that one of his sons would become so out of control. "Like that."

Dean leaned back on the chair and chuckled cockily. He easily found a counteract for what his father was trying to point out. "I was just having fun."

"Dean, look," John started to say. He tried real hard to look deep into his infamous son's hazel eyes to make his point clear. "You have to stop…you are going to change your wild ways. And if you won't, then I'm going to do something."

Something in his father's tone made Dean's stomach turn, but he pretended to look nonchalant. He wasn't the soft type. He was not like his brother Sam. He won't let anything get into him.

Dean kinked his eyebrow and smirked once again, wider this time. "What are you going to do, Dad? Lock me up in this house 'til I get sober?" Dean scoffed and waved his hand in the air.

John Winchester discarded Dean's last statement and pierced his eyes through his son's. A small smile escaped John's lips. It was a smile that says his problems will soon be over. Dean has never seen his father smile like that, and it sent shivers down his spine.

"You're going to get married."

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